Pierre Responds To People Calling Out Dave Chappelle After Testing Positive For COVID-19

28-Yan, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - While calling into The CH News Show, Pierre and Symphony Thompson discuss Dave Chappelle's recent Coronavirus scare and ask if it's too early for comedy shows? Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • Miss the OLD DC he too woke now. Lied on SNL about his great grandfather being a slave when in FACT his great grandfather was born 28 years after slavery ended. Damn shame.

    Coco RainCoco Rain6 kun oldin
  • He do NOT get a pass could of done those videos live on a streaming service and still get paid.

    Coco RainCoco Rain6 kun oldin
  • Exactly people just being ridiculous. they are quick to call people names and in the end, you hear that they themselves get it.

    James BrownJames Brown23 kun oldin
  • so they ran out of reasons to try and shut him down and this is the best they could come up with. i didn't see nary a soul say word one when the orange-utan had his rallies every week with nobody wearing masks or even trying to keep their distance. so in the words of the great della reese "they can kiss my entire ass"

    Lance SahaLance Saha23 kun oldin
  • I actually agree with Pierre.

    xstreammakeovaxstreammakeova25 kun oldin
  • Where's JA?? 😭😢 Find me Ja Rule 😂😂

    Bigg AlexBigg Alex28 kun oldin
  • So sum 1 came up to a show with Covid and now he got it Dave way to strong to hear the bs we could all get it

    Antonio SmithAntonio Smith28 kun oldin
  • Call out dave Chappell? Comedy hype? Do you think it’s irresponsible for comedians to perform now? Pierre: no Me: wtf

    J DJ D29 kun oldin
  • If your going to be inside some place with .it's of people you should be wearing a faceshield, especially in super large settings where people are talking and laughing remember you can be infected through your eyes their pushing mask but some places will much safer with both this is scary.

    Jacqueline GarvinJacqueline Garvin29 kun oldin

  • And bottom line is: the MASK do not protect you from coronavirus....(HINCE, which is why everybody keep catching it) so people having a HISSY fit over people not having a mask on! THAT'S pretty much like telling somebody to put a CONDOM ON and THEN it will be SAFE for them to have sex with somebody that HAVE crabs! People are not protecting their eyes and their nose so it's the same concept! IF you have sex with somebody with a condom that have crabs; the CRABS can still crawl AROUND THE CONDOM! JUST LIKE VIRUS CAN STILL GET IN; eyes;👀👀👀 in your ears👂👂👂👂 and they can GO around OR THROUGH your MASK: TO GET IN your mouth👄👄👄👄👄!!!!!! THIS IS HOW THE VIRUS TRAVELS WE STILL HAVE A LOT OF OPENINGS THAT'S VULNERABLE TO THE VIRUS SO WEARING A MASK 😷😷😷😷 IS REALLY NOT DOING S*** FOR ANYBODY! But that's another subject for another day! CONTINUE ON(GOVERNMENT) scaring people until wearing these condoms; I mean masks,👻👻🙄🙄😷😷 AND STAYING HOME AND BEING SCARED TO MOVE OR DO ANYTHING.....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔MORAL OF THE STORY IS; DON'T HAVE SEX WITH SOMEBODY WHO HAS CRABS; AND LIMIT GOING OUT IN PUBLIC; UNTIL THIS CORONAVIRUS IS CLEARED UP CUZ WE DON'T KNOW HOW THIS S*** IS GETTING TRANSPORTED AND TRANSFERRED TO EACH OTHER! And then who knows it can be a catch-22 you could be staying home and not going out there and still catching it! SOOOOOOO does that mean it's in our food and our water supply? 😰😨🤯We have no idea whatsoever how IT'S getting passed...So it's kind of like LIVE YOUR LIFE and be careful at the same time! LIKE don't close yourself in but just be careful at the same time!! IT'S NO TELLING WHAT BILL GATES 👺👹👺👹 IS UP TO WHAT HE HAS UP HIS SLEEVES FOR US!

    angel flemisterangel flemisterOy oldin
  • Don’t get mad at the performers get mad at the fools that pack the stands.

