Luenell Goes Off On Followers For Criticizing Her LGBTQ Post On Black History Month

2-Fev, 2021
44 722 Ko‘rishlar soni​ - On the first day of 'Black History Month', Luenell would decide to show her support for the LGBTQ community and would then be met with criticism from some of her followers. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • They are here and need love just like everyone else until they can see the truth themselves. Why hate someone for wanting to help?

    James JonesIIJames JonesII4 kun oldin
  • What does G-d say?

    Cue TruthCue Truth4 kun oldin
  • I love Luenell no matter what.

    NickNick7 kun oldin
  • I'm tired of the LGBTQ community

    GG9 kun oldin
  • Its an agenda to weaken black people

    King PKing P10 kun oldin
  • Don't nobody speak on this w respect that it's not the "lgbtq+" community as much as the BLACK community. We still Black. Comedy Hype News should be ashamed y'all don't know how to talk about this w respect to anyone at all.

    sam sonsam son11 kun oldin
    • Nope.

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex10 kun oldin
  • Ummm y’all forgot the lgbt community includes black people. Black queer people are leading black movements at the grass roots level. I am not into oppression olympics. Black people we have our issues and queer people have too. A lot of those issues overlap! Where there is intersectionality both can capitalize on it. And we can all be free.

    SistahBear1SistahBear111 kun oldin
  • Pierre is a clown we not fighting for the same thing.

    thewatcher170thewatcher17012 kun oldin
  • Here after her interview with Gary Owens. Leave my auntie (in my mind) alone lol

    Brianna DaylonBrianna Daylon12 kun oldin
  • Black History Month ✊🏿

    Richard AsanteRichard Asante13 kun oldin
  • Whatever old lady

    Richard AsanteRichard Asante13 kun oldin

    YUH FI KNOW TVYUH FI KNOW TV13 kun oldin
  • The problem is black peoples think their gay before black other races would never

    Udig entertainmentUdig entertainment14 kun oldin
  • Okay, this channel needs different people. Totally biased views. It's a wrap.

    A LA L14 kun oldin
  • Where those BISCUITS!!!!

    Marcos SealeyMarcos Sealey15 kun oldin
  • I'm disappointed in them! The fact that they are being careful to not offend gay people in this discussion is the point right there. It's such a false equivalency and you can use anything and say discrimination. So will the black struggle going to be compared with people who want to dress up in animal costumes or obese people because they are discriminated against? At the end of the day any behavior is choice. Being black isn't. And I'm extremely frustrated at anyone especially a black person that continues to give that lifestyle any kind of comparison to our struggle!

    Mukhtar ShaheedMukhtar Shaheed15 kun oldin
  • People really act like Black people aren't in the LGBTQ community.

    chris beasleychris beasley15 kun oldin
  • Until black people considered the rights of everyone in their community: MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, GAY, STRAIGHT, TRANS, ELDERLY, POOR, etc. TRULY and AUTHENTICALLY LOVE one another and respect one another despite differences we will NEVER move forward NEVER! And the decisiveness that we are using in this comment section proves it. IT STARTS AMONG US FIRST!

    A Yo QA Yo Q15 kun oldin
  • The Lgbt will have someone much bigger to answer to and if you condone their behavior you’re just as guilty...being gay is a choice and has nothing to do with discrimination for being black

    Sparkle 1212Sparkle 121215 kun oldin
  • Those LGBT people I do pray for them believe it or not.

    Jai NormanJai Norman16 kun oldin
  • These hollywood celebrities know that if they suck up to the LGBTQ community they can keep getting work. The LGBTQ community runs the entertainment industry. I am tired of their struggles being lumped in with ours. They are not the same.

    Technicians 87Technicians 8716 kun oldin
  • This is exactly why Tariq Nasheed's "Buck Breaking" documentary needs to come out 💯. What folks do in they're bedroom has nothin to do wit the Black struggle #FoundationalBlackAmericans

    Jay AleemJay Aleem17 kun oldin
  • Pierre need to STFU....

    JUDAH'Z KINGJUDAH'Z KING17 kun oldin
  • WE don't care about no else struggle!!!....

