How Dave Chappelle's Great-Grandfather Made History Before Him - Story You Should Know

3-Fev, 2021
230 550 Ko‘rishlar soni - You may have heard Dave Chappelle mention his great-grandfather in several of his performances but what is really known about Bishop William D. Chappelle? For an episode of 'A Story You Should Know', we dive into the rich history of the Chappelle family tree. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_ Written by @Mr.dominicsmith Beat by Yondo. Voiced by Zooman Miller.

  • Wonder if Dave Chappel has considered donating a portion of his salary to his Grandfather’s truly historically black institution (Allen University).

    Charles StromanCharles Stroman5 soat oldin
  • Things come back...especially walking in honor

    Cordela TimmeCordela Timme8 soat oldin
  • I think the correct term is born into SLAVERY!!!!! Our ancestors were NEVER SLAVES... they were ENSLAVED!!! It’s sad how these terms always upsets me.. it’s like black ppl were slaves?? NO we were FREE humans that Europeans took the audacity to steal us and turned us in hired hands that we NEVER got a dollar!!!!!

    M PalmerM Palmer12 soat oldin
  • Almost as good as the first person who said, "yes we can/si se puede". Decades before 2008 !!

    John doeJohn doe14 soat oldin
  • Amazing, thank you

    Maranatha SoonMaranatha Soon16 soat oldin
  • HI

    Michael OwinoMichael Owino21 soat oldin
  • they should have brought chapelle in red dead redemption

    DagobDagobKun oldin
  • Freemasons aren’t racist it seems. Hidden hand.

    Thomas JonesThomas JonesKun oldin
  • Dave Chappelle, being a victim is in his blood. Both parents were educated and making good money giving him a soft life...becomes famous, is paid $50,000,000.00 a YEAR to do a show...walks away because he was "tired of working for the man" and still to do this acts like black people are oppressed in America as he lives in a small white farming town and is best friends with the police and mayor. And its Kanye that is the crazy one for saying black people are choosing to be slaves? lol...

    Wolong GongWolong GongKun oldin
  • That is why education is important and having educated parents most of the times will lead to the bright future of yourself and your siblings and the next generations of your family line and why America and Canada, the most wealthiest nations in the world do not have free higher education for their poor people's children and instead go to other countries to search for educated workers and doctors and leave their children killing themselves for drugs money and lock them up instead of training them and give them the necessary skills for workforce.

    Khot MaliethKhot MaliethKun oldin
  • Beautiful inspiring story and legacy. Thanks for the video.

    corujariousacorujariousa2 kun oldin
  • I cannot listen to the repetitive background music anymore.

    thehustonthehuston2 kun oldin
  • But why did he grew up poor in DC when his family line had all those achievements?

    Afrika’s sonAfrika’s son2 kun oldin

    Miss RioMiss Rio3 kun oldin
  • Big pi it took one generation to turn rel men into puppet show fools willy curse worked

    scrapanglescrapangle3 kun oldin
  • Obviously he comes from money

    jacob dausjacob daus3 kun oldin
  • Naw he ugly on da inside and fugly on the outside. Candace Owen's rulez!!!

    GooGoo4 kun oldin
  • And you think you got it rough? Look what these people did despite their origins and obstacles.The Man chopped wood AT NIGHT so he could buy a BOOK!!!!

    Pontiac SoviroPontiac Soviro4 kun oldin
  • I want to know more about his Mother and her legacy.

    Rj ThomsenRj Thomsen4 kun oldin
  • How to get famous... have a famous grandson talk about you eventually

    Semi AUStral AntsSemi AUStral Ants4 kun oldin
  • Wow, Woodrow Wilson.Talking about going into the belly of the beast. If someone made a video game about blacks fighting for rights through history, Woodrow Wilson would be one of the worst boss battles.

    FaerûnianFaerûnian4 kun oldin
  • What a great great men.

    Gentleman1147Gentleman11475 kun oldin
  • Takes the wise man to act the fool Dave ain't no fool!!

    CEW booCEW boo5 kun oldin
  • But the man is sooo humble an powerful! I am in love with his mind!

    CEW booCEW boo5 kun oldin
  • What a legacy!!

