Brian Hooks On Why 'Soul Plane' Didn't Do Well In Theaters: "It Was The Negative Press & DVDs.."

15-Apr, 2021
43 339 Ko‘rishlar soni - Actor Brian Hooks of '3 Strikes' & 'Eve' returns to 'The Comedy Hype News Show' with host Symphony Thompson & Rita Brent to discuss his latest campaign for his company 'Left Of Bang' helping at risk youth with learning about the film industry. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

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    Comedy HypeComedy Hype28 kun oldin
    • Say uh, coming 2 America was waaay, a thousand times better than soul plane Man cut the shyt. You MUST be high. Or just a hater. Soul plane over coming 2 America😳stop it. That’s like steak over a hot dog..and I thought soul plane was hilarious, but just be true.

      Censored is as Censored DoesCensored is as Censored Does21 kun oldin
  • I liked the movie soul plane with kevin hart and tom arnold. Its a classic funny movie

    David SmitherDavid Smither6 kun oldin
  • So the real question is did the higher ups in Hollywood allow the leaked copy to be released so that a good black film would fail?

    Shawn CougheeShawn Coughee15 kun oldin
  • Dead azz.......Soul plane failed because someone leaked a bomb azz clear bootleg copy that the masses were able to watch months before soul plane dropped in theaters.

    Shawn CougheeShawn Coughee15 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane didn't do well because it was fucking stupid and not funny lmaoooo

    Primm's Hood CinemaPrimm's Hood Cinema16 kun oldin
  • I loved soul plane lol if it flopped it’s the most successful flop of all time haha

    ShaeshaeAKAQUEENShaeshaeAKAQUEEN17 kun oldin

    BJ YoungBJ Young18 kun oldin
  • Because it sucked that’s why lol

    J SmithJ Smith19 kun oldin
  • I did not like the movie because I thought it was a crossover movie, with corny comedy, imitating the 70s and it missed the mark.

    La'Chelle BLa'Chelle B19 kun oldin
  • That movie was ass

    Hudson BrownHudson Brown19 kun oldin
  • This movie was one of the worst movies EVER made in the history of making movies.

    Chocolate RainChocolate Rain20 kun oldin
  • 3 Strikes is my favorite Brian Hooks movie hands down. Newscaster Jerry Dunphy on Robs Parents living room TV: The Law Provides for 2-time offenders will be doubled, and that 3-time offenders will be put behind bars for a 25-year to life minimum. I don’t care if they’re robbing a bank, burlarizing someone’s home, or strongarming a slice of pizza. We are moving to a day where the federal government will no longer do state’s business. That’s right!!!!! Three Strikes, Rob, I knew yo black ass would fuck up!

    Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody20 kun oldin
  • Soul plane was funny as fuck

    Daron moore jrDaron moore jr20 kun oldin
  • Everybody knows this movies didn’t do good in theaters because it was when bootlegs first came out at its peak! 😂 I love the movie tho

    Troy JonesTroy Jones20 kun oldin

    Anthonys Man CaveAnthonys Man Cave21 kun oldin
  • He is right soul plane will get watched more then coming to america 2. That shit is hella funny. Bootlegs killed it.

    Edward Hines.Edward Hines.21 kun oldin
  • Let's be real it was buffoonish! Every black stereotype imaginable!

    THE VOICETHE VOICE21 kun oldin
  • The first clear bootleg I’ve ever owned was Soul Plane. Not even gonna lie lol

    Mr. Randy WatsonMr. Randy Watson21 kun oldin
  • Maybe SoulPlane just didn't do well because it was a shity movie?

    Truck TurnerTruck Turner21 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane is one of those movies that I liked when I was younger, but is really cringe worthy looking at it now, but still enjoyable

    Josh.BJosh.B21 kun oldin
  • I hated this movie but the reason it didn’t do so well was due to the bootleggers.

    christianrapperchristianrapper21 kun oldin
  • 😢

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu22 kun oldin
  • I can see how Soul Plane being sold via bootleggers months before it was released could be a problem but that movie was NOT good. Omg, that movie is painful to watch. I like a good dumb movie every now and again but Holy Hell the stereotypes alone in this movie was just too over the top.

