Mo'Nique And Janet Hubert Make Comebacks After Being Labeled 'Outspoken'

20-Apr, 2021
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For a new episode of The CH News Show, Pierre & Rita Brent call in to the studio to speak with Symphony Thompson on Monique and Janet Hubert's latest. Both actresses have made some noteworthy strives after dealing with criticism within the industry. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • Was never a big fan of "fresh prince" but if any person could be easily replaced it was her, you cant recast carlton or uncle Phil

    Telaney ShayTelaney Shay6 kun oldin
  • Pierre is WAY off. If he doesn't know exactly what went down why is he being asked the question and why is he trying to answer it? He brings nothing to the conversation except sarcasm.

    Final1 FantasyFinal1 Fantasy7 kun oldin
  • Who really going to go see Monique she's not funny

    Donnell ChinaDonnell China12 kun oldin
  • You're only "outspoken" when certain people feel you shouldn't have a voice at all; and are frankly scared to hear the truth that you'll speak. 🤷🏿‍♂️🍵😒

    Greg DGreg D12 kun oldin
  • No, I don't think it paid off; for either one of them..If, they think so...That's all that matters. However, they both had every right to speak their mind. I think, its ashame; Monique and Janet Hubert, were both black balled for simply speaking their mind. As black women, we are always treated unfairly. I commend, both women for staying strong. I wish, the best of luck to both women. Well, deserved!! I'm routing, for you ladies. Both are talented. Should've, never had to endure the harsh treatment they received for speaking their mind.. #lovestrongblackwomen

    Deeper BeautyDeeper Beauty15 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna need Pierre to do some research before he starts talking.

    KadeejiaDeniseKadeejiaDenise15 kun oldin
  • YES 🙌🏽

    Mark GibbsMark Gibbs15 kun oldin
  • Stop it with the fake drinking

    cory ddpcory ddp16 kun oldin
  • These comments seems to be going at Pierre and I think he's feeling the pressure. Relax people he doesn't have any more movies to do so he needs this work

    cory ddpcory ddp16 kun oldin
  • James Avery said it the best when he said the name of the show was fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The way it works is the better actor is the one that can bring in the revenue. There are some terrible actors like marky Mark but they keep giving him movies because......well I really don't know but I guess it's because people will watch. Monique could have done her own stand-up specials like a lot of comedians and put them out herself or just go on the road like a lot of comedians. Most people consider themselves actors are working at some coffee shop. Part of the work of acting is getting in a position where a lot of eyeballs can see you so even if you don't make a lot of money off a movie or a project you can sell yourself in other ventures. What I'm saying is these two women are dumb and you can call it what you want but that is just factual. If you're going to play in Fantasyland Hollywood then you have to actually play the game unless you're the one with the studio and the one who has the distribution contract.

    cory ddpcory ddp16 kun oldin
  • Janet Hubert and Monique did nothing wrong! In fact, they demonstrated everything we have been taught by our parents, elders, teachers, and other influential people in our lives. The hypocrisy is the response we get from so many when we practice what we have been taught to do. Janet and Monique spoke their sincere beliefs and convictions and were willing to stand on them and not back down to anyone--regardless of the negative and devastating consequences they understood in advance that they could and eventually did face. These women made a resolve, stood firm, persevered and allowed NOTHING to shake or move them from their stance. Time and tenacity has borne Janet and Monique out and now I am so happy and in awe of these two ladies for knocking off the dust that people threw at them, shaking the entertainment industry dust of hypocrisy off of their feet, and for getting back into doing what they are gifted and destined to do. I would love to be in audiences of some of their future performances.

    Willie MorrowWillie Morrow16 kun oldin
  • Monique return to the stage? What will be her ticket sales? If it's not over 500,000 she is simply surviving in that world and Netflix won't pay her less. The Fresh Prince of Bel-air cast member is the only one who suffered because of a spoiled colorized brat who created a hostile environment then blackballed her. Monique was offered what her last ticket sales/last job/show she did worth 500,000.

    Karen JacksonKaren Jackson16 kun oldin
  • Black men don’t speak up, just like this brother didn’t speak up, thatˋs why ? I am glad the sister did not back down.

    Monica GreenMonica Green16 kun oldin
  • Comlubs short black balled

    Theo WalkerTheo Walker16 kun oldin
  • Yesssss Monique 🤗yesssss Ma'am 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Ms WmsMs Wms17 kun oldin
  • Will smith should be payin aunt vivi for gettin her black balled and tyler p, daniel and oprah needs to fix it

    Chef J.CChef J.C17 kun oldin
  • I guess that Netflix boycott didn't workout?! Should've been doing shows on the road than worrying about the next comedians pockets! Nobody cares about your oscar and what YOU deserve...They care about can YOU do for me NOW. A oscar in a dramatic role doesn't translate into viewership in comedy. Stop telling people what you deserve and get on the road and show them. That's how she started the hustle doesn't stop in the comic business...she forgot that's a brutal and unforgiving business!

