What Happened To 'Ezal' From 'Friday'? - Unforgotten

7-Apr, 2021
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comedyhype.com/​ - Comedian Anthony 'AJ' Johnson would win fans over as the neighborhood drug addict Ezal in 1995's 'Friday'. In this episode of ;Unforgotten' we take a look to what happened to him after starring in the film. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • He was on judge Mathis show about 2wks ago

    Bernice SherrodBernice Sherrod13 soat oldin
  • he one of the Goats fr he a good actor

    MarMar KingMarMar King2 kun oldin
  • Fredro star lol nope

    LightsOut Media73LightsOut Media734 kun oldin
  • I seen him at the April fools comedy show in Brooklyn and he killed it respect aj Johnson.

    markdaspark automarkdaspark auto4 kun oldin
  • Tommy Davidson would’ve been funnier than er’body

    Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.Live Breathe Eat Fitness Co.5 kun oldin
  • I knew him personally and he's not all that. Wish I never had.

    Patricia RobinsonPatricia Robinson6 kun oldin
  • Why is Tommy Davidson in the thumbnail?

    Joe KingJoe King6 kun oldin
  • House Party 3 had a lot of comedians

    MsjawandaMsjawanda8 kun oldin
  • Wow Cube, you fake for that smh

    Meez Da ProdigyMeez Da Prodigy9 kun oldin
  • We really want to hear AJ johnson holding a class for acting cause he's so good

    chamberlain wonderchamberlain wonder10 kun oldin
  • Anthony AJ johnson is a star for real nobody talk about in fridays n couple of movies..

    chamberlain wonderchamberlain wonder10 kun oldin
  • I got the hook up was hilarious and absolutely underrated

    Rel WalkerRel Walker10 kun oldin
  • He was in House Party 3.

    So SoSo So11 kun oldin
  • recently saw him on judge mathis! 🤣

    سـلـيـمـان أحـمـدسـلـيـمـان أحـمـد13 kun oldin
  • This is a good video, informative and cool. Good job on making it.

    Ife's VoiceIfe's Voice14 kun oldin
  • Let’s just get a last Friday movie and write in a Debo and pops funeral

    Mike WhiteMike White14 kun oldin
  • Mann look at ezell, aye I still I dont kill

    Noah Jackson 20Noah Jackson 2015 kun oldin
  • Just saw him on Judge Mathis this week. He was being sued by a former manager.

    Robbin SallyRobbin Sally15 kun oldin
    • What was the outcome

      Lisha JohnsonLisha Johnson5 kun oldin
  • A J JOHNSON Made the funniest mama joke i ever heard

    Oldhead Deuce *FBT*Oldhead Deuce *FBT*15 kun oldin
  • An episode of Judge Mathis bought me here, he was on there being sued. I was shocked to see him on there.

    Chanel CaldwellChanel Caldwell16 kun oldin
    • @Chanel Caldwell wow really ...thanxs 👍🏾

      Lisha JohnsonLisha Johnson5 kun oldin
    • @Lisha Johnson the plaintiff won his case..AJ has to pay up..lol

      Chanel CaldwellChanel Caldwell5 kun oldin
    • I was watching it to but got distracted so I missed the end what was the outcome

      Lisha JohnsonLisha Johnson5 kun oldin
  • He was in repos with Master P And Michael Blackson and Katt Williams

    Ski CovingtonSki Covington18 kun oldin
  • Ice cube did him dirty but it's always a story behind everything

    Elijah LipseyElijah Lipsey18 kun oldin
  • Suge only scary when he pulls out a gun...bitchassness

    Cola ChelseyCola Chelsey18 kun oldin
  • He was in Babs

    Arzelle ColonArzelle Colon21 kun oldin
  • Kinda feel like y’all feeding off of Vlad videos.

    Roman WhiteRoman White21 kun oldin
  • I'm so glad tommy davidson wasn't ezal. Nothing against the man, it just wouldn't have hit the way the character hits now

    Shay K.Shay K.22 kun oldin
  • Ice cube has no word as a man that is a sad thing not to have as a business man

    David 8719David 871923 kun oldin
  • He had a pill problem too

    Semilya DorseySemilya Dorsey23 kun oldin
  • So I guess people skip the part where Ice Cube banned him off set

    RBG SistaRBG Sista24 kun oldin
  • Damn straight

    JunkionMarnot2005JunkionMarnot200524 kun oldin
  • You forgot to say he was smoking crack too.