    Ms MaddieMs Maddie5 kun oldin
  • Good lineage

    Jermal PattersonJermal Patterson5 kun oldin
  • His G-pa... Looks like Judge Matius in the face....

    SherrySherry5 kun oldin
  • All that Black success and Dave will leave his wealth and legacy to an Asian woman. Let that sink in.

    Melanin AntonioMelanin Antonio5 kun oldin
  • We should all follow his example. The greater we are, the harder it is for bigots to deny.

    Great SolGreat Sol5 kun oldin
  • May Allah bless and protect the family of this wonderful soul. Allahuma amin. We admire you sir.

    nassib dahabnassib dahab5 kun oldin
  • And...and...and...Dave embraced Islam!

    Ben MurphyBen Murphy6 kun oldin
  • Facts💯💯💯

    D ShawnD Shawn6 kun oldin
  • cheppelle brood definatly has the maxi to succeed.

    Catherine A. HarbinCatherine A. Harbin6 kun oldin
  • wilson was a whitesupremist you know that right ?

    Catherine A. HarbinCatherine A. Harbin6 kun oldin
  • Thats why his materials are brilliant.

    Mr EngineerMr Engineer6 kun oldin
  • this is not the story you should know about black ppl in America. And you wonder why ppl fail at fighting racism. The ppl fighting racism can tell you these stories but they aint gonna help.

    Eye-KillaEye-Killa7 kun oldin
  • Hey I thought you said he was in the Tuskegee experiments?!

    The ShockThe Shock7 kun oldin
  • Wow, the odds as a black man at that time!!. The Chappelle family: respect all the way around.

    Dany RizkDany Rizk7 kun oldin
  • This is fucking amazing...

    Max FarrisMax Farris7 kun oldin
  • Imagine saying a place is designed to keep the black man down.. while also electing a black man into the HIGHEST seat in that land Irony? Or maybe the system isn’t designed like that 🤣

    xDarkxArenxxDarkxArenx7 kun oldin
  • Damn Dave 🙏🏽. He has an amazing family but Dave has been amazing as soon as his feet touch ground/ it is, all in the family.

    Zippy UstarZippy Ustar7 kun oldin
  • So Dave is pretty much using a combination of his talents and intelligence to continue his family's legacy in the biggest format available in his lifetime? I respect that a lot.

    Yeti VoiceYeti Voice7 kun oldin
  • Not pointing out education is okay but Dave chappelle the Comic only graduated High school not further then that, but the knowledge which he gained doing what loved is envious. That's what America should be known for excercising the 14th Amendment, Freedom of speak and the extinction of racism. That's what Makes America Great Again. Built by the blacks and immigrants, owned by the Chinese Corporates.

    Hitesh KumarHitesh Kumar8 kun oldin
  • Literally a GREAT Grand father 👍😎👍

    Paul Buckle BucklePaul Buckle Buckle8 kun oldin
  • Wow this is interesting

    OpochtliOpochtli8 kun oldin
  • Beautiful piece

    ISABELLA MagazineISABELLA Magazine8 kun oldin
  • Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this story. This merely adds more substance to Dave Chappells' intuitive comedic material!

    michael straughnmichael straughn8 kun oldin
  • Educated person knows the sky of above knowledge and secrets.... Only for those who are thinking smartly..

    Riko 123Riko 1239 kun oldin
  • I feel proud hearing about dave roots! ✊🏾👑

    Chris CChris C9 kun oldin
  • Respect Dave Chappelle

    Benjamïn Marcus Judge aka Kapono CarmelaBenjamïn Marcus Judge aka Kapono Carmela9 kun oldin
  • Ancestors always watching!!

    Kerry Brown7Kerry Brown79 kun oldin
  • I still still cant get over this new body Dave has since he came back from Africa..strange!

    Dazzlin' Diva'z & Dude'z Work Hard then Play HarderDazzlin' Diva'z & Dude'z Work Hard then Play Harder10 kun oldin
  • Hand in the coat getting freemasonry vibes

    Tonio DouglassTonio Douglass10 kun oldin
  • So you're saying, as long as your name is David chappelle, you're going to be awesome? Ok I'm naming my next baby David chappelle!

