Nick Cannon Breaks Silence On Being Called A "Sell Out" - CH News

7-Apr, 2021
82 674 Ko‘rishlar soni - Nick Cannon is now talking as Wild N' Out sets to return to MTV. If you can recall, Cannon's hit show would be pulled from air after making controversial remarks. Pierre and Symphony Thomposon discuss. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • Vile man.

    LEOLEO9 kun oldin
  • Pierre has been on Corey’s UZworld show and he was talking just as scared as Nick. Look up the episode guys.

    Bout my scrillaBout my scrilla11 kun oldin
  • Monique has more Power

    Tobe meTobe me14 kun oldin
  • Nice speech but every black person knows deep down what he was supposed to do, it is what it is. This is the very reason why Malcolm X said don't idolize these folk in the community in that way. Nick Cannon can't save black folk so let's stop expecting him to. Man gotta put away for his kids

    mrceadmrcead14 kun oldin
  • Nick offended Jews, who run the entertainment industry, so it was either grovel or get blackballed. I just don't like the way he tried to couch it with some sort of "community building" angle. U needed to keep working bra just be honest. His expenses are likely high as hell and he needs that revenue.

    mazzb305mazzb30515 kun oldin
  • Didn’t Nick Cannon say yt women were a sign of success🧐 I’m not surprised he back tracked😭Majority of these black celebrities are sell outs and a waste of time 🙄

    divinelycreated4himdivinelycreated4him16 kun oldin
  • Nick is the dude who would lead a bunch of black folks into a war, and when the first bullet wizz through be the one to turn around and run the other direction. He has never been a leader. He is a pit bull with no teeth. You can say what you want but he has done nothing but talk shit, then hide behind his friends and money.

    florian1049florian104917 kun oldin
  • Lol Hawjee Cannon don't have any power the white supremacists gave him the wake up call cause they own his business.

    FananimationFananimation18 kun oldin
  • He saying play the game. We saying flip the table. #GameOver! Nick shouldn'tve opened his mouth if he wasn't gon stand on it! But I'm glad they do humiliation rituals and the like so we can separate the butter biscuits from the meats and potatoes.

    QUEEN kandyceQUEEN kandyce18 kun oldin
  • Cannon handled that situation very well in my opinion. Yes, you should never go back on you word but also if he has actually done work trying to give back with his money he needs to be recognized for that instead of being called names constantly

    The Davis DimensionThe Davis Dimension19 kun oldin
  • Symphony so MF Beautiful 😍😍😍

    Black FairchildBlack Fairchild19 kun oldin
  • You cant walk in another mans shoes! Mind our own business and stay out of others.... By: Soo E Soss

    SooESossSooESoss21 kun oldin
  • This aint about power or money kill that shit cuz

    Jody JoJody Jo21 kun oldin
  • Ali would be disappointed period

    Jody JoJody Jo21 kun oldin
  • Nick did it to himself....being an activist cost something, and trying to do that in the entertainment industry is like trying to mix oil and water...know your role and stay in your lane...

    Marquies RileyMarquies Riley21 kun oldin
  • Nick cannon is the man ✊🏾

    MacMac21 kun oldin
  • Them florida boys should've laced yo fronts

  • Nick you are intelligent and successful do what you feel is right!!!! You are an awesome Brother! Much Love

    Janet PooleJanet Poole22 kun oldin
  • She's fine Af

    AzizAziz22 kun oldin
  • When Nick set before the executives they took out the cup and spoon and tapped it and like in the movie Get Out he was in the sunkin place......

    K CurryK Curry22 kun oldin
  • @pierre @nickcannon Bullshit! Nobody wants to be a martyr

    Donta WrightDonta Wright23 kun oldin
  • Pierre stfu

    Ace Boon KoonAce Boon Koon23 kun oldin
  • When you look in his eyes you can see the pain of knowing he has sold out. You can't move our people foward if you apologize for speaking truth. To say he apologized for saying something that hurt them that's even some bull because they always put out things and do things to hurt us and they don't feel the need to apologize. We can't be uplifted when black men want a pat on the head and approval from the White men . In my opinion

    Joanna MrsJoanna Mrs23 kun oldin
  • Why tf do y'all keep calling Pierre?? Who is he ?? I dont necessarily disagree with everything he says but why him????

