What Happens To Steve Harvey Hate After Trump? - CH News Show

27-Yan, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - For a new episode of 'The Comedy Hype News Show', host Symphony Thompson talks to Pierre, and Rita Brent on what will take place with Steve Harvey's career now that Donald Trump has left office. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • My goodness, Steve doesn’t represent or speak for everyone.

    GMAMECGMAMEC4 kun oldin
  • MLK meeting with Kennedy was hopeful. 60 years later, nothings changed. Harvey meeting with Trump, was the Grand Wizard meeting with Stepn Fetchit to talk about black people. Dont be so easily bought.

    HuMaNoId PhEnOmNoNHuMaNoId PhEnOmNoN15 kun oldin
  • Steve Harvey is DA MAN! I have ALWAYS been a LOYAL FAN of his and I will continue to Support Him. He is Very SMART and know how to move in these streets! GOD is BLESSING Steve BEYOND MEASURE... He GOOD!

    Rachel SmithRachel Smith16 kun oldin
  • Wait! Didn't that happen like 2 years ago? 🤔

    Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • Comedy Hype should stick with comedy.

    Allan BaconAllan Bacon21 kun oldin
  • The lesbian gets on my nerves.

    PINKDiva88PINKDiva8824 kun oldin
    • How you know she lesbian?

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • Monique told y'all to let go of that foo

    Romario SmithRomario Smith24 kun oldin
  • Steve Harvey don't give a s*** about his black people Steve Harvey's Coney worried about and his allies Luminati call about the hell with Steve Harvey

    Craig Irving Sr.Craig Irving Sr.29 kun oldin
  • didn't care before trump, don't care for him now. like someone else mentioned, I stopped caring ever since bernie mac incident.

    SairentoSairentoOy oldin
  • This has no bearing on my life. He's doing him, as he should. 🤔 Steve going to be fine!

    kkaywilson524kkaywilson524Oy oldin
  • I think when someone continues to point out that someone is racist says something. Plus by me being black and using my skin color as a badge of honor seems pretty prideful. What does the color of my skin has to do if my character is poor?

    Terrance CooperTerrance CooperOy oldin
  • Again you liking or hating Steve don't change Steve he put in his work and worked hard for years and he has MILLLIONS for it. Should he care about public opinion like that... no you work hard and live always going to be someone that don't like you period. We complain about that in the break room everyday and we not even famous. Live on Steve...

    Hubert FloydHubert FloydOy oldin
  • Let's hear what the Breakfast Club has to say #unbiased

    DomNikko DaddiDomNikko DaddiOy oldin
  • Steve is still doing him,and and it's on an international level now, besides that he's got enough bread to create his own situation with his own fan base, even independently if he chose that route.

    D.C.4life KING!D.C.4life KING!Oy oldin
  • He wrote a book on of all things relationships and he ain’t good his dam self. I’m not hating yet I am a realist. Steve about Steve

    Darryl HayesDarryl HayesOy oldin
  • He's still a snake no matter the situation with Trump. I still have issues with what he tried to do to Bernie Mac.

    Rhameses HamiltonRhameses HamiltonOy oldin
  • Only white folk's can cancel well i guess i can quit voting

    Quentin WillisQuentin WillisOy oldin
  • I think people started not liking Steve Harvey after the stories about him shading and trying to steal the Charlie's Angels job from Bernie Mac..

    Rashid RourkRashid RourkOy oldin
  • Steve should not recover since how he used treat Bernie. I cannot stand him. You will never align Steve Harvey with MLK.

    Monda KindleMonda KindleOy oldin
  • Chrisette Michele still dont have a career due to cancel culture.

    JasonJasonOy oldin
  • Trump pulled a fast one on Steve. That Bastard- Trump

    Eric CraigEric CraigOy oldin
  • Folks act like Trump and Biden are different from a systematic perspective. Hell, Biden is worse. Trump didn't put hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of Black men and women in prison decimating Black families. Biden did. People need to get out of their emotions and use facts.

    Brick SquaredBrick SquaredOy oldin
  • It's crazy how people are mad at Steve Harvey just for talking to Donald Trump

    Jason KennerJason KennerOy oldin
  • Stop making people's opinions all about Steve meeting with Trump. Plus, he verbally endorse Trump on his TV shows. Y'all walking on egg shell for Steve. At least two of you doing it but he's your peer so I kinda get it. Celebrities are allowed to disrespect certain communities.