    JUDAH'Z KINGJUDAH'Z KING17 kun oldin

    JUDAH'Z KINGJUDAH'Z KING17 kun oldin
  • ☝🏾🤨Look dnt be Picking on da LGBQT (I think thts da abrevation if not Sorry No Shade) Comunity When ppl know perfectly well Blk Flks ARE ALWAYS at da END OF MOST LINES 🤦🏾‍♀️Whenever It Comes too ANYTHING Living & Breathing 🤔😒#Ijs 💩 Now gone head & putcha mask On 👉🏾😷

    Shantee ColemanShantee Coleman17 kun oldin
  • Capone not only had to be asked a different question he also got the least screen time when he’s the realist their!🤦🏾‍♂️

    Pharaoh AvalonPharaoh Avalon18 kun oldin
  • Rights should be fought for, but if you’ve never sat down and watched Steven universe DONT tell me these agendas aren’t getting pushed. Acceptance and understanding should be taught of both people of color and other sexual orientations. That being said how would a child perceive a feminine young boy and a useless dad(only two recurring males in the show)surrounded by female warriors one who thinks humans are inferior(mind you the only humans she’s interacted with are males) and is mostly raising the love child of her lover and a human man,.......... just let that sink in for a children’s show

    Pharaoh AvalonPharaoh Avalon18 kun oldin
  • I don't trust no liberal or pc stuff. No one like liberals or political correctness. Im not saying conservative are good but im just saying the liberals are way worse.

    Kenpachi Zaraki The BeastKenpachi Zaraki The Beast19 kun oldin
  • LOL. Class...the word of the day is Hijacking. 👈 Let us know if u need to know how it's defined and carried out. 😎

    Cue TruthCue Truth20 kun oldin
  • You summed it up It's Black 1st " I've been oppressed, decimated against as a Black woman more" It is what it always has been.

    Obadele OyeilumiObadele Oyeilumi21 kun oldin
  • I agree with the post that was read before Capone made his statement is true. I love Pierre but I disagree. I totally disagree the black movement are we forgetting everything we went through and because somebody is being teased because they like the same sex I know it's harsh but nothing compares what we went through nothing and still going through it hence Tamir rice

    NY Friendless Happy FreedomNY Friendless Happy Freedom21 kun oldin
  • The light skin guy: a black man can be discriminated for walking in a neighborhood. Sir, the black trans- woman can be discriminated against in a black or white neighborhood

    Erica RichErica Rich21 kun oldin
  • So black gay people are not black anymore. I think you people (since I’m no longer black) have lost it.

    Erica RichErica Rich21 kun oldin
    • Out!

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex10 kun oldin
  • Race vs sexual orientation is too different things

    Donavan GrantDonavan Grant21 kun oldin
  • Yea it's time for blk celebrities to SCREAM reparations + blk agenda for Black people INSTEAD of just LGBTQ agenda. If we keep doing the same things, we're gonna get the same results. Y'all fans need your support NOW blk celebrities. Reparations is the word baby.

    ADOS DanADOS Dan22 kun oldin
    • Well these "celebrities" are being paid to deflect from your screen name Dan 😉

      Cue TruthCue Truth20 kun oldin
  • This woman is just a foul mouth _______.

    Cheryl BakerCheryl Baker22 kun oldin
  • I'm not black. Black is a color which also means dead in law

    Lefaseal MartinLefaseal Martin23 kun oldin
  • If they gay that's on them the whole world doesn't have to stop to cater to their MF feelings and most of these black celebs do jump on that band wagon they'll go and support every thing but what's right

    Malice DewonMalice Dewon23 kun oldin
  • This went better than I thought. Good responses.

    James BuchananJames Buchanan23 kun oldin
  • Those 3 just lied about this issue.

    The Intellectual Class ClownThe Intellectual Class Clown23 kun oldin
  • It’s not just one gay cartoon. LGBT community needs to grow up and accept ppl are going to make jokes. Everybody gets dissed in their community and you guys are not exempt.

