Black Principal Explains Celebrating 'All Lives Matter' On Black History Month, Apologizes

4-Fev, 2021
7 914 Ko‘rishlar soni - Rita Brent and Symphony Thompson take a moment to discuss a black principle who decided to celebrate 'All Lives Matter' on Black History Month. She would go on to apologize. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • Is she ADOS or FBA black woman? Where’s she from?

    black pantherblack panther11 kun oldin
  • Is she a black immigrant? This does not sound right

    Sandra StaffordSandra Stafford16 kun oldin
  • are mixed kids consider african? because from what i know if you are mixed you can be rejected from the african 'squad' as i have been :) #FuelForThought. Someone told me I am offended by black history month I am not........How can I be offended when it's in my blood. Its sad and draining how African people can bring others down instead of helping each other to rise :/

    A N G E LA N G E L17 kun oldin
  • If she is saying that all people matter, then yes. If she is saying it to be assinine in the response to Black and Brown peoples fighting for inclusion, then they are wrong. Black hiatory is funny to me because they only talk about American history. White people were there in the 60s too. Thats not Black history like they teach White history all the time. Teach about the Black people that were there every step of the way that built this Nation. Black people arent just 1860 and 1960.

    Mister MyselfMister Myself19 kun oldin
  • I swear a certain group is way to emotional. So it's okay for them to have a black lives matter saying but if you say white lives matter, they are gunned down more by police after all, then you are a racist. This woman is teaching about love and unifying but a certain group wants to be separated how well did segregation work out last time? What makes some think it would work better now? Also it getting annoying all this on black history month. So do black people only celebrate their history one month per year? What month is white history month? I want to be prepared

    anwjuiceanwjuice20 kun oldin
  • This is the result of surrounding yourself with white colleagues & "boule" who want to be white & inclusive of everything white

    Alisha SeerAlisha Seer21 kun oldin
  • I guess my half black grandma is wrong when she tells me all lives matter I guess you’re saying only the black side of her family matters and not the indigenous side y’all are like poison racist af!

    A N G E LA N G E L21 kun oldin
  • Y’all really ignorant

    A N G E LA N G E L21 kun oldin
  • So wtf are you trying to say my life doesn’t matter? Y’all so fucked up and selfish honestly if I’m with a black man and have a mix kid I would say all lives matter you all are really self centered and I also have black great grand parents

    A N G E LA N G E L21 kun oldin
  • why does everyone talks trash about my principal she is a good lady

    CjThaPanda xCjThaPanda x21 kun oldin
  • Let's fight for equality by trample the rights of everyone who doesn't agree with us. You created cancel culture, freedom of speech is myth now and for what for something that happened 150 years ago. You become what you feed your mind. Just reverse the colors of something that you do and think if it will be consider normal by the standards you created. Glad that Biden won. It means your BLM "peaceful" riots won't be used by the media for political reasons which will let the people have fresh air for at least 4 years.

    jet fueljet fuel21 kun oldin
  • Black people cant have shit not even our own appointed month. Wow Bro 🥴😭😭

    wali xowali xo23 kun oldin
  • BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! Nuff Said

    Vinnie McGheeVinnie McGhee24 kun oldin
  • 4:00 ok she is making too much sense right there...

    Kimberly Frost BarryKimberly Frost Barry24 kun oldin
  • I hate when someone says blk lives matter then someone says all lives matter if all lives matter blk people wouldn't have to fight for theres to matter blk people we just want our life to matter period

    Najiha FelderNajiha Felder24 kun oldin
  • 5:39 "All lives SHOULD matter, but they don't" - These two ladies are not the people who should be telling us who matters and who doesn't matter. We also have the choice to never listen to them again.

    Garek ParryGarek Parry24 kun oldin
  • I see a lot of comments about this which are saying that the principal is whitewashed. My thing about the whole thing as that black history month is sad. No other race has a month we should be celebrated all year round. Her sister's comments were a little off kilter though and I do agree with that statement.

    Wordell JohnsonWordell Johnson24 kun oldin
  • B.S.

    jameswyrm8jameswyrm824 kun oldin
  • Black history is American history there shouldnt be a month.

    jameswyrm8jameswyrm824 kun oldin
    • If black history was taught all year long then yeah but it’s not and therefore we have one month which is the shortest month to celebrate but you already know this so why be the azz clown on here...

