Spanky Hayes Shares Frustration With Nick Cannon For Bringing Back 'Wild N' Out'

18-Fev, 2021
187 345 Ko‘rishlar soni - For a new interview, Wild N' Out alumni Spanky Hayes calls into the show with Symphony Thompson and Pierre to share his reaction to the return of Wild N' Out after Nick Cannon's decision to team back with ViacomCBS. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_.

  • Yo Forget all that "Spanky a Clean Cold hater" Why was he was happy when Wild n Out went off air for awhile? But was they're like everybody else was getting a paycheck and was on the show. Now he feel some type of way that he got the show back on. Hater 💩 Nothing But hate came out of his mouth talking about Nick! Then say he don't like to share🤨 he got everybody that f'd with him they jobs back probably. but he mad cuz he ain't got a plan or something like Nick Cannon Nick Cannon always been in that life this guy jealous of the next person cuz he ain't got his life frfr together. I don't know why he's so bitter about Nick Cannon or what they personal history is but whatever it was really got to him. Probably mad he wasn't"Sharing" them wild n out girls with him🤣🤣🤣. I bet my last dollar if wildin out would have called him and asked if he wanted to be the main host he would have took that job.

    Queen ShugQueen Shug4 soat oldin
  • Spanky looks like a Manning Fresh lesbian

    cierra cookcierra cook11 soat oldin
  • Spanky: nick cannon selfish Also spanky in old interviews : i was broke and nick cannon looked out for me on his birthday

    Don LoganDon Logan12 soat oldin
  • Man if I was that dude in the suit, I wouldn’t be saying the n-word. He looks like a white guy

    Micah B.Micah B.14 soat oldin
  • Black business without Black politics is ... A target

    Todd MaekTodd MaekKun oldin
  • I didn't want to watch this because I honestly don't think that Spanky is funny .and to me he seems salty..If your not funny u mad...

    danny mdanny mKun oldin
  • he not wrong

    BrothaDarkness 84BrothaDarkness 84Kun oldin
  • Spanky seems alot of hating

    Tremaine MaxwellTremaine MaxwellKun oldin
  • this my first time on here so who the guy. he threw me off in the beginning 🤣

    Dontavius BlannDontavius Blann2 kun oldin
  • So you didn't want it but now you mad because this man took it to another level. Or because your potnas wuznt good enough to jump down

    Derrick MontgomeryDerrick Montgomery2 kun oldin

    Hollywood BlackHollywood Black2 kun oldin
  • Ok first of all. I didn’t know who this man was until they showed him from a scene in wild n out on this clip. I’ve watched wild n out for years. So number 1 Spanky is not memorable for me. I’m sorry. Number two, he mentioned something about how wild n out isn’t the same as when it first started. News flash it shouldn’t be and it’s not suppose to be. With any business you got to change the flow. Third, he mentioned nick cannon don’t share and he’s rich. If he put you on and is yo boss YALL ARENT GOING TO MAKE THE SAME AMOUNT. probably not even close. He also mentioned he wouldn’t come back for $1,000 and a hotel. So are y’all getting paid $1,000 per episode? Cause that def couldnt be for a season. $1,000 per episode shooting for a few hours to me ain’t bad. I understand taxes getting taken but you are making more than most in a day. Idk I think he should just move on to other things. Wild n out wasnt for him. We the little people want wild n out to return ! Lol we love nick cannon.

    Bri TVBri TV2 kun oldin
  • A hater smh

    Jada YoungJada Young3 kun oldin
  • Piérre know that he's BUGGIN' wit dat red pocket handkerchief! He knows he's not supposed mess up the MIB UNIFORM. 😆

    Terrance BrooksTerrance Brooks3 kun oldin
  • FNALLY!!!!! Found someone who feels about the Nick & Viacom bs the way I do. Why did he take 10 steps back!!!!

