Vanessa Bell Calloway Reveals Being Turned Down 'Lisa McDowell' Role, Thinks Over Color

17-Fev, 2021
36 407 Ko‘rishlar soni​ - For a new episode of 'The CH News Show'; Pierre and Symphony Thompson discuss a new interview by veteran actress Vanessa Bell Calloway that reveals she originally auditioned for the role of Lisa McDowell in the 1988 comedy, Coming To America. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_.

  • Yeah, it was like that in the 80's.

    WOLF CHIEFWOLF CHIEF10 soat oldin
  • Right no tough roles were given to lightskin Men and never the topic of discussion 🙁

    Ms MMs M14 soat oldin
  • Here we go again...more woe is me and my dark skin crybaby bs

    Mc HammerMc Hammer15 soat oldin
  • Pierre a damm fool 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DEE BrownDEE Brown17 soat oldin
  • colorism?

    James CiprianiJames Cipriani22 soat oldin
  • And it could also be because she just didn't read the part the way they wanted it or just didn't pull off the "Lisa" role the way they wanted it. Everything in this day and age people has to pick at causing more division within society. People were not reading into this that deep.

    Cherrymoon ProductionsCherrymoon ProductionsKun oldin
  • I never thought about that

    Richard BellRichard Bell2 kun oldin
  • Coming to America has a lot of colorism in it. I watched it today, and I was like damn! This movie was colorism as hell!!!

    Chenita KingChenita King2 kun oldin
  • This is totally believable especially in the 80’s. The movie is still great the way it is. You had White producers imposing their personal racial biases on the big screen. The lighter your complexion the more upstanding you were. The darker the complexion the sinful.

    Ruffian71Ruffian712 kun oldin
  • Sista in the video is nick picking a little bit

    antione martinantione martin2 kun oldin
  • We've allowed our own to disgrace us because of teachings etc. that were never our own like "Christianity". In truth when you have made a choice to mix with a society where their is no acceptance of anything but their own robbed/created history how could you expect anything more from a people and its loyal followers who follow these same lies all to be accepted.

    Dop3 MoveMintDop3 MoveMint2 kun oldin
  • Thank God for this brother holding ground.

    M BM B3 kun oldin
  • He's Always been Funny!!

    Jay-Quin ThunderJay-Quin Thunder3 kun oldin

    Jay-Quin ThunderJay-Quin Thunder3 kun oldin
  • Way to overlook how the Queen want light skinned. Smh. We need to get off this pity party

    Son-of Black-KingSon-of Black-King3 kun oldin
  • Colorism most definitely does exist... On both sides. I've found that "dark skinned" women are more attracted to lighter skinned males than they are men of my hue or darker. And obviously this is prevalent from the male perspective. THE SHHT IS SILLY AS HELL and INCREDIBLY SHALLOW. There is no solution to it. It is what it is. But colorism is a very necessary topic of discussion BETWEEN "BLACKS". 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿

    Testos TyroneTestos Tyrone4 kun oldin
  • Black women dont Watch the new one do yourselves a favor stop supporting colorist 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Dressed in ModestyDressed in Modesty4 kun oldin
  • I can see that. It’s certainly possible. However VBC did favor the man that played her father, the king, in the movie.

    RCBRCB4 kun oldin
  • Hollywood will not change who they cast until we change who we support

    Made For EarMade For Ear4 kun oldin
  • That nigga Pierre funny ass hell!😆

    Justin MckinneyJustin Mckinney4 kun oldin
  • Well if I'm writing a movie and a character in the movie I'm writing is a light skinned character, why would I cast a dark skinned person? I want the story to be as I envisioned. As a creator certain things you just don't compromise especially over fear of what people will say. I think she should be feeling blessed to have participated besides, her character is more memorable to us than lisa McDowell's. In addition as an actor and looks I love calloway more just something bout chocolate.

    Sluggo SlyquanzSluggo Slyquanz4 kun oldin
  • That halfbreed man's a d!ckhead saying "darkskin women weren't pretty in t he 80s" f**k u. This wasnt the platform to talk about this subject, this was tacky and not funny.

    Daniel BaileyDaniel Bailey5 kun oldin
  • Why is she taking to a halfbreed man about this subject???🙄she should of had another black woman to talk too about this subject😒 A lightskin man can't identify with a darkskin woman issues of colorism.

