Chris Tucker Finally Explains Why He Quit 'Friday': "I Wanted To Move On"

26-Yan, 2021
85 971 Ko‘rishlar soni - Chris Tucker would stop by Shannon Sharpe's Club 'Shay Shay' podcast to discuss his career highlights. At one point in the conversation he would explain why he decided to never return for sequels of 'Friday'. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • TRUTH BE TOLD, HE WAS A COUPLE MILL IN TAX DEBT and knew Cube wasn't going to kick him enough to squash the bill.

    Jei ChandlerJei ChandlerKun oldin
  • Chris is the goat. “and you know this, man!!”

    AJAJ2 kun oldin
  • Just how like how we should move on, this like 100th video about this 😂

    TheTrueProdigy101TheTrueProdigy1015 kun oldin
  • He made the best decision for him. Just like anyone else. Next.

    A FrankA Frank16 kun oldin
  • Friday made him worth the type of money they couldn't afford to pay him for the next one 😂😂

    Mon CertifiedMon Certified17 kun oldin
  • He could've been typecast

    PAUL ZPAUL Z18 kun oldin
  • I met Tucker and told him he did the right thing!

    Mich WashingtonMich Washington20 kun oldin
  • "$10,000 with no residuals, on a movie that grossed 100 m... Yes he did the right thing.

    Markus PatientsMarkus Patients20 kun oldin
  • He made the right move but that what if factor will always be there.

    Keith BrownKeith Brown21 kun oldin
  • He did all those Jackie chan movies no I don't agree

    Derrick ColemanDerrick Coleman24 kun oldin
  • I thought he was only paid $5k for Friday?

    wise up14wise up1428 kun oldin
  • *Never forget: Chris Tucker was on Jefferys flight list. Look it up.*

    Royal DeCastroRoyal DeCastro29 kun oldin
    • Funny how my last comment about this was flagged and removed. People don't like hearing the truth about their favorite actors.

      Royal DeCastroRoyal DeCastro29 kun oldin
  • Wanted to move on, but did three rush hours

    jbdalovajbdalova29 kun oldin
  • I totally agree with his decision to move on!! He wanted to make more money and who can blame him? People want to beat a dead horse. While i like the Friday sequel they are nothing compared to the first ones.

    AllinmyworldAllinmyworld29 kun oldin
  • Still fine 😍

    LadyNicole91LadyNicole91Oy oldin
  • Bruh you did 3 rush hours..stfu smh

    Ramzyy ElobeeRamzyy ElobeeOy oldin
  • Man people really don't know how to listen...

    classicstormclassicstormOy oldin
  • If you watched his old interviews he already stated this...

    classicstormclassicstormOy oldin
  • $10,000 ain’t cool 😕

    idlecalvin83idlecalvin83Oy oldin
  • I get people missed the character. I just don't understand why some act like he should have felt obligated to do another Friday

    TelkaTelkaOy oldin
  • But u did like 99 rush hour movies though🤷 nigga u wanted more money stop fronting you. Be real

    Dmack4905Dmack4905Oy oldin
  • Who cares if we agree. It worked out and he’s happy! What we eat don’t make him a-t!

    Bryan GrissettBryan GrissettOy oldin
  • Yes I agree with Tucker. He did good from then and after. CLEARLY! LOL

    Randy YoungRandy YoungOy oldin
  • He would have been typed cast definitely. To this day he’s still remembered for that one role, one time, I’m glad he moved on. Love him🥰

    Jay TeeJay TeeOy oldin
  • 😂 bout to watch him get smoked in Jackie brown right quick with his lying ass

    Red ForemanRed ForemanOy oldin
  • He’s matured . He made the right choice his career got better he wasn’t type casted like Mike Epps “ dead presidents “ proved he can act

    excaliberexcaliberOy oldin
  • I always wondered why he wasn’t in the other Friday franchises. But I agree with Chris Tucker because the other Friday’s were terrible and not funny. Chris did some great movies especially Rush Hours with Jackie Chan, I have all 3 of those films and he was awesome. Great decision Chris. God Bless.

    MissT ShompagneMissT ShompagneOy oldin
  • He just wanted to get paid

    Jamez J. the XJamez J. the XOy oldin
  • Them checks he was getting from those other movies that had BUDGETS were serious. He absolutely made the right decision.