    CHRIS GCHRIS G24 kun oldin
  • When do heteros shove anything down the peoples throats?

    Adventures of G7 NemAdventures of G7 Nem24 kun oldin
  • PPL are tired of being FORCE to accept lifestyle that they don't agree with. STOP putting black issues with gay agendas being always front row. Can we focus on just BLACK issues alone? SEX AND RACE ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT ISSUES. Facts B1

    indigo_senseindigo_sense24 kun oldin
  • At least if you’re gay or Jewish you can hide it unlike the so called black counterparts

    Adventures of G7 NemAdventures of G7 Nem24 kun oldin
  • Let’s all reference the great Richard Pryor comedy in 1977 at the Hollywood Bowl. It’s relevant today.

    Chris AleeChris Alee24 kun oldin
  • Fuk dat she rite!!!

    Bam StinsonBam Stinson24 kun oldin
  • Pierre playing both sides of the fence. Because of gays we are being pushed back. It ain't no coming together

    Solomon JamesSolomon James24 kun oldin
  • Pierre ain't right

    Solomon JamesSolomon James24 kun oldin
  • No one supports that bullcrap!

    Gregory ColemanGregory Coleman25 kun oldin
  • Luenell is 100% right. If you have a problem with it then post something on your page. Outreach is needed for every group. God wants us to lend a hand to your fellow man.

    Jamien GaddisJamien Gaddis25 kun oldin
  • Pierre smh, can’t take him seriously. Dodging questions and saying the dumbest thing! You scared bro? Are you a man? The LGBT community agenda is not a Black agenda nor are we fighting for the same thing. These Hollywood celebs will cape for the LGBT community. And this community is full of racist white men and women. Comedy hype is officially trash!

    Robert ThomasRobert Thomas25 kun oldin
  • People in the comment section,gay and transgender black men and women have been in the front lines fighting for straight men and women throughout history and if you don’t recognize that then no progress will ever get made.

    Lonnie ContrerasLonnie Contreras25 kun oldin
  • She wasn’t wrong, you have black lgtbq youth who are killing themselves bc they can’t handle the criticism. So Luenell don’t support all black issues? Wow

    AdrinaJohnsonAdrinaJohnson25 kun oldin
    • @DustMaster Flex So black lgbt people are weird? We as black people has to better. Smh

      AdrinaJohnsonAdrinaJohnson10 kun oldin
    • @AdrinaJohnson Get out! Normal people don't support weirdness!

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex10 kun oldin
    • @Robert Thomas I don’t think it fear, but lgbt black folks fight for all blacks right but you guys don’t support us. Black lgbt people is discriminated against for housing, health care if a doctor refuse to treat you bc your a transgender person. Black transgender women are being killed at alarming rates and nobody speaks out about these things. So when Luenell speak out about these issues, you guys are upset? These are black people, what is wrong with y’all and black lgbt folks have always been apart of the fight for black struggle. Please do you research. It’s sad, we have no unity bc we’re so divided. Smh

      AdrinaJohnsonAdrinaJohnson24 kun oldin
    • This is a lie. This is a 2008 talking point that they haven’t produced data on since 2005. The truth is the LGBT community is not being bullied. They are doing the bullying. Did you hear the fear in the panel’s voice as they danced around answering the question? That’s people who are afraid of saying the wrong thing by was of bullying and authoritarianism.

      Robert ThomasRobert Thomas25 kun oldin
  • Ppl should have got at her ass. She could have did that in march . she trying to get a job

    Soul sun Spirit moonSoul sun Spirit moon26 kun oldin
  • The LGBTQ+ will always be protected more. They're targeted more then people know, even by they're family.

    BabieGirldaartistBabieGirldaartist26 kun oldin
  • When y'all worry or best about those taking lives for have perverted lifestyle than just being homeless r denied, held up inheritance r human trafficking⚖️

    SOTBP ConferenceSOTBP Conference26 kun oldin
  • The lady in the hat is very biased and that hate speech about heteros is exactly the indifference that angers me. Her statement about not speaking to the injustices but the progress is exactly what the problem is once black injustice comes up she says let's talk about the progress. Well that is the key issue she as a nonbinary individual can speak of the progress of that group while blacks cannot. Her other point was how there are whites in the lgb group. While for blacks all the other group of people including nonbinary are apart of the very real resistance against black progression. At the end of the day when you post on something that's viewed by others there's always gonna be people who don't agree with your views.