    Steelman!1 4sureSteelman!1 4sureOy oldin
  • Steve Harvey gave more support, praise, and defense for Paula Deene than he ever did for his "friend" Monique.

    Steelman!1 4sureSteelman!1 4sureOy oldin
  • Ya she had trump head but what about Obama when they got pics of him hangin and all that shit?

    Jbo 254Jbo 254Oy oldin
    • What are you talking about?

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • Man Pierre shut up nobody should meet trump especially if you colored he doesn’t care about anyone but himself so it was a waste of time

    lol12lol13lol12lol13Oy oldin
  • The only real problem was, he didn't "Read The Room" as it were. It seems like he's recovered fine. Just don't hang out with Mitch McConell or Rand Paul,he'll be fine.

    Filmation77Filmation77Oy oldin
  • 💪🏾.....🎲

  • The other issue is no one elected Steve Harvey to represent the black community, just because he's a celebrity. If Trump wanted a sit down with black leaders, then he should have spoken with actual community leaders. Many of us don't want some comedian meeting with with the most powerful leader in the free world (at that time) to speak on their behalf. No one elected Steve, nor was he a public intellectual. That's what's biting for a lot of black people, regardless whether they like Steve.

    Ahmand PAhmand POy oldin
  • People so stupid

    Eddie RainEddie RainOy oldin
  • He doesn’t have to recover. Lose stuff, move on.

    Stephanie FairleyStephanie FairleyOy oldin
  • The only problem I saw with it, and frankly it goes counter to Rita's point, is the kind of black celebrity in whose company he happened to be going to Trump Tower. Entertainers, ball players, etc. I didn't see a Cornel West or Michael Eric Dyson or Rev. William Barber. People who have been dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of and activism for the improvement of the black community. I don't mean to talk down entertainers but I think in Steve's place you have to have enough humility to get that call from Trump and question that invitation or ask what other black people he intended to dialogue with. I'm sure he had something worthwhile to contribute but in that context I would have to know who else was in the conversation before I put myself in it.

    Adrian GilbertAdrian GilbertOy oldin
  • Steve belongs to the streets 🎻✌🏾

    Randle SparksRandle SparksOy oldin
  • Why am I watching this crap this is bull I'm out

    Ronn RogersRonn RogersOy oldin
  • He's a sale out

    Ronn RogersRonn RogersOy oldin
    • It’s called “Sellout”

      AM GamingAM GamingOy oldin
  • Yup, you don’t get it. He’s cool until all you old heads die off.

    Jay RobinJay RobinOy oldin
  • They understand Steve Harvey talking to Trump but not Ice Cube.

    Mary RufeeMary RufeeOy oldin
  • Harvey was a moron long before Trump

    BamboodreadBamboodreadOy oldin
  • Where Steve fu%k up with Black folks, is when he try to cut Bernie Mac throat. He has never been forgiven for that.

    Amar LittleAmar LittleOy oldin
  • Damn Did This Platform Change; Is This @ComedyHype or @ComedyHate Pushin Hate On BlackMen It Seems. Move On Wit Your Obvious Male Hatin. It Stinks On You.

    calio3400calio3400Oy oldin
  • Why is this news?

    James GilliamJames GilliamOy oldin
  • Y'all are REALLY asking this question? Wow

    Appollos HarrisAppollos HarrisOy oldin
  • It continues...the dislike of Steve continues. Didn’t like him before the trump shit and afterwards... 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Jeremy BlackWaterJeremy BlackWaterOy oldin
  • The more things I learn about Steve Harvey, the more and more I dislike him. This the same clown who was dressed in a baby blue tracksuit, and baby blue "Gilligan " hat by a turntable-- laughing and howling with joy when Biden won? Like he never took that picture with Trump? And do NOT compare him with Matin Luther King and Obama. All Steve cared about was Steve.

    Dolly DaggerDolly DaggerOy oldin
  • Never really cared for him... very good comedian doe.

    Will RellWill RellOy oldin
  • He can come to the porch and say Hi, but he won't be invited into the house!!

