Bernie Mac Show's Camille Winbush Drops Seductive Video - CH News

17-Apr, 2021
72 537 Ko‘rishlar soni - Bernie Mac Show star, Camille Winbush released a seductive video to reintroduce a more grown version of herself. Fans react. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • I hope she really knows how beautiful she is, and does not devalue herself. What I'm trying to say is, i hope when she looks in the mirror she knows how to appreciate her looks.

    Hardwork McGeeHardwork McGee11 kun oldin
  • Honestly the industry has gotten hold 2 her and they are planning 2 do alot 2 this young woman mark my words this wicked and demonic industry is not 4 play play

    Joanna EdwardsJoanna Edwards14 kun oldin
  • That sista still fine af

    Jai NormanJai Norman14 kun oldin
  • I guess no one likes their self respect nowadays especially black women 😒

    Mr. AlfredMr. Alfred16 kun oldin
  • Someone influenced her wrong

    Tavares RavenTavares Raven16 kun oldin
  • Let this WOMAN live Her Life!!!

    Kiero_BKiero_B16 kun oldin
  • Good Lord..!!! Do U!!👍

    Cary FordCary Ford16 kun oldin
  • She's beautiful. She should do this more often. Gone Nessa!

    The Time Stamper 0:00The Time Stamper 0:0017 kun oldin
  • I guess adulthood is defined by how much thirst you can trap🤷🏾‍♀️ help us Father

    And the Greatest of These is LOVEAnd the Greatest of These is LOVE17 kun oldin
  • Camille is a gorgeous chocolate woman. And she's all grown up nowadays. You get rid of "kiddie" things when you're all grown up.

    Time For Elohim!Time For Elohim!18 kun oldin
  • Tne operative is she's 31 years of age! Moving right along!!!

    D L RD L R18 kun oldin
  • Headed for a TURN OUT in Hollywood.

    C ChaneyC Chaney18 kun oldin
  • Not criticizing her choices because she is so beautiful. But i guess i do question why female celebrities use their sexuality to declare that their grown. It doesn't work.

    Baba AfrikaBaba Afrika18 kun oldin
  • She grown it's not like she showing pictures of her nude...let her live damn

    Jecory FranksJecory Franks19 kun oldin
  • She grown it's not like she showing pictures of her nude...let her live damn

    Jecory FranksJecory Franks19 kun oldin
  • I love it ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

    Gary Price Jr.Gary Price Jr.19 kun oldin
  • Got damn she gorgeous

    Will I am 2x tvWill I am 2x tv19 kun oldin

    The TROLL KILLA Mista SheltonThe TROLL KILLA Mista Shelton19 kun oldin
  • She’s a GROWN WOMAN now, let her live her life and do what she wants do. Gone Nessa... I mean Camille! 🙌🏾

    Kimmy C.Kimmy C.19 kun oldin
  • 😂

    Lightning shadowsLightning shadows19 kun oldin
  • She will hate her self later

    Steven PSteven P19 kun oldin
  • Oh dam were so in love with her from bernie mac show 😍 still am.

    Khalid MobleyKhalid Mobley20 kun oldin
  • Wasn't it obvious? She did advertise for BLK dating app duh

    Seen it purpleSeen it purple20 kun oldin
  • "Momma, I want to sing But, momma, I want to trick, and momma, I'm sucking dicks, now." Elevators by Outkast, Andre 3000 verse.

    Dr. Alexander HamiltonDr. Alexander Hamilton20 kun oldin
  • I think there isn't a single famous woman left who hasn't shared either nudies or private porn tapes on the internet. They do everything for money fame

    Walter ForgernWalter Forgern20 kun oldin
  • Bernie!!!! Come git yo niece before I do!!

    Elijah FrederickElijah Frederick20 kun oldin
  • Bernie's rolling in his grave lol smh

    A TA T20 kun oldin
  • To me she still Nessa though. Literally looks the same! She's taking very good care of herself over the years. For me I rather not see her do even minimal nudity on any platform just because she's always carried herself a certain way throughout her career. With that being said I wish her the best. ✊🏾👍🏿

    CappashaunCappashaun20 kun oldin
  • Yep rubbing your body is a way to show us you are an adult. 🙄 women

    fred Greenleefred Greenlee20 kun oldin
  • Yes I saw the video and I was very shocked yes I downloaded the video at the same time I was kind of upset if her I really hope she does not start doing porn

    Big SugeBig Suge20 kun oldin
  • Fuck she's a grown ass woman and plus i didnt see nothing wrong with the video ...

    LovelystillsmilingLovelystillsmiling20 kun oldin
  • **smells the underarmpits** yum yum 😭💪🏿

    Seabook FarnoSeabook Farno20 kun oldin
  • Came for people trippin' in the comments, I was not disappointed.

    kamekakarotkamekakarot20 kun oldin
  • She looks amazing and honestly its tasteful content nothing too much going on. She's grown af.