      Tru Blue SoulTru Blue Soul21 kun oldin
  • blk history started wayyyy before america. The history they teach is not real black history and should be called "white history."

    TheAlmightyGreat BMackTheAlmightyGreat BMack25 kun oldin
  • Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with a massacre 🙄 It’s commemorating the sainthood of this Italian. That was like 200 AD. The massacre was in 1929.

    john fullerjohn fuller25 kun oldin
  • All Lives Matter on Black History Month...............Really!

    Ryan da Gifted SolRyan da Gifted Sol25 kun oldin
  • Aww man, this woman with the braids (reporter) is the same person that got flamed by Tommy Sotomayor some years back 😂 Symphony Thompson.

    abcd34545abcd3454525 kun oldin
  • You can be black and support white supremacist views at the same time.

    Khalid AliKhalid Ali25 kun oldin
  • REALLY, Another Spineless Tap-dancer? DISGUISED AS THE PRINCIPAL?? #SMH #TYPICAL

    Rashad 707Rashad 70726 kun oldin
  • Rita Brent!!!!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

    tankfcetankfce26 kun oldin
  • I hate to say it but I cringe at the thought of working Anywhere near blk women it takes me awhile to get comfortable but I never get too comfortable. It really be “our own” and don’t let them be near non-blks Chile that’s when they really show out. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Candy Brought It Up.Candy Brought It Up.27 kun oldin
  • Mammy strikes again! Always ensuring the children of her master are never second but her own children are an afterthought.

    GettiskaGettiska27 kun oldin
  • She engaged in racist/white supremacist behavior (intentionally or otherwise) as what she did supported the political ideology/system of racism/white supremacy. If you follow, support or buttress an ideology aka system (ism). You would be aptly labeled an (ist) of said system.

    Brick SquaredBrick Squared27 kun oldin
  • The enemies amongst will be our greatest detriment.

    melanated misfitmelanated misfit27 kun oldin
  • I never liked the South when I visited years ago. The people are weird . I have met and talked to a couple of Black people like this principal so I'm not surprised.

    The Al ShowThe Al Show27 kun oldin
    • @Wordell Johnson The truth is the truth. People are pretty weird there. Southern Eccentricity I think it's called. If you don't like it that's your issue. It's not a matter of history black or other wise . The South is a right wing, weird, backwards region. So you have dumb dingbats like this principal.

      The Al ShowThe Al Show24 kun oldin
    • As a person who is from the south I find your response about people from the south being weird extremely offensive. Remember some of the greatest people of Black history are Southern. Secondly you're doing exactly what people see us as basing actions of a few and making it blanket. That in itself shows ignorance.

      Wordell JohnsonWordell Johnson24 kun oldin
  • Why are the people here on this panel surprised by this principal? You have to keep in mind that the South is a far right wing region and NeoConfederates . It's not unusual for even Black people to tthink in reactionary and backward ways down there.

    The Al ShowThe Al Show27 kun oldin
    • @Thomas Friday Your comment makes no sense. your response is to wrong post.

      The Al ShowThe Al Show25 kun oldin
    • Hillary and Donald Trump both claim NY. Don't forget about your boy Al Sharpton is also from NY. Attacking the South when the MAJORITY of successful Civil Rights leaders and initiatives came from Black Southerners (that didn't run to other cities in the North, West and Midwest like other Black people) shows YOUR agenda.

      Thomas FridayThomas Friday25 kun oldin
  • Omg I strongly support everything y'all are stating. That principal should be ashamed to be an educator and her sis. I'm sorry but they are clowns and need to be reeducated themselves. Why do we need to share everything can't we have something without worrying about others. Mr Woodson purposely wanted our history to be known and made aware. I hardships our contributions our intellect everything we have done. And unfortunately this principal want to be all inclusive. She needs to head to the predominantly white schools with that all lives matter. But she might not find so much love over there..

    Rome AustinRome Austin27 kun oldin
  • All lives do matter. That's a fact. HOWEVER, that phrase has been used to discount and discredit the suffering of black people who have been victimized by the police. It's not possible this principal didn't know that. If so, she needs to be removed from that school.

    MrBopeelMrBopeel27 kun oldin
    • @A N G E L I hate anyone that has hate for my people. I don't know you personally but you sound like you think you are more important then you really are. I think you had something to do with your alleged abuse by your condescending attitude. Poor me black people are attacking me for know reason. I'm not buying it you being Indian and knowing how they interact with black people tells me something different. Like black people get told when complaining about systematic racism get over it, not all black people, that happened in the past, I had nothing to do with it.