    Tom FooleryTom FooleryOy oldin
  • F steve Harvey sellout

    Meatball 8 3Meatball 8 3Oy oldin
  • Steve Harvey don't speak for the black community. He said that it's money over integrity

    Meatball 8 3Meatball 8 3Oy oldin
  • Harvey is a professional suck ass. For his own personal gain. Don't expect him to throw his people a rope to pull them onboard because THAT ain't happening. He 'support' his people from a distance.

    InnnerG MoneyInnnerG MoneyOy oldin
  • Steve didn’t do anything wrong. Meeting with high profile people and talking about issues facing your community is what successful people do. Why would anyone have an issue with that? Steve Harvey is nothing like Lil Wayne or Cube or Terry Crews.

    Built2FastBuilt2FastOy oldin
    • Yes he is

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • Ain't nobody cancel him for meeting with Trump, his a** got canceled for what he said to Monique ...

    Keye HazeKeye HazeOy oldin
  • Steve's Time is Over, F.A.C.T

    Katch Bullet River AdventuresKatch Bullet River AdventuresOy oldin
  • The Problem is that Steve did not do this for Black people he did this to be a follower not a leader. What they need to talk about is the fact that he didn’t give a damn about the joke he said about Michigan. Steve is a problem a serious problem. It’s funny how people make things okay in there minds. Not everyone is willing to lay down like Steve.

    Creepy PeopleCreepy PeopleOy oldin
  • I stopped watching his show on TV and on his morning show.. He is still paid "Hands down" but I still have a bad taste in my mind of him meeting and supporting this orange dude...

    Jordan LongJordan LongOy oldin
  • _”Cancel culture”_ is really a product of wealthy white liberals who hide behind black feminists and unknowing beta males to do the groundwork. It’s interesting that no one sees the hustle for what it is🤷🏾‍♂️

    willia3rwillia3rOy oldin
  • The host is beautiful!!

    Adrian GreenAdrian GreenOy oldin
  • His public disagreement with Monique on his NBC show damaged his career quite a bit.

    Prince is MINEPrince is MINEOy oldin
  • I Stand With Bernie!!! #IAintScaredOfYall

    Neal CartereNeal CartereOy oldin
  • Steve has taken several opportunities to shuck and jive for the powers that be. He, DL Hughley, and many of the most 'successful' black entertainers are controlled opposition. They are propped up as our 'leaders'. However, they are gate keepers and they are not for the liberation of our people. That's why we shouldn't put hopes in these guys. Our hope lies in our Eloyhim (GOD).

    DonnieDonnieOy oldin
  • He is a comic not a statesman.

    Norm BatchelorNorm BatchelorOy oldin
    • Huh?

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • This lady with the short hair and hat GETS ON MY NERVES!!!! Stop bringing her on.

    TaPharoahTaPharoahOy oldin
    • Agreed. She’s annoying.

      PrissyPrissyOy oldin
  • It's been fuck him since STEVE HARVEY BIGTOP

    pressurepressureOy oldin
  • We ain't going nowhere as BLACK PEOPLE!!

    Gerald WellsGerald WellsOy oldin
  • Harvey is whack!

    Ken UsseryKen UsseryOy oldin
    • And that's a fact!

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • No

    Les MooreLes MooreOy oldin
    • What?

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • He still isn't funny and before that we really didn't hear abt his daughter Lori Harvey than to salvage him she came on the scene that's not even his daughter

    Janeen HobbsJaneen HobbsOy oldin
  • Listen to his show today and you'd think he was NEVER in Trump's corner. He got played by Trump just like the white folks who stormed the Capitol. He even apologized for it. On another note the chick with the windmill on her head is uninformed on Harvey's intent meeting with Trump. Harvey was never the one to address issues in the black community. After he met with Trump he said they spoke about playing golf. He could not name anything else they talked about. Ray Lewis, Jim Brown and Harvey all distanced themselves after they figured out Trump was out to only use them like he did with Kanye and Wayne. Period.

    joseph bjoseph bOy oldin
  • My beautiful chocolate 🍫 queen 👸🏾 is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND SPEAKS SO WELL 🤘🏾

    Alexus AllAlexus AllOy oldin
  • I use to think Steve was an unapologetic heartless narcissist. Then I later realized he's only unapologetic when he offends black people. When he offends white/other communities he's VERY apologetic. He lays out the red carpet with rose peddles & glitter. Tears GALORE! Now we know where Kanye gets "it" from. He gets it from uncle Steve.

