Ben Baller Calls Out 'Stop Asian Hate' Hypocrisy: "...Been Treating Blacks Bad.." - CH News

6-Apr, 2021
118 922 Ko‘rishlar soni - Asian American & Entrepreneur Ben Baller recently took to Instagram to share his frustration with the current social movement 'Stop Asian Hate'. For Baller, he feels that Stop Asian Hate can't compare to BLM. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • I thought it was common knowledge that black people and Asian people usually don't get along and in most instances blacks attack Asian Americans. This asian hate isn't because of covid, it's been long standing. Every video you see it's always a black person attacking. Perhaps a leader in the black community could have the balls to bring up this uncomfortable conversation to better the human race. But, I doubt that will ever happen.

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  • Capone

    LaWana BrownLaWana BrownKun oldin
  • I just hope you guys understand that not all asians are racist. If you think that and hate asians bc of a few bad encounters with them then i don’t think you are that much better than the racist asians who are scared of black people bc of some bad encounters.

    Cpl NguyenCpl NguyenKun oldin
  • Someone need to teach these gay Koreans lessons

    Fish SauceFish Sauce2 kun oldin
  • Ben baller a sell out..

    Kevin VangKevin Vang2 kun oldin
  • Put your oxygen mask on first.

    Ernestine RichardsonErnestine Richardson2 kun oldin
  • Who are the majority of the offenders against asians??? The balacks....may stop the anti white hate! Because the majority of the actual hate crimes are against whites. You people cant stomach that the majority of the problems is coming from your own people!

    Jimmy FreelandJimmy Freeland2 kun oldin
  • I just find it interesting as soon as BLK ppl have any footing on ppl seeing what we been talking about.. all of a sudden.. now everyone is attacked.. and some how they understand what we are going through now... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. I mean no one should be treated badly.. J's .

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  • Like Paul Mooney said, " The black man is the most copied person in the world bar none". Everybody wanna be a nigga but nobody wanna be a nigga.

    T BirdT Bird2 kun oldin
  • Ben baller is only worried about his business and black clients. I hear he doesn’t care about his own family members and hides all his money from them. Ben baller. Just the name...what a pos

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  • Ben who????

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  • Fk ben

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  • LA doesn't have that kinda racism. That's why it's kinda strange to Angelinos. But go to SF. The scenarios different. I was up @ grass valley. And got attacked by a white supremacists. I messed him up but still. It didn't have to go down like that.

    Ernesto DuenasErnesto Duenas5 kun oldin
  • Look at who is attacking the Asia people the most,it’s not the white people

    Alfred MckinneyAlfred Mckinney5 kun oldin
  • Wow you are really going to blame the whites that is the most racist that anyone of color can say that is true bullshit

    Alfred MckinneyAlfred Mckinney5 kun oldin
  • I went to school in China town in Chicago . I went to school with Asians and he is not lying and they are and have been totally racist! I had racist teachers that were Asians! But I don’t condone any hate . But the truth is yes Asians (most are totally racist ) and they do believe they are superior as well over Black people .

    CrowMythicCrowMythic6 kun oldin
  • azian zilence raciztz, white verbally raciztz, black pzyzical racizt, which iz worzt??

    ArthyzLiveArthyzLive6 kun oldin
  • firzt of all ztop generalizing, not all elderly azian are racizt, zecond, juzt becauze zome have bad opinon about your race dont mean itz ok to beat em up, ztop making excuzez, maybe ben baller father and mother were racizt that why he think like he think, he juzt generalized hez whole race and Zaid it wz ok he dont have pity, it ok they got beat up, cauze zome azian have a bad opinon, dude be hanging around to many black he cant zee clear.

    ArthyzLiveArthyzLive6 kun oldin
  • If something affects Asians how does that affect black people? Makes no since!

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  • I wouldn't march at no Damn stop Asian hate nothing I'm good!😁

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  • Capone spit factz

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  • Psyops!

    Frank JonesFrank Jones7 kun oldin
  • He knows these are fake staged incidents

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  • Its still goin on that's why I don't buy or support they business and leave them alone!

    Frank JonesFrank Jones7 kun oldin
  • Salute him I agree the Asians still treat us like shit!

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  • There are definitely racist Asian people out there, but Asians also have the highest rate of support for Black Lives Matter of any non-Black demographic. Also, someone being rude or even discriminating against you doesn't then justify people being assaulted or killed.