    William BoltonWilliam Bolton17 kun oldin
  • Actually Monique never left. Every year she did a show at for Mother’s Day , she had a residency in Vegas , she was going to do a bigger show before the pandemic. I’ve always called her the “Rosa Parks” of Comedy . She decided not to get up off of her truth and those who are coming behind her is going to reap the benefits and I’m looking forward to them reaching back/over to pay homage. I’ve personally attended two of her shows and was a special guest meaning I received access to back stage. She gets some of the best food , we get the best seats and meet some amazing people including her. This woman takes an additional 2 hours after the shows to love on her fans face to face. Just mind blowing. I watched her and learned a lot. HER CHARACTER will keep her and allow her to continue to move forward in this business with her integrity in tact. Last show I attended I sat with Richard Pryor Jr and my acting coach in the balcony. Just the 3 of us. Year before that I was in the front row face to face. It was the best experience I’ve had with someone who has dominated HollyWood. I would have never thought in a million years I would have had that opportunity. It was worth it. Thank you the great Stephen Edwards for bringing me and to MoNique for allowing us to join you. Oh , did I mention we partied afterwards at a local establishment. It was a respectful , epic night.

    Danni MDanni M17 kun oldin
    • *she did a show at the Apollo

      Danni MDanni M17 kun oldin
  • The difference between a fool and a wise person is a fool dose not know when to speak, and when not to speak, sadly strong emotions interfere with critical thinking we must think things out before we 🙊

    Christopher FoxChristopher Fox17 kun oldin
  • Everybody needs to stop sugarcoating the situation, She was another typical black woman who ran off at the mouth and didn’t appreciate her worthless role, The nerve of a black woman to run her mouth especially a dark skin women and that’s why they made the clear statement by replacing her with a light skin African American to intentionally and despicably disrespectfully replace her and make a statement

    SG T.VSG T.V17 kun oldin
  • No, it didn't pay off to be outspoken. Their lives were ruined. They lost their livelihood. That's the wrong question. The question should be was it worth it?

    Diversity CouncilDiversity Council17 kun oldin
  • The Hollywood code word is she is difficult that’s what they say about black women

    Jon dinisioJon dinisio17 kun oldin
  • Mississippi is ready for you Monique. We love you💞💞

    Tameka ZinnermanTameka Zinnerman18 kun oldin
  • Pierre is either misinformed or a dummy for pay.

    Legends of Sleepy HollowLegends of Sleepy Hollow18 kun oldin
  • I’m looking forward to seeing Mo back doing her thing. Mrs.Hubert is an Amazing talent, unfortunately the risk didn’t out weigh the benefit here. I do say we definitely respect them for their stance, so it’s a matter of prospective.

    Mandrell LittleMandrell Little18 kun oldin
  • I don't think that being outspoken is connected to them getting jobs now.The most that it did, is keeping from getting money the way they are used to so sometimes it's good to speak but not be loud

    comedian see no evilcomedian see no evil18 kun oldin
  • Happy for them!!!!! He should have watched Will and Janet's explanation before commenting. They cleared a lot of misconceptions up.

    Car BroCar Bro18 kun oldin
  • 3:32 miss me with that gender-thing. As if black men dont get blackballed when they speak out? Muhammad Ali for refusing the Vietnam era draft? Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf for refusing to stand for the National anthem in 1996? Craig Hodges when he delivered a letter to President George H.W. Bush in 1992 critiquing America's domestic policies on black people? These folks always wanna make it a gendered argument as if black men got it easy. Stuff like that is why feminists dont get any respect in my book, just like the black conservatives(and some liberals) they allow themselves to be manipulated by the mainstream society against the black community.

    willia3rwillia3r18 kun oldin
  • Take Pierre off the show. He's an ass in every episode, he's the Comedy Hype equivalent of Kevin Samuels.

    Lena BuggsLena Buggs18 kun oldin
  • A Actress in a oscar winning movies successful tv show and a pro stand up comedian and u want her to work for free!!??!! WTF

    Thurston Howell the 3rdThurston Howell the 3rd19 kun oldin

    Thurston Howell the 3rdThurston Howell the 3rd19 kun oldin
  • Good!!! Fuck Tyler Perry and Will Smith for trying to crush these women's careers

    Thurston Howell the 3rdThurston Howell the 3rd19 kun oldin
  • Naw don’t get aunt Viv confused with Monique Janet was treated unfairly Monique wanted money she isn’t worth

    Keandre GreenKeandre Green19 kun oldin
  • 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽TO BOTH OF YOU.