    Craig ChristianCraig Christian22 kun oldin
  • Didn’t he leave the lil homie on stuck?😂

    Marcus GarveyMarcus Garvey22 kun oldin
  • It did bad cuz it's a shitty movie duh

    Yunginf32Yunginf3222 kun oldin
  • Why ol girl wanna bring up the money tho nobody ask that😑

    Dj OnealDj Oneal22 kun oldin
  • I always admired Brian, a great comedian and very creative film maker

    terence thomasterence thomas22 kun oldin
  • One of my favorite actors 4L.. such a great guy.. BrianHooks u the shit fasho💯💪🏽

    BucketHatBertBucketHatBert22 kun oldin
  • No chief, Soul Plane didn't do well because it sucked.

    Lex BoogieLex Boogie22 kun oldin
  • Don't compare Soul Plane with Airplane and Naked Gun. While Airplane and Naked Gun were comedy gold filled with clever jokes, Soul Plane had nothing but racist, homophobic and sexist jokes as if a immature teenage boy wrote the movie. If you're going to have a movie filled with talented actors and actress, then don't have them work with a piss poor script and director.

    Purple Tomato StudioPurple Tomato Studio23 kun oldin
  • 💪🏿😁 understandable

    SplashlifeSplashlife23 kun oldin
  • Man forget that... I loved Soul Plan... 😂✊🏾

    J. Trade Forex, Inc.J. Trade Forex, Inc.23 kun oldin
  • 💡🤔👆 Is it possible, "Soul Plane" just wasn't as GOOD a film as "AirPlane". it was just hood funny (Like "I Got the Hook-Up). Soul Plane was "The Wash" in the air.. TOO MUCH STERIOTYPING IN A BLACK FILM is BAD

    DJ ALLDAYDJ ALLDAY23 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane did poorly because it had no crossover appeal...and it was kinda lame. It was a movie that highlighted EVERY other black stereotype and had the token white people. It was too much of a hood movie, for my taste.

    The Tillman Sneaker ReviewThe Tillman Sneaker Review23 kun oldin
  • The Chocolate bunny on here hosting( miss Thompson) is so gorgeous😍🥰

    Keith UseryKeith Usery23 kun oldin
  • It was trash plane and simple!

    Ron HernandezRon Hernandez23 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane was HORRIBLE!!! It didn't age well, & can't even be mentioned in a sentence with an Eddie Murphy fart, let alone a movie... Coming 2 America could Never be the Original, but is not as Cringeworthy as Soul Plane. There are ZERO funny parts, or quotables in Soul Plane. The best part of that Movie was seeing our favorite black stars.... There Will NEVER be a soul Plane 2! ( The Boondocks parody was dope doe)

    ACLA$$_INC.ACLA$$_INC.23 kun oldin
  • The movie didn't do well because Kevin Hart is a sub par comedian and he can't hold a movie on his own. Also the plot and stereo types in the movie just wasn't funny.

    HankBlockOGHankBlockOG23 kun oldin
  • Dead Tone is my favorite brian hooks movie, Love horror movies. 🔪😀🔥

    Vontae WoodsVontae Woods23 kun oldin
  • Comimg 2 America should of had a Disney intro.

    Juanita PetersJuanita Peters23 kun oldin
  • We had the Soul Plane bootleg like 2 months before it hit theaters

    Michael CMichael C24 kun oldin
  • He gotta Kno Soul Plane wasn't funny atttttt allllll.....

    eM_See_TveM_See_Tv24 kun oldin
  • Bad acting script done by Karen and the rest of it was do it yourself production and just a all around Got Damn mess hahahaha but I still watched it EVERY DAMN MORNING when I called out of work or late night when I was high as hell hahahahaha I love that piece of shit of a movie and homey sommore should of got it in the bathroom with her thick fine ass hahaha

    timothy browntimothy brown24 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane was just plain terrible IMO......just wasn't my thing. I have always loved Brian Hooks though especially on The Parkers and Eve; personally I liked 3 Strikes way better than Soul Plane.

    Unapologetically IntrovertedUnapologetically Introverted24 kun oldin
  • Yeah dawg really a good actor I’m sitting here thinking like why tf he talking like that 😂😂 I’m used to what kinda roles he play

    Bossmade GeeBossmade Gee24 kun oldin
  • Yooo. Soul plane ✈️ was funny ass hell. The media tore that movie to shreds along with the bootleg

    Loopy God 135Loopy God 13524 kun oldin
  • Maturity. You can see it in the show Hand of God on Amazon. Good to see him in Drama roles, he's a solid actor who needs more opportunities.

