Bernie Mac Show's Camille Winbush Responds To Being Called ‘Broke’ For Joining 'Only Fans'

3-Fev, 2021
380 673 Ko‘rishlar soni - Following the trend of celebs who have decided to share exclusive content on 'Only Fans', 'The Bernie Mac Show's Camille Winbush has responded to people calling her out for the decision. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • Leave her alone she's an adult.

    Larry WoolridgeLarry Woolridge16 soat oldin
  • She has accomplished more than many of her scorners will in their lifetime.

    Black DynamiteBlack Dynamite23 soat oldin
  • She's grown, let the woman live. I don't agree with what she's doing but this would be discrimination and hateful cyber-bullying if she was gay. Most dark women have a hard enough time with self esteem issues as teens and young adults. Dont bash this woman. Camille Winbush if you're reading this baby please consider all your options before you make a fast decision, and at the same time you only have 1 life to live so if it can't be helped knock yourself out and fuck what people say.

    Black DynamiteBlack Dynamite23 soat oldin
  • At least we know her nobody knows the broke bitches calling her broke

    Chris ThomasChris ThomasKun oldin
  • She bad asf wtf bruh

    AISAISKun oldin
  • *AMERICA* now this girl dun gawn gotta hoochie account!” All shxts and giggles she’s beautiful and can do wtf she wants. Love u Queen and continue to R I P Bernie 💙

    Devaune TempleDevaune TempleKun oldin
  • It ain't her fault that the fans are stuck on but The Bernie Mac show she's a grown ass woman now she can do whatever she want to do

    djay Roscoe Lewisdjay Roscoe LewisKun oldin
  • AND HER PICS ARE CUTE ...shes YOUNGER than me (im 39)so i see her like my baby cuzzo (shes similar age ) but sis is a cutie ....*follows her on insta for support #stayingoncodebwyoudothesame

    Siren ThomasSiren Thomas2 kun oldin
  • "What women do and say are two different things ".. She. WILL. be. for. The. SKREETS!

    Mpumelelo BeyersMpumelelo Beyers2 kun oldin
  • 31 whhhhhhhppoooooooo chile black dont crack

    Shanelda HarrisShanelda Harris2 kun oldin
  • Camille one word LOTION!!!!!

    Calvin MccoyCalvin Mccoy3 kun oldin
  • She’s GORGEOUS so I don’t see how ANYONE can be against her making this decision. Nude or not... she’d still be worth it to me.

    31SkOoPz31SkOoPz3 kun oldin
  • Almost all these famous people have an only fans so why when she makes one it’s a problem ? 🤔

    Nicole DiorNicole Dior3 kun oldin
  • Whatever you’re thinking negatively remember she’s not commenting on your life.

    MadisonMadison3 kun oldin
  • Damn shame !!!!!

    sam jonessam jones3 kun oldin
  • OMG!! Imagine fact checking a grown ass woman on whether or not she wants to show her body. LOL people and their audacity. If she wanted to get naked, if she wanted to sit around in sweats, who the hell cares? It's literally her own body and no one is forced to watch.

    SweetLala25SweetLala253 kun oldin
  • Look here ma,DO YOU,its alot of negative, hating ass ppl out there,dont listen to that dumb shit,your a grown ass woman,DO YOU,LIVE YOUR LIFE,I don't judge,hell I dont see a problem with your pics,LIVE YOUR LIFE,DO YOU and dont listen to the HATERS,I SOLUTE

    Tech 56Tech 563 kun oldin
  • It's her decision and be careful. Some people start out good; the word of life is soon choked out of them. It sounds like she has her mind set but agendas change no matter positive we are. It could have repercussions on her if she goes the wrong way. Just be careful Camille. What's it's out there, it stays out there too. Someone can approach you 15 years later and you have a relationship or children. It's gard defending your body when someone is seeing you for a long time. People will feel entitled because you're showing life. You can call people stalkers but look at what you show people too. We as Americans must think before revealing our bodies or lives to people.