    Daniel BaileyDaniel Bailey5 kun oldin
  • The father was Dark The young sister was Dark The lead roll future queen is light. 😎SHADE😎

    Cosmic ThanosCosmic Thanos6 kun oldin
  • Tiana Taylor dark skinned🤔? Not at all.

    1DNETTA1DNETTA6 kun oldin
  • Bill Bellamy got main role on "how to be a player" because he was the better actor for the role! Vanessa Bell didn't get the part of Lisa because she has dark skin...‼️ & That's on Mary had a beautiful black ass lamb!

    JaLisa DessanayJaLisa Dessanay6 kun oldin
  • Pierre, just because dark skin women moved up two steps on this game boy that is Hollywood, doesn't mean that light skin women aren't still in the lead. Stop taking out your frustrations on Vanessa's reality.

    JaLisa DessanayJaLisa Dessanay6 kun oldin
  • Pierre cut it out. YOUR AD LIBS ALONE ARE GIVING AWAY HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THINGS. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It was way harder & still is for darker women. (Since you want to compare her experience to yours) Vanessa wasn't getting the main roles. Not all gangster rolls are main roles. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?! I have to start realizing that actors are not their characters 🤦🏽‍♀️ PS) I love your movies.

    JaLisa DessanayJaLisa Dessanay6 kun oldin
  • Lovee some dark skinned sisters but Enough. Ppl choose what they like. Every movie made doesn't have to be a statement made.

    Anzwar The GreatAnzwar The Great6 kun oldin
  • VBC was way better looking than sh anyway

    mrknowitalllt1mrknowitalllt16 kun oldin
  • Pierre? Really dawg? Why are privileged people always tryna downplay their privilege? “It hurt my career.” Even if you weren’t light skinned, you still wouldn’t look tough. [+]

    El Plebe UchihaEl Plebe Uchiha6 kun oldin
  • it's not colorism, it's just preference.

    Dee AntoineDee Antoine6 kun oldin
  • One of the things I noticed, and loved, in the show The Chi is that there are so many brown and dark skinned actors and women in the show.

    Iunderstan PhotographyIunderstan Photography6 kun oldin
  • 4:47 Pierre is a fool for this one haha but what he meant is, looking back, in 1988 and 80's in general, the styling and make up for brown/dark women wasn't as good compared to now. and made to be more glamorous in white movies. Go back and see! This changed as John Singleton, Robert Townsend, Wayans and Spike Lee changed the environment

    Iunderstan PhotographyIunderstan Photography6 kun oldin
  • If VBC thought this, why would you give an interview with "Page Six?" if you wanted to be taken seriously. Additionally, let's not act like dark-skin people have not played roles of lighter-complexioned people and nobody said anything. Angela Bassett = Tina Turner & Rosa Parks, Denzel Washington = Malcolm X, Diana Ross = Billie Holiday, all three women in hidden figures were significantly darker than the actual people they played. There is a problem with what is considered "Black enough" in hollywood as well, like Pierre alluded to. Stop crying wolf, with this colorism stuff, when it applies to dark-skin people, and understand it goes both ways, if you really want to solve the issue. Make sure you have legitimate critiques, because otherwise all we do is perpetuate the division amongst black people.

    2006neram2006neram7 kun oldin
  • Madge Sinclair played the Mother that was dark skin, but you say you are not represented? 3:45. The beautiful thing about it for me is I just see Beautiful Black women when I watch Black movies...from the lightest to the darkest. Both were represented in the 70s and 80s

    JazzysClassicJazzJazzysClassicJazz7 kun oldin
  • New jack city light skin or something he said

    Marshan #DisneyDiva ThomasMarshan #DisneyDiva Thomas7 kun oldin
  • Put it in the comments lol.

    Marshan #DisneyDiva ThomasMarshan #DisneyDiva Thomas7 kun oldin
  • Did he say National Geographic?!

    Hua WeiHua Wei7 kun oldin
  • Why is Pierre here?

    Hua WeiHua Wei7 kun oldin
  • Vanessa was prettier, i.m.o.

    Timuçin LeflefTimuçin Leflef7 kun oldin
  • Shari Headley actress and model got the role. These silly subjective comments about who was most beautiful. Guess what...HEADLEY got the role cause she fit the part with the voice, looks, and personality. STOP creating idiotic reasons to deprive deserving actresses because of your own insecurities about yourselves. This speaker sounds so hypocritical from beginning to end!