    B HutchB Hutch24 kun oldin
  • Nah brah! 😂😂😂😂

    K FordK Ford24 kun oldin
  • Our Maybe the 🎥 straight up sucks 😂😂

    MJ 2k20 MonroeMJ 2k20 Monroe24 kun oldin
  • Only man I could ever see playing Luther Vandross in a movie

    V ELV EL24 kun oldin
    • Lol what

      Stephen curryStephen curry21 kun oldin
  • This nigga tripping. Soul plane was ass

    Baethovin 704Baethovin 70424 kun oldin
  • I like soul plane but it ain't close to coming to America

    DeWayne Martin JrDeWayne Martin Jr24 kun oldin
  • Great interview 👍🏾

    Jasmine BesterJasmine Bester24 kun oldin
  • the movie is ass bisquits....

    Jimmy BrownJimmy Brown24 kun oldin
  • Soul plane was funny i still quote some lines

    MH VisionZZMH VisionZZ24 kun oldin
  • Soul plane is TRASH str8 EMBARRASSING to me as a black man

    jack meehoffjack meehoff25 kun oldin
  • In regards to Coming 2 America, Eddie has gone on record in interviews long before the movie's release that he really didn't want to do a sequel to Coming to America. He felt that the story ended at the end of that movie. The reason he finally changed his mind was because whenever he met fans of his they would always ask him when a sequel was coming. So he did that movie really as a love letter to fans but he knew it would never be as good as the original. This is probably the same reason he's hesitant to do stand-up comedy again. People will say he's not as funny as he was with Delirious or Raw.

    Kristopher WilliamsKristopher Williams25 kun oldin
  • This movie was so bad, it ended up becoming an all time classic.

    Amari JacksonAmari Jackson25 kun oldin
  • I thought his voice would be alot deeper.. I'm not saying the brother is gay .. I just thought his voice would be deeper 😏

    Deuce LoveDeuce Love25 kun oldin
    • Throws me off every time I hear him. It’s as if he’s putting his “whte” voice on..point is, the shyt sounds fake and suspect...but maybe that’s how he talks all the time😕

      Censored is as Censored DoesCensored is as Censored Does21 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane, is a Urban and Hood Classic, to Black and Ghetto for White Hollywood that's why,

    Stanley RobinsonStanley Robinson25 kun oldin
  • Soul plane is funny to me, I dnt kno y ppl say it sukcd!

  • respect

    vincent johnsonvincent johnson25 kun oldin
  • Man Soul Plane just was not funny. It tried. I was not offended by the stereotype comedy. Some of the actors casted just are not funny even when they do stand up. Not naming names

    ToppartToppart25 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane my favorite Kevin Hart movie til this day - Peanskean Riddler #TheRiddler #SkeanCast64

    SkeanCast 64 PodcastSkeanCast 64 Podcast25 kun oldin
    • It's a tie for me... Paper Soldiers.

      a100percentReala100percentReal24 kun oldin
  • Well maybe so but the acting in that poor unfortunately to me that's not even a hood classic so

    JonJon YarbJonJon Yarb25 kun oldin

  • Soul plane is one of kev best movies it was funny af

    PudWhackerPudWhacker25 kun oldin
    • Now paper soldiers is a classic , soul plane is a money grab half embarrassment in the movie industry. Great for the hood and bootlegging and nothing more in my opinion.

      Censored is as Censored DoesCensored is as Censored Does21 kun oldin
    • Yep, and Paper Soldiers.

      a100percentReala100percentReal24 kun oldin
  • The movie was 💩

    dameoftruthdameoftruth25 kun oldin
  • how in the hell can he say more people liked soul plane better than coming to america! really!!! check the box office and DVD receipts!

    thevizkidthevizkid25 kun oldin
  • Man that movie was horrible. 😆

    Dee LeeDee Lee25 kun oldin
  • It's funny to me how when he was speaking on Coming to America he was speaking a certain way and then when they asked about Soul Plane, he changed his tone completely. The situation with both movies are different but, the question was still the same.... Both the movies didn't do well, why do you think that was?