    Robert WigginsRobert Wiggins19 kun oldin
  • Black men and women get treated as the angry black “blank” when ever we speak up.

    Pharaoh AvalonPharaoh Avalon19 kun oldin
  • WTF is Pierre talking about????? And the other 2 wasnt much better. DO SOME research on the subjects before you speak.geesh smh

    Damien WilliamsDamien Williams19 kun oldin
  • Great luck to both of these Extraordinary Amazing women, They definitely deserve it 😊👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

    Beverly WaitsBeverly Waits19 kun oldin
  • Being outspoken is a risk?!? Nobody wants to go through that for being outspoken? Rita? Yes some people don’t suck up for money or comfort. Muhammad Ali and Keapernick comes to mind for 1

    Travis BrownTravis Brown19 kun oldin
  • I would hate to have Pierre as a friend. He is a Pendulum, he swings to whatever side that appears to be winning. That is the type of person who does not stand on his principals, he stands on jello

    Wendy WilliamsWendy Williams19 kun oldin
  • No idea why this came up on my feed😂

    S MarshallS Marshall19 kun oldin
  • Watch where you plant your feet! Meaning... Evaluate your circumstances then TALk!

    Namor DrakeNamor Drake19 kun oldin
  • I have almost zero respect for black Hollywood and black athletes. Not because they don't speak out on a lot of black issues but because they usually tap dance around black issues whenever they do speak out. Id respect you more if you say nothing. I understand you don't want to mess up your bag by calling out these white racist but don't pretend to be down for black causes when you really don't have integrity. Janet and Monique are rare ones in black Hollywood and they deserve to be supported by the black community.

    Big RushBig Rush19 kun oldin
  • Only black people would question whether or not standing up for your rights is worth it. Y’all are more concerned with money than anything and that’s why most of us have no principles. And to think, some of you idiots actually praise Martin Luther King Jr. but still walk around in his shadows acting as if money should be the reason you don’t stand for something. We as a people have to do better.

    Robert ParsonsRobert Parsons20 kun oldin
  • Why won't ya'll get rid of damn pierre already kmt

    101ladii101ladii20 kun oldin
  • Lemme just say, Rita. Yum. Moniques pic with the fist and the fro??? Perfection.

    U WilberforceU Wilberforce20 kun oldin
  • 👏👏👏👏

    WOLF CHIEFWOLF CHIEF20 kun oldin
  • I like the show The OG and I think Janet will make a great addition to the cast. 👏🏾 Pierre rubs me the wrong way. 😒

    NycBeautyNycBeauty20 kun oldin
  • Yaaayyy😂😂😂😂

    MamaGigi UKMamaGigi UK20 kun oldin
  • It's not a gender thing. Black men are also perceived as being angry and often times, more than black women. There are several male and female actors whom have been blacklisted. Joe Pesci is one of them. Some actors and actresses have been labeled as difficult to work with. But I blame Will Smith fir the demise of her career. But I also believe that his arrogance at the time, could have been the same results with some of other cast members, due to him being the main actor on that show.

    Epics SevenEpics Seven20 kun oldin
  • Janet Hubert was on the show for three season so clearly she didn't have any issues with Will not being at her caliber as an actor. She knew going in that he was not on the same level as she was as did James Avery and Alfonso Ribiero who also had a name of his own and a nice career at that time. All of these people were trained actors and they were hired to carry Will who was not an actor but who was the star. Happens all of the time in Hollywood. Janet Huber felt that her contribution to the show as a main player entitled her to a certain salary and she was right. Hollywood has never respected black people and are only respecting us now because we have control on some levels now. It wasn't ever about being outspoken about Will's talent. Monique is Monique. She has never changed, has always kept it real and I am sure she always will. And if she comes back in any role, she will be supported because black people respect her mainly because she respects herself.

    GLWGLW20 kun oldin
  • She’s going to kill it

    Lane livingLane living20 kun oldin
  • Y'all REALLY need to stop asking Pierre anything if he's not knowledgeable on the subject. Janet Hubert was not removed because she said Will was unprofessional. This is literally decades old and he STILL doesn't know the situation??