    Young SuitYoung Suit7 kun oldin
  • I have been treated differently by Jews, Arabs, South Asians, East Asians, as well as Europeans.....they all have the problems with blackness, and are obsessed with colorisim....I call it Light Supremacy 😂. I am laughing because all these aforementioned people are simply blinded by the light 🤣 of racism 🤣

    Alfred NutakorAlfred Nutakor8 kun oldin
  • So you all generalizing all asians? Not all asians are chinese.. if you guys want war then we will give it to you.

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  • Why the black people in this comment section sound so god damn racist. Lol

    That Smart AsianThat Smart Asian8 kun oldin
  • Dude needs to stay in business, that’s all

    Charles WongCharles Wong8 kun oldin
  • Their denials and excuses sound just like the racist white man excusing themselves from accountability from racism against blacks. How many helpless blacks getting sucker punched by racist hate filled asians? Exactly, your as racist as the people you judge.

    J CJ C8 kun oldin
    • Facts!! They don't wanna hear that tho!

      Oliver KlozovOliver Klozov6 kun oldin
  • LOL Olivia Munn when she chased that black woman out her job.

    Drebin CoDrebin Co9 kun oldin
  • Well I'm glad he spoke out.

    Jay BaeJay Bae9 kun oldin
  • Tell that to the black community

    VagrantArtGamingVagrantArtGaming9 kun oldin
  • ok zo if zomebody talk trazh about you you got the right to beat them down?? ok

    ArthyzLiveArthyzLive9 kun oldin
  • Our elders have been treating blacks badly. What? Asians suffered due to Jim Crow Act as much as Blacks did(sure population-wise it was less). He is just trying to be diplomatic and that is it. Honestly, no one hates Black people okay, so stop committing crime. Thanks and goodluck

    Prabhsharan SinghPrabhsharan Singh9 kun oldin
  • Finally someone says it. We are their Economic base. This Asian hate towards blacks are propaganda.

    WeDa RealWeDa Real10 kun oldin
  • They pushed the narrative that Black people were attacking Asians in order to obtain resources and to gain proximity to "whiteness" and the disgusting thing is that it worked! Biden not only distributed millions to empower Their economic foundation but also created a bill of protection specifically for them which was exactly what his 2 of his newly appointed senators demanded. Their silence has been deafening as it relates to calling out who are REALLY responsible for committing assaults on them. Not a peep after the ATL mass shooting, or the FEDEX mass shooting or the numerous videos that have surfaced. We are everybody's scapegoat.

    Eves GenesEves Genes10 kun oldin
    • @Oliver Klozov Lol FACTS...they know it and so do you.

      Eves GenesEves Genes6 kun oldin
    • Wow, that's a whole lot of crazy ass shit you typed out. Take your meds.

      Oliver KlozovOliver Klozov6 kun oldin
  • I support anyone who is against the stop asian hate movement. It all points to CCP. They're the organizers, and you can be sure they were present at the protests in the states, also here in NZ Pro CCP, many who affiliate with the CCP and support them including our government both National and Labour. Some of the asians here blame the whites, polynesians, and maori. Thats a load of crap, its the CCP themselves.

    Tiaki DeeTiaki Dee11 kun oldin
  • I guess a few years later Iraqi life matters is not long!!

    Stoner HimbStoner Himb11 kun oldin
  • Ben baller is correct, but what really burns my steak is white people dropped two artificial stars on Asians. But black people have helped Asians since Yasuke, yet they loooove white people? WTF is that about

    tyson franklintyson franklin11 kun oldin
  • You Asians have always been against blacks stop it just stop lying you have always thought you were White, this is going to be the new white race the Chinese I won't be here maybe you won't either but mark my word that's what they tend to do be the next White race

    Robin PhelmettaRobin Phelmetta11 kun oldin
  • You think it's because there businesses are constantly stolen from and robbed?...

    GeLow BrandoGeLow Brando12 kun oldin
  • Respect to Ben baller

    _ SkywalkaOoog_ SkywalkaOoog12 kun oldin
    • @Oliver Klozov lol ouch!!

      _ SkywalkaOoog_ SkywalkaOoog6 kun oldin
    • Yeah, what an impressive sellout.