    Emp KaiEmp Kai4 kun oldin
  • I know the popular opinion is to say Spanky is just hating but I think y’all over looking a lotta shit in favor of a show you like. The show definitely isn’t as good as when Spanky, Affion, Katt, etc. were in the cast. It’s a mess of mostly non-comics & Internet personalities now. And if it’s true that the concept of the show was in some way birthed from Spanky’s group then I don’t blame him for being bitter. He shouldn’t have to bite his tongue on something hurting just because of public perception

    Eric NygmaEric Nygma4 kun oldin
  • I love Dave, but he Became one of the regular folks in hollyweird. He signed a contract when he was young and used the “woke” card to force Comedy Central to give him the rights back. Very tactful.

    Ron KraftwerkRon Kraftwerk4 kun oldin
  • Awesome interview

    Mr. AmazingMr. Amazing4 kun oldin
  • Spanky sounds like scorned Aries Spears body double...SMH

    indigo_senseindigo_sense4 kun oldin
  • Dave Chappell show attract nothing but urban mindset folks and beyond who were influenced of hiphop culture im so sick of people keep trying to put color on Entertainment you either have it or you dont all of us who are black endure racism to some point its up us to decide how to determined our fate or destiny and how we gonna let it either hamper hinder or motivate move us forward to help make an Impact in spite it People like Spanky dont put their foot forward enough just throws pebbles in a pond to see its ripple effect

    AngelLuvsvids2015AngelLuvsvids20154 kun oldin
  • Damn !! My man is straight hating on another brother. Shameful. Nick canon rocks

    Angel SantosAngel Santos4 kun oldin
  • #detroit #bhi

    thebhi1thebhi15 kun oldin
  • Logic says he shouldn't bring the show back but for the culture its needed and so many people he employ and a black brain

    Tahmir PattersonTahmir Patterson5 kun oldin
  • He said Dave Chappelle played the game right to get that white card...CLONE maybe🤔

    ScarZinDaFaceScarZinDaFace5 kun oldin
  • Good interview😁

    YAHVISION RowlesYAHVISION Rowles5 kun oldin
  • i agree, they did go after famous people on instragram for the views, over funny people, but he been bitter, so it still sounds like hate to him.

    TT5 kun oldin
  • Spank, it seems like you love her more than she loves you, bro. No disrespect, I didn't like she was acting when y'all got married!

    Omar WilliamsOmar Williams5 kun oldin
  • Two of my favorite people!! I miss spanky when he used to be on wild and out. Him and Katt Williams were the first original DC Young fly and Justina!! THEY USED TO BE GOING AT IT. & All I have to say to Pierre is "(Boom) a bus is 36 hours" 🤣🤣🤣 "plus I'm claaauuuusiophobia!" *Zebra outfit, glitter underarm pits, standing by the trash cans* ⚰️🥀💀🤣

    JaLisa DessanayJaLisa Dessanay6 kun oldin
  • I always wondered what happened to Pierre? The dude invented Ghosting.

    Jack WelchJack Welch6 kun oldin
  • Bald dude must of sold his ass to the devil. Lol. Tryna get guest to sell his ass to get back on tv. Lol

    Emanuel PenaEmanuel Pena6 kun oldin
  • didn't tyrese end this fool career

    Victor JonesVictor Jones6 kun oldin
  • That was an informative interview 💯 Unfortunately, I have heard disturbing things about #NCannon. Getting paid, and not paying ppl for helping get that bag of money, not cool!!

    Albert HamiltonAlbert Hamilton6 kun oldin
  • Spanky and all the other older comedians which I grew up on need to realize this is a new era. I had to realize it too 😢 That don’t mean change who you are or to give up. You got to let go of that old hatred stop being bother by other people success and start living your life. You can’t redo the past it’s over let it go move on focus on tomorrow and today... My bad I started talking to myself for a min 🤣😂🤣😂

    TheACutZTheACutZ7 kun oldin
  • Nick bowed down and kissed the ring of those same Jewish people he try to expose. Typical Hollywood Hypocrite. All about the money. Stannon should've made his own network and stuck it to those that he was complaining about. Now he shows he is just a simp.

    Peter HernandezPeter Hernandez7 kun oldin
  • Why is Spanky Hayes worried why Nick Cannon brought back Wild N Out? It's his show.....sooner or later??? He'll being asking Nick to bring him back. That show made him famous and gave him a platform!!!!

