Tisha Campbell Reveals Damon Wayans Didn't Want To Work With Her Over 'Martin'

11-Fev, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - Tisha Campbell most talked about roles are easily 'Martin' with Martin Lawrence and 'My Wife And Kids' with Damon Wayans. In a recent interview with Finesse Mitchell's podcast 'Understand This' she would reveal originally Wayans didn't want her to star as his TV wife because she was Gina on 'Martin'. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_.

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    Comedy HypeComedy Hype21 kun oldin
    • @Armando Sanchez I just wanted to say, that everyone who was 18yrs or older when Martin was on back in the 90's was well aware of the sexual harrassment suit. I really loved the show, and everyone had great chemistry together, but towards the end, Tisha Campbell was not some of the shows after the suit was filed, and when she came back, they weren't in any scenes together, the chemistry was off. Tishnia Arnold stepped in and really helped the show even more, but the show ended, and I think Tisha, was in maybe, not sure, but the last show, but not all of them. Martin did a lot of talking on the phone to her.

      Dawn BowensDawn Bowens4 kun oldin
    • Notice that the two of them felt like there was more than enough roles for both of them to eat. Notice there was no internal dark skin like competition. And notice too that both ladies did get to play prominent wives on tv. Tisha Campbell- “My Wife and Kids”. And Arnold “Everybody Hates Chris”.

      Purposely ObtusePurposely Obtuse15 kun oldin
    • Don’t most actors care about the money and most of what they let out is for the free publicity , because very few people heard about Martin sexual harassment yet she worked with him till show was over . I like the entertainment

      Armando SanchezArmando Sanchez18 kun oldin
    • She was so good to me....I see Gina and I see Janet independently

      losemycoollosemycool20 kun oldin
  • Thankful for their relationship

    HELPME100HELPME10013 soat oldin
  • "Oh, you MISTA WIGGINS, now?!?!" 😭 That eppy with Serena Williams guest-starring as Kady's teacher was classic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Nah... Tisha definitely ended up where she was supposed to be. Lol!

    Danishuia AdamsDanishuia AdamsKun oldin

    KING FORDKING FORD2 kun oldin
  • Class act Ms. Arnold 👊👊

    Chris AlexanderChris Alexander2 kun oldin
  • I’m so glad it worked out tho. My Wife and Kids was my favorite show growing up and I don’t think I could imagine anyone but Tisha playing Jay. Kinda like how the first Claire wasn’t nearly as good as the other.

    ItsTheCamaroGuyItsTheCamaroGuy2 kun oldin
  • Pam has aged well. Barely looks any different

    T.B JAMMERT.B JAMMER2 kun oldin
  • Dude, can you get someone else to narrate. You sound bored as f*ck.

    MrSilksoulMrSilksoul2 kun oldin
  • I wonder why Pam wasn't a full time cast on One on One?She was Kayla Pratt Mother on that show.

    Dre WrightDre Wright3 kun oldin
  • I always wondered why people said she had a big head, I never thought so. Now, after seeing this interview I see it. Especially when she turned her head ! Well have a good one everyone

    Mecca MitchellMecca Mitchell3 kun oldin
  • They never could figure out what to do with Tisha Campbell's hair on My Wife and Kids. Those wigs looked like they came from a swap meet.

    GrnEyesGrnEyes3 kun oldin
    • YES !!! I was thinking the same thing, I knew I wasn't the only one that thought that. I hated that look 🤦🏾‍♀️

      Mecca MitchellMecca Mitchell3 kun oldin
    • Just terrible 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Trinity CarterTrinity Carter3 kun oldin
  • friend goalsssssssss! they're hilarious together!

    Tali TTali T3 kun oldin
  • Nope

    King HigginsKing Higgins4 kun oldin
  • Trying to figure out why this is relevant. 😳😳😳😳

    Native New YorkerNative New Yorker5 kun oldin
  • Tisha is just forced to me and she tries to hard when acting. Tichina is naturally funny.

    K cakeK cake5 kun oldin
    • Exactly

      Trinity CarterTrinity Carter3 kun oldin
  • Prime example of what's yours is YOURS!!!! This role was always meant for Tisha and she got it. Rochelle was meant for Tichina and she got it!! I couldn't imagine anybody else in either role.

    mainegabriellemainegabrielle5 kun oldin
  • I can just tell she's gone through hell throughout her career and has so much to say to us (her fans), but is being told to keep quiet until certain individuals are gone.