      Bill FowlkesBill Fowlkes17 kun oldin
    • @Bill Fowlkes nah i can speak i didnt tell no one to be quiet i mean at least malcom x spoke up in the past so i can be like him ....and not be quiet. ;)

      A N G E LA N G E L17 kun oldin
    • just like they so much hatred i can feel it i didnt even do ntn i just want world peace

      A N G E LA N G E L17 kun oldin
    • @Bill Fowlkes they didnt ask me if i was black just assumed i was only indian because i had long hair. i think u just hate me.

      A N G E LA N G E L17 kun oldin
    • @A N G E L I'm not mad on the contrary I think it's funny that you keep saying you're part African but keep saying you were bullied by other Africans which tells me it wasn't about your race unless you were bullied by Nigerians or another African group. All the different ethnic groups you are a part of have a documented history of hatred towards black people in this country even though none of you would be here if it wasn't for the immigration act as part of the Civil rights act. The things you went through happen in our (Black people) lives every day but we are suppose to be quiet, grin and bare it with a smile. You should do the same.

      Bill FowlkesBill Fowlkes17 kun oldin
  • "When i attend the funeral for a friends Grandmother, I like to tell their family that all grandma's matter"- Mr. Clueless

    Tommy FrogTommy Frog27 kun oldin
  • They fing

    mwaellismwaellis27 kun oldin
  • Reality shows that "All Lives" don't matter, hence is why people started emphasizing that "Black Lives Matter" as well. White supremacy would have us fall into the trap of believing that racists don't understand that...That "educator" fell for it...

    Tommy FrogTommy Frog27 kun oldin
  • preach

    Jeffrey LissadeJeffrey Lissade27 kun oldin

    Reynard BlakeReynard Blake27 kun oldin
  • *I blame her bloodline for that. Because she clearly was taught that from within her family upbringing*

    Eighty BabyEighty Baby27 kun oldin
  • My aunt went to school with Ruby Bridges

    ReppdOutReppdOut27 kun oldin
  • Grade school stay trying to water down real life

  • That grade analogy was dope

  • *Wait....the white woman was the one that spoke out about it???* 👀

    The Village ArsonistThe Village Arsonist27 kun oldin
  • This is just the new “Brotherhood Month.” At my elementary school we were taught about brotherhood month, instead of Black History Month; my parents, who’re forty years older than me, and grew up in the Jim Crow South, were horrified. I remember, even once during “Brotherhood Month” a White student doing a report on George W. Bush (the President at the time) for a “Brotherhood Month” assignment. There is nothing wrong with teaching children that they’re no different from each other, but you CANNOT rewrite history to force a narrative that doesn’t exist. Attempting to is disgusting, and now that I’m older I understand my parents horror

    DJ FreeMDJ FreeM27 kun oldin
  • Its always One who wanna make white people comfortable 🙄.?

    Justteezy91Justteezy9127 kun oldin
  • Ok

    The patten Slice9900The patten Slice990027 kun oldin
  • I can't stand hearing about green and blue ppl. Where do these green and blue and polka dot ppl live?

    Silque BlaqueSilque Blaque27 kun oldin
  • All I could do was to make uhm , UHM sounds in agreement to this whole podcast.

    Silque BlaqueSilque Blaque27 kun oldin
  • Having Been Given The Coldest Month Of The Year To Celebrate, We're Still Trying To Look Out For Others Before Our Own.

    Darin BlandingDarin Blanding27 kun oldin
  • This is what happen when you put women on a comedy platform you get petty stuff like this so emotional.

    quarmaine bonnettequarmaine bonnette27 kun oldin
  • No NEED 4 an apology, stand by your Stance. Principal. Backtracking is void now.

    Heather TEAHeather TEA27 kun oldin
  • Many of our people are bigger white supremacists than white people. What a dumb B......

    The TurtonsThe Turtons27 kun oldin
  • So disappointed... Smh They both should know better. Too disgusted say anymore. 😒

    ShanéeShanée28 kun oldin
  • Someone needs to take a flash picture of her.

    ECW5320ECW532028 kun oldin
  • Black gate keepers are in full effect.

    Good LifeGood Life28 kun oldin
  • I could care less. I mean what difference does it make when Black Lives Matter is just All Lives Matter in disguise.