    Lawrence SmithLawrence SmithOy oldin
  • Cube and Writer's need to evolve Smoky's character so Tucker will see a reason to come back. Smokey can't be the same in 25 years, right? Character development is huge in this situation.. So the writers need to sit down and figure it out. Perhaps Smokey is married with kids and one of his kids gets high, or maybe he's a politician taking a stand against making pot legal and he changes his mind because of the medicinal uses??? Maybe he gave up smoking weed and is doing well for himself and now He's suffering from a debilitating disease and cube gets him to smoke again to relieve his illness... man i can go at this all day but within the comedy of Friday they always have a lesson learned at the end of the film, one of these stories can work for Tucker. #my2cents

    B HutchB HutchOy oldin
  • I agree with his decision but listening to his excuses is the best comedy. Especially the I only want to do a movie once dude bout to do a Rush Hour 4!😂🤣😂

    JECZ23JECZ23Oy oldin
  • no tengo dinero

    Timmy beeTimmy beeOy oldin
  • Chris Tucker never liked Friday. He thought it was beneath him, when in actuality without it nobody would've cared about "Money Talks", or "Rush Hour". As to how it soared into success. He'd just be that funny dude that overdosed on "Dead Presidents".

    Jthrillz 728Jthrillz 728Oy oldin
  • Let’s be real your people (poc) was lining those pockets so you moved on be honest low key stop bs and you know this man!!

    Cameshia ReviewsCameshia ReviewsOy oldin
  • I don't agree with that - if he did all them rush hour movies which is 3 of them - Money 💰 definitely played a role on why he didn't go back to that hood classic 💯 which I felt he could've still did well regardless if he did the role once thats an excuse

    GardenBoi J-GivGardenBoi J-GivOy oldin
  • James carter can grown Smokey couldnt y’all would’ve got tired of him quick trust me

    ToneDef MarmaladeToneDef MarmaladeOy oldin
  • Did it for the money just to end up being chased by the IRS. Ass loved that money so much he didn’t pay his taxes 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Jahlil ShipleyJahlil ShipleyOy oldin
  • But he basically played the same character in all those movies after he did Friday. I get that the paycheck was bigger I'm not mad at him for moving on but come on he could have popped up in at least 1 of the other 2 Friday movies in a cameo.

    dANNIELLE ClinkscalesdANNIELLE ClinkscalesOy oldin
  • Move on and get your money. Although Fridays are funny, I guarantee they wasn't paying tucker 20+million.

    T.K JenkinsT.K JenkinsOy oldin
  • Chris did right

    Mob LyfeMob LyfeOy oldin
  • Chris Tucker sounds like he was feeling himself a lil too much after Cube put him on. No other role Tucker did during those times are as huge and memorable as Smokey in Friday. Ain’t no coincidence we haven’t had nothing good from him since the 90s

    La’RenLa’RenOy oldin
  • Not saying it’s about the money but it’s about the money. Cube did put him on even with him knowing the cost & low budget film. They was even trying to film the whole movie black & white to save money so Chris knew. That role opened many doors so he could’ve played a different Smokey for the last time

    Keith FlemingKeith FlemingOy oldin
  • We all know money talks was smokey when he left his momma house.

    Karama LongKarama LongOy oldin

  • I bet if the $$$$$ was right he would have done it (Next Friday)..

    PigeonCoupPigeonCoupOy oldin
  • Chris we love you man, REAL PEOPLE understand. It was time to move on. We love Smokey, but you have moved into a World market with Rush Hour.

    The Unpopular OpinionThe Unpopular OpinionOy oldin
  • Dem royalties from friday pissed chris tucker off. Cube and the satanist kept those royalties. Cube paid dem pennies.

    fvckyutubefvckyutubeOy oldin
  • Dude must have a weak ass comedy special coming out

    gerald fleminggerald flemingOy oldin
  • Damn, Comedy Hype y’all that bogus... you stealing clips from another man’s show. Are y’all gonna break bread with Shannon Sharpe?

    Blessed DiscipleBlessed DiscipleOy oldin
  • Lol move on to what not getting no work and not paying taxes he not to good for that role. Friday was better then them rush hour movies.