    Dana YoungDana Young26 kun oldin
  • Luenell's passion shows it is personal. Someone in the LBBTQ community is close to her.

    monique hamiltonmonique hamilton26 kun oldin
  • Sexual preferences over SLAVERY😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    O BlackO Black26 kun oldin
    • @DustMaster Flex Would you like to lose an opportunity because of someone's sexuality. 🤔

      O BlackO Black10 kun oldin
    • You're not a slave.

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex10 kun oldin
  • Unpopular opinion as a black trans woman. I've rarely met an openly racist LGBT member( not saying they're not out there) sadly I've experienced transphobia, and homophobia from many in the black community. That saddens me deeply.

    J. Dev.J. Dev.26 kun oldin
    • As a 40+ year old American, I can remember LBGT Americans back in the 90's that were so SELF CONFIDENT that they were never concerned with anyone else's approval, acceptance or love. LBGT individuals and groups (back then) such as Act Up were fearless and weren't concerned with public acceptance just the right to be happy. Maybe the LBGT community should go back to this way of thinking.

      Thomas FridayThomas Friday25 kun oldin
  • There is no way that their are more gays than black people worldwide, pierre.

    The SpearThe Spear26 kun oldin
  • Luenell is trying to butter her bread on both sides. Don't hate Luenell for playing the game. She trying to get some checks during these COVID times.

    Legends of Sleepy HollowLegends of Sleepy Hollow26 kun oldin
  • How did LGBT community become the black community? ... our struggle is not the same. Period.

    Somebody Said SomethingSomebody Said Something27 kun oldin
    • @Thomas Friday on gawd! All facts. How ironic...

      Somebody Said SomethingSomebody Said Something20 kun oldin
    • @Lonnie Contreras LBGT Blacks ARE NOT ostracized. Black LBGT are choir leaders in Black churches, are promoted and accepted by Black Hollywood (RuPaul and others) and even have their own LBGT churches and religious leaders. In many families the LBGT are the favorites. Not celebrating someone is NOT the same as hating them and/or wishing failure on them.

      Thomas FridayThomas Friday24 kun oldin
    • You’re right but black people in the lgbt spectrum suffer more than straight black people because they are ostracized by their own community.

      Lonnie ContrerasLonnie Contreras25 kun oldin
  • Without Bayard Rustin who was a gay black man we wouldn't have had the Civil Rights movement nor the March on Washington. We BLACK LGBTQIA+ have ALWAYS been in history so relax on the AgeNdA talk okkkk.

    Rings Of BlayzeRings Of Blayze27 kun oldin
    • @DustMaster Flex BLACK LGBTQIA+ people exist and we've done a lot for the community just ask Harriet Tubman

      Rings Of BlayzeRings Of Blayze9 kun oldin
    • @DustMaster Flex uh huh!!!! And here you are a "sane", person upset over a FACT lol take that up with history. You know when folks say that it's only because the person was right and people like you have no response of substance. Lmfaoo do you really think igaf about people wanting to be around me? Chile you best grow up 😂😂😂😂😂.

      Rings Of BlayzeRings Of Blayze9 kun oldin
    • @Rings Of Blayze No one sane or normal wants you around.

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex10 kun oldin
    • @Rings Of Blayze Nothing worthwhile from your camp. Disappear.

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex10 kun oldin
    • @DustMaster Flex nothing intelligent or tangible go pick up a book.