    Anna KisionaAnna Kisiona10 kun oldin
  • Nice information

    Brian DooleyBrian Dooley10 kun oldin
  • Great black ⚫ history moment 👏 👌 🙌

    Bridgette Dancygbhvul tv iBridgette Dancygbhvul tv i10 kun oldin
  • An outstanding gentleman raised by pioneering role models, his parents. Im from South Africa and you are my role model

    Saleem KhanSaleem Khan10 kun oldin
  • I'm surprised Woodrow Wilson gave them an audience

    La JoLa Jo10 kun oldin
  • G.O.A.T. cuz clearly it's in his genes!!

    Sam GreenSam Green11 kun oldin
  • It's always a good thing to know where you come from. Great Grandfather was from Winnsboro SC like so many other artist.

    Angela JohnsonAngela Johnson11 kun oldin
  • wow...!!!!!

    Jesse SaffoldJesse Saffold11 kun oldin
  • I like David Chappelle! This is a serious Black History information that needs to be known!!!

    Loretta RamboLoretta Rambo11 kun oldin
  • WOAW!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you ..Dave Chappell your grand father did a lot for blk people in America..thank you..🗽😍😍

    greg turnergreg turner11 kun oldin
  • Great story!

    mark Josephmark Joseph11 kun oldin
  • Salaam um alekhum Dave Chapelle

    STCASTCA12 kun oldin
  • Dave Chappelle is a very intelligent man he comes from a long line of intelligent men and women. Meeting with the president back in that day and time as a black man wow you had to be awful bold and determined knowing the possible consequences great story

    kawanna dixonkawanna dixon12 kun oldin
  • Woodrow Wilson was quoted as agreeing with the portrayal of blacks in D.W. Griffith's Birth Of A Nation (1915) so I strongly doubt he gave a damn about helping to alleviate the racial tensions.

    restless commentatorrestless commentator12 kun oldin
  • I got accomplishments intelligence and perseverance running all through me - David Chappelle.👌🏾✊🏾 I come by it easily! ❤️🖤💚

    Zelda WilliamsZelda Williams12 kun oldin
  • Enjoy finding out about our history , thank you ♥️

    Vegan VocalistVegan Vocalist12 kun oldin
  • Excellent video!! My Mother graduated from Allen University and my Maternal Grandmother!

    Iris AhmadIris Ahmad13 kun oldin
  • Love you Dave be proud...stand tall..

    Gina sloanGina sloan13 kun oldin
  • Yo I would love to see this Biopic

    Xander JonesXander Jones13 kun oldin
  • Don't like Dave anymore after he verbally asulted a beautiful black woman named Candace Owens. His grandfather would be ashamed of him for that. Candace's fights for truth and rights for black community's

    Michael MatthewsMichael Matthews13 kun oldin
  • Bill's. Wonderful! I stress education too. I appreciate that Dave has a rich history of his family. It was a hurting thing learning that my great great grandmother was sold 8 times but I was blessed to find her through a matriarch lineage. I encourage people to always find out who their elders were to know as much as you can....

    Charmell LeeCharmell Lee13 kun oldin
  • dave chappelle has written material that very closely resemble elements of my personal life. i might talk to an attorney about the ways he demonized my character.

    Axle GrindAxle Grind13 kun oldin
  • See why it’s important to know your history. Not the generalized slavery crap we all learn in school that didn’t go into who were these people BEFORE they were taken slaves. Know your own ancestral history and you’ll be surprised what positive things you’ll find out about a black relative that was more than just a slave or a slave set free end of story. It helps slot ones sense of pride, respect, duty and do in once you know how hard your ancestors worked and what they sacrificed. You might make better choices, try that much more harder instead of thinking, this just how it is. We’re we’re slaves once and lucky to be set free so be happy with whatever you got. It’s different when you have this kind of knowledge about your kin. If they had tough times, you want to be the one to break the cycle and do better. If you have kin that ended up successful like Chapelle’s kin, it gives you strength to keep up the fight when all seems lost like I know he must have felt after his ordeal in Hollywood and departure. Now look at him, came back, still working, loved just the same BUT that much more respected because he turned it all away because it meant if he hadn’t he would lose himself and his blood is too strong to be diluted by fame and the greed of Hollywood and ruined because of how quick they turn their back on you and trash your reputation when you don’t entertain them and bring them in money. Good for David and nice to know about his ancestors. He’s a great man obviously coming from a great family!