  • Well he did clean it up by saying, “it’s easier to do a sequel to an action film as opposed to a comedy.” I think he’s right but he’s also NOT being honest 🤷🏾‍♂️

    L McMillL McMillOy oldin
  • We did that lets move on ........... Makes 3 rush hour movies

    Gregory RobinsonGregory RobinsonOy oldin
  • They already have 3 Friday movies don't need more

    Jai NormanJai NormanOy oldin
  • Didn’t y’all already cover this?

    Vanesa TerryVanesa TerryOy oldin
  • Will Smith gave a similar explanation when it came to doing sequels, but it didn’t bother him to be in the bad boys franchise a few times even though no studio can pay him less than $20 million to be in a movie.

    john jonesjohn jonesOy oldin
  • I don’t disagree with his decision to move on from Friday, but it was a horrible explanation as it relates to him being in three rush-hour movies all the while trying to avoid the IRS. I also think that Hollywood is it too friendly towards a guy who hasn’t been in a lot of movies while getting paid more than a-list stars

    john jonesjohn jonesOy oldin
  • The man has been saying for years. HE he did not what to get ..CAST STEREO TYPE.. He Wanted to play Other ROLES .5TH ELEMENT..RUSH HOUR.FOXY BROWN. and ICE CUBE movies are good ..But the set isn't like rush hour set MAJOR BUDGETS.. why keep playing a weed head who cant pay back 200

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon JohnsonOy oldin
  • 10,000 was alot back then. Ijs

    Annmarie VirgoAnnmarie VirgoOy oldin
  • Collect all the money offered

    Curtis DorisCurtis DorisOy oldin
  • The man said “at the time.” Firstly Hollywood is a joke when it comes to so-called Black comedians. Yes they are typecast. Yes they are not often paid enough respectively speaking. Because fans love a work doesn’t mean the talent feels the same way. Chris Tucker was at a much different level career wise as well as the way in which he was plotting his career. Then let’s be real here. A successful movie that’s geared towards brothers for the most part unfortunately isn’t considered mainstream. With an ever closing window of time in Hollywood for most people they would rather do a more “mainstream” film than a niche film (that just so happen became beloved). No one expected the success of Friday, so had it been terrible, no one would say a word about his 3 Rush Hours. Entertainment for fans is just that, entertainment. However for talent, it’s their careers/brands so more power to the man for making himself happy, and tons of classics in the process.

    jonzstarjonzstarOy oldin
  • What a boring voice

    Dewayne LindsayDewayne LindsayOy oldin
  • We all know why he ain’t did Friday again dem mfuker wasn’t paying no money. RIP John already told y’all they only paid them $5000. Chris said he could have gone and did a few stand up shows for that. Can y’all post more Luenell interview clips instead of talking about stuff nobody care about

    BJ JBJ JOy oldin
  • Most people are haters,, le,ve d'a Man alone. I would choose a burito over taco anydey lol🤣🤣🤣✌

    Tim BaktuTim BaktuOy oldin
  • The needed too be greatful cube hired his his ungrateful butt. Like you said it launched his career. Its all about the money. Cameo can't hurt right?

    Danny V DiazDanny V DiazOy oldin
  • He couldn't move on from rush hour 1 2 and 3 just say I couldn't move on from the money

  • Yes because you can tell ice cube was only in it for himself!! Ice cube stopped revenues for some of the actors! I do not think it was right how he handled that situation, but hey you know O'Shea 🖕

  • He's bull shitting he did rush hour how many times but he said they paid him $10,000 that's scandalous they did him wrong

    Tony BarraganTony BarraganOy oldin
  • If friday made so much money cube should've paid more but all da cast got there blessing in different a.j got paid in i got da hook with master p chris blow up with so many different movies fazion did pretty well i mean just to name a few we say support all people but we wont pay our people

    Michael BerryMichael BerryOy oldin
  • Even though he was paid 10k to do that role, the money keeps coming right??

    Da KiDDa KiDOy oldin
  • The bag wasn't a hefty one that's why he left

    Nathaniel JohnsonNathaniel JohnsonOy oldin
  • Ice Cube is cheap. He treated Black Actors and Actresses just like Jerry Heller treated NWA.