      Rings Of BlayzeRings Of Blayze10 kun oldin
  • But Lunell has spoken up about Black issues she actually cares for us, unlike y’all

    Prince OnyxPrince Onyx27 kun oldin
  • Celebrities are here to enforce a lifestyle. It’s a part of their paycheck for programming the masses. Wake up.

    lizz lewislizz lewis27 kun oldin
  • I am with Luenell. There are Black people in the LGBTIAQ community. You can be both LGBTQ and Black. People don't wanna reconcile that fact because they are homophobic and transphobic. They preach BLM but torment their own people who are part of the LGBTIAQ. If we'd stand with the LGBTQ community, we would be a lot further than we are. We need to stop nitpicking who belongs to the Black community. Pierre is right, we are all Black and racism isn't the only layer of oppression that hurts us. The progressiveness of thr LGBTQ community doesn't happen because of White people, it happened because of Black LGBTQ people who took risks and.fought. 70% of the POSE cast is essentially Black people and People of Colour. Oppression Olympics are so tiring.

    oratile tsimatsimaoratile tsimatsima27 kun oldin
  • Much respect to Capone

    Akilah AshaAkilah Asha27 kun oldin
  • So they want to ignore the Real BEEF Between The Gay & Black community BUCK BREAKING. That came from the Gay Community~ Wilmrbadguy

    WilmrbadguyWilmrbadguy27 kun oldin
  • Imagine Biden saying "if you dont vote for me you ain't Trans" and then getting elected. *We ain't shit*

    The Unpopular OpinionThe Unpopular Opinion27 kun oldin
  • Luenell is correct.....

    Kealani WilliamsKealani Williams27 kun oldin
  • I'm a Heterosexual Black Man but I get ridiculed for pushing the SBM agenda (Strong Black Man) I'm being toxic or chauvinistic or too aggressive. Its a no win for me and other brothers but Luenell atleast you'll have GLAAD to back you up. Pierre appreciate your logic you gotta take the slaps with the hugs.

    Lee CeeLee Cee27 kun oldin
  • People were not put into chattel slavery because of their sexual orientation, so no, the struggle is not the same Pierre.

    maxxfatalmaxxfatal28 kun oldin
  • Capone speaks the truth. We as black people are divided in so many different ways we don't need that we need to come together

    Ced VonCed Von28 kun oldin
  • This comment section is so sad. This is why minorities don't get anything. Not because of white supremacy, but because all minority groups do is fight each other instead of fighting the power. That's why white people will always have supremacy. They stick together no matter what 😑

    TheRedScareTheRedScare28 kun oldin
  • Making the defense claim of the BLM movement is up for a nobel prize is like white people saying we had a black president. The LGBTQ community are having some LAWS CHANGE in their favor. Can you say the same for black people other than decloration of indipendence or stoping jim crow? And btw still find a away to screw us over either way after

    The M.U.D.The M.U.D.28 kun oldin
  • Listen y’all luenell is not racial loyal, she don’t give af about her ppl. U have to look at ppl for who they are and not who you want them to be. case and point, when everyone was mad 😡 at what DjVlad said about The NOI she went up there to do Interviews for him. While everyone was boycotting him

    Ikeem GreenIkeem Green28 kun oldin
    • That part

      Kim Conic713Kim Conic71318 kun oldin
  • Black issues over lgbtq issues

    Bowlow 3sumBowlow 3sum28 kun oldin
  • More divide and rule

    EseibioEseibio28 kun oldin
  • Both sides. Are wrong

    EseibioEseibio28 kun oldin
  • Im with Capone... shitz gotta stop and get back to the ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MrAlex3132003MrAlex313200328 kun oldin
  • Leuenel has that right. People have their own thoughts. I personally don't care for the lifestyle, but, to each his own and on judgement day they have to face the consequences of their lifestyle. No one else.

    Cassandra DennisCassandra Dennis28 kun oldin
  • Luenell is gay I think,no child is gay unless some senseless adult makes them period

    kampturnup Summer Adventureskampturnup Summer Adventures28 kun oldin
  • I agree with Luenell she can put whatever she want on her page you can support more than one thing at a time.