    Essence NicoleEssence Nicole20 kun oldin
  • #symphonythirst

    Mista ShortstrokeMista Shortstroke20 kun oldin
  • Good for them

    Kimberly WoolfolkKimberly Woolfolk20 kun oldin
  • Janet is still so gorgeous, I love my dark skin women

    James TalbertJames Talbert20 kun oldin
  • Both women are amazing plus talented💛⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💛💛💛💛⭐⭐

    Melinda MullinsMelinda Mullins20 kun oldin
  • Janet, respectfully, as talented as you are and your understanding of theatre, you know who the theatre and Hollywood function. The reality of homosexual and lesbians paradigm will always prevail over talent. Like In will Smith’s case. You were on a show and probably better to make money and continue your acting career, which should have been an awesome trajectory. Hopefully, now it will be. There were no reason to have issues with Will Smith. He was not worth it. Why not vent on the producers instead of Will Smith, their the ultimate ones responsible. Everyone in that world like yourself have paid dues. Trust me will Smith has paid industry/ritual dues. Heavy dues. Ma’am I wish you the best moving forward and may your talent allow you to earn the credit your due.

    gerome bennettgerome bennett20 kun oldin
  • Here we go with the gender Oppression Olympics most Black women always default to when a dissenting opinion is introduced...😒😑

    Lppolymath90Lppolymath9020 kun oldin
  • Who is this guy talking about aunt viv..who dis??

    JOKANI1977JOKANI197720 kun oldin
  • Rita is always on her game and she always tries to look at the full picture.

    Glow DollGlow Doll20 kun oldin
  • Neither of them wanted to lay down for the homosexual elites. That's why Pierre has to watch his mouth. Will Smith and Tyler Perry black balled them for telling the truth.

    Julius KaneJulius Kane20 kun oldin
  • y'all need to give Peeyear 6 months holidays and replace him with Amanda seales. Peeyear's brain configuration is that of a caucasian . his surface level approach on all things black is tiresome and particularly because he is a much older guy and he is fossilized in his thinking and ads zero value as a result. Use this dude sparingly and only when you need to fill blanks because he is just that really.

    Lechiffresix sixLechiffresix six20 kun oldin
  • Please find a replacement for Pierre. Thank you.

    But That's None Of My BusinessBut That's None Of My Business20 kun oldin
  • ☺🤗I love this

    V FryV Fry20 kun oldin
  • Even Will Smith admitted that he was being immature...he was young....snd he apologized.

    Perenthia BrownPerenthia Brown20 kun oldin
  • That's Good Mo'nique And Janet Hubert Is Going Back Too Love What They Love Too

  • They are beautiful and at peace. I Love mo's Grey 🔥and how she embracing it and most importantly she is still SEXY and young and refreshed faced....GO GIRL!!😙🌟

    Tameka AndersonTameka Anderson20 kun oldin
  • I think blaming one thing in your life for years as the reason for not succeeding is a choice, refusing to be on a show is a choice, biting the hand that feeds you is a choice. If you make a stand don’t blame others if you don’t get your way. If was the star she thought she was why didn’t she return to Broadway? I am happy for her but she could have squashed her beef years ago rather than holding on to that pain. She could have been a mentor or found ways to make suggestions with it being her way or the highway. People forget Jeffery came from the same background why didn’t he quit?

    Lee ELee E20 kun oldin
  • Janet Hubert look like a older version of Ari Lennox 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Justin MckinneyJustin Mckinney20 kun oldin
  • Who cares what Rita has to say. Get rid of that butter biscuit chasing clown.

    Gavin WalcottGavin Walcott20 kun oldin
  • The dude don't know anything concrete about Viv. He don't know how it went down. It don't make it okay to do that to someone's career. Men demand their price all the time so why should they not?

    Dreama19Dreama1921 kun oldin
  • We all the same age,but sometimes its time to let it go,walmart is hiring.

    Erik BridgesErik Bridges21 kun oldin
  • Aunt viv bad ..dont judge me

    S-Class EntertainmentS-Class Entertainment21 kun oldin
  • Janet Hubert is aging backwards

    Cedric WheelerCedric Wheeler21 kun oldin
  • There was something strange about this broadcast.

    swhite5656swhite565621 kun oldin
  • I think people are missing the point. When you are black and outspoken it is a problem. Now white people are outspoken all the time and they still have their careers. Your outspokenness only affects you when you are black because people feel like you should be grateful for the opportunity. Janet and monique was done wrong and I am glad these ladies are back working!!

    Fila BookwormFila Bookworm21 kun oldin
  • I think the issue wasn't so much Will's inexperience it was his inexperience coupled with his arrogance. He was young but made a move that almost ruined someone's life. Janet is a huge talent and deserves to be back doing what she loves.