    Sara CornSara Corn8 kun oldin
    • Shari did an excellent job, but Vanessa later played a similar character to the character Lisa in Bebe's Kids. Vanessa did a great job playing Jamika in Bebe's Kids even thought the character was half white like Zendaya, multigenerational mixed women like Tina Knowles or a light skin black women with two black parents like Tisha Campbell.

      Ovan61Ovan616 kun oldin
  • As a Brother who supports the truth, I recognize Vanessa speaking truth to power. I also see Brother Pierre caping for less melanated women as if they didn't have role models growing up. LOL.

    The Speakers Of TruthThe Speakers Of Truth8 kun oldin
  • Brother Pierre is caping for less melanated women as if they didn't have role models growing up. SMH.

    The Speakers Of TruthThe Speakers Of Truth8 kun oldin
  • I see he can't say much and he knows why. Oh well....NEXT!.

    The MatrixThe Matrix8 kun oldin
  • He was cutting up a bit too much. inappropriate

    OyintravelsOyintravels8 kun oldin
  • they are both black women . maybe she didnt kill the audition .

    Queens MitchQueens Mitch9 kun oldin
  • The darker women in Coming to America played side roles. Lisa McDowell didn’t even fit in the family. Vanessa would’ve been great in that roll. Imani could’ve been great as a light skinned woman. Also, Black men aren’t affected by colorism in the same way, so it would’ve been better to speak to a Black women about this.

    maracharesemaracharese9 kun oldin
  • This guy ain’t the dude to be asking these questions

    Renzo JonesRenzo Jones9 kun oldin
  • I didn't think the one who played Lisa was all that attractive.

    K MartinK Martin9 kun oldin
  • As a dark skinned woman. I noticed this when the movie came out. I wasn't happy n felt like dark skinned was supposed to be ugly. I won many of pageants n found out that white men preferred darker women. Until the last 5 or 10 years darker women are finding our way. Black men may have a problem still but that's OK. You're not the only species out there. Lol.. for the record. Eddie don't want anything darker than a paper bag. Smh

    Jeanette ReedJeanette Reed9 kun oldin
    • I always loved chocolate women 😋 😍

      Monty WoodgrainMonty Woodgrain6 kun oldin
  • Pierre funny af lol

    Reginald StewartReginald Stewart9 kun oldin
  • I love being dark-skinned i want to be different unique 💜💜💜

    kimberly swearingtonkimberly swearington9 kun oldin
    • Everyone should love them self's no matter what. I never got the light skin, dark skin thing. We all black I always loved chocolate women. Beauty is Beauty no matter the complexion

      Monty WoodgrainMonty Woodgrain6 kun oldin
  • Vanessa bell actually looks more like the sister who played Lisa's sister.

    vaimendevaimende9 kun oldin
  • There were plenty brown and dark skinned female celebs in the 90s

    vaimendevaimende9 kun oldin
  • The "Vanity" and "Rae Dawn Chong" types were all that were pushed for Black lead roles in the 80s and early 90s.

    Krystal1301Krystal13019 kun oldin
  • The colorism card is played out now

    Viktor VaughnViktor Vaughn10 kun oldin
  • DANG!! She's 67. I never knew. She looks younger. But I believe her. I believe it was not just the studio's preference, but Eddie's as well. He's only married and dated light-skinned black/mixed women, and now has a white wife. Most dark-skinned men --- especially entertainers/athletes --- choose light-skinned women. And ironically, many light-skin women, go after the darkest man they can find. And it JUST occurred to me while typing this, that in Eddie's other film --- "Boomerang" --- he had 2 love interest, one portrayed by Robin Givens and the other by Halle Berry. They were kind of like Veronica & Betty from the "Archie" comic books. The one with the dark hair (in this case, dark skin --- Robin) was evil, and the one with the lighter hair (in this case , lighter skin ---- Halle) was the "good" one, and the one he ended up choosing in the end. And I'm sure Eddie had full control over the casting process at that point in his career.