    Brett JacksonBrett Jackson7 kun oldin
  • Let Nick do his thing, be happy for him and stop hating on him!! PERIOD!!

    Esha CraftEsha Craft7 kun oldin
  • Who is the lady host??? She my new "celebrity" crush lol

    josiah williamsjosiah williams7 kun oldin
  • Tbh them old old episodes from wild n out age horrible this guy was never funny to me

    Jay SmooveJay Smoove7 kun oldin
  • 0:50 HELL NAWL WHAT!? *yeah man, I got married man uh...* he sounded disappointed with himself lmaooooo

    bossmaneshitbossmaneshit7 kun oldin
  • People need to stop acting like Nick getting his show back was a boss move, because they took it from him and didn't give it back until he bent the knee.

    Psycho MindPsycho Mind8 kun oldin
  • This dude is salty ASF!! sit your tired ass down

    Ivy SmithIvy Smith8 kun oldin
  • Sorry but *I never watched nor cared for* Wild N Out.

    D ReddD Redd8 kun oldin
  • $1k and a hotel .... I wouldn't go back either shid that's weekly/biweekly pay for most jobs 🤨

    she_d1 Niqueshe_d1 Nique8 kun oldin
  • The show will never be the same Nick is being used a pawn, the difference between Dave and Nick, Dave doesn't give a f**ck and he is true to himself and his brand, Nick is good but not smart when it comes to a business sense, Dave knew his worth and still was able to negotiate himself as a great business man and a comedian. Nick does not have that!!!! So the show will never be the same when u don't have creative control just a puppet master pulling the strings!!!! And I don't mean Nick is pulling the strings!!!!

    Nightshift EndeavorNightshift Endeavor8 kun oldin
  • Old wild n out > new wild n out besides Karlos & Chico they really made the newer wild n out what it was

    JabronyJabrony8 kun oldin
  • If he was the original or one of the original creators... why didn't he look out for those other 3 when he was on the show Those 3 could have wrote jokes and did other things to get their foot in the door or make their man's spanky more of a headliner. Looks like Nike put in effort, time, and possibly money in it and reaped the benefits of it... when you are really successful someone's always going to hate you

    marquismcgheemarquismcghee8 kun oldin
  • Spanks was never really all that funny to me 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Keith EvansKeith Evans9 kun oldin
  • And who is this dude?? Nick doesn't share? He's given many people opportunities! What does he expect him to share...his money?? You need to work for your own money!

    mdooms76mdooms769 kun oldin
  • So spanky shorted on his man's. Why were you on the show And your people weren't and yall created it?

    The ThirdThe Third9 kun oldin
  • Spanky look like ja rule big brother

    D GiBD GiB9 kun oldin
  • Peirre is totally right. Don't burn those bridges!

    Smokescreen IncSmokescreen Inc9 kun oldin
  • Wild N Out has always been a stepping stone for new times change. Methods and styles do as well.. Many social comedians are highly gifted. And many of them are/have been present on Wild N Out and its done very well for them. Mostly because of their personal choice to use what they got to get what they want. I don't see anything wrong with that. However, if any upcoming artist is being targeted for the profit of big business thats only trynna short change the artist and pay them in mostly exposure; that is wrong. And if that's what Spanky is alluding to, then I do get what he is saying on the "changes" part. Otherwise. Idk

    Focus DivineLeeFocus DivineLee9 kun oldin
  • I bet that Dr. Sebi documentary doesn't come out....damn it.

    Bryan JonesBryan Jones9 kun oldin
  • Nick is not after ownership and they not giving it up. Nick want exposure like old rappers did and as much cash they willing to pay up front, 70k an episode now 60mil total ain't bad, especially making others also millionaires.

    H3 WasH3 Was9 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣Nick cannon does not share and everyone around him gets a check🤣🤣🤣I never comment but I met Nick a few times and he is a very special kind of guy stop the negativity

    Dantravis MorelandDantravis Moreland9 kun oldin
  • This Spanky dude said some ignorant stuff. Dave Chappelle is not an "urban comedian"...? What is that? How is he different than Chris Rock? Is it because he tells "intelligent" jokes and doesn't repeat street/hood jokes that's so played out? C'mon son! Elevate your thinking. You and Aries just don't get it, which is why your success is limited.🤔

    Herman MuensterHerman Muenster9 kun oldin
  • Damn, Nick stole the concept of Wild n Out!?? Smdh. Crazy

    ReMiDiReMiDi9 kun oldin
  • I just love Pierre dropping gems.