    Ayame KyotoAyame Kyoto5 kun oldin
  • Tichina real for that. A lot of people wouldn’t have did all that

    Brandon WattsBrandon Watts6 kun oldin
  • Can y'all get a new commentator. That commentator sounds like a lazy bum.

    KevinKevin6 kun oldin
  • They need to have their own sitcom. The chemistry between Tisha and Trichina is amazing.

    Sabrina SiggersSabrina Siggers6 kun oldin
  • So she booted her “friend” out the door of the show so she get the role.

    Dynasty Of 3Dynasty Of 36 kun oldin
  • I loveeeeeeee their idea to do a talk show OMG! yasssssssssssss. I worship my OG's!

    Dev DDev D6 kun oldin
  • Typecasting is common

    LiambrownzLiambrownz6 kun oldin

    CeCe AvCeCe Av6 kun oldin
  • Martin really don't like dark skinned women ,DAT y his children are mixed !

    Siyabonga BhongozaSiyabonga Bhongoza7 kun oldin
  • Gina what that mouth do?😜

    Jason GodfreyJason Godfrey7 kun oldin
  • My wife and kids was better than Martin Lawrence

    Adrian VacaAdrian Vaca7 kun oldin
  • Ok

    Tony ParksTony Parks8 kun oldin
  • So Tisha used insider information from Tichina to come in and steal the role from her.

    Cynthia SmithCynthia Smith8 kun oldin
  • 💙💙💙💙

    Leilani Mailangi MoalaLeilani Mailangi Moala8 kun oldin
  • damn her voice really is annoying

    GoldSilver CannabisGoldSilver Cannabis8 kun oldin
  • Jay Kyle could be played by no other person than Ms Campbell

    LOSLOS8 kun oldin
  • Tichina is a real friend. She helped her friend go after the same role she was going for. She helped her get it. Woooooow that’s the complete opposite of a hater. See we are not all crabs in a barrel and all women are not in competition with eachother.

    anonymizzleanonymizzle8 kun oldin
  • I loved my and kids. I wish it would've gotten more time. It's one of the most underrated sitcoms of our time. It was cool to see some of his old friends from in living color on there also.

    David BanosDavid Banos8 kun oldin
  • Pam would've made it a bigger show.

    Steven ScottSteven Scott8 kun oldin
  • I didn’t see Gina when I watch my wife & kids. Also that’s a real friend right there she could’ve easily could’ve said no I’m not giving you the script.

    heyitsnayaa Arokheyitsnayaa Arok8 kun oldin
  • No lie. When I watch my wife and kids I never think of Gina. To me by the time she played my wife and kids she had matured so much. She did good on both shows ♥️.

    Stephanie WilliamsStephanie Williams8 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or does Finese Mitchell kinda look like Jordan Peele?

    The Variety VendorThe Variety Vendor8 kun oldin
  • That was a long time ago so what

    F KF K9 kun oldin
  • iLove their friendship.

    Missionary M. Fatin ELMissionary M. Fatin EL9 kun oldin
  • The comedy timing on my wife and kids was something else 😂😂

    PariceParice9 kun oldin
  • Tichina and Tisha must have reached an understanding early on with both having a solid sense of self-worth for Tichina to be giving like that. I have to applaud Tichina on that.

    warmcozywarmcozy9 kun oldin
  • When it comes to employment it's never what you know but WHO you know!!!

    curls under constructioncurls under construction9 kun oldin
  • that is one iconic series that i always go back to when i can't find anything to watch. laughs guaranteed! Glad he hired her. They both crack me up on that show. It never seemed staged. Were so naturally funny together.

    Me MeMe Me9 kun oldin
  • What happen to her tooth

    Cheeks KissesCheeks Kisses9 kun oldin
  • Someone help me

    Shawn Smallwood AKA Shizzy MackShawn Smallwood AKA Shizzy Mack9 kun oldin
  • She got to the door and he was like, “Ahhh, nah.” 😂😂😂

    one1022one10229 kun oldin
  • Tichina generously passed on this show and got a show that was better for her! My Wife & Kids and Everybody Hates Chris are BOTH cult classics!!! That’s what happens when doors open for you that can not be shut

    Charli TerryCharli Terry9 kun oldin
  • I loved Her in both tbh!