    Bueman JonesBueman Jones3 kun oldin
  • She seems to be an intelligent young woman who has her head on straight and knows what she wants.Lets face it she's not a little kid anymore so i hope she likes to-do and be the best at it.

    ros moros mo3 kun oldin
  • Nothing to defend. Maybe she's not using the platform in the way it's commonly used. She's a cute girl, lovely complexion. I didn't even know that was the girl from The Bernie Mac Show.

    Mark SuckabirdMark Suckabird3 kun oldin
  • Some people forget that they are not judges! but on a good note. She shut the "rumors" down. If she did supposedly turn to porn. Why is it any care or business for anyone to judge. Shes 31 years of age. Grown Woman. Sometimes I hate when "some people"try to hold anyone to a higher standard. When they dont even know have a standard themselves.

    Earl TimesEarl Times4 kun oldin
  • I use to have a big crush on her, still do😍🤫

    Achilles RecordsAchilles Records4 kun oldin
  • Smh... but now there’s an entire reddit page dedicated to her nude and lingerie from her FansOnly page... 🤨 I truly had high hopes...

    Syd’s WakeningSyd’s Wakening4 kun oldin
  • 🤔

    Julian IngramJulian Ingram4 kun oldin
  • This strikes a point of idolization. We have such high expectations for someone with fame when we see them do something that a "commoner" does, it freaks us out. We forget they are human. She may be broke because nothing last forever but if we're shaming her for that what does that make us? filthy? because most of us likely don't have that she does.

    Manuel PattersonManuel Patterson5 kun oldin
  • Hell she grown.I’m checking in

    Brian PerryBrian Perry6 kun oldin
  • She is a big ol freak,leave her alone to be a big freak it's her life and her reputation.

    Calvin LandersCalvin Landers6 kun oldin

    toya mickenstoya mickens6 kun oldin
  • She's making Only fans While the lil girl that played "babygirl" is giving head on pornhub..These kids don't stay kids forever...they're all grown now, so if that's what they wanna do with their lives its they're business. I just won't be spending my money on bills are more important!

    Jamil_ MillJamil_ Mill6 kun oldin
  • Its funny safaree, chris brown, and trey songs didnt get called broke

    Drew HaynesDrew Haynes7 kun oldin
  • She is still beautiful

    Rachael ThomasRachael Thomas8 kun oldin
  • :/ not lil nessa

    flwrchldentflwrchldent8 kun oldin
  • She bogus

    AP Player99AP Player999 kun oldin
  • I don't give a damn what nobody say Vanessa find as hell and she was looking good in that lingerie showing that booty off with that tattoo on the butt cheek lol

    pluto billspluto bills9 kun oldin
  • She's a grown ass woman, she can do whatever she wants. Who are we to say it's right or wrong for her to have an Onlyfans account??? Live your life the say YOU see fit, Camille

    DJTravTVDJTravTV9 kun oldin
  • What is she doing on only fans? What is 'minimal nudity'? Is she doing like strip teasing or something? If it's anything having to do with taking her clothes off, I'm disappointed. Black women have to find something to do other than take their clothes off and shake their ass.

    Maikue TomasuMaikue Tomasu10 kun oldin
  • Why do people care? Let that girl do what she wants. Just a bunch of haters.

    xShadow DragonxxShadow Dragonx10 kun oldin
  • She can do whatever the fuck she wants. She's a beautiful grown woman. Get a life people. Judge a rapist, Judge a killer, Judge a father or mother that doesn't provide for their children! Judge your damn self sometimes. But please, please don't judge her!

    DesmondDesmond10 kun oldin
  • She grown 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Push ProntoPush Pronto10 kun oldin
  • I used to have a big crush on her when I was younger and used to watch this show with her chocolate self. She still looks good

    Shaul DawgShaul Dawg10 kun oldin
  • Who cares, seems like people are criticizing for clout these days, don’t agree=don’t watch.

    David CasonDavid Cason10 kun oldin
  • She still has mad respect.