    M DavisM DavisOy oldin
  • So Mr. Dave Chappalle tested positive for the virus 🦠. It’s the headline, oh whoa is me type media & social media attention. One question, we all heard Dave Chappell tested positive for the virus, but can anyone please tell me a single other person that went to that specific show who didn’t have the virus before the show caught it there? I’ll wait!

    g67earlyg67earlyOy oldin
  • Fact vs Fiction, when it somebody we like we give them a pass for poor choice & behavior, when you go to any place where it close contact or not well ventilated you subject to catch germs, but how ever the Facts are you can really control yourself and choice your surrounding, but look at the Country that stayed home and see their lives are back to normal, but the love of money make you do anything, Example, these Churches that reopen up for the money

    Devon MaxwellDevon MaxwellOy oldin
  • At this point, anyone who believes in covid as a global pandemic is willfully ignorant and deceived!

    Vmoore28Vmoore28Oy oldin
  • Much respect to you brother🙏🏿 You couldn’t have broke it down any better for these fools💯

    Ayiti CheriAyiti CheriOy oldin
  • Regular people stay talking really big and with authority about covid even though it's brand new to everyone but once you got it, you can't say shit about how NOT to get it. That's how real that virus is

    mrceadmrceadOy oldin
  • It's kinda irresponsible...

    Raheem Pack aka Struggle-DadRaheem Pack aka Struggle-DadOy oldin
  • My best friends fiancé got it from Publix . So it’s not his fault

    Mystery MosesMystery MosesOy oldin
  • Pierre just favoring Dave because he gave him a shout out. Bottom line, you ain't got it but if you did, you'll be saying a different story

    A LA LOy oldin
  • The funny part is. It was NOTHING to do with dave...be RESPONSIBLE for your damn self and stay home unless Dave puts a gun to your head and make you attend his show.........stupids!!

    rodogg34rodogg34Oy oldin
  • People keep talking about saving lives. Lest we forget, there have been 439K deaths out of 26 MILLION CASES in a year, 98% of people have survived. A lot of talk about masks and social distancing, not enough about making ourselves healthier and lessening the effect of comorbidities

    KidXclusiveKidXclusiveOy oldin
  • I’m not going to be scared to live my life

    Gerald WellsGerald WellsOy oldin
  • Poor Dave Chappelle, he didn't mean to catch Covid. He was taking precautions and still contracted the virus. He can't stop his hustle all he can do is be safe .

    Rakia WithersRakia WithersOy oldin
  • I think the point is that there is always a risk no matter what you are doing essential or nonessential. The whole you have to completely stay in and everything nonessential has to be shut down is economically untenable and has done irreparable financial harm to a lot of people. Therefore, the indignation is a little excessive.

    TheMick2639TheMick2639Oy oldin

    REDY FirstREDY FirstOy oldin
  • Some folk ain't going to stay home, even if the government shuts down! 🤔

    kkaywilson524kkaywilson524Oy oldin
    • Especially if the bills are still due!

      Solar GuildSolar GuildOy oldin
  • Ummm weed was so irrelevant lol

    Freaky SmartFreaky SmartOy oldin
  • These comedians, actors, entertainers, etc. Are people too with families that need taken care of. this shit affected them to....never get in the way of a man's meal.

    AbstrakPoWeTTAbstrakPoWeTTOy oldin
  • the whole virus thing is a scam, its very sad how people are so deceived

    Reginald Of YisraelReginald Of YisraelOy oldin
  • Dave has the right idea, Some of y’all have the wrong idea trying to hide in the house from germs when you’re not high risk.....

    Gold ChefGold ChefOy oldin
  • What did ja have say tho???

    Alex AllenAlex AllenOy oldin
  • He sound dumb af

    Brian FullerBrian FullerOy oldin
  • The tests are tainted.