      Oliver KlozovOliver Klozov6 kun oldin
  • Ben ballers is western washed 😆

    iknowz thiziknowz thiz12 kun oldin
  • No other race,not even the white man Hate Black like CHINESE.Talking from experience they don't look at us as real humans, even though according to science they are our closest relative. They hate us

    shirley Cummings-Hallshirley Cummings-Hall13 kun oldin
  • Most of the Asian hate crimes has been a result of the Covid Virus originating from Wu Han, and people’s ignorance got the better of those attackers mixed with mental illness. I think the Black and Asian community tend to misunderstand each other which creates some prejudices between the two communities also the language barrier between the two makes it harder to communicate or reason with each other.

    J KingJ King13 kun oldin
  • Ben Baller is the bridge between Black and Asian community.

    J KingJ King13 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣 Nope.

      Oliver KlozovOliver Klozov6 kun oldin
  • All I am saying is as soon as the BLM movement happened the immediate response from all other races was "All lives matter." But ain't no one saying "Stop all hate". Why is there no blowback for that? Why is it everybody else has to ride on the struggle of black people but not everyone supports it?

    Paul SmithPaul Smith13 kun oldin
  • No let asians fight against white supremcy why do we need to team up with them they have the money to do it and I'm not into teaming up with people only when it benefits them then when something happens to us they not teaming up anymore that's why no one respects us we keep running back to help them on some ike and tina shit and we literally get nothing out of it..

    Cedric WilliamsCedric Williams13 kun oldin
  • That’s makes it ok then, cool.

    Jay JayJay Jay13 kun oldin
  • I appreciate him pointing this out. Ever since this happened i been thinking about latasha Harlins alot lately.

    Kate GAKate GA14 kun oldin
  • STOP the BLACK HATE, that's been going on MUCH LONGER and QAIK, it should start with BFS!☝️🙄

    Limited EditionLimited Edition14 kun oldin
  • I am Asian and I don’t see any of my family member racist against black at all. My parents taught me to respect everyone.

    Tony sweTony swe14 kun oldin
    • @Baleri Kirmu II asians dont worship white tf. The model minority was created to make black people jealous. I hate the fact that asian still agree to the model minority shit but me and my parent still struggle in life in the hood just as many others. Darker asians are treated differently from lighter asians. Asians always knew white people dislike them, ever since in the past, white been colonizing asia, when asian came to u.s, they dont worship white people, it more like working for the american dream, stories about success in the u.s and shit, it them stories of american dream which is why my parent want to come here due to poor environment and lifestyle in asia. We never worship white, but we worship working hard to achieve the american dream that many immigrant before us have and in the asian culture, most of it strict to education and hard work. Yal dont know that because yal lost your will to struggle for the american dream. White people only play favoritism with asian because asians are the only minority group to be successful in achieving the american dream despite coming to the u.s with almost nothing and working hard for it. White people consider asians people a threat in america and it is why they tried to make yal hate us for working hard. Only reason why many asian are hating yal back is because yal got controlled to hate asian people. Only asian can compete against white in equal term except asian have to work harder than white because white people technically still own the system in u.s, black can barely do much but if they unite together they may have a chance but then after all that, it all back to increasing the statistics. You cant beat white people if you gonna keep complaining about unfairness and shit, asian been thru that and knew all the complaining shit aint gonna help, so asian just had to work hard and where did that put them? Into the dumb model minority myth and being more success than white people. Asians just worked for it and yal call that worshiping white people, all i am hearing from you is jealousy. Yal may dominate the sport but not the educational level, sports is one things but in america, you need knowledge and education because that what can progress america into the future. Cops is not in your way of life, not everyone gonna have it easy, you just had to work for it instead of complaining about it.

      MageMage7 kun oldin
    • You aren't the norm but exception. We're not naive. Asians aren't a monolith. East Asians (especially Chinese and Koreans), South Asians(indians and Pakistanis), and Arabs have been legendary in their disrespect for black ppl in their countries, Africa and the west. Whites that many of you worship, are your problem. Those of claiming to not be like the rest, it's your fight to check those in your community or go with the tide. We can careless, cos we still standing and fighting alone

      Baleri Kirmu IIBaleri Kirmu II10 kun oldin
  • I love Asian’s too but it’s fucking true. Dr Umar went in on this. They’re Bill was made and went thru immediately, but a Bill for blacks.. Oh and 1 more thing.. do y’all remember how the Africans were treated in China??