    Pretty RosesPretty Roses25 kun oldin
    • Soul plane shouldn’t ever be compared to (any) real movie. It was the most current Blk exploitation film..yeah, that level. Entertaining but corny asf. Better than coming 2 America? 😏yeah ok buddy

      Censored is as Censored DoesCensored is as Censored Does21 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane was TRASH 🗑 that's why it didn't do well lmao. Now 3 Strikes was my shyt!

    IAMWHOIAM777IAMWHOIAM77725 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane was a dope ass movie!

    El GallowayEl Galloway25 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane was on bootleg two months before it was in theaters.

    dclayton734dclayton73425 kun oldin
  • Soul plane was trash....Respectfully!!! But Brian Hooks is a funny guy in all his other films

    Warren MinceyWarren Mincey25 kun oldin
  • Bruh got a lil sugar in his tank 😂

    greg leegreg lee25 kun oldin
  • I loved the movie, and want to watch again.

    Kevin JonesKevin Jones26 kun oldin
  • I still be watching Phat Beach 😂🤣

    lowkey_flalowkey_fla26 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane a hood classic.

    itsddashrockitsddashrock26 kun oldin
  • Soul plane sucked

    William RobinsonWilliam Robinson26 kun oldin
  • I liked C2A2

    Matthew MockabeeMatthew Mockabee26 kun oldin
  • A good actor that's doing good things teaching the kids acting. The movie Phat Beach was the best Hip Hop beach movie. He is funny in his roles.

    Seth MarieSeth Marie26 kun oldin
  • S0uL pLane was g00d, funNY, fuN, ... It was soo000Oo go0d that it had 5o b0otleg copies out before it really kicked in. But even still.... someone lied.... it HAD TO MAKE L00T💵💴💰❗ BECAUSE people still purchased the DVD ( perfect copies).

    Seer AttaSeer Atta26 kun oldin
  • No man. Soul plane failed because it was trash.

    MagicstocktonMagicstockton26 kun oldin
  • Your beautiful , and i love this show !

    DIAMOND XLDIAMOND XL26 kun oldin
  • My nigga 3 strikes

    Jon SummersJon Summers26 kun oldin
  • I don't care what nobody said that movie was funny people was just hating

    king Kingking King26 kun oldin
    • Or people have different opinions

      Charles Jones SrCharles Jones Sr26 kun oldin
  • How can one audition for Brian hooks films ?

    ChimeInWorldTvChimeInWorldTv26 kun oldin
  • I loved Coming 2 America but Soul plane was not for me

    Bethany HowardBethany Howard26 kun oldin
  • Don’t care what anyone says Soul plane is hilarious a ghetto classic 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Moses De LeonMoses De Leon26 kun oldin
  • My high school years was catalogued with films starring Brian Hooks. He was a 90s Farris Bueller.

    Guns7469Guns746926 kun oldin
  • Maybe the movie was just lousy.

    tibirius maximustibirius maximus26 kun oldin
  • The movie was bad & voguer it’s as simple as that

    Dana HoeatfDana Hoeatf26 kun oldin
  • Bullcrap airplane was sub-par film work

    bakari Africabakari Africa26 kun oldin
  • Maybe it's just me, but Soul Plane wasn't that fun to me. I had to watch it a few times before I finally laughed once or twice

    SonicBoomC98SonicBoomC9826 kun oldin
    • It's not just you

      Charles Jones SrCharles Jones Sr26 kun oldin
  • I never really liked soul plane

    Black KratosBlack Kratos26 kun oldin
  • Brian Hooks’ nostrils.

    Jonathan CineusJonathan Cineus26 kun oldin
  • I agree, Soul Plane was better. I wouldn't watch coming2america again, but I would watch Soul Plane over and over.

    honey lovehoney love26 kun oldin
  • Comedy to America 2 was hilarious... I’ve watched it twice and enjoyed it both times... I didn’t like Soul Plane...

    Mr. HesterMr. Hester26 kun oldin
  • Soul Plane tanked because everyone got it on bootleg before the movie was released to theatres 😂

    nayfulnayful26 kun oldin
    • @B Walls 😁😁😁

      jay Danielsjay Daniels25 kun oldin
    • Naw it tanked because it was Hot Garbage and corny💯 LOL

      B WallsB Walls26 kun oldin