    Mariah J.Mariah J.24 kun oldin
  • What Pierre said is why I personally believe a lot of famous people do what they do they figure or are told you know your people not going to support you and we can prove how easy it is to separate them on a large scale and you going to risk it all for them?

    Cryptic ParableCryptic Parable24 kun oldin
  • This segment of Comedy Hype is a testament to Entertainers only loyalty being for the "personal bag." Nick Cannon told the truth and then backed off of truth. Scholarship is more important than entertainment and most Entertainers can't spell "INTEGRITY." I didn't realize how light weight that COMEDY HYPE is until this particular segment. Professor Griff is a scholar with receipts that are easily researchable on the subject matter. But dumbing down for personal bags is the taste of losers.

    misterezra1misterezra124 kun oldin
  • Nick is always all over the place

    Emerson EEmerson E25 kun oldin
  • The title should be watch Corey keep begging Nick while continuing to say shit to get him back in trouble with them people..

    Tasha JonesTasha Jones25 kun oldin
  • I have to ask whats gonna progress us more. Nick Cannon standing on what he said or him apologizing to get the bag to provide more opportunities for our people😑? How much has Nick giving back prior to this with all the millions he already made? 🤔 In of the day Nick dont owe us a dime. These are just questions. He most likely flick a few crumbs back as I suspect he always have.#crumbs🤷🏾‍♂️

    Damien WilliamsDamien Williams25 kun oldin
  • But what’s actually sad is that if he hadn’t apologized and lost everything and everyone he employs lost their jobs then what?? everyone who has something to say, THEN WHAT?? y’all talk a lot of shit but never talking any solutions. Smh

    Amanda MAmanda M25 kun oldin
  • Smart play, Nick. Don't worry about what these idiots think. I see the bigger picture. The shit chess, not checkers. ✊🏾

    K!ng K@ineK!ng K@ine25 kun oldin
  • Nick Cannon Told the Naked TRUTH the last time! He told the TRUTH and got the BOOT!

    Stuart k. NelsonStuart k. Nelson26 kun oldin
  • You could probably take 50 of these celebrities and they wouldn't equal just one Dick Gregory. That man sacrificed it all for the movement of our people. 100% soldier nothing more no less.

    TYR FREETYR FREE26 kun oldin
  • Nick Cannon apologized because he fucked up in the first place. There is nobody else at fault except Nick cannon. I'm very surprised that a supposedly smart businessman like himself did not know how to interview professor Griff. If you really about your people and yet you work for the entertainment industry, then you need to be smarter about how you roll unless you're a big time player and nobody can stop you. When you interview professor Griff you let professor Griff speak. You don't have to say shit because Griff is going to say it all. And the very fact that you have professor Griff on your show and letting him talk? Will let everybody know exactly what you're really about. But since Nick had to open his mouth then he had to pay the consequences because he's not a big time player. Nick Cannon did exactly what he was supposed to do because he is not in the position to do anything else but apologize to the people that he works for. Trust people to be who they are and never hold an entertainer and high regard because they will say whatever they need to say for money.

    TYR FREETYR FREE26 kun oldin
  • No one asked Nick to speak for the Black Community. He used his platform, preplanned the message, delivered it the way he wanted to, then backpedaled to keep his money.

    MarkusMarkus26 kun oldin
  • Aint pierre got nothing else to do ca ya'll think we wanna hear from him but we dont....and we as a race dont need this fool.

    101ladii101ladii26 kun oldin
  • Yall seeing it the wrong way. This man is employing alot of people. He was gonna lose money for those people. He backed down for their sake. Nick don't need that money. He's thinking about all the people he's feeding. That's respectable.

    Darrell WilliamsDarrell Williams26 kun oldin
    • You're not even listening to him. He repeatedly said no one intimidated him into backtracking. He apologized because he was wrong. Period.

      Increase PeaceIncrease Peace19 kun oldin
  • For get Nick Cannon he messed up with the black family period.

    Marcia TaylorMarcia Taylor26 kun oldin
  • How many careers in the black community has Nick elevated or given exposure too. I can name 12 easy

    Business Solutions, LLCBusiness Solutions, LLC26 kun oldin
  • Nick is a high-paid employee and puts too much value on people who historically hate our people... We don' need those people period. He apology like 4 times... DAMN

    Amon RaAmon Ra26 kun oldin
  • The sad part is that we come to find out most of these celebrities don't none of their products,and the crazy part is he did that interview with griff hella long ago so why he picked that moment to release it makes you wonder

    james curryjames curry26 kun oldin
  • I disagree with Pierre here. One could argue that if Nick were truly in a position of power then he should've have had enough sense and tact not to even go down the road of having that type of discussion over the internet. If there's really a bigger picture here, then how is it that someone in his position didn't think of that before saying what he said? Bottom line, he made the decision to say what he said in that podcast, therefore, he should have had the intestinal fortitude to stand on it. Don't take a position that you are unwilling to defend.