    Say JahSay Jah15 kun oldin
  • Anti Asian hate was caused by white liberals and their toxic policies and propaganda. They promote discrimination against us, pretend to be an "ally" when politically convenient.

    YoshiBuildsFencesYoshiBuildsFences15 kun oldin
  • I'm just saying I haven't seen white people say "stop ALL hate"

    visionsofpromisevisionsofpromise15 kun oldin
  • The thing about asians is this, we don't complain about the game we have to play, we just learn to navigate it, learn the rules of the game, and find the loopholes and act opportunistic to come up. While you all talk about race, we don't give a fuck because we're keeping our eyes on the prize instead of complaining about the rules of the game - we just do better exploiting our opportunities. When the first, second, and third time I've ever had racial slurs said to me, it's been by american blacks, not whites (by contrast African blacks are some of the best people in the world). So I don't care, and I don't give two shits about your AA support. Also, stop culturally appropriating by using Indian straight hair in your weaves.

    B BhattB Bhatt15 kun oldin
  • Lmao

    Keenan ShirleyKeenan Shirley15 kun oldin
  • Asian Americans have definitely attributed to the growing racism in America, but the media just glosses over that fact when they're the target. Remember the NYPD 12.

    foney2000foney200015 kun oldin
  • They really believe the "model minority" myth... ASIANS LUV WYTE PEOPLE. ... They are not our allies. 🔥

    Marcus GMarcus G15 kun oldin
  • Facts 💯🔥

    Marcus GMarcus G15 kun oldin
  • As a Southeast Asian raised in a very racist household, yes. My people are very racist. So I can see why people beat up Asians all the time. You can carry on then.

    Maria CillanMaria Cillan15 kun oldin
    • @Tony swe , right on point. She is so stupid.

      lisalisa14 kun oldin
    • You are stupid. Just cuz your family is racist mean all Asian are racist. Do u know that for every 1 Asian attacking black there are 27 black attack Asian. Now, Look who is the racist.

      Tony sweTony swe14 kun oldin
  • What absolute nonsense!

    MPC OmegaMPC Omega16 kun oldin
  • Yk I wonder if White people, BLM, and SAH ever thought of Native Americans struggle. Oh wait, not really... We're the biggest skeleton in America's closet

    Zio Slayer99Zio Slayer9916 kun oldin
  • Lmao wtf is this bs

    The WulfThe Wulf16 kun oldin
  • I don't condone this but boy... It's a wake up call isn't it?? I said it once and I'll say it again... You can't see cancer on your body and want to cut it out only if it's above your waste.... that cancer that's below you on your feet will eventually spread... the cancer is racism, and they haven't cared about it until that shit was knocking on their door... Yall better listen...

    Trucker JackTrucker Jack16 kun oldin
  • How do Asians treat black people bad? Is it as bad as beating the hell out of their elders bad???

    Pedro LockupPedro Lockup17 kun oldin
    • @Trucker Jack , agree. Well said. Best of luck to you.

      Tony sweTony swe14 kun oldin
    • @Tony swe we can hope for peace... I want that too but hatred is human nature, apparently. How can we hope for peace but we chose when we want to hate?? And this was never about NOT supporting you. This was about having your eyes open to the big picture. And that is, racism, hatred and prejudices aren't ok just because they're not pointed towards your people normally. If you're going to stand up and fight for it, don't pick and chose WHO and WHEN you decide to fight for..... because eventually, that same hatred you turned a blind eye to will come back full circle for you. Anything less and you might as well get hypocrite tattooed on your forehead. That's the bitter truth.

      Trucker JackTrucker Jack14 kun oldin
    • @Trucker Jack , first of all there are 13% of African American and 5.6% of Asian in America. So it’s not 5 to 500. It’s more like 5 to 13. A little more than double. However, I do agree with u that we Asian should not expect black to support us. Everyone can choose what they want to do. I have no problem with that. I just wanted to state that there are some Asian people who are racist n their are many who are not. Even if the some Asian that are racist they don’t attack people. Cuz Asian culture teach people to not harm others. Personally, I hope peace to all race.