    CBUSCBUS9 kun oldin
  • That hat looks bigger than his body

    copyright2021copyright20219 kun oldin
    • Naw his body is definitely bigger 😬

      bossmaneshitbossmaneshit7 kun oldin
  • A thousand dollars a shower and a hotel room WTF so Nick paid his people like that I don’t know exactly how that works but I’ve seen interview with Steelo brown who works on ridiculousness and he was asked how much did Rob pay them he didn’t come out and say exactly what he said Rob took care of them well he’s been on MTV in a long time that show has 10 seasons fantasy factory had three seasons Rob and big I can’t remember if it was two seasons or three seasons and I looked up Rob‘s net worth robs doing very well for him self I know Nick was not on MTV anymore I think it was VH1 do they not pay as much as MTV look at it like this there’s a lot of people on that show but that shows been hot for a long time so everybody should get paid well at the end of the day it’s a business in the show will not be what it is without everybody together I’m not sure they pay the celebrities to come on like Kevin hart Kat Williams I’m sure they do but that’s just boost the ratings I don’t know how everything works but I hope everything works out for everybody

    Shane HessShane Hess10 kun oldin
  • Dude just sound like a whole hater. I want my time back. He need to time out. GO SIT IN THE THE CORNER & THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAYIN.

    5.9 Million5.9 Million10 kun oldin
  • Pierre adds maturity and comedic sage... I liked this video!

    TheAntiquatedSoulTheAntiquatedSoul10 kun oldin
  • Sparky on drugs

    Sean WashingtonSean Washington10 kun oldin
  • Spanky. good job

    Lloyd HLloyd H10 kun oldin
  • Who is the chocolate sis she is kinda cute

    Handsome BlackHandsome Black10 kun oldin
  • You can tell Pierre is seasoned and knows the game..he knows how to ask the right question to help this broke dummy see the error in his ways without offending...

    Handsome BlackHandsome Black10 kun oldin
  • We can "Be Real" without showing out. We have Businesses to Run, and Everyone don't need nor deserve to hear or see All of my True Authentic Self. #Wisdom from Pierre.

    Good Company Christian Counseling & Life Coaching, LLCGood Company Christian Counseling & Life Coaching, LLC10 kun oldin
  • She. Is. FINE AS HELL!!🔥🔥

    10Digit10Digit10 kun oldin
  • Spanky is just mad that hes not there anymore. What is he even doing with his life?

    811158111510 kun oldin
  • I understand where he coming bad business is not conducted with love. Business is so cold and ppl get cold and forgot who help them to get there.

    Brodey the Discipline BarberBrodey the Discipline Barber10 kun oldin
  • Congrats to my man Spanky for getting married, she's gorgeous!

    Travis BTravis B10 kun oldin
  • I hope people caught what Pierre just said. Your mouth can get you hired and that same mouth can get you fired. You can get fired from future work for running your mouth too much.

    The Love CoachThe Love Coach10 kun oldin
  • Spanky u was trash anyway. Repeated 🗑️

  • Terrin woods is the worst

    Latoya SmithLatoya Smith11 kun oldin
  • Damn, why dude hating on dude getting married for?? TF?? SMH

    Jay CJay C11 kun oldin
  • 💜

    Betty RocketBetty Rocket11 kun oldin
  • Sounds like he got a problem with battle rappers

    Emerson DawsonEmerson Dawson11 kun oldin
  • *This a hurt dude that could never make it so he's hating on someone greater than him. Meanwhile there are about 20 other people from that show that praise Nick*

    Eighty BabyEighty Baby11 kun oldin
    • @Dontavius Blann Yeah that's when I knew he was hurt. Before the show got cancelled he was going to hand it over to DC Youngfly, and the 85 South, that's why DC turned MTV down when they tried going behind his back to give him the show