    Hansey HardwellHansey Hardwell9 kun oldin
  • I loved My Wife & Kids

    Raymond JohnsonRaymond Johnson9 kun oldin
  • That’s true friendship not fake I admire their friendship you don’t see that much now a days especially from women ladies if y’all have a friend like Tichina and Ticha keep those friends and Ticha was awesome for the role he had the best choice and Pam Tichina was awesome for everybody hate Chris avid put them where they need to be

    Amber HealthAmber Health10 kun oldin
  • My wife and kids still would’ve been a good without her , because Damon waynes made the show funny anyway , and his brother was the producer

    DThang SafDThang Saf10 kun oldin
  • Shit as a man if you call sexual harrasent chargers on someone I know and new I gotta do light sexual senses with you and kissing hugging senses I wouldnt want to work with you either because ima feel uncomfortable the enitire time walking on eggshells

    Jason SmithJason Smith10 kun oldin
  • what tha fk is wrong with her face? dont tell me she bleaching and had some surgery too??!!

    Benyamin YisraelBenyamin Yisrael10 kun oldin
  • I can’t blame her to get her bond under insurance cost a lot

    Shonda DaltonShonda Dalton10 kun oldin
  • Honestly I could see tichina playing on my wife and kids too because she is also a clown and her Damon playing off each other would have been very entertaining.

    Tori YTTori YT10 kun oldin
    • To bad it never happened

      ThelifeOfKhamaThelifeOfKhama10 kun oldin
  • Haha he thought shes a lawsuit waiting to happen

    Maroccomar 23Maroccomar 2310 kun oldin
  • You can't be mad at him for that you have to honestly respect the man's opinion seriously. Gina did do her thing in both shows, although there are ups and downs in every show. These two ladies stick together no matter what and the bond is the best. A show was a show regardless we all watched it and say back, laughed, had a meal and drink while watching these shows. I enjoyed the shows and would sit up and started acting like Gina and Pam mkay. Small nubion is what she called Martin. That damn Jerome and tooth took me out completely mkay. Let's not forget about Cole toe nails ewwwww 😂😂😂😂😂.

    Kerry LarryKerry Larry10 kun oldin
  • Or what happened to Gina and Martin and how that ended.

    Romon BrownRomon Brown10 kun oldin
  • Do these women grow old?

    D ZombasD Zombas10 kun oldin
  • I'm not shocked by this cause they make cool girlfriends so it cool and love cause most females ready tear someone down in the show business so that shows alot black woman power there👍❤⚘

    Robert CrawleyRobert Crawley10 kun oldin
  • God bless her.. She's one beautiful woman 👩

    Mr. JamesMr. James10 kun oldin
  • Anyone else noticed Damon is following Tisha but she isn’t following Damon on Instagram?! 🤔seems kind of shady to me..

    S RS R10 kun oldin
  • Of course they didn’t want to work with her after her accusations on Martin after she left who would want to work with someone like that

    ericblackwell70ericblackwell7010 kun oldin
  • Tichina had that abrasive personality for EHC so it's was perfect for her

    Cerebral SamuraiCerebral Samurai10 kun oldin
  • This why I love this channel.

    Tonia's ReviewsTonia's Reviews10 kun oldin
  • Yoooooo wtf happened to her bottom teeth tho...yooo I use to have crush Gina over pam back in the day but noooooowwww...pam make her look like damn "WHY DID I GET MARRIED 3" ...because that bad ship with Duane Martin apparently drained her physically seems like...but karma's a bitch

    Calvino DablackalpacinoCalvino Dablackalpacino11 kun oldin
  • Man... Let's get the Martin reboot

    Anthony BAnthony B11 kun oldin
  • This explains why Jazz Raycole was cast as Claire first...it all makes sense now.

    Anthony SmallAnthony Small11 kun oldin
  • Tichina is realer than your favorite rappers. 💯💯💯

    Ms. DaniMs. Dani11 kun oldin
  • Damon Waynes is a clown

    Fuego BandsFuego Bands11 kun oldin
  • I just LOVE those two!!!! T&T forever... Real friends!