    Curiously TCuriously T13 kun oldin
  • Thank you for saying “Granduncle”.

    Keith SlaughterKeith Slaughter13 kun oldin
  • My new hero! Can you see it? Parents at home, love, ethical values ​​and academic demands. That's all. It`s CULTURAL!

    Alex DittmerAlex Dittmer13 kun oldin
  • Ths is why Dave reads ppl well as they try to underestimate his intelligence

    good vibesgood vibes13 kun oldin
  • What an amazing story this is the thangs that should be taught in an equal history program

    Dwayne jammesDwayne jammes13 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but high cheek bones didn't come frm Africa thy look different 🤷🏿🚫🧢

    john smithjohn smith14 kun oldin
  • They should pills monologue on SNL was nothing short of legendary

    Alton PettijohnAlton Pettijohn14 kun oldin
  • Did he really say he is not one of the greatest comedians of our time?

    fresh brewfresh brew14 kun oldin
  • greatness all the way 🤎✨🙌🏾

    Aloe Antinous AquilaAloe Antinous Aquila14 kun oldin
  • Proud to be black

    Claudette CampbellClaudette Campbell14 kun oldin
  • This proud black man built something from nothing... that why the racist is afraid of us we can achieve greatness despite discrimination and slavery we have the willpower to rise above it all.

    Claudette CampbellClaudette Campbell14 kun oldin
  • Education brings you out of poverty and for future generations to reap the rewards.

    TriggaHappyYTTriggaHappyYT14 kun oldin
  • note how SOON after being freed, BLACKS were quickly rising! AND making money,..... So what happened? THE KLAN AND ITS EFFORTS SUPPORTED BY COPS in the 20s...AND THATS ALL SHE WROTE!!!! TILL THIS DAY... the cops, AND its union, AND courts support the idea of attaching blacks. HOUSING, EDUCATION, AND HIRING...still a problem.

    todos mirostodos miros14 kun oldin
  • great channel, very good content

    Mzansi Africa 21Mzansi Africa 2114 kun oldin
  • I have a question for intelligent minded folks. Conversation comes up alot about black people like David who has such a great blood line, does anyone think black men/women discredits their blood line when they married outside the black race. This subject is a heavy conversation especially when a African marry caucasian men or women. Keeping it 💯 an thank you in advance for your response.. ☮️ 💕 an B1ALWAYS.

    Pamela BeanPamela Bean14 kun oldin
  • This is wonderful. Great Black History

    Sylvia MckinleySylvia Mckinley15 kun oldin
  • Walk 16 miles on a Sunday, isn't that like a 2.5hr+ walk? That's dedication and determination 👏🏼💪🏽

    Gregory Homes LDNGregory Homes LDN15 kun oldin
  • I'm just saying Dave should go back there and buy that farm

    Robert BaileyRobert Bailey15 kun oldin
  • President Woodrow Wilson was a kkk member, he held dinner and parties for white Supremacists, he screened white Supremacists and Confederate movies. He gave money to white Supremacists to continue their terror. He is a horrible man.

    Sam CollSam Coll15 kun oldin
  • If David had followed the family legacy.... he would be so much farther ahead in life, success, wealth, Contribution... and most important... on life path with God. Entertainment world , the dues you pay to become famous is your soul to those who controlled it. WEINSTEIN - IS YET JUST ONE PREDATOR LOW ON THE CHAIN OF EVIL... MANY FAMOUS GAVE THEIR INNOCENT CHILDREN TO EVIL. MONEY OVER FAMILY AND THEIR SOULS.

  • "he walked 16-miles to church" ... that's about four hours one-way. Very unlikely. These stories are symbolic and apocryphal, not meant to be taken literally.

    B WelkinatorB Welkinator16 kun oldin
  • This story makes me so proud of the forefathers (and mothers:) who fought for Freedom and Justice. ✊🏾 We aren’t done fighting yet!

    Sweet Sage Homestead FarmSweet Sage Homestead Farm16 kun oldin
  • How proud he must be to have such a great legacy.

    davyrockxxdavyrockxx17 kun oldin
  • Too bad he cut that bloodline by not marrying blk.

    Bee HavBee Hav17 kun oldin