      Tony sweTony swe14 kun oldin
    • @Tony swe so you think that's how it works huh... I had half a mind to completely ignore this but I'm going to drop one thing. Statistics..... If there are 5 Asians and 500 African Americans, you're looking at your numbers wrong. In the end, none of it is right.. I know you might ignore "or forget" that I just said that so I will say it again, NONE OF IT IS RIGHT. HOWEVER, what's ironic is that Asains take an "I'm on your side guys" approach to racism. Not all of them, SOME OF THEM. In many households they are trained to steer clear of black people and it's considered taboo to even listen or copy the culture. You all throw the word racist around without even thinking about how you're using it... Again, go look at the statistics and stop being ignorant. And while your at it tell them "Asians" welcome to the club... Stop groveling at white peoples heels trying to appeal to them like puppies and stand up straight...

      Trucker JackTrucker Jack14 kun oldin
    • Exactly. For every 1 time an Asian attack a black person, there are 27 time a black person attack an Asian person. Look who is the racist.

      Tony sweTony swe14 kun oldin
  • he has to say it that way to keep his clientele.

    H BH B17 kun oldin
  • While I agree with Ben Baller's comment. As an Asian American who yes, is only one person but constantly fights for other oppressed communities and as well teaches anti racism to all my friends, family and those who will want to listen. In the end we all need to link up and face the true evil that is White Supremacy that is being taught to Evangelical Christians as just an example. In order to fight this we need to work together Asian,Black,Brown,Indigenous even white who on our side. We need to face that evil otherwise we just keep fighting amongst ourselves and the powers that be will continue to crush us.

    Mercedes KhalsaMercedes Khalsa17 kun oldin
  • he doesn't care about his own people he only cares about his business.he's confused.he probably doesn't realize that he's Korean & not black.😂

    Kal AbanKal Aban17 kun oldin
    • @DustMaster Flex so, beating up elderly asian people is not a Devilish Behavior to you? 😱

      Kal AbanKal Aban17 kun oldin
    • Or...Maybe he is not in favor of defending devilish behavior simply because it's coming from his "own people" (As if that were a thing) unlike you.