    Rae BaylorRae Baylor21 kun oldin
    • Exactly! Will, was totally wrong for that. His apology was 30 years over due. That was definitely, his arrogance and ego..He should be helping Janet Hurbert out now. Since, he didnt help her then..Took, her career away for over 30 years..Wow! Being black balled is no joke .

      Deeper BeautyDeeper Beauty15 kun oldin
  • I just love how they are both aging gracefully and beautifully ❤️

    DaijaMonroeDaijaMonroe21 kun oldin
  • 💝

    Jennie JanineJennie Janine21 kun oldin
  • I thought MoNique was still in Las Vegas doing her thing?

    Sam CookSam Cook21 kun oldin
  • I’m so happy that Janet is back on television again and Congratulations to Mo’nique as well. I wish them nothing but the best!

    Mister D’s NewsMister D’s News21 kun oldin
  • Queens stand up rise up congrats to ur both yes 👍 👏

    Darren DavisDarren Davis21 kun oldin
  • Monique and her to do a talk show about women's of truth are women's who keeping it real

    Darren DavisDarren Davis21 kun oldin
  • Pierre doesn't know what he's talking about! Why do Black people publicly talk about other people's situations without doing any real research! First Brotha go do your due diligence in research. She did not just speak out against Will Smith being be unprofessional as a diva. Will Smith was being a knuckle head because he was so young, inexperienced and clowning on set. She's was/is old enough to be his Mother and he should have at least respected her as his eldress enough to listen to her perspective and try to work things out in wh#te HO-LIEwood. Did he not watch the two special reunion interviews especially the segment when she and Will Smith made up.

    TiWanTiWa AbibimanTiWanTiWa Abibiman21 kun oldin
  • People can take the truth from these women's my queens won't let ur cheat them or play them or get over on them they rather be broke and poor homeless without ur taken advantage of them wake up stand up rise up my black nation 🙏

    Darren DavisDarren Davis21 kun oldin
  • Yes my 2 beautiful black queens yes lord. Be the voices of all voices ur are the heart and soul of tv. Make a strong healthy comeback and safe one industry is wicked and evil. And snakes 🐍

    Darren DavisDarren Davis21 kun oldin
  • Glad that they both will be working again.

    NHKNNHKN21 kun oldin
  • Good for Janet...Monique will always be blackballed in Hollywood. She handled herself without class. Glad she did not get the apology she so tirelessly sought after. Again, good for Aunt Viv!

    google usergoogle user21 kun oldin
  • Both 👍🏾as far as Janet she went to the fresh prince show meaning the show was about WILL so she made her own bed, I am glad she is working now but I do not think she has learned after that experience

    Ebony FairEbony Fair21 kun oldin
  • A Pierre is wearing that dress a good pay off?

    Steven JenkinsSteven Jenkins21 kun oldin
  • Yesssssssss!!!!!!! I LOVE The Last OG!!! EXCELLENT! YASSSS Auntie Mo!!!!! Whewwww

    K. D.K. D.21 kun oldin
  • It's so easy to say I don't have enough details on the story to give an opinion. Pierre is truly off with his commentary.

    chantelle williamschantelle williams21 kun oldin
  • Why is Pierre always talking about people? He sounds ignorant.

    Leisa BrunnerLeisa Brunner21 kun oldin
  • She gone always be my Ant Viv

    AllBullAsideAllBullAside21 kun oldin
  • It's obvious that that man hate women and doesn't know what he's talking about even Will Smith came out an apologize because he was wrong. It wasn't her fault it was Will power hungry behind

    James Hart JrJames Hart Jr21 kun oldin
  • They were labeled “Difficult” not outspoken. Difficult is a harsher term in that industry, in any industry. Also, Monique always continued to do comedy on the road until the pandemic.

    Khandi BaughKhandi Baugh21 kun oldin
  • Janet Hubert is SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

    pookiewoodpookiewood21 kun oldin
  • But it's perfectly okay for a man to make the same complaints and still be called " Mister" at the end of the day. Both women had legitimate complaints and I would've watched ANY PROGRAM that these ladies acted in. I admire both of these ladies for standing up for themselves.

    Annony MissyAnnony Missy21 kun oldin
  • Being outspoken can sometimes get u in trouble simply bcuz everyone doesn't wanna hear where or how you got somewhere..🤷‍♂️ If you're an actor or actress than do your job and leave it at that, bcuz that's why they brought u there.....they didn't bring her in to criticize other people on the show or their talents either. Everybody at one time or another has worked with people they didn't think were qualified or whatever the case...ijs.

    Tommy CarterTommy Carter21 kun oldin
  • Ms Janet is looking FI YI YINE.

    Kim CapriKim Capri21 kun oldin