    Phi EllasonPhi EllasonOy oldin
  • We don’t give a fuck were still supporting Dave

  • These tests are a joke

    Nostalgic GamerNostalgic GamerOy oldin
  • Agree with Pierre

    Flexx BeatzFlexx BeatzOy oldin
  • Tell bill Bellamy he ain't playing relevant no more. ... blessings

    geezuscryst13geezuscryst13Oy oldin
  • People caught cv-19 by being in thehouse

    original Truthoriginal TruthOy oldin
  • Where is Ja?????

    Davonne RuffinDavonne RuffinOy oldin
  • The 10% bloodsuckers will always find ways to get money from the 85%!

    REP XREP XOy oldin
  • Y’all stupid ass hell if y’all really believe that a mask going to stop covid. It too many people wearing mask and still getting covid. No matter how strict you try to be cautious, this man made virus was created to affect the masses. (Y’all refer to the ppl who believe everything not the two host of the video)

    BJ JBJ JOy oldin
  • Look, sheep... There is no actual science that supports the effectiveness of ANY of these imaginary safety measures. Social distancing, masks, etc. Its all nonsense anyway. The amount that wearing a mask helps is like 0.000001%. Laughable!. That s*** is all for aesthetic purposes so people can "look like" they're being "socially responsible," when in actuality it's all ineffective gesturing that does nothing but indicate to all the other sheep "Hey, look at mee!! I'm buying in to the most propagated, socially accepted narrative of the day too, just like you!". None of that malarkey actually works. None of it actually helps prevent the spread of this "virus" that's sooooo dangerous you need to be tested to see if you even have it, period. But, as we all know, going along with the status quo and looking the part is more important and more practical than acknowledging the actual data and science pertaining to this virus, this situation and these types of situations these days. Right..? Ijs....

    Roland JohnsonRoland JohnsonOy oldin
  • This is crazy... Because I can totally understand how all the precaution one might take still isn't enough. I have been self isolating in my RV since July of last year and I just caught the corona... And I'm on the tail end of getting rid of it. Everybody asked... Dude you're literally in the desert in an RV by yourself how the hell you get Coronavirus. Keep doing the proper precautions and keep taking care of yourself as best as you can. Just know that it's a real virus and that there's a possibility that you could catch it no matter what you really do. So take care of yourself. #artisBlu

    Journey of ArtisBluuJourney of ArtisBluuOy oldin
  • I dunno what's worse, that Dave messed around and caught COVID or that his surname is misspelled on the chyron.

    Ricky J. MarcRicky J. MarcOy oldin
  • She’s beautiful 😍

    Fernando BravoFernando BravoOy oldin
  • My Mom had it... she survived without any real issues. This virus is no Joke

    Gerald JohnsonGerald JohnsonOy oldin
  • This is bring use too pit us against each other. Please dont fall for it. Believe me we all we got. Loose lips sink ships.

    Junior PorterJunior PorterOy oldin
  • People claim to be careful, but I see people walking around in stores, masks down, drinking and eating. Still licking their fingers to cont money, etc I'm sure if they get Covid-19 they will wonder how they got it if you are around other people your mask should be ON.

    Iunderstan PhotographyIunderstan PhotographyOy oldin
  • This was a good talk guy. I don't blame Dave at all. Great points.

    Michael Hurdle Production StudioMichael Hurdle Production StudioOy oldin
  • David got infected by a close friend outside of the shows cast & usual friends. A lot of people got infected too I just saw a podcast where they named most. It was a lot. Oh it was on a #JoeRogan clip

    On CodeAlwaysOn CodeAlwaysOy oldin
  • I wish Dave a speedy recovery. As far as calling anybody out, you really can't because "anyone" can get this virus whether you follow the rules and precautions or not. I personally know people who have followed the precautions with mask, etc. and STILL contracted the virus and died from it. So, Basically, just keep following the guidelines, use common sense, and stay safe if you need to go out.