    Jeremy EstersJeremy Esters11 kun oldin
  • Clubhouse > Onlyfans

    aka Wesaka Wes11 kun oldin
  • she is so beautiful

    Kajuan SimmonsKajuan Simmons12 kun oldin
  • Uummmm...y’all realize Bernie Mac is NOT her real dad right? Broke folks calling other people broke. She’s 31 years old and she can do whatever the heck she wants. Y’all ain’t paying her bills or doing anything else for her, so shut the heck up and mind ya business.

    erika brownerika brown12 kun oldin
  • I feel like Bernie raised alot of us the show was gold.

    Sportz Ninja NewsSportz Ninja News13 kun oldin
  • Wait, aren't there a few millionaires that made their money from "Only Fans" thanks to horney guys ... Just saying, who the crazy here..

    Troy TurnerTroy Turner13 kun oldin
  • She is grown. The pros and cons of living in the public eye !! I have a page with 135 subscribers and I get 1 thumbs Down and 40 thumbs up on a video. I can’t dwell on the one person that gave a thumbs down. Bottom line, you can’t please everyone. She a beautiful Queen. She got this. I would join her fan’s only page but I’m weak I know I would be flirting with her all day. 😅 😅😅😅

    Juicing With JayJuicing With Jay13 kun oldin
  • She's grown.

    Chris JeffersonChris Jefferson13 kun oldin
  • There are mullionares on there. Always a broke person worrying about someone else's pocket instead of finding ways to fill theres

    Clarissa BeckhamClarissa Beckham13 kun oldin
  • Kudos on just being yourself.

    JokaJoka13 kun oldin
  • Do your thing

    Shaun SmithShaun Smith13 kun oldin
  • Camille has talent. Her decision is hers to do as she chooses. Those criticisms are from those sitting on a couch somewhere not doing anything. Just because some celebrities choose to do different venues outside the Hollywood mainstream doesn’t make them losers. Sometimes it makes them happy and gives them a chance to connect with their fans. Stay Blessed Camille we appreciate you!

    John StewartJohn Stewart13 kun oldin
  • For the people saying she's broke are probably not entrepreneur compatible. She's just adding another source of income to her duffy

    Yasan ひYasan ひ13 kun oldin
  • Who cares what she does.....As long as she is happy...GOOD. I always thought she is so beautiful.

    T PoppyT Poppy13 kun oldin
  • Why do ppl treat child stars like they're a child forever. She can do whatever she wants. She is an adult

    Ashley SalazarAshley Salazar14 kun oldin
  • People are such assholes! SMH.

    Frank WilliamsFrank Williams14 kun oldin
  • I totally agree, as good-hearted people that we are"there is a ton in place for criticism! I think we should not all ways take he'd too what people say" if it doesn't apply to us how we live' our lives or or run are business!. Which is the reason why I'm going to follow her on Instagram' because" I always have been' a big fan of, Vanessa! off of The Bernie Mac showI really good actor enough where when I was younger I look she's never broke in mythose broke people who say those things can kiss her behind and ours her fans!.😍💌💯 #Sign Camille winbush😍 rules 💯💝

    Andre 3000Andre 300014 kun oldin
  • You slipping bro this is not newsworthy 🙄 half the women use Facebook and Instagram as only fans anyway 💯 you putting more attention on this black woman bro let her live

    Ryan StarzRyan Starz14 kun oldin
  • So what she on only fans ...

    mealtime 167mealtime 16715 kun oldin
  • Omg she sooo pretty😍

    saeeda huntersaeeda hunter15 kun oldin
  • America is broke just ask the Chinese about that Trillions of dollars in debt idiots.

  • This channel is not for black people..all negative topics

    Deezi HoganDeezi Hogan15 kun oldin
  • She my Hershey's Kiss leave her alone !!!

    The Watcher JudahThe Watcher Judah15 kun oldin
  • All these goofy broads have only fans.

    Rico CrossRico Cross16 kun oldin
  • Heck yeah! I'm checking her out!

    EMMoney8806EMMoney880616 kun oldin
  • I'm not defending it but criticism on social media is inevitable for celebrities / famous people. It just is what it is.