    John SladeJohn SladeOy oldin
  • He did the right thing

    Phillip PettawayPhillip PettawayOy oldin
  • Dead Presidents........ Best Role

    FxrestGxd LaFlareFxrestGxd LaFlareOy oldin
  • Cube wasn’t paying anybody lol

    K LewisK LewisOy oldin
  • Yes I Agree with. Chris go on move on go higher Congratulations Chris Tucker

  • As a fan of the first film seeing it in the cinema - YES! ....I would have loved to see him in the squeals. But "money talks" no pun intended.

    D.E. FrederickD.E. FrederickOy oldin
  • Name actor who did nothing but hood movies and they rich and are at the top of acting.. they’re are none

    Tru FinesseTru FinesseOy oldin
  • Moved on to owing the IRS 😂

    Frankie GFrankie GOy oldin
  • 👨🏾‍🏫FunFact: Don’t let this post distract y’all from the fact that Comedy Hype just basically steals other people’s content for views

    Moses HanonMoses HanonOy oldin
  • ...He been Answer this .

    dave lightSaberdave lightSaberOy oldin
  • Can't blame Chris Tucker for his decision. He wanted to expand as an actor and not be typecasted. Which sometimes happens to good actors.

    Seth MarieSeth MarieOy oldin
  • But he did 3 rush hours so it was for the money chris stop flagging lol he could have done one mo Friday before, mac, debow, pops passed man..smh..

    oppfromthenorm 18oppfromthenorm 18Oy oldin
  • If it wasn't for Friday he wouldn't had Money Talk nor Rush Hour!

    James TaylorJames TaylorOy oldin
  • I mean he rich now....... So since Friday ain't paying enough can you make it a donation to the culture 🤨? We want a last Friday bruh.

    SlimSlugga713SlimSlugga713Oy oldin
  • He made the right call, they already did that. The original is a brilliant classic. The sequels were all trash, sorry ice cube..

    SelemawitSelemawitOy oldin
  • Next Friday will always be a good decision to make Still Smokin , Craig , Big Smoke Dogg & DayDay...💪🏽🤪😂😂😂

    edubfinessedubfinessOy oldin
  • Let's just face it he'll never come back to the movie= Friday ...pretty much Smokey's dead and so is half of the old cast. Thousands can't match millions. I feel ya Chris Tucker

    Blade BleezyBlade BleezyOy oldin
  • But u did 3 Rush Hour movies some ppl don’t think before they talk

    Gee BallGee BallOy oldin
  • I believe he made the right move , but I also think he could come back as Smokey, but a different one, a Smokey from rehab

    Vinnie McGheeVinnie McGheeOy oldin
  • It was time to MOOVE ON....Let the past stay in the Past. Keep Moving Forward for BIGGER and greater things....He has matured from that character so it’s not that he doesn’t want to do it he can’t do it anymore the character I doubt would be believable if he tried to do it now. Listen Smokey is dead. Sorry fans

    Tamia jillTamia jillOy oldin
  • It’s all about the Benjamins

    ShieldShieldOy oldin
  • Even after 25mil he broke now and owe IRS. can't give niggas money at all...

    MrAkoiMrAkoiOy oldin
  • Can you not sound so dead when you speak. It's so monotoned!! Ugh!

    Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • 20 Mill or Y'all nostalgia??? FUCK Y'ALL!

    Uncle BabbaUncle BabbaOy oldin
  • He could've did another Friday movie, he was just being selfish. Now that pops is gone, we don't want it now!

    Daishia The OverreactorDaishia The OverreactorOy oldin
  • He got paid and Friday did well without him. It was the right move

  • Keep it movin that was your first big role. He should have done the second one honestly.

    Dramahawk PromotionsDramahawk PromotionsOy oldin
  • Nope should've done another 1

    marlon greenmarlon greenOy oldin
  • Unk and Chris Tucker

    steven Simmonssteven SimmonsOy oldin
  • Hey could've did both but I understand his decision to move on especially since he was paid only 10K and probably very little to no backend money for Friday. Some things you do for the culture and your fans in my opinion. Black film makers need more help than the white folks who made Rush Hour. As I said, he could've managed doing both films IMO but money talks.......sometimes too much.

    Al B.Al B.Oy oldin