    Riccolo7Riccolo7Oy oldin
  • On everything, no one is 6 feet away. I be having to move away from people 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Boxx BrosBoxx BrosOy oldin
  • When your wants outweigh science...people comenupnwith reasons to do as they choose.. Also the new rec is 2 masks due to the new variants

    Tone360Tone360Oy oldin
  • I've helped several people with covid,,, bad nutrition is the biggest factor for extreme sickness,, go find yourself some blackseed oil, haritaki, and vitamin D .

    dredavis420dredavis420Oy oldin
  • The world is upside down and there hidden agenda is at play...😶 stay woke.

  • Got my 2nd shot yesterday! So far I’m still alive y’all... so far

  • What about the people who paid and came to the show? Are they being ridiculed? No. It's just the celebrity, that just so happens to be Dave Chappelle.

    Big BrimBig BrimOy oldin
  • No matter what, he's 6 feet away from everyone when he's performing. He's on stage. Negative comments are always the first response for the masses.

    Big BrimBig BrimOy oldin
  • Fearful of Lies Gtfoh

    Remon PetersonRemon PetersonOy oldin
  • Who says he has it? Liars are Liars, false positives in the WORLD! How a cloth mask protects you from a deadly disease! Use common Sense! Its a game of Fearmongering!!

    Remon PetersonRemon PetersonOy oldin
  • Atlanta has people in packed clubs?? Lawdy LAWD!! 😩🤦🏾‍♂️😷

    C_Double_4C_Double_4Oy oldin
  • 1984

    keonkeonOy oldin
  • We're still trusting the test I guess??

    Ry RyRy RyOy oldin
  • JUst because there's something offered to do, doesn't mean you have to go. But if you choose to go and you catch covid, that's on you not the venue. Nobody is making you go, not use precautions nobody is to blame but YOU.

    SoBeSuchinSoBeSuchinOy oldin
  • Lol y’all don’t know nothin all we repeat an follow an what they want us to know , this goin keep goin until they say that Everyone in America has it

    spanky 1.8.7spanky 1.8.7Oy oldin
  • Texas is not taking precautions. The bow wow concert was a perfect example

    apollo105apollo105Oy oldin
  • Pierre reacts to "Chappalle" backlash. Chappalle.

    Geo CyoGeo CyoOy oldin
  • So obsessed with these videos! Always watch immediately after uploading. Stay safe everyone😇❤️

    True Crime Queen TVTrue Crime Queen TVOy oldin
  • The people that tweet all that responsibility preaching are usually the most ratchet people you meet. They're just trying to make themselves look good on the outside to make themselves feel better about the filth within. Tell 'em to STFU and take care of them damn kids.

    William MoneyWilliam MoneyOy oldin
  • Let one of these variants start killing people at a higher clip and mfs will learn. There’s plenty of stand-up on Netflix, HBO Max, and Prime.

    Raphael De La GhettoRaphael De La GhettoOy oldin
  • Sitting in a room for 2+ hours with strangers, eating, drinking, and laughing (i.e. expelling virus into the air) is far more dangerous than grocery shopping, when you can typically get in and out in 20 mins or less. I love stand-up, but an indoor comedy club is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible places you could go right now.

    Raphael De La GhettoRaphael De La GhettoOy oldin
  • The sad thing is people think they know what is going on this thing was created and you believe what you want to believe but hopefully you think for yourself there is an agenda here people that got coronavirus once they get it and they are better on their own at the quarantine they don't have to take a test for at least seven months and this is a fact at my job we can test it every week so this is why I know what I'm talking about our bodies build up the antibodies to fight this they want to push the mark of the beast I hate the fact my people's believe the white man the same one that gave our people syphilis in the army and now you want to believe what they say please stop

    Andre BrelandAndre BrelandOy oldin
  • Pierre was not playing..lol shouting the entire time lol

    AndreAndreOy oldin
  • Damn she pretty

    elevate93elevate93Oy oldin
  • Y’all really spelled that man’s name wrong

    Alex AllenAlex AllenOy oldin
  • Could you guys have gotten a real doctor on? This is just silly. Pierre is a comedian.

    christianrapperchristianrapperOy oldin
  • Mass extinction 😂😂😂😂 the death rate is no where near fast enough to do that Stop the madness

    D 15D 15Oy oldin
  • Laughter in motion!!!! Sit y’all’s ass down!!!!