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex17 kun oldin
  • I am white, I am a born, raised, and currently residing Georgian, and all my family are Georgia/Alabama natives. Blacks make up the largest racial demographic group in my home town of Columbus. Besides one of my grandmothers, who passed on some years ago now, I have never heard anyone in my family, or anyone else that I have personally interacted with or been within earshot of, openly engage in any level of serious, anti-black racism, not in all my 40 years. I included the qualifier "serious" to make exception for petty instances where both the exclusion of any intent to be reflective in a meaningfully personal way, and where the lack of malicious intent, were both readily determinable factors, such as the private telling of a potentially, racially provocative joke of an inherently irreverent nature. As far as my grandmother goes, my mother, my sister, and myself have no apology to make to anyone. She was an old, southern small town raised daughter of the confederacy who had lived around and worked along side (worked till retirement as a scrub nurse at the local trauma hospitals in Columbus/PhenixCity) blacks her whole life and believed her own grievances were reasonable and valid, and while I would say she was racist, I will say that her racist language wasn't akin to a tirade one might imagine being made by a truly ignorant person fueled only by blind hate, who hates as a matter of duty to heritage rather than according to experience and reason, but were always comments that were pertinent to the moment, and which reflected reactionary attitudes that she almost always, automatically put her own anecdotal experiences behind to back up. Anyways... on the contrary, I and many people I have known, have experienced multiple episodes of open, full throttle black on white hate while living in this region. Mostly though, folks here all get along pretty well, and I have never heard of any significant racial tensions existing anywhere around here, ever. *BACK* to the video. The asian guys comments were fairly honest, a behavior that everyone should seek to emulate, but the first lady's comments were a perversion of his words. She drew meaning he clearly did not intend to imply, the most egregious of which was the moment she forced the opportunity to throw the underlying premise to the corporate media's false narrative regarding "systemic white supremacy" into the conversation, and the fact that the subject of systemic white supremacy had no immediate, tenable relationship with the guy's comments, combined with the perceivable desperation on her part, based on the suspiciously hasty and inopportune attempt to include an idea that had, at best, a debatable, though if I am to abide honestly here, completely dismissible level if relevance. Anyway, put this in ya racist pipe and smoke it y'all. The statistics regarding asian on black vs black on asian interracial violence that are included in the same report, are even more contrasting, by the way. The federal government's 2018 Criminal Victimization Report makes perfectly clear a widespread trend showing vastly higher rates (with respect to offender's racial group size) of black on white interracial violence, relative to the inverse dynamic of white on black interracial violence. Similarly, the report shows that, despite blacks being approximately ~13% of the population, compared to ~62% for whites during the relevant time period, the black population is even responsible for many times the total number of incidence of interracial violence perpetrated on whites, compared the inverse dynamic. All of which has, in fact, escalated over time. That is to say, changed in favor of blacks becoming more interracially (and intraracially for that matter) violent, relative to whites. This is just basic statistical data analysis, and all the following figures that are used in comparisons to one another are either all raw data or all analysis results produced using identical methods and which come from the same data results table, just in case anyone is suspicious. Finally, this full report is publicly available online and very easy to find via google, a fact that should totally insulate me from any false accusations, but we shall see. Anyway, In 2018, including homicide, there were a total of 547,948 recorded incidences of black on white violent crime and a total of 59,778 recorded incidences of white on black violent crime. This equates to an approximate ~9.17 x increase (also expressible as a ratio 1:9.17) in total incidences of black on white violent crime relative to the inverse dynamic's total. However, it is critical to consider that, at the time, the total size of the white population was roughly ~4.78 x the total size of the black population. Once this population size discrepancy between the two respective racial groups is accounted for, by factoring out the difference, the previously mentioned *total number* ratio of 1:9.17 can then be used to produce a per capita *rate* ratio of 43.81:1 That is to say, as a per capita *RATE* function, it can objectively stated that, during 2018, the *offense RATE* within the black population for interracial violent crime perpetrated against whites, was recorded to be 43.81 times higher than the *offense rate* within the white population for interracial violent crime perpetrated against blacks. Another way to express this truth is to say that, during 2018, black on white violence occurred at the rate of approximately 43.81 incidences of occurrence for every 1 incidence of occurrence of white on black violence. A final few tidbits of information I think are always relevant these days. Jim Crow and subsequent opposition to the 1964 civil rights bill was 100% Democrat, 0% Republican backed issue. Slave Owners were 100% Democrat and 0% were Republican. Democrats make blacks think they are their friends by frequently putting black issues at forefront of discussion and simultaneously vilifying the political right by telling you that all your problems are the fault of white christian conservatives, and all the while selling the black community on all the elements which perpetuate the very stagnation they tell you is the fault of white Christian conservatives, the welfare state, i which they initially created in order to fulfill the still ongoing dissolution of the black family nuclear, furthered by institutions like planned parenthood, and victimhood mentality through false blame and false hate, an inward thinking path of self-destruction and certain failure if ever there was one. The welfare stare has wrought utter ruin in the black community, and rather acknowledge the failure, democrats are to this day still willfully effecting its perpetuation and furthering its entrenchment in the community. Meanwhile, because republicans won't put black needs at the forefront of their discussions, just as they typically avoid doing regardless of race, and just as they typically avoid making decisions according to racial preference. Many blacks blindly assume that the racism is responsible for Republican's lack of racial catering, falsely validating the democrat rhetoric programmed into their minds, but completely missing the bigger picture that Republican treatment is the same for all races, and that not framing based on race is the default Republican position and part of theirm modus operandi. Democrats are your true enemy. Better wake up and quit stagnating in democrat's false lies, democrat's false hate, and democrat's false promises and start doing honest, open minded research into the ideas and beliefs you hold, instead of looking for things which comfortably reinforce the false hate you have been programmed with. They want you to fail so they can pretend to care while they keep you loyal by feeding emotions and making promises they never keep. At some point, though, responsibility for failure is yours, not theirs. For God sakes, remove the blind hate clouding your site and realize I am making a sincere attempt to help. I took the time to type this on my phone, to boot, and I type with one finger, not to mention that I get real deal migraines from staring at my phone for this long at moderate frequency, but here I am, doing it anyway, even though I will probably just be talking to a brick wall and at best I will most likely get only nasty replies from people who never actually read my full comment, too eager to express their hate. Bet.

    LordSpankyLordSpanky18 kun oldin
  • Asians and Africans united is a powerful force in this world, The 1% of the population in this world that control the 99% of the population, will do any and everything to not let this happen, so instead they instigate the Asian hate, with a twist of fate!