    Dominique DevereuxDominique Devereux10 kun oldin
  • Both of them were fine

    Stakk NationStakk Nation10 kun oldin
  • It's nothing like having a beautiful black woman black women are the most beautiful women in the world. The most highest is black Jesus is black can't beat it

    Lynn DorsetteLynn Dorsette10 kun oldin
  • You have pretty eyes, sis.

    colstonlchinesecolstonlchinese10 kun oldin
  • Tamara Dobson Cleopatra Jones Cicely Tyson, beautiful dark skin women.

    Don BrownDon Brown10 kun oldin
  • Black people constantly attacking fairer skinned people.

    Zero CinemationZero Cinemation10 kun oldin
  • Pierre is a white boy!

    60NXNP0960NXNP0910 kun oldin
  • Every black person can speak on colorism...light-skinned or dark-skinned. It bothered me that she said she wanted to see her “represented”. WE are represented every time a black man or woman makes it. There is a Tyler Perry show called Sistas and all of the women are dark-skinned....So What. We need to stop the slave mentality. We are all beautiful.

    S.L BeauregardS.L Beauregard10 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna have to disagree. Vanessa didn't get the role, because her acting style wasn't a good fit. Shari was the better fit. However, it is Vanessa's character Imani who is the most memorable role over Lisa

    Tashie DTashie D10 kun oldin
    • Vanessa later played a similar character to the character Lisa in Bebe's Kids. Vanessa did a great job playing Jamika in Bebe's Kids even thought the character was half white like Zendaya, multigenerational mixed women like Tina Knowles or a light skin black women with two black parents like Tisha Campbell.

      Ovan61Ovan617 kun oldin
  • Tatyana Ali, Mia Campbell, Lisa turtle, Whitney Houston, etc... I can go on

    Alton PettijohnAlton Pettijohn10 kun oldin
  • I know it’s off topic but it reminds me of the show Martin. I feel the only reason Tisha Campbell was cast as the lead character’s love interest was because she’s light-skinned. Tichina Arnold (Pam) was the better looking of the two women.

    Jrider 86Jrider 8610 kun oldin
  • What is Pierre talking about there were no good darker/dark-skinned women in the 80's UM - Robin Givens, UM OLA RAE! from Thriller, UM Whitney Houston, only to name a very few.

    Invite The Light ReadingsInvite The Light Readings10 kun oldin
  • I remember though Vanessa was only in that movie for maybe 2 minutes? but she was TRULY the most beautiful woman many of us had seen as black kids back then. I as a girl just marveled at this absolutely gorgeous woman role model of beauty and grace. God I hope she knows that - and knows how memorable she was. Many people remember her role all the time. -------- In fact - sadly enough it's when you go back to those times you see even more BLACK women being in the role. they do not fill next to black men (with the exception of Power is what i can think of) Robin Givens, was in Boomerang, Angela Basset in Blacula (I think that was called?) Anyway, it seems Eddie Murphy did cast outright Black women in lead roles. -------

    Invite The Light ReadingsInvite The Light Readings10 kun oldin
  • Hollyweird specifically wanted darker skin to be feared. It’s dominating, amazing, don’t burn in the sun, only radiates n so on n they can’t handle it or fucking understand full brown skin color that’s why it’s so many darker thug crime roles vs show a yellow, red lighter 🤷🏽‍♀️person in a suit n tie job in a office.

    Gabrielle BellGabrielle Bell10 kun oldin
  • Shame shes been beautiful enough for that part and any part. She shines in her career tho love some saint and sinners show that show lit. Glad she didn’t give up

    Gabrielle BellGabrielle Bell10 kun oldin
  • ( YAHAWAH ) ( BAHASHAM ) ❤️

    Ivan MillerIvan Miller10 kun oldin
  • He is colorist. He said one too many colorist comments.

    Adjoua EhoussouAdjoua Ehoussou10 kun oldin
  • LSBW had the entire 20th century as well as now for good promotion so there is no need to say where is their promotion. We brown and dark skin black women need this entire century to rebuild our image. Hopefully the world doesnt end by then.

    Adjoua EhoussouAdjoua Ehoussou10 kun oldin
  • Did he realife just say that dark skin women werent pretty then?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? I don't blame you. The time will come. 4:50

    Adjoua EhoussouAdjoua Ehoussou10 kun oldin
  • Fair to say, that guy may not get where our sister is coming from. I don’t think he would understand.