    Seqenenre Tao IISeqenenre Tao II26 kun oldin
  • I'm of the belief that as a man, when you say something, you stand on it. If you say something and you decide of your own volition that you were wrong and decide to walk back your words, that's one thing. But no one should be able to pressure you into apologizing for something that you chose to say. I like Nick Cannon, I've been a fan of his work for years, but the bottom line is, the way he handled that situation last year he made himself look weak. If you're not man enough to defend a position, don't take it. If Nick didn't have the backbone to stand up to those White Jews who pressured him into walking back his comments, he can't later talk shit about the black community for criticizing him. That just further shows what a coward he is. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    Seqenenre Tao IISeqenenre Tao II26 kun oldin
  • Ha! Why’d you bring this guy on the show to give his opinion? He sound like a damn sellout himself!!! I hate weak and docile men!

    Kwentado MooreKwentado Moore27 kun oldin
  • It only concerns Nick's his decision do what he see's things

    Robert BaileyRobert Bailey27 kun oldin
  • Nick got buck broken plain and simple! Them “folks” made Nick bend the knee for damn near a year like a little b*tch. This Pierre is an absolute fool and all this talk about doing what he had to do is idiotic. What Nick really needed to do was STFU in first place and stay in his Disney lane.

    One VoiceOne Voice27 kun oldin
  • Are you serious nick a sellout hell naw

    jubrieel Jonesjubrieel Jones27 kun oldin
  • This world is getting spooky everyday.

    JayJay27 kun oldin
  • Who apologize to us. Yeah okay.

    JayJay27 kun oldin
  • Yeah OK. So disconnected from the people. Money ain't shit.

    JayJay27 kun oldin
  • 5:50 🎯🎯🎯🎯

    Just SayingJust Saying28 kun oldin
  • That's what's wrong with y'all, You think took much about your"FEELINGS"!

    Saleem I Maliki Musawwir BeySaleem I Maliki Musawwir Bey28 kun oldin
  • Nick a bum and pierre disappointed me with his stance.....first off nick had strong views he spoke about with griff then soon as the heat came he backpedaled even though everybody was willing to support him ......if you cant take peoples criticisms of you dont accept their admiration both are meant to make you grow as a person. Nick also messed up when he been telling this lie about how hes a black businessman that own wildin out and put people on but then you hear stories from people Viacom own wildin out. The problem with THINKING you pimping them is you getting pimped in the process they never gonna put you in a position where you can be on their level unless they got control of you. Everybody knew viacom was dirty and all them jokes about people noting getting paid is true so if they so dirty why would nick put everybody into deals with them.

    Allen YoungAllen Young28 kun oldin
  • These celebrities are compromised. Let the devil have em.

    Greg BonzGreg Bonz28 kun oldin
  • I don't blame Nick for doing what he did because let's face it even though black people are going to call him a sell out those same black people would not have his back. I didn't see any protest in Nick's behave when he lost his jobs but they're quick to kick him. Understand that white people don't want that information out that we are the real Jews. You can be anything else and you won't hear a pep out of white people but the moment you say that your a Jew their response is quick because they don't want so called black people to wake the hell up because according to the Bible when the true Israel wakes up this kingdom is over and the true Israelites kingdom will begin and reign forever and this Babylon The Great will be destroyed. They know the Bible better than the people it was intended for because they teach lies and force Christianity to keep up the lies and face black people don't read because if they did they would know this it's all in the Bible. So I'm not mad at Nick at all.

    Gordon CooperGordon Cooper28 kun oldin
  • When it is war time, entertainers will be doing USO(or BSO). The soldiers fight the war. Do not expect a lot from buck dancing people.

    James BakerJames Baker29 kun oldin
  • I wonder why our people don’t understand that when we talk about private things publicly we’re not doing anything but letting our enemies know our plans?