    Kim ChinKim Chin18 kun oldin
  • Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, more than 60 % percent of Asian men are married to African women and, together they have a strong bond successful business and highly intelligent kids. In my time it was always the dark chocolate skin kid, with nice thick bouncing curly hair and almond-shaped eyes who were always the brightest in class the best athlete, the most talented. Jamaica also has a high Blasian population. some good genes together.

    Kim ChinKim Chin18 kun oldin
  • As a community we must continue to put our best foot forward people don’t realize Bruce Lee couldn’t marry his wife in certain state due to the restrictions of interracial marriage. Civil rights movement spearheaded primarily by blacks benefited everyone. Mlk never said his movement was solely for blacks it was for everyone Jews gentils all people to be treated equally if we don’t support Asians regardless on their stance on blacks then we are no better than the bigotry we say we are trying to overcome

    DrjdmtuningDrjdmtuning18 kun oldin
    • There's no "community" and they can fight their ethnic battle alone. I don't support anyone who disrespects me.

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex17 kun oldin
  • Stop being slick because you all don't want the establishment to come for you. Asians DON'T STAND WITH ANYONE but themselves and Hispanics play the middle. Yes I said it!

    Natasha L. JohnNatasha L. John18 kun oldin
  • Their was this big Chinese restaurant in my country India , they built a restaurant in a prime hill station and what they did was they allowed whitish people in their restaurant and they told our dark skinned Indian people to leave ... At first they thought their was no seat available so the restaurant people may have told them to leave so they thought of waiting outside the restaurant because their was no other restaurants around that area some were a bit far so the dark skinned Indians decided to stay outside that Chinese restaurant ...but after some time their were some white foreigners and other white Indians who were allowed .. so the dark skinned Indians came to know about this racist Chinese restaurant they made a video and shared with social media .. their was a court law enforcement to shut down that restaurant immediately the Chinese were like what did we do wrong ... Inspite they were wrong all along .. next the Chinese restaurant people tried to bribe the district judge of that area that judge was black and the Chinese restaurant was hence a history ... Now only spiders eat food their .. those people were denied of any land accusation in my country India . Those Chinese forgot that in India people of all colours exist we Indians are all one dispite all our differences .. So yeah I understand why the black people are saying that they don't stand with Asians .. I had these thoughts in my mind that some some Asians are being attacked because the foreigners can't differentiate between Chinese and other Asian races I felt like mostly this hate was against the Chinese people ... I don't support hate for any person but I personally don't like the food the Chinese people make out of every living species on mother Earth ... Snakes are not edible , crocodiles shouldn't be eaten , some of them even eat good knows what .. they Chinese have this thing in their mind to eat alive foods which I can't support at all it's inhumane in my opinion . ..

  • First the Arabs were in shock, because they were treated like blacks (after 9-11), then the Hispanics (during Trump) and now it's the Asians. Indigenous people have always been oppressed, but they oppress them silently. It's time to organize.

    TheArchevilTheArchevil18 kun oldin
  • what in the ever loving fluff are you guys talking about? where do you live where black people can't get loans?

    Ashley KingAshley King18 kun oldin
  • We need to focus on our own liberties and rights. We can’t divide our focus to help others. I believe what benefits one benefits us all. They can gather and act collectively as we have. My real problem is why are they asking an oppressed group to do their leg work as an oppressed group? Why are you not talking directly to your oppressors like we are? We don’t ask other minorities to lend a hand or try and make false equivalencies about our struggles for the sake of guilt. We are not their mules.

    Gabrielle ThomasGabrielle Thomas18 kun oldin
  • Look who pick on who firstl do you ever see a Asian person attacked a black person no

    Guilty LocGuilty Loc18 kun oldin
    • Exactly

      Tony sweTony swe14 kun oldin
  • Stop ALM because BLM only matters😂

    Freeze 472Freeze 47219 kun oldin
  • Why do African-blacks don't like American-blacks? All live Matter!

    karen karenkaren karen19 kun oldin
  • They must have forgotten that we fought for Asians during the railroad construction and they straight up forgot us and said fuck us after that was through we fight racism but we should never forget how much Asians wanted to assimilate into white society

    mccowan3rdmccowan3rd19 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤

    Ladean GrahamLadean Graham19 kun oldin
  • I think he should just speak for his Korean community not the asian community. 1st of all when did you see an elder asian people attack and hurt the blacks community commonly.. hey if you want to hate go ahead but dont go hurting and touching and attacking someone.

    peacepeace19 kun oldin
    • Exactly

      Tony sweTony swe14 kun oldin
  • While I appreciate what he has said, but I do hope BLK people aren’t gonna start being racist and not help fight. I’m above all this petty drama, I care about fixing the issue, taking out the yts, then talk about our issues.