    Jerome JenkinsJerome Jenkins28 kun oldin
    • 😅They both are now control by racist. Smart that make sense.

      Ghost FormGhost Form27 kun oldin
  • My people, there is definitely a fungus among us!!!!

    Alexander SmithAlexander Smith28 kun oldin
  • The MAN, knows you can call on a black woman to go against her own people. I love my black women, but some of y'all should be ashamed.

    Titilayo UzochiTitilayo Uzochi28 kun oldin
  • She has white counterparts that she has to kiss up to. She ain’t got no choice, she come from the generation that never stopped dancing. Let that marinate.....

    Been RealBeen Real28 kun oldin
    • Wait wait wait I’m from her generation and I don’t buck dance, but I understand why you made that suggestion and it’s not far from the truth unfortunately

      Greg DGreg D27 kun oldin
    • 💯

      N. BlackN. Black27 kun oldin
  •'s Tennessee, those southern blacks are generally, socially 40 years behind socially. I'm from the south and im telling you most of them really want white ppl to accept them....bad!!.

    Big BoiBig Boi28 kun oldin
  • This CONFUSED WORLD. Thank you Chattanooga AND Knoxville. It would seem like a no brainier. Doctor Martin Luther King would be VERY Disturbed by a U.S. society where one could be called a racist for saying three nice words: ALL LIVES MATTER

    Nathaniel DavisNathaniel Davis28 kun oldin
  • Bottom line: The world is on fire and at war. Black people are cleaving to whichever group they think will win. I'll live or die with my people.

    Timothy SmithTimothy Smith28 kun oldin
    • @Timothy Smith You’re welcome. Be Safe and Stay Healthy 👍🏿👊🏿

      sherrie arringtonsherrie arrington22 kun oldin
    • @sherrie arrington Thank YOU, Sis for appreciating that.

      Timothy SmithTimothy Smith23 kun oldin
    • Timothy Smith 👍🏿👍🏿👊🏿 James Brown Say It LOUD I’m BLACK And I’m PROUD Your LAST sentence. Thanks

      sherrie arringtonsherrie arrington26 kun oldin
  • You guys finally put out a video that actually benefits the black community and not tearing it down with rumors and GOSSIP #5150NATION

    Davontae HillDavontae Hill28 kun oldin
  • Where'd you get that hat Rita? I know it's not the time for this but I'm a hat fanatic. The principal is just dumb

    Beautiful ContradictionBeautiful Contradiction28 kun oldin
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      Malcolm JMalcolm J27 kun oldin
  • The Biden administration, a couple of days ago, *DURING BLACK HISTORY MONTH* posted on twitter "America is a nation of IMMIGRANTS and Indigeneous"... Talk about dismissing Black lives and acting like slavery wasnt a thing, white washing REVISIONISM is how these democrats KEEP trying to make Native Black Americans....IMMIGRANTS. A slave AINT NEVER been no immigrant. ANYTIME you hear these people say this (INCLUDING OBAMA WHO AINT ROOTED IN OIR HISTORY)..Any time you hear them say we are a nation of immigrants... They are ERASING YOU and THE HISTORY OF YOUR ANCESTORS!!!!!! Yall better wake up and look deeper. "Nation of Immigrants" = All lives matter

    Todd MaekTodd Maek28 kun oldin
    • I completely agree. I posted something similar. I mean why attack All Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter is just All Lives Matter in disguise.

      Jerome JenkinsJerome Jenkins28 kun oldin
  • Victim mentality

    Vicente FerreiraVicente Ferreira28 kun oldin
  • Wow 😳

    True Crime Queen TVTrue Crime Queen TV28 kun oldin
  • Green and purple really have it the worst if you think about 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Michael CarterMichael Carter28 kun oldin
  • Rita you better fucking speak girl! Yes!!!!

    Vision XVision X28 kun oldin
  • She about to gain a lot of fans for this. Some white people love self hating blacks like her. Keep on pleasing your massa

    Ryan216OhioRyan216Ohio28 kun oldin
  • All Lives Matter was intended as erasure for legitimate black grievance. Anyone who says different, is either naive or disingenuous.

    mazzb305mazzb30528 kun oldin
  • The Principal’s main objective seems to be in good graces with all other faculty since her position may have not been easy to obtain without tap dancing. To act oblivious to a specific time to not accept your own lineage explains why so many in high positions look like us but don’t resonate mentally.