    Th3RoshowTh3Roshow29 kun oldin
  • Nick cannon: I could feed communities. I could build schools Me: could? 🤔

    states of The unitedstates of The united29 kun oldin
    • There you go. The only person that I heard talk about Nick Cannon and all of the good that he does is lunel and a few of the comedians from wilding out. That's it. Meanwhile there's a Mr LeBron James that has built a school in Akron Ohio.....

      TYR FREETYR FREE26 kun oldin
    • I caught that too

      Tito SowegaTito Sowega26 kun oldin

    Keithlavine MACKKeithlavine MACK29 kun oldin
  • I agree with people on the right and I agree with people on the left.

    James JonesJames Jones29 kun oldin
  • A heux can never be a "pimp" Stop all that "if you ain't in his position etc" hes a public figure that calls himself a "boss" numerous times. Pierre your light skin is showing on this interview.

    The Unpopular OpinionThe Unpopular Opinion29 kun oldin
  • Nick was right to apologize,,,,,The subject nick decided to speak on he did not understand)Abram begot Esmel =arabs ,,,,,Abram begot Isaac=Jews.... Nothing is wrong when you screw up and you apologize ....According to my understanding some of us are the Jews so Isn’t that karma.....One Afrikan love,,,,peace,,,, Balance and Blessings Jha rules every time....

    Delroy JarrettDelroy Jarrett29 kun oldin
  • Pierre you should have thought that when you were talking about the shooting in MO. Hypocrite

    Sukinite ZahraSukinite Zahra29 kun oldin
  • Just being a stand up israelite is the most powerful move that can be used to advance our people. Don't sell your birth right for money if you get my drift. Ms. Monique, thank you for taking a stand, it helps our children to grow strong. As a people, we don't know who we are this is why we are so powerless.

    Paulette StinsonPaulette Stinson29 kun oldin
  • All Of The "Big Three" Faiths' (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) Institutions Are Dominated By White European Men & Informed By White Supremacy. It was a group chastising to the Black man but I could care less b/c the conversation meant a lot more than them making Nick apologize. He can do a lot more good from the inside and Black ppl as a whole have made it clear how they feel.

    rlly_james_smhrlly_james_smh29 kun oldin
    • Islam is dominated by POC not white people. Couldn't even get that right. Plus Judaism isn't even major like Christianity or Islam.

      Increase PeaceIncrease Peace19 kun oldin
  • Dang! Comedy is filled with so much drama. Now I see why they pair them together.

    NappyWayzNappyWayzOy oldin
  • Why Black America support isn’t enough??

    Snook 6 Vision7Snook 6 Vision7Oy oldin
  • Nope He was broken don’t try to spin it...if he got so much money then why he need the Jews?

    Snook 6 Vision7Snook 6 Vision7Oy oldin
  • Pierre is buck broken!

    stoglerstoglerOy oldin
  • Wtf does he rock the turbine He looks so stupid

  • I'm confused so he sold out cuz he apologized? or cuz he got his show back on the air which employs so many ppl black brown yellow purple? Maybe we should just see how it all unfolds b4 passing judgment

    Keanau ReneeKeanau ReneeOy oldin
  • Nah, u don't have to be in his shoes to know that he is buck dancing now. Period. The respect he has lost is earned. Let him go with his new handlers.

    Trent WilliamsTrent WilliamsOy oldin
  • This boy bought and sold out

    Blackrise 2020Blackrise 2020Oy oldin
  • I haven't heard Ben Shapiro apologize yet, he constantly rides black people with white people statistics about black people.

    Tony ByrdTony ByrdOy oldin
  • If nick was in my shoes he would still be at hardees instead of cashing out on a city lawsuit!

    T.G.T.G.Oy oldin
  • He doesn't represent me never will nor can he ever speak for me

    Patrick JohnsonPatrick JohnsonOy oldin
  • I can't fill Nick's shoes so I can't judge him for having assholes as Bosses. He doing what he has to do in his workplace. Just like the rest of us...

    Mike LowreyMike LowreyOy oldin
    • Everyone has a choice. It is true that the boss has a lot of options versus the simple worker. However the worker also has options that the boss does not have. The worker does not have to work there. The worker is free to retire or leave whenever he or she feels. Meanwhile the boss of a company is locked to that business. There is power on both sides, there is a freedom on both sides. The end of the day, the world will be better if bosses and workers respected one another and that they were less politics at the job. Because the fact of the matter is a good business needs a good boss and good workers.