  • S-laughter= SLAUGHTER

  • all the comments you just read off are completely stupid, we can fix lots of things but stupid is one that we cant

    Joesh CrowJoesh CrowOy oldin
  • Just the other day, I went to my local corner store, And when I was about to walk in. I saw an older white male Buying beer With no mask on And the store owner, who is Arabic, Had a mask on And did not tell the gentleman anything.. if a black person would enter, he would yell at them as if they were animals to get out their stores.. So people need to stop coming down Black people's back for every goddamn thing that the world does without batting an eye

    Beautiful ContradictionBeautiful ContradictionOy oldin
  • Fearmongering has the Public Stuck On Stupid.....99.8% of People who get Infected with Coronavirus Recover ....99.9% of Influenza Infections Recover and Nobody takes into account the False Positives Results because these Test Kits are Not Accurate 100%....& All Standard Precautions were performed....Testing Positive and Having Symptoms are 2 Different Things in the Same Way a Tire can be low on air pressure and be Safe to Drive or Be Flat and Not Possible to Drive or Be Slashed and Need Replacing

    da900smoove1da900smoove1Oy oldin
  • Yes its irresponsible, you don't need comedy shows right now, did we not see dl pass the f out on stage. And yes Pierre, if you not buying food for the month, sit yr ass down!

    obadboyobadboyOy oldin
  • The Doctors are lying about a lot of these positive test results!!!!!

    Mike JayMike JayOy oldin
  • He is not at fault, this virus is an everyday risk, for every single person in everyday life. Media please get over yourselves

    carol edwardscarol edwardsOy oldin
  • How are they irresponsible when every precaution was taken? If anything, it shows that he may have gotten covid somewhere else.

    Un ForgivenUn ForgivenOy oldin
  • Going 2 the grocery store is an essential activity. Stand up comedy is not. Defend it all you want but you can't use stupid comparisons.

    Expat BikerExpat BikerOy oldin
  • Pierre is that typical old dude. Doctah said!!!!!!

    MidwestOutsider707MidwestOutsider707Oy oldin
  • Pierre tripping Elon Musk spiked him with his Becky. People worked everyday but ain't nobody hugged up with each other.

    MidwestOutsider707MidwestOutsider707Oy oldin
  • Fck people opinion

    B JackB JackOy oldin
  • Yup uzworld.info/player/video/q4nPbt17eKWaX5Y

    Misterbfam412Misterbfam412Oy oldin
  • At least he got tested, which more people should do....

    F MF MOy oldin
  • I'm here for the wrong reason. She is SO fine. I wanna be your future husband.

    Lee HerveyLee HerveyOy oldin
  • Shit happens, gimme a break you can be as careful is possible and still catch it. Just try your best

    Mannyr 2424Mannyr 2424Oy oldin
  • Thats dude from the sitcom THE GAME

    Marston FobbsMarston FobbsOy oldin
  • The government the reason this virus spread so ridiculously in America so stfu about Dr fauci and the cot dayum government.

    Testostyrone 010101Testostyrone 010101Oy oldin
  • that covid19 think it's slick

    dtwelve2086dtwelve2086Oy oldin
  • Pierre you sound stupid😂 dave is a super spreader. Large groups is bad

    DMNBOY Derryck McCaulDMNBOY Derryck McCaulOy oldin
  • Comedy hype analyst...? Man, that's the dude from how to be a player...... lmao 🤣😆 😆

    S.L JonesS.L JonesOy oldin