    Willard Avery IIWillard Avery II11 kun oldin
  • man tichina on ehc was the greatest thing ever she played a good ass mother she was funny af thats one of my fav show

    lawrence griffithlawrence griffith11 kun oldin
  • What kind of friend is that ? You force yourself onto a job that your friend wanted ? Couldn't he be happy for tichina and look for another role ? If they both auditionned in the first place it would be another story but she pretty much took the scripts from her and forced her way to the job. I loved my wife and kids but I wouldn't want to have that kind of friend.

    GoldnizGoldniz11 kun oldin
    • Oh well

      ThelifeOfKhamaThelifeOfKhama10 kun oldin
  • So! Who cares?

    Turquoise J BuffaloeTurquoise J Buffaloe11 kun oldin
  • Im love both ladies. So talented ❤

    Felicia AnthonyFelicia Anthony11 kun oldin
  • No one could play jay like she played jay. It’s still one of my favorite shows and one of few that I laughed at every single episode. So happy she got the part and will be tuning in to their show!

    Amaru KAmaru K11 kun oldin
  • I can understand. Damon didnt want Martins sloppy seconds

    ell Dell D11 kun oldin
  • That’s a good friend cuz she literally took money out of her pockets and she was cool with it the whole time lol Aaaalllll of this lmfao

    Robert RiojasRobert Riojas11 kun oldin
  • Nice video! Thank you! 😊💕👌🏽

    Steph StephSteph Steph11 kun oldin
  • I love this story it will be told over and over

    GoldenstandardGoldenstandard12 kun oldin

    GoldenstandardGoldenstandard12 kun oldin
  • best friends forever

    Bethany DavisBethany Davis12 kun oldin
  • My wife and kids as a very important part of me wanting a family. I’m glad she was on the show she brought her glow that was needed.

    Queen MercyQueen Mercy12 kun oldin
  • Latinos for Pam😎👉,,she was gr8 on power106 back in the late 90z

  • I love tichina(Pam) from Martin that's gonna always be bae😂😂💯💯🤞🏾

    IncredibleCIncredibleC12 kun oldin
  • This old news

    itinav araititinav arait12 kun oldin
  • Tisha best role was with Martin . 🤷🏽‍♀️ I did like my wife and kids but that wasn’t her best role. I like both tisha and Tichina but Tichina was better for everybody hates Chris .

    Cay JillCay Jill12 kun oldin
  • I don't blame damon.

    Nathaniel DavisNathaniel Davis12 kun oldin
  • I couldn't see anyone else playing the mom role in my wife and kids. Tachina is the best ♡. I still watch the show on philo. Lol

    Samoore BP.!Samoore BP.!12 kun oldin
  • Omg.. So Tichina could've been the mum 😮 I would've been sooo here for it, love that woman is EVERYTHING she does, she's out of this world talented and now I know she's an amazing friend too. What a lady 😍😍😍

    Tuncs Alive369Tuncs Alive36913 kun oldin
  • Well I honestly think Tisha is just average at best . I just don’t understand the hype around her 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Firas HarbFiras Harb13 kun oldin
  • That’s amazing that they kept it business Nd not personal, cause a lot of people would have ended their friendship thinking that one friend stole their role/opportunity,

    Linni MLinni M13 kun oldin
  • Gina TALK TO THE HAND!! After your jealous ex had you in there you lied on Martin. Now you trying to stay relevant...GET TO STEPPIN!! Glad you got a friend like Tichina! Pam the BEST!!

    Anita WilliamsAnita Williams13 kun oldin
  • That talk show sounds fun

    YaY kkYaY kk13 kun oldin
  • Can't deny talent Tisha u did Great💯 #UhNo

    Zelly ZellZelly Zell13 kun oldin
  • Wow! Damon was wrong for that. He lost some of my respect over that isht. Imho, she was instrumental in making that show a hit.

    JaeshaJaesha13 kun oldin
  • It's a blessing to have a friendship like those 2 have,I pray that their talk show is a hugh success.

    Andre DuboseAndre Dubose13 kun oldin
  • So she stole the role from Trichina Arnold?

    eigoMANGAeigoMANGA13 kun oldin
  • Steel here. Play it. Now. Where her grammy at

    NenonxoNenonxo13 kun oldin