      TYR FREETYR FREE26 kun oldin
  • This dude a joke. Nick needed a job and he decided to apologize to make sure he keep that check going

    Travis JacksonTravis JacksonOy oldin
  • No MATTER what you do WE are All HUMAN. But if you're in the Industry they will dictate your life if you try and SPEAK YOUR MIND. IF you're satisfied with what You've Accomplished GET OUT before they try and DESTROY YOU and what you've done GOOD.

    TanGreat musicya CrisoTanGreat musicya CrisoOy oldin
  • It just goes to show, when you think you can say what ever you want to say there's coqcicene

    TanGreat musicya CrisoTanGreat musicya CrisoOy oldin
  • Nick should remove the turban and put on a dress. Any man that can be bought and silence for speaking truth, forfeits his right to be called a man.

    J BJ BOy oldin
  • I think he correlates money with power. Monique has more power, while nick conformed to the same people he called out.

    Akayla BraxxtonAkayla BraxxtonOy oldin
  • Soooo pretty much, how much are you willing to sell out for...? I'm confused....the only power you are giving is what they give not real power but a perception of power...stop looking to these people as your savior...and turn to TMH...they can't help you on your individual walk...only after your walk is secure then you can help someone else in their walk the TMH...all this other stuff is meaningless...

    Rocky 689Rocky 689Oy oldin
  • He is just dumb. You can’t say things like that if you don’t know who’s actually paying you. Louis Farrakhan and the NOI don’t depend on certain people for revenue so they can say what they want to some degree. Now they got this fool out here apologizing and studying Jewish history 😂

    Timothy MixonTimothy MixonOy oldin
  • He has no power. He has a high paying job and they showed him the reality of it.

    LJLJOy oldin
  • Dude...STOP IT. You're buck broken too! WHAT POWER does Nick have? Being emasculated before his Black community of (then) supporters has STRIPPED Nick of power! -At what point do we create our OWN enterprises?

    James AllenJames AllenOy oldin
  • Everyone watch the entire show not just this clip

    Trill•4•LifeTrill•4•LifeOy oldin
  • Chump!

    Davis McmillianDavis McmillianOy oldin
  • If the shoe fit wear it, including Pierre since he has all the excuses.

    Tyrone SimonTyrone SimonOy oldin
  • Pierre is dead wrong! Not only did Nick apologize for what he said, he said it came from a uninformed place. So he DIDN'T stand by what he said! Let us not forget he was quoting the work of the great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing while mentioning her name! This brilliant woman spent years of research and study to write her books. Nick Cannon discredited her work by making those statements. What the hell does he mean an uninformed place when it's coming from Dr. Welsing? I'm not calling Nick Cannon a sellout. I'm saying he should have STFU just like anyone who don't wanna lose their job! Don't run to the top of the mountain and scream war cries if you're not ready for war! Apparently, he underestimated his enemy and the power they had over him!

    Julian ColvilJulian ColvilOy oldin
  • If you haven’t walked in the man’s shoes, you can’t speak on these types of situations. He doesn’t have anybody to watch his back and none of you are going to pay his bills. If he goes down to make you happy, he has to weather the storm alone. Meanwhile you’ll be calling him broke. People had your head up to say what they wanna hear and do the hard work, but when you get on that front line, and check to see who is still there, they’re all gone. If he did and is doing such a bad job, put up or shut up and do a better job.

    thatotherdudethatotherdudeOy oldin
  • Pierre is so right about that. God bless you and everyone on here 🙏 peace ☮️ and love 💟

    Jeffrey LewisJeffrey LewisOy oldin
  • When you’re r in a position of power you can exercise it

    Josue GonzalezJosue GonzalezOy oldin
  • You can see it in his eyes that he’s been conquered

    Josue GonzalezJosue GonzalezOy oldin
  • He knows now. Now move on. Nick keep getting your cheese.

    Raymond Lee WilsonRaymond Lee WilsonOy oldin
  • Keep dancing Nick keep dancing SMFH

    A1 soloA1 soloOy oldin
  • Its not just the money they have something on nick trust me

    O&L FamO&L FamOy oldin
  • Tell me what other race apologizes and back down ?

    Linda HartLinda HartOy oldin
  • Nick was never a radical to begin with and I never liked the idea of him swooping in to 'take over' that Dr. Sebi documentary.

    Yul NikitaYul NikitaOy oldin
  • Everything you said I agree with the two of you

    Chris FreemanChris FreemanOy oldin