    Elijah IvryElijah Ivry28 kun oldin
    • Absolutely. She's signaling, "Im a good negro, not like the others." 😏

      mazzb305mazzb30528 kun oldin
  • Yea. A dude was tryin to roast Feb. no no no. No valentines love every second in all months so. Yea. Maybe she was not given a choice. You know school board chain of command. Wow.

    fetta NATIONfetta NATION28 kun oldin
  • What exactly is she apologizing for? Just because some parents didn't like it well that's on them, if she felt it was right to do stick to it. Once again people getting sensitive

    TheJrockfreakTheJrockfreak28 kun oldin
    • @Ken Ben Israel I enjoy their video interviewing comedies

      TheJrockfreakTheJrockfreak26 kun oldin
    • Why are you here?

      Ken Ben IsraelKen Ben Israel28 kun oldin
  • Meritorious manumission!!!

    A RA R28 kun oldin
    • Indeed. I like to call it Economic Meritorious Manumission at this point.

      mazzb305mazzb30528 kun oldin
  • I bet the principal is an aka

    dliv1687dliv168728 kun oldin
  • Who is this ...🤦🏽‍♂️

    Fortunately Black American!!Fortunately Black American!!28 kun oldin
  • The fact that ever have to say “lives matter” should tell anyone with a lick of common sense that there is a problem.

    Bad BradBad Brad28 kun oldin
  • Real talk sisters.

    Bad BradBad Brad28 kun oldin
  • All live matter

    Jovan DudleyJovan Dudley28 kun oldin
    • @Jovan Dudley Really, so why did Chris Kyle get immortalized in a movie while Pat Tillman and the circumstances of his death get covered up...IF ALL LIVES MATTER???

      Thomas FridayThomas Friday25 kun oldin
    • All lives matter Dog

      Jovan DudleyJovan Dudley26 kun oldin
    • Nah only Black Lives Matter foh

      Black ExcellenceBlack Excellence26 kun oldin
    • Go read Black Lives Matter mission statement. Don't just read the first 2 paragraphs. Read the entire page and you'll see that saying all lives matter and black lives matter is essentially saying the same thing.

      Jerome JenkinsJerome Jenkins27 kun oldin
    • @Jovan Dudley first of all! It's: liveS! at least insult correctly. 🤦🏿‍♀️

      Ange N.O.Ange N.O.28 kun oldin
  • All skin folk ain't kin folk

    william foxxwilliam foxx28 kun oldin
  • So the fuck what????? Who cares????? All Lives Matter. Not just black lives, everyone matters.

    B A D HoustonB A D Houston28 kun oldin
    • @Thomas Friday no

      B A D HoustonB A D Houston25 kun oldin
    • So you'll be protesting for the Palestinians and the people in Yemen that are being starved to death since "everyone matters"...right???

      Thomas FridayThomas Friday25 kun oldin
  • All skin folk ain’t kin folk.

    ProlificProlific28 kun oldin
    • 🤭 no you didn’t go there Prolific. Good Point. Old Folks said; “If he can’t use your comb, don’t bring him HOME. 👊🏿

      sherrie arringtonsherrie arrington23 kun oldin
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      Malcolm JMalcolm J27 kun oldin
  • She loves casper & nem too much, trying to please them and turning her back on her own race, smh.

    RaChica ConyersRaChica Conyers28 kun oldin
  • I want to support black media, but this isn't comedy. This is just woke bullshit! Peace

    DjJSlinkDjJSlink28 kun oldin
  • Really? During Black History Month, that’s the theme? She wanted the negative attention. Also, very few know that our history as a people in the Americas was before 1619. There were free towns. They were explorers from West Africa that came as well.

    jazzybash1jazzybash128 kun oldin
    • @JazzyBash1 I agree, Subscribe to My Channel Plus Follow My Twitter Malcolmj_214 and Follow my Instagram Malcolm_j111

      Malcolm JMalcolm J27 kun oldin
    • Additionally, the first and original Americans were/are Afro-Americans.

      Elijah ObadiyahElijah Obadiyah28 kun oldin
    • Many white people are jealous of Black Friday, because they think it was a Beautiful event for black people🤣.

      Ghost FormGhost Form28 kun oldin
  • Moderator was triggeredddd, love to see that passion

    TravisTravis28 kun oldin

    Willie VannWillie Vann28 kun oldin
    • Say tht!!!!

