Amanda Seales Goes Off On Daunte Wright Shooting: "Obviously Bullsh*t.."

13-Apr, 2021
138 633 Ko‘rishlar soni​ - In response to the recent shooting of 20-year old Daunte Wright, Amanda Seales took to her Instagram to share her reaction to the story involving identified officer Kim Potter. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • I am sick and tired of people saying white cops are afraid of black people after murder after murder we see on video killing children women and men so people need to stop seeing these white cops are afraid of black people bullshitt

    rayvon simmonsrayvon simmons6 kun oldin
  • This is just as you call it "comedy BS" so how many die from black on black violence? Why they don't talk about that I just don't freaking get it.

    JEJE8 kun oldin
  • Is Pierre drunk?

    R. JeterR. Jeter12 kun oldin
  • AAPI are afraid to walk in day light what do you have to say?

    koreangurl5886koreangurl588612 kun oldin
  • This Wasn't No "Accident" With The Experience This Ex-Cop Had She Knew What She Pulled Out Or Was Going To Pull Out Before She Pulled It Out Which Is Cold Blooded Murder!!!

    Sunflower60 Sunflower60Sunflower60 Sunflower6013 kun oldin
  • Let the black police patrol the black areas. Let the white police patrol the white area.

    Emmanuel ArthurEmmanuel Arthur14 kun oldin
  • She right

    Pain EnvyPain Envy15 kun oldin
  • Almost 30 years and blatant lies now the gun and the taser is on opposite sides and yes it wasn't a violent crime this is bullshit! ridiculous sickening! Tired,tired, tired of all this!

    Michael HarrisonMichael Harrison15 kun oldin
  • NOT ONE PERSON ON THIS PANEL knows what they're talking about. They don't even know the particulars on the Daunte Wright case & they don't know Nation Wide Statistics. WASTE OF TIME!!!

    Earl of MarEarl of Mar15 kun oldin
  • Amanda Seales, is the one trying to feed everyone a bunch of BS.

    Earl of MarEarl of Mar15 kun oldin
  • Didn't Dante Wright have a warrant for aggravated assault? It was not an air freshener But I agree there is no way the officer should make that mistake.

    Neisha ChettyNeisha Chetty16 kun oldin
  • Unarmed black people always getting shot. Arm yourself and fight back and stop running or trying to get away for simple traffic stops

    Wallace SaundersWallace Saunders16 kun oldin
  • Pierre acting like he could show up wit A "Only Blue lives matter sign" smh. I can't believe he on the just comply better bs, we got actual anxiety of dying in police presence.

    H3 WasH3 Was17 kun oldin
  • She gets released on BAIL until MAY ??? That’s crazy and only 10 years in prison ??? What is this ??

    Gaming with Producer: Justin BrownGaming with Producer: Justin Brown17 kun oldin
  • She intentionally killed him!

    earnest brownearnest brown17 kun oldin
  • That boy did not deserve to die. The notion that the officer simply made a mistake is bullshit at best. That being said we as black people can not blur the lines of ignorance and common sense in the pursuit of Justice and change. It is not and never was in our best interest loot and destroy our community when injustice took place...What that woman is saying in regards to Joe Biden is pure buffoonery. Even Malcom X said what Biden said. What does X know about struggle, racism and violations of civil rights..? 🤔...2nd as black men when dealing with the police particularly in America, our paramount objective is to survive the encounter. Which is more likely to lead to death compliance or resistance? To get on a public platform and act as if there is no benefit to compliance is pure stupidity. As if you resist , you're supposed to be treated with gentleness, and a kind conversation. At the very least you should expect to be roughed up. Yes you have rights but you ain't in charge...Is compliance a guarantee to fair treatment under the law? Of course not. And historically so ...But how can resistance be seen as anything outside of a dangerous situation and outcome...Think...