    Maurice WatkinsMaurice Watkins20 kun oldin
  • Nooooooope don't wanna see it

    Aaron VoorheesAaron Voorhees20 kun oldin
  • I mean it's a struggle too wipe stereotypes away so I get it people mind s.... are one track so all they see is nessa, alot of us grew up with her as a child .she's beautiful and Grown mind you business leave her alone.

    Chiffonya GilliamChiffonya Gilliam21 kun oldin
  • 😘 2her

    Tr3y R33dTr3y R33d21 kun oldin
  • She a grown azz woman who are we to judge 🤘🏽

    mikelew415mikelew41521 kun oldin
  • Sis is melanated and beautiful 🥰

    I'm just me ReseyI'm just me Resey21 kun oldin
  • She's so damned beautiful

    Drega001Drega00121 kun oldin
  • She is a 30 something year old woman. She can do what she wants.🤐 Go Nessa!😂

    Nikki HillNikki Hill21 kun oldin
  • She's pretty but at the same time mad regular.

    Mirumotsu YasukeMirumotsu Yasuke21 kun oldin
  • OMG so sexy and Beautiful! It’s a pleasure to meet you Queen!😍

    Lataisha NicoleLataisha Nicole21 kun oldin
  • Let me correct her CAM-MEAL

    scupposcuppo21 kun oldin
  • Yeah, because nothing says "I'm no longer Bernie's little girl", than showing your ta-ta's on a site that's dedicated to women showing their ta-ta's. 🤔

    Shah RossShah Ross22 kun oldin
  • Nessa ohhh Nessa, where did I go wrong America??!!! In my Bernie Mac Voice

    LucidDreaminLucidDreamin22 kun oldin
  • She's a grown woman what ever she decides too do is her choice and she shouldn't be judged. Wtf

    Krow3 Th3 Discipl3Krow3 Th3 Discipl322 kun oldin
  • So called blacks Hispanics and native Americans are the lost q2 Tribes of Israel. Awake outta slumber brethren

    Ha AHMATH Is Back!Ha AHMATH Is Back!22 kun oldin
  • There's actually moral ways to prove you're an adult. Not the played out harlot path. But that's what Satan's society only want to push. Fucc it

    Ha AHMATH Is Back!Ha AHMATH Is Back!22 kun oldin

    Carpe Diem Network - Dashon WaltonCarpe Diem Network - Dashon Walton22 kun oldin
  • Man she nice

    Byrd IsDaWordByrd IsDaWord22 kun oldin
  • She looks like Natalie Cole

    blackistheoriginblackistheorigin22 kun oldin
  • 😁

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu22 kun oldin
  • Damn Nessa!!!

    Sw1zT1m3Sw1zT1m322 kun oldin
  • It's funny. Every time someone wants to re-invent themselves or break from an image they use sex as the platform.

    psycosis12psycosis1222 kun oldin
  • She’s an adult.

    Jett Blaq jidahJett Blaq jidah22 kun oldin
  • Bernie: NO BABY GIRL

    John FridayJohn Friday22 kun oldin
  • Absolutely Beautiful , Sexy and Gorgeous !!! Please keep Reppin All Your Sweet Melanin Rich Beauty , fa Sho Lil Sis !!!

    Dominic ShannonDominic Shannon22 kun oldin
  • She still looks like a little girl.

    This is Laflare TvThis is Laflare Tv22 kun oldin
  • Camille is an amazing singer and has been a grown ass woman for awhile!

    Nico AlNegusNico AlNegus22 kun oldin
  • 😘😘chocolate😋😋

    That Main619That Main61922 kun oldin
  • She’s a grown assed woman. Nothing else needed to say.

    aaron webbaaron webb22 kun oldin
  • She's sexy af😍

    shawn pimpinshawn pimpin22 kun oldin
  • Nessa Nessa Nessa

    Ronald DorseyRonald Dorsey22 kun oldin
  • Same thing happened to Vanessa hudgens

    pontiacGXPfanpontiacGXPfan22 kun oldin
  • This is ridiculous... Y'all act like she's just turning 21... She is a GROWN ASS WOMAN... Why are we worried about a GROWN ASS WOMAN being a GROWN ASS WOMAN??? She's not in the media due to drug use or anything negative... Y'all are making a big ass deal over something that doesn't concern any of us... Let's let's this GROWN ASS WOMAN be a GROWN ASS WOMAN and mind our own business... This is like the 100th episode y'all made about this GROWN ASS WOMAN...

    Marquis JohnsonMarquis Johnson23 kun oldin
  • She's a gorgeous grown woman!

    KanWoo76KanWoo7623 kun oldin
  • Nothing wrong with that.