      Anubis DozierAnubis Dozier28 kun oldin
  • Can you say Henrietta Lacks, our family of the Tuskegee experiments and others, melanated lives Matters🤔

    Sterling ScottSterling Scott28 kun oldin
    • Let me guess you went to Tuskegee University

      Travell FitzpatrickTravell Fitzpatrick28 kun oldin
  • Aunt viv?

    BanxBanx28 kun oldin
  • The principal didn't have malice intent in making the statement she was trying to promote unity amongst all people but people are soo busy being offended they couldn't see it

    Chris JacksonChris Jackson28 kun oldin
    • I agree that the principal was trying to promote unity and people have to find a way to be offered.

      Stephen LewisStephen Lewis28 kun oldin
    • You're extremely naive.

      mazzb305mazzb30528 kun oldin
    • You must be her relative😔

      Strange FruitStrange Fruit28 kun oldin
    • The point of Black Lives Matter is to bring equality, unity and peace, but sooo many people spend their time being so offended they can't see it. Facts

      Orlando DavisOrlando Davis28 kun oldin
  • Why is it that the black community always has to be watered-down and inclusive?? 😕.... other races don't go out of their way to include the black community....

    Mmee IMmee I28 kun oldin
    • @Ansari Digital_Worldwide_XRP semantics, you know the point that was made.

      Low Level ContentLow Level Content24 kun oldin
    • Because black people don’t desire to be self- sufficient, we depend on white people to think for us and handle business why we play around all day.

    • @Get on Code : You mean the European Colonial Occupation that has you under The Christian Black Codes? They already know that, Obviously. I'm telling you so that the Spell can be broken, but yall to busy wanting to "Stay Black".. Wake Up You Sleepyheaded Moors..

      Ansari Digital_Worldwide_XRPAnsari Digital_Worldwide_XRP28 kun oldin
    • @Ansari Digital_Worldwide_XRP Tell that to Whyte Supremacy!!!B1

      Get on CodeGet on Code28 kun oldin
    • @Cason *Black Americans

      Lev LuvLev Luv28 kun oldin
  • #facts

    Don’t read my about sectionDon’t read my about section28 kun oldin
  • Self hate in this comment section is very real. At least understand why black history month exist, instead calling it something like black privilege.

    Ghost FormGhost Form28 kun oldin
  • BLM has nothing to do with black people and everything to do with money. Money that never makes it black people.

    TubeeTubee28 kun oldin
    • Facts

  • But didn’t mlk push for equality and for everyone to be treated equally so y does everyone get mad when they say all lives not to say black lives aren’t least important they are the main focus but we are all Americans too we should all wanna band together against any mfs that are racist

    • @Black Excellence ain’t nobody being naive I’m jus a good person and I believe that coming together to fight is better that’s all I’m saying I jus want piece and equality y’all can get mad idc at the end of the day U don’t gotta comment anything and I got a few likes on this so I must not be the only person to feel this way

    • @DESTINED FOR GREATNESS you can’t be this naive

      Black ExcellenceBlack Excellence26 kun oldin
    • @Prolific you better tell the people sis!!

      Strange FruitStrange Fruit28 kun oldin
    • We have no allies. Remember that. Black people are the only ones that think they need other races. Other races don’t need us.

      ProlificProlific28 kun oldin
    • @Yawdan I’m not saying the black lives ain’t the most important Bc they are in jus saying like we could be stronger if we got all races to join in and help wit our fight so everybody vs racism we can fasho win that’s kinda how people are now a lot are changing they mind and supporting black folks against the racist that’s all I’m saying is for us to all come together to fight a bigger evil ya know 💯

  • Its obvious that all lives, in fact, do not matter. Racism is just as disgusting no matter what color its aimed at. If you don't think so, YOU'RE RACIST. BOTTOM LINE.

    Wookiee Supremacy ココWookiee Supremacy ココ28 kun oldin
  • Her sister is an AKA.... I’m so disappointed 🤦🏾‍♀️

    ᕈíиƙ ᘎאɪᴄᴏʀɴᕈíиƙ ᘎאɪᴄᴏʀɴ28 kun oldin
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      Malcolm JMalcolm J27 kun oldin
  • The Sister is a Even Bigger Sellout. Naming colors they don't apply to people..

    G L HawkinsG L Hawkins28 kun oldin