    Vic OVic O17 kun oldin
  • He we go again. Another story another life token. By the gang in blue. I’m so Tired of this. I have a grandson and I fear for his life.

    lptrini lptrinilptrini lptrini18 kun oldin
  • The fact that she threw out the word " TASER, TASER, TASER" 3 times was just a cover up. She intended to use her gun all along.

    Regina ckRegina ck18 kun oldin
    • So True She Knew Exactly What She Wanted To Do In That Abnormal Head Of Hers That To Take His Life Thinking She Will Get Away With It.....

      Sunflower60 Sunflower60Sunflower60 Sunflower6016 kun oldin
  • He on that lightskin shit....🥴

    Alderman DAlderman D18 kun oldin
  • She meant to do exactly what she did....She only yelled taser, taser, only to make people think she meant to use the taser. This is crap!

    Venus VenusVenus Venus18 kun oldin
  • He was pulled over for having a felony warrant for aggravated robbery because he robbed an elderly woman with a gun

    Lady BugLady Bug18 kun oldin
  • black folk done lost they dam mind , that kid got himself murdered , how you out here robbing folks and displaying the image of a thug and then get yourself killed by fleeing an arrest .. FOH you got yourself killed lil homie...

    Exclusive transportExclusive transport18 kun oldin
  • Ok Melanin Queens and Kings revoke: PIERRE Asap‼️🤬

    Tanya ReneeTanya Renee18 kun oldin
  • Is Pierre really trying to justify the shooting of Tamir Rice?! 🤦🏾‍♀️

    T MichelleT Michelle19 kun oldin
  • They need to have training once every week. Construction workers do it every Monday morning.

    Bertland WilliamsBertland Williams19 kun oldin
  • There’s plenty enough racism going around in all nationalities not just white people remember this think about this question do know harm to yourself or anybody else stop the race baiting start using the N-word grow up people it is not about racism not about religion it’s about money power and greed and we all know greed come in all colors

    Robert Simpson SrRobert Simpson Sr19 kun oldin
  • Pierre, He’s alive but is he living!? 🤔

    Kim EvansKim Evans19 kun oldin
  • Hell naw... We just supposed to be oppressed for life... 🤔 Sarcastically speaking. 🧐

    Jonah HappyJonah Happy19 kun oldin
  • That balw head dude need to be touch!

    Percy BrodheadPercy Brodhead20 kun oldin
  • You probably would be happier if Wright had pulled a gun and killed the officers . You are black racists !!

    arstor1arstor120 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden is too busy saving Asians.

    In The Mix RadioIn The Mix Radio20 kun oldin
  • Hell with Mammy Amanda Seales.

    In The Mix RadioIn The Mix Radio20 kun oldin

    William ScpottWilliam Scpott20 kun oldin
  • Great conversation....which leads to damn.....we are low hanging fruit for racist to lynch is Legally!

    MCMC20 kun oldin

    FIRE SIGNFIRE SIGN20 kun oldin
  • @ R.B.👏👏👏👍👍👏👏👏

    FIRE SIGNFIRE SIGN20 kun oldin
  • IF BLACK..MEN!!! WOULD!.... STAND UP!!! 🤬🤬🤬 # OLD!!! TESTAMENT!!!🤬🤬🤬👏👏👏 WHITE MEN!...WOULD STAND DOWN!!!🤬🤬🤬✌️✌️

    FIRE SIGNFIRE SIGN20 kun oldin
  • Debate on whether she meant to pull a taser or not can rage until eternity. But there's no debate on whether he died. Manslaughter sounds appropriate.

    Gregory HoldenGregory Holden21 kun oldin
  • It’s going to take us shooting them back..... I hate to say this but 🤷🏽‍♀️ it is what it is!!!!

    Jenn Yvon’eJenn Yvon’e21 kun oldin
  • Wooow America never visiting😨

    Kai MhlangaKai Mhlanga21 kun oldin
  • We need more minority cops to step up in the game quit being scared brothers and sisters

    Ciara HallCiara Hall21 kun oldin
  • She was on her.