    Daria NosdrahcirDaria NosdrahcirOy oldin
  • These guests have absolutely no idea what they is talking about. They need some real guests please! I had to turn it off.

    James AllenJames AllenOy oldin
  • 7:02. No he teaches boys how to be simps and bow down to the dominant society and women.

    Doug RoyceDoug RoyceOy oldin
    • Faxs!

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • Cancel culture is a caucasian American made up term 😒😒😒 People are allowed to not like someone. Steve Harvey has shown many times to not be with the people. He is down with the system. Steve got nothing accomplished with that meeting. It was just for trump to get a photo-op with a black man. Anyone could see trump didn’t give a 💩 about doing anything for anyone but himself and his family and maybe some other rich people. They didn’t say anything about what was accomplished by that “meeting”

    Doug RoyceDoug RoyceOy oldin
  • I stopped fooling with Steve way before he tap danced for Trump. I don’t wait on cancel culture. My little boycott of Steve won’t affect him at all. However, I will always stand for what I believe. Cancel culture is a joke.

    Gamer ZeroGamer ZeroOy oldin
  • he explained the pic too...

    Assatta LewisAssatta LewisOy oldin
  • We all can only teach what we know. Steve has learned and "PROSPERED," from HIS RESPONSE to HIS LIFE EXPERIENCES; and, it SEEMS to be WORKING WELL for HIM, INDIVIDUALLY- The IMMEDIATE/SHORT View! Monique has a different prospective and response to her life experiences; and, her response and subsequent results satisfies HER psychological/"MORAL" constitution, empowering her calculations, on achieving tangible EGALITARIAN economic and socio-political treatment, for "FUTURE" GROUP CONSIDERATION- "The Long View." I.e.: WE can travel "FASTER" "ALONE!" vs. "WE" can travel "FURTHER" "TOGETHER!"

    hope faithhope faithOy oldin
  • Steve Harvey was never cancelled for me. I don't let social media tell me who to and who not to rock with. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Breed XBreed XOy oldin
    • @Breed X Yeah. I've never liked Oprah-even as a kid. People always thought I was weird because everyone praised her so much. I'm actually over the term "cancel" in general. The problem is, many ppl treat social media like it's "real life" when it's mostly a facade.

      Yellie BelleYellie BelleOy oldin
    • @Yellie Belle I've never been a Oprah fan but same thing, NOBODY outside of social media has "cancelled" Oprah. They tried to get that to catch fire for a week but it didn't..

      Breed XBreed XOy oldin
    • @Breed X I agree. It's dumb. Not too long ago, they thought they could "cancel" Oprah. They really think they have that type of power. It's damn near comical.

      Yellie BelleYellie BelleOy oldin
    • @Yellie Belle Cancelling is a social media thing. NOBODY outside of social media abides by that. Especially nobody I know.

      Breed XBreed XOy oldin
    • I respect freethinkers. Same here. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

      Yellie BelleYellie BelleOy oldin
  • Steve Harvey is a sellout, that's it.

    Mondo ReactsMondo ReactsOy oldin
  • He Deserved that ish because he was trying to get up with them white folks. Just like Ice Cube's bullshit trying to say he was doing it for the people. If u listen to his video he basically says he did it for the money the status. So F Cube too.

    Fred G.Fred G.Oy oldin
    • @Ahmednasir Saeed basically

      Fred G.Fred G.16 kun oldin
    • And Cube was a Trump supporter too

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • Also, what exactly does "recover" entail when you're worth almost $200mil?? The man still has platforms, regular income from those platforms and money that makes money. He has generational wealth. He's not homeless.

    Jeremy ReedJeremy ReedOy oldin
    • More "hype" from Comedy Hype, if you peep it's really the host admitting she doesn't like Steve over the Monique argument. The two comics seem to respect dude's hustle...

      MiSTaH bOmBAsTiKMiSTaH bOmBAsTiKOy oldin
  • I don't care about Harvey either way. He was jealous of Bernie's success and he comes off as arrogant. Outside of that I just don't like the guy outside of some jokes.