      Eighty BabyEighty Baby2 kun oldin
    • that’s why i was confused cuz everybody else says opposite. “Nick doesn’t share” 🤔

      Dontavius BlannDontavius Blann2 kun oldin
  • They talk about wild n out at 2:58

    I don't spill tea I sip coffeeI don't spill tea I sip coffee11 kun oldin
  • Let's be honest, Nick didn't JUST do this for himself. He felt guilty about so many people losing their income from the show because of his actions. Regardless of what, he's straight. He was born RICH! His father made sure he was straight. Nick went from being a newbie on All That bc his dad worked for Nickelodeon to being like a CEO or something of TEEN Nick. So he literally just making Nickelodeon money. Look how fast he walked away from AGT...he has his radio show, podcasts, The Masked Singer. He's a business man. I really think he knows what he's doing.

    Natalie CochranNatalie Cochran11 kun oldin
  • Not mr pick on Eddie Murphy wen he first met him telling the kids to shuck n jive lmao

    oppfromthenorm 18oppfromthenorm 1811 kun oldin
  • RT

    Lamaj ArmystrongLamaj Armystrong11 kun oldin
  • Dave is not alive. They have you all fooled that is not Dave Chappell. Why would the Dave we know turn down an offer then go back to take the deal? No...Dave Chappell Uncle said he would talk to Dave everyday since he went to sign that contract he has not heard from Dave. Pierre love him but his statement is full of bull! Hollywood is racist period and color does matter.

    LA Israelite4LifeLA Israelite4Life11 kun oldin
  • Pierre is not a stand up man...

    Pow WahPow Wah11 kun oldin
  • Wildin out is a east coast slang stop it spanky y’all ain’t come up with that name

    Tru N LiViNTru N LiViN11 kun oldin
  • The fuck is swanky talking bout when he spoke on Chapelle? Tf?

    Machoman Savage StonerMachoman Savage Stoner11 kun oldin
  • Get that bag Nick spanky who ???

    Floyd Best JrFloyd Best Jr11 kun oldin
  • Bring Back Real Comedy

    Chris Harrison Is Funny as HellChris Harrison Is Funny as Hell11 kun oldin
  • That was a cool healthy exchange

    Lazoris BriggsLazoris Briggs11 kun oldin
  • “I fucked all the girls in Hollywood” Me knowing what I know about Hollywood: ewww , I know his wife embarrassed 🤢

    mel rileymel riley11 kun oldin
  • Nick thinking bigger he had a whole team willing to lose a guaranteed source of income from him. He had to treat them like they treated him and provide for his loyal team. They could have continued the show without him and they didn’t so big ups to Nick and his team and I’m pretty sure it came with a bigger check for everybody.

    SmooveSmoove11 kun oldin
  • Who tf is sparky.

    E SneadE Snead11 kun oldin
  • Spanking not even funny🤣 all he did o. The show was took his shirt off

  • Guys like Pierre are dangerous, he tries to make being a sucker look good and that ain't it.

    MarvelousMarleyMarMarvelousMarleyMar11 kun oldin
  • Pierre is basically telling black men to stop being strong and bow down to whoever you have to bow down to so you can get by.

    Royal RebelRoyal Rebel11 kun oldin
  • The show needs DC young fly tho!!!!! Frfr

    Cwells 82Cwells 8211 kun oldin
  • Pierre tried to tell him that there is a time and place to keep it real and sometimes you have to say in a way they will listen so you can be heard, celebrated and paid. Don't be your own worst enemy. Learn the game, it's players and their rules. Then learn how to play the game, but learn to play it better.

    Jacques ThompsonJacques Thompson11 kun oldin
  • Who is Spanky Hayes? What has he done to be talking down or talking crap about Dave Chapel, the GOAT!

    Junior IraolaJunior Iraola11 kun oldin
  • Yo why is people always saying Dave isn't urban since his beginning he's always been about that positive black energy whether the crowd was black or white or whatever.... And it always seems to be bitter, broke, black comedians with bruised egos who are less funny than Dave always hating... we see yall.

    Huey FreemanHuey Freeman11 kun oldin
  • This show was 💯💯 but since you guys brought in Pierre.. excellent

    Andi DAndi D12 kun oldin