    Ciara HallCiara Hall21 kun oldin
  • That's why you got to stay clean you know where you at until things get better know where you are until things get better

    Ciara HallCiara Hall21 kun oldin
  • He had a felony warrant look at his Facebook they should have just spank that ass for trying that little move

    Ciara HallCiara Hall21 kun oldin
  • Pierre has never been funny. NEVER. EVER EVER EVER..

    DJ FundraiserDJ Fundraiser21 kun oldin
  • I bet you go silent on this.

    Savodney GenevaSavodney Geneva21 kun oldin
  • This is not our rest. Micah 2:10 “Arise ye and depart, for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you euen with a sore destruction.” We are still under the curses. Deuteronomy 28:15

    Law Of Liberty Yah Yah IsraelLaw Of Liberty Yah Yah Israel21 kun oldin
  • Why can't we discuss the police problem without the race card? Because if you look at the data on police killings white people are killed alot more by police then any other race, but we never hear about those stories. Fact is if we kept race out of this and just focused on the actual problem of police killing way too many Americans then just maybe we could fix the issue. But keeping race the center focus causes the focus of the real problem to be drowned out and the real problem is to many Americans die every year by police don't matter what color they are it matters that they were killed by police.

    Dissle 32Dissle 3221 kun oldin
  • I don't like Amanda *AT ALL), but I agree with her on this. All of these senseless murders, is way too much. It need to stop NOW!

    M. DavisM. Davis21 kun oldin
  • In short, no one should lose their life over a Air Fresher...the fact that the person in question claims not to know the difference between a taser and a service weapon with 26 years of experience...not to mention acting as a field training officer.....a comedy of era's , end results...another death !!!!!

    Leon ThomasLeon Thomas21 kun oldin
  • So for all those black people saying light skin privilege eat your words seriously black people have been going around too long saying lighter skin people get privileged that white people just love us and they would never hurt us and look there is several cases of it and I'm sick of the lies the mess in the BS

    Brandi CoveyBrandi Covey21 kun oldin
  • As his funeral going now and white ppl coming racist comments.. God has a place for them

    Victoria NormanVictoria Norman21 kun oldin
  • He was resisting arrest after an FTA was found

    Ashley RomanoAshley Romano21 kun oldin
  • Yes , they are out to kill. Smh

    cynara smithcynara smith21 kun oldin
  • Too many bad apples in the police force. Its hard to tell which is good or bad. So her mistaking a damn taser from a gun she dont need to he a cop.

    Respect FullyRespect Fully21 kun oldin
  • Pierre is willing to sell his balls for his life. I say without my balls, my life isn't worth living. We are ripe for eradication, when we wait for the same system that raped and killed us, to deliver us our Justice. Sisters don't procreate with such a "man."

    Timothy SmithTimothy Smith21 kun oldin
  • Amanda Seales is right its all bs...point blank!!!

    Streets of GoldStreets of Gold21 kun oldin
  • I’ve gotten stopped several times for having a school permit pass on my rearview in the past.... But honestly... I think I may of gotten stopped because I’m Mexican driving a Lowrider- just saying 🤷🏻 .... Officer- Damn you pulled in to the shopping center like Training day... Me- Thinking 💭. “ok “ Officer- Do you know why I pulled you over? Me- No Officer- Because you have something hanging from your rearview mirror... Me- Oh my school permit...? Officer- Where are you headed? Me- School .. lol 😂 Officer- Do you have any guns, explosives, or drugs in the car? Me- Thinking 💭💭💭💭💭- Did I leave my dynamite at home- “yep.” Lmfao 🤪 Fucken cops🤦🏻‍♂️ Life...🤷🏻 Once I got stopped because the officer said he couldn’t see my license plate..... I never knew what that was about because it was pretty visible as clear light “nothing covering it”... Maybe he was hard of seeing... Just saying 🤷🏻

    Walter MarquezWalter Marquez21 kun oldin
  • Pierre so clueless.