    KittytheJacksonKittytheJackson10 kun oldin
  • They always make the dark skin woman either the one that the black man doesn’t want or the one that the black man clowns. Just look at the show Martin. And you can’t tell me that Gina just looked better than Pam all the time. That’s far from true

    Daniel HillDaniel Hill10 kun oldin
  • Dark skin beauty rocks

    J.O.B TelinfoJ.O.B Telinfo11 kun oldin
  • Her part was waaaaay more memorable than lisa...and to bring this up after all this time 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Keng TachalaKeng Tachala11 kun oldin
  • I wish more men noticed how colorism yes. But Pierre is irritating on black issues 🙄

    S. HeardS. Heard11 kun oldin
  • Idk. If either of them played the "lisa" character the movie still would've been fire. They kinda looked alike back in the day. Cept one was just lighter than the other. I get what they saying. But Eddie's wife in real life was or is white. And at the end of the day he wasnt finna have no white girl as his queen to be in the film. We have to stop this colorism within our own community. White people lookn at us wiggling their fingers with strings attached at the end of them, smiling like "Yes! Dance puppet dance!!"

    IdubL DairuIdubL Dairu11 kun oldin
  • Well, I'm not listening to anything Pierre say. Look at his jacket?!?

    49erNell49erNell11 kun oldin
  • Shout out to Deray for playing Peaches on Snowfall

    First OfAllFirst OfAll11 kun oldin
  • So yall just forgot about the queen of Zamunda Queen Aoleon? played by Madge Sinclair? Wa she light skinned? This channel does nothing but whine. The most privileged generation of Black people ever are the most loud, pampered, whiny, and flat out wrong about the world around them. I swear I am so over this "woke" shit.

    A PersonA Person11 kun oldin
  • To all of the dark sista's complaining about colorism, i'm going to assume you ladies were not swooning over guys who look like Christopher Williams, Debarge, and Shemar Moore.

  • For me the bride was just flawless. Like perfect. Lisa was cute but was almost a caricature of a perfect girl. No one was that. I found her sister more relatable but they could have made her less materialistic. She was a star. Because it was a comedy it did rely on some lazy tropes but the bride was, and had to be, breathtaking. Lisa was just a nice girl.

    Deborah WalkerDeborah Walker11 kun oldin
  • This dude is STILL a fool. I'd like to see his stand up chops.

    YouBigDummyYouBigDummy11 kun oldin
  • Shari Headley was great in the part. Stop disrespecting her. There's so much hate. Near the end this woman is SO hypocritical. You ALL got some long hair now...THANK stop hating.

    Sara CornSara Corn11 kun oldin
  • Headley looks better to me. Look at her old music videos.

    Sara CornSara Corn11 kun oldin
  • He crazy ass hell. Even now they push light skin women as beautiful and dark skin woman as less desirable.

    vava voguevava vogue11 kun oldin
  • How can she be 100% sure that would definitely have gotten the part? Was she the only dark skinned woman their trying for the role

    Terryhoover HowardTerryhoover Howard11 kun oldin
  • They kinda look alike just 1 is lighter

    Ty ETy E11 kun oldin
  • The light skinned sister played the part well. Maybe she did better than her during the auditions.

    S4C AKA Gospel GorillazS4C AKA Gospel Gorillaz11 kun oldin
    • Shari did acted the role well and Vanessa later played a similar character to the character Lisa in Bebe's Kids. Vanessa did a great job playing Jamika in Bebe's Kids even thought the character was half white like Zendaya, multigenerational mixed women like Tina Knowles or a light skin black women with two black parents like Tisha Campbell.

      Ovan61Ovan616 kun oldin
  • Pierre got on my damn nerves lol I’m not surprised though he stupid corny He constantly disregarded her experience I’m sorry It’s not his skin tone that’s not giving him roles he’s just mad corny asf yuck

    nicole shippnicole shipp11 kun oldin
  • Wish you got someone with common sense instead of Pierre.

    Kelvin akinolaKelvin akinola11 kun oldin
  • Just take the "L". How many people lost a role that she won?

    Vincent H.Vincent H.11 kun oldin
  • Vanessa was fine though!

    Kukoo Da Baga BonezKukoo Da Baga Bonez11 kun oldin
  • Coming to America2 | Mar 5 | Amazon Prime

    Cheryl R LeighCheryl R Leigh11 kun oldin
  • Never liked Lisa

    Don't TripDon't Trip11 kun oldin