    Powerful OprahPowerful Oprah19 kun oldin
  • No Racism is acceptable across the board. We all eat, sleep, S**t, Bleed, and Die nobody is better than anyone.

    The Davis DimensionThe Davis Dimension19 kun oldin
  • I cannot believe that there is so much HATE in America. HATE crime on Asians has been going on for DECADES - the Asians just tolerated the crap. Who do you see that have been physically and verbally assaulted the Asians, not to mention MURDERS? LOVE America. PROTECT America. UPHOLD The Constitutions & OBEY The LAWS. KEEP America SAFE. IN GOD, WE TRUST have mercy on our souls.

  • Ben hella real for that cuz in cali they do us hella grimy smh

    Jones D. StampedeJones D. Stampede19 kun oldin
  • Ben Baller is speaking facts. Look, the moment we realize this is about all of our civil rights, versus making hate crimes a separation game ...we will see improvement in justice.

    banned anti-racist 2.0banned anti-racist 2.019 kun oldin
  • Race baiting Psyop....

    Will DelarosaWill Delarosa19 kun oldin
  • I like that he speaks truth

    JEN WJEN W20 kun oldin
  • Am i the only one that thinks that we are moving backwards as fuck... And isnt it also a bit hypocritical when with covid-19. Going on asian hate is a real thing and we dismiss it... Just like BLM and All Live matter... Same shit we are our own worst enemy... Until we can look past ourselves we can never move forward.

    BakaKamiBakaKami20 kun oldin
  • Let’s not forget When the corona virus first started, videos went viral of the Chinese government sending their officers to kick Africans out of there homes, a pregnant woman was denied treatment because she was black and many business would put on their door they would not serve black people it got so bad McDonald’s ( in China ) had to make a statement saying they don’t discriminatory practices, but meanwhile there’s 10 million Asians living in Africa when did you see Africans treating Asians the way they treated them, or Asians right here in America who are all up in our neighborhoods. FOH with the Asians hate if black people hated y’all you would know.

    StaytruealwaysStaytruealways20 kun oldin
    • 💯

      Southfield TrillSouthfield Trill18 kun oldin
  • The first guest was spot on ... the other two have no clue.... Asian people's hate for Black people has got nothing to do with being pitted against each other by White people... Asian folks have long been hating Black people for time.... I live in England where this is facts... Asian people get Racism from White people and turn to Black people and think well at least I'm not black ... Stop trying be politically correct coz your friend might be Asian and talk truth and if you really don't know Don't Say Nothing at all

    Bombaz Int Ah'DegreeBombaz Int Ah'Degree20 kun oldin
    • Exactly, cause they think well aleast not black, it’s one of those I got bullied now I’m gunna bully type of thing.

      StaytruealwaysStaytruealways20 kun oldin
  • Tiger parenting, cold demeanour, shamelessly stingy, materialistic, animals torture. Arrogance, rudeness, oppressive landlords. It all add up. People of African decent have faced unimaginable agony for the most part of a millennium. But a few attacks on Asians and suddenly they get all the attention.

    HemolbetaHemolbeta20 kun oldin
  • Finally!!! cause asians never supported blacks and they are racist towards us.

    Dawn RaquelDawn Raquel20 kun oldin
  • They are now passing a anti Asian hate law right now under our nose while we asking for the law too change while they paying for change

    Jay Tha GanxstaJay Tha Ganxsta20 kun oldin
  • Finally someone says it

    miseryluvsco.miseryluvsco.20 kun oldin
    • @miseryluvsco. Oh, okay.

      My life mattersMy life matters20 kun oldin
    • What Ben baller said . It’s an agenda obviously just like blm was and is ..

      miseryluvsco.miseryluvsco.20 kun oldin
    • What did someone say

      My life mattersMy life matters20 kun oldin