    Gregory Kenny VielGregory Kenny Viel23 kun oldin
  • Shes a grown woman and she has been conducting herself as such, so what if she wants to express herself, yall too messy

    V.I._StateOfMindV.I._StateOfMind23 kun oldin
  • She has always been a pretty grl she grown now..Let it go in my Elsa voice..we all grow up.. .

    Nae Nae SmitheNae Nae Smithe23 kun oldin
  • Let her live. She's 31. there were stars we witnessed growing up in the 90s/2000s who were all of like 19 to 25 doing much worse and waaaay more provocative.

    CaapriceTubeCaapriceTube23 kun oldin
  • You mean what do I think about her acting like a 30 year old? lmao

    Mr David AshleyMr David Ashley23 kun oldin
  • I love it! She was always a fine sister to me

    LeonardLeonard23 kun oldin
  • She's grown. And probably exploring her sexuality. I don't see nothing wrong here. ❣

    Earl TimesEarl Times23 kun oldin
  • Hey we need to let that young beautiful woman be. She is grown and you guys know the business...It's time to wear the dress 👗. Or not wear the dress .

    larry willardlarry willard23 kun oldin
  • She's Beautiful let her live her unproblematic life

    Akara NicoleAkara Nicole23 kun oldin
  • I’ll marry her where she at

    Jaeson JaeJaeson Jae23 kun oldin
  • Man time flies , she has grown up to be a beautiful woman but anything else I will leave to my personal thoughts 🤣

    Two-G'z UpTwo-G'z Up23 kun oldin
  • More parts in movies and tv., hard for black actors and actresses .

    Lionel JohnsonLionel Johnson23 kun oldin
  • Just realize how much she favored Michelle Obama prayer hope she finds something more positive and better to do with herself even though she's grown yes everything is not fun internet and there is a more positive way to express your sexuality and beauty

    Precious 1980Precious 198023 kun oldin
  • I been crushing on her since the show

    LondonlinkLondonlink23 kun oldin
  • I mean it work for Miley's Cyrus I'm over here looking like so 🤤👍

    The OneThe One23 kun oldin
  • She can play foxy brown in a biopic

    Jay P86Jay P8623 kun oldin
  • If Bernie was alive she kno damn well he put a stop to it before it was a thought in my Bernie mac voice now America Nessa done lost her got dog gon mind hum some got dog gon only fans lol take it all that lead to internet

    whats your worthwhats your worth23 kun oldin
  • She’s looks great! A new hairstylist to modernize her look a bit and she had a good.....brand(?).

    bri thomasbri thomas23 kun oldin
  • Part of the Agenda, I had the biggest crush on I have mastery over my lower self, and have been building up my power. If not a test, this was just an attempt to throw me off which will not happen for I have ascended above....Sorry yall but ya aint getting this one, and it was cute what yall did in my dream today too I don't know who those white lady's were but make sure they don't say my name before I tell it to em next time 😉. Yall fall for this fullishness if yall want too, using the Goddess like that smh shame shame....and it's the first thing I see when I come on too....welp hope you got your confirmation. 🧘🏾‍♂️ And if this comment receives more slack than love well hey I got news for you....😌

    WillVTrent wvtWillVTrent wvt23 kun oldin
  • Freak

    jmac2050jmac205023 kun oldin
  • She’s broke. 😂

    busymikebusymike23 kun oldin
  • She’s a grown ass woman. That show that she was in was her character...

    Roddrick D. HaynesRoddrick D. Haynes23 kun oldin
  • In the Bernie Mac nessa yall gone kill me 😂😂

    Sabrina BrascombSabrina Brascomb23 kun oldin
  • We all want reintroduce ourselves

    Que RocketQue Rocket23 kun oldin
  • Leave her alone! It’s none of our business what she does. That’s why I hate the media and entertainment so much. They feel like it’s their business to know everything.

    Jason RobinsonJason Robinson23 kun oldin
  • is pretty tho.

    chris lchris l23 kun oldin
  • Sis been beautiful and still is beautiful

    Courtney ThomasCourtney Thomas23 kun oldin
  • Shit, her Only fans been official. Real tasteful and sexy. Support black women

    Relly SRelly S23 kun oldin
  • I'm wit it💯 She a whole beautiful grown ass woman.

    L BriceL Brice23 kun oldin
  • .......I hope baby girl decides to join *rubbing hands together* lmaooooo

    bossmane shitbossmane shit23 kun oldin
  • If she is doing it on her own volition. She is living her life on her terms.

    :Eddie-Alexander :Banks:Eddie-Alexander :Banks23 kun oldin
  • I think she get backlash because shes known as a childstar and still look like her young self

    King NeptuneKing Neptune23 kun oldin
  • She's grown last I checked and fine too