    Keisha DoeKeisha Doe28 kun oldin
  • Look at Flame Monroe’s interview on The Breakfast Club. She is old school. A lot of these millennial gays got mad at her because she told the truth and said why is the gay community trying to push this on us (heterosexuals). Biden is proof that the alphabet people are more important that us. So was Obama. They both made sure they passed laws to protect them. You are Black FIRST before you are gay anyway. So, stop combining the struggles!! It’s really the millennial alphabet people that are sensitive and pushing all this. Old school gay people like my uncle, cousin and brother are a different breed as they explained to me and actually told me that their community is annoying, pushy and embarrassing a lot of times.

    Cyndi757Cyndi75728 kun oldin
  • Bro y’all hate black gay ppl so much it’s crazy. We’ll never progress smh

    team jacobteam jacob28 kun oldin
  • Not everyone can hide their gayness...

    Ryan J. MillsRyan J. Mills28 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂 Bro your pic speaks pretty loud for you. And still at the end of the day we don’t care who u sleep with and how you reach your sexual climax. Live your life! We are pointing out that what turns you on doesn’t improve our overall community situation.

      Robert ThomasRobert Thomas24 kun oldin
  • Y’all do know LGBTQ people do exist in the Black community, right??? Y’all do know James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Lorraine Hansberry, Bayard Rustin, and many other Black LGBTQ people paved the way for you??? Y’all do know that the LGBTQ Pride Celebration was created by a Black Transwoman, right???

    Ryan J. MillsRyan J. Mills28 kun oldin
  • Who else was waiting on the gay chick in the hat to respond? I KNEW she was going to "gay babble" in her answer 🤣

    Bust Back TVBust Back TV28 kun oldin
    • How did she put down her blackness for her gayness. That sounds so fucken ignorant.

      Brandon WilliamsBrandon Williams17 kun oldin
    • It was interesting to see her put down her blackness for her gayness. And her statement about blm.... isn't that also a gay movement on there own page state how they are against "cisgender".

      Dana YoungDana Young26 kun oldin
  • Luenell KEEPS her ALF looking as on VladTv & yall think she's REALLY down for any REAL black agenda?...yeah ok Shes gonna be telling our people to take the VACCINE in a minute. ⏳

    Bust Back TVBust Back TV28 kun oldin
  • I take everything the two that got bussy stain on they face with a grain of salt

    Mr. JodyMr. Jody28 kun oldin
  • Her reaction was very valid!!

    Devon williamsDevon williams28 kun oldin
  • If Black Lives Matter to you that means ALL Black lives, there's no asterisk. It is is possible to be BOTH Black and LGBTQ

    jillmac2000jillmac200028 kun oldin
    • I thought we were addressing the unarmed killings of Black people by Police (who were exclusively STRAIGHT). When and where did this "Black Lives Matter" phrase and movement pivot to lifestyle rights/protection???

      Thomas FridayThomas Friday25 kun oldin
  • Please only a fool would believe that this country we’ll ever go positive on Gay people. It’s not a Black or white thing it’s Gay if you will. Gay and Heterosexuals are different. You cannot flaunt gay rights in a heterosexual community. Gays should stay in their lane they are human yes but they are gay not heterosexual and their gender is different. The gay community like most communities in this country USA that is a piggybacking on the movement of Hello Social blacks

    James JohnsonJames Johnson28 kun oldin
  • She can post and say whatever she want cuz it’s her page! Don’t follow her if u got issue

    I Make Movies-Mobile Film SchoolI Make Movies-Mobile Film School28 kun oldin
  • I wish Black folks (US) would understand that it black gay folks and YES we do need to talk about the LGBTQ community within our community. I’m sick of this shit...stop conflating shit

    Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson28 kun oldin
    • @Benjamin Johnson No. Leave.

      DustMaster FlexDustMaster Flex10 kun oldin
    • And yes OUR issues as black folks are important, but that also included the right and fights of Gay and Transgender African Americans

      Benjamin JohnsonBenjamin Johnson28 kun oldin
  • She trynna get her oscar lol,I'm not suprise they was gonna get her sooner anyway lunelle been sold out

    Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey28 kun oldin
  • Well you sharing your life on social media expect commentary from your followers!

    adaboy4zadaboy4z28 kun oldin
  • 'LGBTQ+U' 😂😂😂

    damnationdamnation28 kun oldin