    Oscar LooezOscar Looez25 kun oldin
  • He didn't get replaced by fredro star it was sticky fingaz

    Kansas BroadnaxKansas Broadnax25 kun oldin
  • I hate that he struggled w alcoholism. I wish him good health and to see him doing his thing in entertainment again soon!

    KazeSuenosKazeSuenos26 kun oldin
  • Stop living in gang infested places

    Steven JenkinsSteven Jenkins27 kun oldin
  • Yuk.. Suge Knight was always in the way back then 😒

    Renee FranchonRenee Franchon27 kun oldin
  • He would have me in tears.🤣😂

    Miss VMiss V27 kun oldin
  • He was in "Panther".

    ReligionfreeReligionfree27 kun oldin
  • Everybody getting old time is flying

    Ray SavageRay Savage28 kun oldin
  • Hey, AJ is a damn good comedian performer. I don't know why he's not doing his own concert. That's talent that shouldn't be wasted! Get your crap together Johnson.🤎✊👏

    Rodney ReynoldsRodney Reynolds28 kun oldin
  • Where is he now? Is he still alive?

    Alfreda CalbertAlfreda Calbert28 kun oldin
  • This guy got screwed by Ice Cube. Ice Cube would’ve had a better movie career if he had stayed loyal to the original actors that didn’t show up for the sequels. Look at Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow, those guys constantly collaborate with the co stars that made them big. Cube could’ve sacrificed the size of his slice of the pie to get these people paid, and win in the long run later on. SMH

    Keith JrKeith Jr28 kun oldin
  • This movie cast was the Avengers of 90s black comedy. Probably the first iconic black comedy in the post Eddie Murphy 80s era

    Keith JrKeith Jr28 kun oldin
  • Props to the vid but I would have watched the 25 minutes to atleast talk about more of His work especially independently cause he never sold out like most cats....

    El GallowayEl Galloway29 kun oldin
  • so there were two AJ Johnsons in House Party 🤔 never thought about that..

    LD SWLD SW29 kun oldin
  • He was funny in the movie repos too him and Michael blackson going in joking on each other 😂😂

    Tremaine GloverTremaine Glover29 kun oldin
  • Ice cube could have told him he was going with another actor, thats messed up

    Kendra CarmichaelKendra Carmichael29 kun oldin
  • SMH suge for real had dudes doing dumb shit and walking away from checks🤣🤣🤣

    Ahriman SAhriman S29 kun oldin
  • Wat is that background music

    Motor 2kMotor 2kOy oldin
  • dangh o forgot he was eazy e and dr.dre videos. He was funny as hell in friday and the playas club.

    94kieshababy94kieshababyOy oldin
  • Ezal, "Hey Smokey what ya doin?" Smokey, "Gone Ezal, can't you see I'm busy! GONE ON!" Ezal, "Looks like your taking a "S" ha..ha..ha.. Smokey, "Don't tell nobody!" Ezal, "Hey everybody Smokey's over here taking a "S" well I ain't gone tell nobody else!"

    Cynthia WatsonCynthia WatsonOy oldin
  • 🤔uuummmm B.A.P.S 🤣💯💯💯💯💯💣

    Pam BrownPam BrownOy oldin
  • Why dh did somebody tackle him on the plane !

    Tishara DobyTishara DobyOy oldin
  • That was not Fredo star who played Debo’s brother it was sticky fingaz

    Tishara DobyTishara DobyOy oldin
  • Ice cube a str8 beotch

    Da SuaveologistDa SuaveologistOy oldin
  • Very Nice to see them tell this about Him. He's a Funny Actor👍👍❤️

    phatboysbakeryphatboysbakeryOy oldin
  • RIP Eazy-E

    Twisted MetalTwisted MetalOy oldin
  • Standup he did for master p dvd classic

    DosDosOy oldin
  • He was super hilarious in "I GOT THE HOOK UP"

    Dude FromKCDude FromKCOy oldin
  • AJ Johnson (the man) he’s good. He’s still performing comedy shows 2021.

    Reddric MoralesReddric MoralesOy oldin
  • They Hired Sticky Fingaz NOT Fredro Starr. Lol SMH

    Spaceman XSpaceman XOy oldin
  • look at ezal lmao

    cinco6535cinco6535Oy oldin
  • Wow...sounds like Cube did him dirty for part two...smh

    voiceisclearvoiceisclearOy oldin
  • I am surprised at ice cube. This man is amazingly funny

    Torrie BrownTorrie BrownOy oldin
  • ❤️

    Cynthia GrewayCynthia GrewayOy oldin

  • Lol Osha is truly Ruthless! But you all keep hyping him up.