    Yul NikitaYul Nikita16 kun oldin
  • I have an onlyfans account with 0 p**n on it... I don't see why she can't have one, she seems like a sweetheart.

    MajorScaLe TVMajorScaLe TV16 kun oldin
  • What’s her page name???

    traveion woodsontraveion woodson16 kun oldin
  • Onlyfans is for celebs and influencers to connect with there fans. Broke ppl turn it into a porn site.

    kobywoodkobywood16 kun oldin
  • She's grown!!! Let her live. That's her business 🤷🏾‍♀️

    victory9609victory960916 kun oldin
  • Leave that girl alone always trying to knock somebody hustle

  • She became a beautiful woman.. looks exactly like an ex of mine, made me miss her for a minute 😢 lol

    Stand UpStand Up17 kun oldin
  • My whole thing is... why is it an empowering movement when females choose thot behaviors? What message are y'all giving to the younger females ?

    Woorthy TV EntertainmentWoorthy TV Entertainment17 kun oldin
  • Don’t ask for respect if you don’t have any for yourself

    Keandre GreenKeandre Green17 kun oldin
  • She looks like and reminds me of my sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Shauna FullerShauna Fuller17 kun oldin
  • That girl is beautiful and smart she is definitely wife material. Babygirl if you see this gimme a shot mami im as old as you with a career 💐😍😏

    MixzMixz17 kun oldin
  • Babygirl fine af i mean she is just str8 beautiful ⚘😘😍😍😍

    MixzMixz17 kun oldin
  • Of course she's broke. But who cares? She's a grown woman.

    Jeff LégerJeff Léger17 kun oldin
  • What's her name on onlyfan asking for a friend

    07USMARINE07USMARINE17 kun oldin
  • She said minimal nudity 🤔

    Money JonzeMoney Jonze17 kun oldin
  • She's a freaking adult she living her life leave her tf alone why y'all so worried on wat she doin hell sum of y'all prolly have onlyfans to that being said lemme go create one so I can see her 😅🙊🙈

    Isaiah HarrisonIsaiah Harrison17 kun oldin
  • She looks good on there

    Jake Banger XXXJake Banger XXX18 kun oldin
  • I guess It's true that ugly kids turn out to be cute 😂

  • Don't wanna hear any complaining either, since she chose to join.

    Kill YaselfKill Yaself18 kun oldin
  • The internet gives alot of keyboard cowards courage an anonymity. She too cute and dignified to lower her standards.

    Batz130Batz13018 kun oldin
  • Literally only her business!!

    BlackMasterChefBlackMasterChef18 kun oldin
  • Is she on there getting smashed or what I'm asking for my neighbor pet chihuahua

    Miami BoyMiami Boy18 kun oldin
  • I think she’s living her best life. It’s yours and nobody else’s. Live it to the fullest. You will always be happy when your true to yourself.

    asktonywhyasktonywhy18 kun oldin
  • She is beautiful.

    King VoodooKing Voodoo18 kun oldin
  • So, why only minimal nudity, really. Please stop with lies.

    Vaughn mitchellVaughn mitchell18 kun oldin
  • Happy belated birthday to her.

    BelovedBeloved18 kun oldin
  • Let the young lady be, she grown. It's those broke azz folks who doin' all da talkin' - call it what it is....projection!

    THE KEYTHE KEY18 kun oldin
  • She’s still a cutie 🥰

    B LoverB Lover19 kun oldin
  • Camil makes me think of Michelle Obama she can play Michelle Obama life story I think she'll be perfectly cast does anyone else agree just putting it out?????????????? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😀😀😀😀😀🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Seeme 724Seeme 72419 kun oldin

    Michael HarrisMichael Harris19 kun oldin
  • To not have to work at all is my end game

    David JeffersonDavid Jefferson19 kun oldin
  • Ignorance comes in all shapes sizes and forms

    Mason WallsMason Walls19 kun oldin
  • bella Thorne got one I guess it's a problem cuz she black

    D JenkinsD Jenkins19 kun oldin
  • Her life and her choices , everyone else is meddling .

    fullupperfullupper19 kun oldin