    Pamela Jones-MeadowsPamela Jones-Meadows21 kun oldin
  • You don’t hear this in other countries. Honestly, look at other countries even school shootings are unheard of it’s not even part of criminal events

    Ballsy BunnyBallsy Bunny21 kun oldin

    Kevin HughesKevin Hughes22 kun oldin
  • Black people in the US needs to stop trying to integrate in America start reintegrative in Africa start investing in Africa; bring home your skills your knowledge and your trade and invest in building the motherland African will not be respected until Africa is respected

    black nightblack night22 kun oldin
  • I saw 2 cops wrestling with a White dude, he fought a female officer and a man, they pleaded with him com on "johnny" then he got up and stole their car....NO SHOTS FIRED

    maurice Gadmaurice Gad22 kun oldin
  • They lazy they are not real cops they getting paid to kill us taxpayers money pay their salary sitting around eating donuts and drinking coffee they can't even put in no foot work do something worth while they been harassing me cause they have nothing on me all my papers straight so why I'm getting pulled over in making a complaint this will not stop until we all come together

    Felicia CoxFelicia Cox22 kun oldin
  • Most cops don't fear us...most cops hate us cause they aint us.

    Anthony JohnsonAnthony Johnson22 kun oldin
  • If you don’t work as a police or security Officer 🤬.

    Joshua FarfanJoshua Farfan22 kun oldin
  • Well race soldiers just shot and killed a 15 year old black girl in Ohio that was defending herself against 4 girls who showed up to jump her at her house and they shot another black man in Elizabeth city today that was minding his own business... stay safe.

    Free SoulFree Soul22 kun oldin
  • I have a question for anyone who is in law enforcement and is familiar with tasers. Someone said that a taser requires to be activated before it can be fired is that accurate for all tasers even the ones used by cops? If so then there is nothing left to be said! This would not be considered an accident because there would be a very clear difference between both weapons.

    Diana NielsonDiana Nielson22 kun oldin
  • 😏

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu22 kun oldin
  • PIERRE IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL IDIOT!!! 😡 I'm Blown Away By The Level of Ignorance He Displayed Sitting at That Table... The Minute He Said "If You're Black You Shouldn't have No Gun In Yuh Hand..." I was Appalled, But The Grand Finale Was His Ignorant Repetitive Statement To The Black Man in Uniform Who was Maced By The Punk Ass SCARED Police "Get Yo Money Bruh..." . Just Because Pierre is Allegedly a Comedian 😐, It Doesn't Mean That He Can Get Away With Saying The Ridiculously DUMB Things He Said At this Discussion. #CutHisMicOFF 😑

  • The guy talkin "comply" is delusional. Hope to goodness he is not a part of this show. Why should we have to "comply" differently than white people? Why can a white boy play with a "toy" gun and not get shot, when a black boy can not? That's what the hell were fighting for $@*#d. EQUAL rights!!!

    Shop GirlShop Girl22 kun oldin
  • Racist America

    Anthony WhiteAnthony White22 kun oldin
  • He got pulled over for tags

    Pamla TatePamla Tate22 kun oldin
  • There black cops that kill black too Talk about that too racist black people

    rick smithrick smith22 kun oldin
  • Lol blaming the white woman lol This Racist black thinking Because white people get killed by cop too

    rick smithrick smith22 kun oldin
  • So what do we do about black on black killing or that doesn't matter unless it's a white guy then you put value on them

    diablorosenbergdiablorosenberg22 kun oldin
  • So why aren't there more black cops one I will say they have never killed a black lawyer

    diablorosenbergdiablorosenberg22 kun oldin
  • I LOVE Comedy Hype. I really enjoy their conversations. I like the intellect of all the contributors. It makes sense to have all of them.

    Eric HicksEric Hicks22 kun oldin
  • Pierre if your white side is triggered just say that and remove yourself from the table!!!!!!! SIMPLE!

    Leah McDonaldLeah McDonald22 kun oldin
  • I concur

    Trudi RefourTrudi Refour22 kun oldin
  • Vulture

    Shallah Amen RaShallah Amen Ra22 kun oldin
  • Air fresheners illegal? Thats some of the dumbest shiit I've ever heard..