    Lenny LennLenny LennOy oldin
  • Ice starting to come out like a real Jack ass

    webthewebwebthewebOy oldin
  • Legend.

    Tunnel Vision44Tunnel Vision44Oy oldin
  • Couldn't Picture Tommy Davidson as Ezal LOL

    Erik OrehekErik OrehekOy oldin
  • Ezel

    DDavid2320DDavid2320Oy oldin
  • He straight OG

    Ryzen ManRyzen ManOy oldin
  • 5:18 sticky fingaz was the replacement not Fredro Starr 😂 but I get the onyx reference

    La Cam TVLa Cam TVOy oldin
  • O word comedy hype?!? Fredro star replaced Ezal 🤦🏾‍♂️ Yall think we all look alike too

  • It was Sticky Fingaz not Fredro Starr

    Jarman InuJarman InuOy oldin
  • Somebody's been watching Vlad TV. Geez..

    lee95757lee95757Oy oldin
  • I'll Never Forget Seeing Him A Few Years Back @ Governor's State University & He Was Hilarious...Had Me In Tears 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Dwaine HicksDwaine HicksOy oldin
  • How to be player

    Timothy MorganTimothy MorganOy oldin
  • House Party was the first movie I saw him in.

    773Mr.Chicago Illinois60653773Mr.Chicago Illinois60653Oy oldin
  • He was WAY funnier in Friday than The Player's Club.

    773Mr.Chicago Illinois60653773Mr.Chicago Illinois60653Oy oldin
  • Sticky Fingaz not Fredro lol. But we know wym

    BMC BMCBMC BMCOy oldin
  • His father is the guy n the movie Harlem Nights ,the guy with the lil pop pop gun.

    Meemee PalmerMeemee PalmerOy oldin
  • Classic Friday movie 🍿🔥🚬🔥🚬🔥🚬🔥🚬🔥🚬💴💴💴💴💴💴

    Eric 609Eric 609Oy oldin

    Hillbilly MoeHillbilly MoeOy oldin
  • So u aint gonna tell the real story why he wasn't back for friday next? Unsubscribe you sell outs

    Cameron SarmientoCameron SarmientoOy oldin
  • Suge did all that shit for no reason

    Web SurferWeb SurferOy oldin
  • That house party 3 part was legendary 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯

    Loud Mouth RadioLoud Mouth RadioOy oldin
  • It was Sticky Fingaz in Next Friday, not Starr

    P DP DOy oldin
  • Smokey back here taking a shit.

    Homey don't play thatHomey don't play thatOy oldin

    T. LiveT. LiveOy oldin
  • My neck is my back. Classic friday shit. 😂😂😂

    Jayco StewartJayco StewartOy oldin
  • Wasn't that Sti€ky fingers not fredro???

    Mel RockMel RockOy oldin
  • He was in BAPS too!!

    CookingWitCurlyCookingWitCurlyOy oldin
  • Fool owes 125 bucks. He was at Hustler casino and I was at a black jack table with him and he did have anymore cash on him and asked borrow the money to double down. He told me he would have a homie go to his crib and get money from his safe and get it back to me. Needless to say I got played. I'm from watts and I should've knew better.

    keith elkinskeith elkinsOy oldin
  • Lol it was sticky fingers not fredo star come onnnn

    Killswitch RichKillswitch RichOy oldin
  • Homie said I'm tired of going to restaurant's watching other people eat hell I wanna eat too 😭😭😆😆😆😆

    Stilettos N Tha GhettoStilettos N Tha GhettoOy oldin
  • Sticky Fingers not Fredo Starr

    T.J. DuncanT.J. DuncanOy oldin
  • 2:05 He hadn’t aged much just gray hair. His skin looks smooth and healthy 😊

    Home HereHome HereOy oldin
  • Bruh dis nigga so funny , he should of had kev hart spot, 4sho

    BigCoVideozBigCoVideozOy oldin

    Randre DanielsRandre DanielsOy oldin
  • How y'all going not mention his dad shooting that little ass pistol in Harlem Nights

    Ugly KidUgly KidOy oldin