    BlaxxShadowBlaxxShadowOy oldin
  • One more time: CANCEL CULTURE AINT REAL!!!! He didn't even suffer much. Stop with this lazy bulls*t.

    Black SpiderBlack SpiderOy oldin
  • @Zaza X, "KARMA" may be a ILLEGITIMATE CONSIDERATION. Because, I don't know how SEEMINGLY "WILLING" VICTIMS of OUR OWN DEMISE, "COLLECTIVELY," can be considered INNOCENT! Denial is TRAGICALLY "NOT" just a river in Africa!

    hope faithhope faithOy oldin

    Archie LeeArchie LeeOy oldin
  • They compared Steve Harvey to Martin Luther king.im done

    S 93S 93Oy oldin
  • Trump is the worst

    Ayden DAyden DOy oldin
  • He'll be alright. I reenacted his TITANIC bit from K.O.K. the other day. That's classic. However, I will never forget him saying to Monique (paraphrasing) "You can't have integrity, we black out here" implying that white CEOs must be appeased at all costs. That shit was all the way WACK.

    Jeremy ReedJeremy ReedOy oldin
  • why did steve career take a hit after he hung with chump but didn't get touched win he hurt monique's feelings on his show when he told her ....THIS THE MONEY GAME!!!!.......

  • Steve is a womanizer, opportunist, hypocrite and liar like Trump. Canceled or not, he gets no respect from me.

    whumanbardwhumanbardOy oldin
  • I didnt like him before Trump.. He aint ever been funny.

    Captain AnarchyCaptain AnarchyOy oldin
  • Yeah, I cannot support this page anymore. This is silly. Get off the Democrat plantation.

    M Inc.M Inc.Oy oldin
    • @joseph b Nope. NEVER.

      M Inc.M Inc.Oy oldin
    • @M Inc. So you're not a republican? Signed a feeble minded fool.

      joseph bjoseph bOy oldin
    • @joseph b Oh you feeble-minded fool... but expected from someone who thinks in this fashion.

      M Inc.M Inc.Oy oldin
    • And get on the Republican plantation?

      joseph bjoseph bOy oldin
  • Nobody is talking about Steve Harvey, y’all sandbaggin

    Jordan HumphreyJordan HumphreyOy oldin
    • 😂😂😂

      MiSTaH bOmBAsTiKMiSTaH bOmBAsTiKOy oldin
  • It’s almost like.. all black people are expected to think the same way

    Robert PowellRobert PowellOy oldin
  • He'll be okay. The whole cancel culture thing's already been exposed as having no power. They'll hate you for a week and then transfer that energy to the next celebrity they're unhappy with

    ChipStackChipStackOy oldin
  • The industry covers for Steve’s blunder. Steve continues to smoke cigars not Ls although he has broken the community guidelines.

    StigmaNYCStigmaNYCOy oldin
  • marcus garvey met with the kkk.. His answer was, they run the united states.

    Grow WiseGrow WiseOy oldin
  • She is so naturally beautiful

    Mr DarbyMr DarbyOy oldin
    • Nubian 💯

      Ahmednasir SaeedAhmednasir Saeed16 kun oldin
  • I gave this video thumbs up 👍 because quite as it's kept I like your Channel but as far as this topic is concerned let's not forget Steve Harvey admit he didn't know what was going on yes his career took a hit but when now President Biden announce that he was running for president Steve Harvey Morning Show and the Steve Harvey Morning Show Nation got behind President Joe Biden because of Steve Harvey and a few others so whatever Steve Harvey did in 2017 he made a mistake he paid for his mistake but him and so many others help Joe Biden become president no disrespect intended New York City 💜💚💛💙❤🖤

    Wick SexWick SexOy oldin
  • Fun fact, Steve has a plan For his successors of his shows☺️

    Al BoogAl BoogOy oldin
  • When Black folk side with white supremacy then they deserve to be cancelled. If anyone can list what positive changes resulted from the Harvey visit then I’ll be happy to rethink my position. I cancelled Harvey when he berated Tavis Smiley for suggesting that Black folk demand Obama actually improve the condition of Black folk in America.

    They call me Mr. BeyThey call me Mr. BeyOy oldin