    Glen RandallGlen Randall22 kun oldin
  • Dante shouldn’t have got back in the car , he could have been reaching for a gun, Officer made a stupid mistake , Which the Officer should have known better....

    Vida25Vida2522 kun oldin
    • This Ex Cop Should Have Stayed In Her Car It Didn't 3 Cops Why Would They Make Him Step Out His Car Anyway Why They Didn't Just Right A Ticket Because Of The Virus Being Out There (Smh)

      Sunflower60 Sunflower60Sunflower60 Sunflower6013 kun oldin
  • Bottom line is being in a routine traffic stop is not the same experience for black and white people. One is more likely to get a warning, while the other a bullet. Black folks need to do all they can to avoid police confrontations in the first place, to increase their chances of living.

    Paytc Pay The CreatorPaytc Pay The Creator22 kun oldin
  • The only reason she was arrested so quickly, is because it was a white woman. They don't arrest white men this quickly.

    Kevin J. SwannKevin J. Swann22 kun oldin
  • If white people are being killed by police more than black people, then why isn’t there a massive amount of coverage of white people being murdered 🐝1

    T-Bone JordynT-Bone Jordyn22 kun oldin
  • She new it was a gun a taser is a lot bigger than a gun

    Kim GibsonKim Gibson22 kun oldin
  • Pierre will be the next to die by the hands of a white cop.

    selena crainselena crain22 kun oldin
  • Drug war literally started and then perpetuated by Harry anslinger and Nixon to target black folks

    J.Gharis The Live LifeJ.Gharis The Live Life22 kun oldin
  • Guys, it's simple. End drug prohibition. Nations where death is punishment STILL have drugs. All that illegality does is force it into hands of minors, gangs, cartels AND terrorist. It makes addiction worse and drugs more dangerous (no regulation). Police cannot serve and protect because they're literally waging war on citizens.

    J.Gharis The Live LifeJ.Gharis The Live Life22 kun oldin
  • Pierre was givin very much "We black out here" but when Steve told Monique that he lit him up

    Just TimJust Tim22 kun oldin
  • Pierre totally wrong on this one although tamir rice had a toy gun the police officers killed him in less than 2 seconds they issued no commands no drop the gun all they did was pull up and shoot....

    Joseph SingletonJoseph Singleton22 kun oldin
  • Daunte Wright was a piece of shit.

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith22 kun oldin
  • Officer Potter deliberately killed Daunte Wright. She had a piece of paper in her right hand and had to move it to her left hand in order to get her glock. Then she has to feel the weight of it, see the color of it, not being yellow, for the duration of four, I'm going to taze you's while in her sights she also sees the officer next to her tazer bright yellow; and we are to believe that none of this clicked in her brain? No!

    Bonnie LeeBonnie Lee23 kun oldin
  • Agree, no way should he have been. Can't figure out why he tried to drive off. I'm guessing that if they knew he was on bail for attempted armed robbery they may have suspected he had a gun. Just saying.

    Robert AlexanderRobert Alexander23 kun oldin
  • There’s no other way to say it other then we get treated like trash while whites get treated with dignity and respect even when the whites do mass shootings. It’s really f-up!

    Denise CDenise C23 kun oldin
  • So no matter what? No Wright time to shoot? How we go this long im confused, im scared of cops . Never talk shit , i got fucked up by 3 white boys at Jamaica station queens, said i stand out color of my skin crazy shit.

    sunlinksunlink23 kun oldin
  • There you go...Speak the Truth

    SunshineSunshine23 kun oldin
  • It's called double jeopardy this is what they use to get off. We're not Black that's not a nationality or a race of people and we're damn sure not African. So how many of you know who you are? Get at me.

    :Corey Sligh:Corey Sligh23 kun oldin
  • He had a WARRENT for an illegal gun. THATS why they told him to get out of the car

    Sierra SteffenSierra Steffen23 kun oldin