Why Bill Cosby Tried To Buy 'NBC' - Here's Why

12-Fev, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - Many people have discussed Bill Cosby's previous attempt to purchase the NBC network, but do you know why? For a new 'Here's Why', we take a look at what the now in-prisoned pioneer's most boldest move. Written by Jonathan Cofield. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_.

  • It’s obvious that he was extremely hated so much that multiple efforts to bring him down were enforced. He’s not one of the stereo types from “birth of a nation 1915”.

    KzfaceKzface3 soat oldin
  • Very good, and balanced commentary! Run it back...

    Andrew WalkerAndrew Walker9 soat oldin
  • Hugely is a sell out😡

    Faye SherrillFaye Sherrill9 soat oldin
  • Like so many pioneering Black Male innovators, rarely do you have your whole community backing you up when you're trying to do something for the people. Typical outcome, Marcus Garvey his own people, Malcolm X his own people, contrary to popular belief many of "us" were against Martin Luther King. Black people sh*t on their leaders, but philosophically quote all their hood pop rappers. I'm done.

    BEMarty ThreeBEMarty Three18 soat oldin
  • Yeah and Biggie was about to start his own lable! 🤔

    BIG GEEBIG GEE2 kun oldin
  • yea rule 1 don't rape

    kevin robertskevin roberts2 kun oldin
    • Rule 1 prove IT.

      Cue TruthCue Truth19 soat oldin
  • Sad case

    cambra LOTTcambra LOTT2 kun oldin
  • Just couldn't help taking a Jab at Trump and he's not even in office anymore! (SMH)

    Ralph SanchicoRalph Sanchico2 kun oldin
  • He was right

    Justin WalkerJustin Walker2 kun oldin
  • When he tried to deal with the worst corporate crook and shill, Cosby put a target on his back, and it was only a matter of time before the elites would find something to sic the mob thinking, hysterical, cancel culture, social screamers acting as tools of the elitists to economically enslave us... The elitists had to bring down Dick Gregory, Cosby, and others for not following race baiting... That put him at odds of the people destroying our elections, controlling our government, and stomping the guts out of the working middle class...

    Edward BrownEdward Brown2 kun oldin
  • Broke me him Harris great artist Jimmy salvile. And rest if those responsible who let this illness sick society .I am unable to watch him same as rest who corrupted there power.

    james paleyjames paley2 kun oldin
  • Look at what's happening to Governor Cuomo of new york

    Dave MercDave Merc3 kun oldin
  • No matter how much money Black people get, whites will never let us get that spark. Trust me.

    Chuckey 2015Chuckey 20153 kun oldin
  • They stopped him from succeeding.

    James and Cheray LucasJames and Cheray Lucas3 kun oldin
  • The Dick Gregory predict that long time ago

    Twanda ChattmanTwanda Chattman4 kun oldin
  • Bill you still got it. You had them in lock- up laughing it was a blessing just to be there with Bill

    Allen ReedAllen Reed4 kun oldin
  • This is sad! I am saddened by Bill Cosby's tragedy. He was an influence of morality. But, lest he can truly vindicate himself, and sadly, it is unlikely, He has turned out to be the one who wags the finger. At times, that is the one you need to watch. I wish it was different. His conviction has changed everything for the worst! I hate saying this, but he is justly paying the price for his actions. I can't put this anymore delicately than this statement! Much of what Cosby has complished to uphold values has been undone. I was a fan of his work. I was a Fat Albert fan. I wonder what Albert Robinson would say to Bill Cosby, today. If he's anything like his animated character, he would be ashamed and furious with Bill Cosby!

    Laurence McCartyLaurence McCarty4 kun oldin
  • and one of the reasons why he wanted to buy NBC because he he fell for the black people he want to put more black shows on TV and all and those allegations against him just like they had with Michael Jackson allegations you know they was trying to destroy him you know because he went to buy NBC so they put a bunch of women together and they made a lot it's like they put those two boys together and put them on HBO and pay Oprah Winfrey to be to be the host Michael Jackson accusers and then they put HBO special with Oprah Winfrey to make them look more bad the main is gone Michael Jackson is gone but they still dig up dirt so that's what they doing with Bill Cosby you know that's what they do with Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey chiefs no more white and then the white President Donald Trump in that's why that's why they put all that stuff on them Bill Cosby is a businessman to he's a businessman so that's why they destroy them they try and they destroy them and doing this to on all black people or black people I won't be surprised Eddie Murphy

    Corey WedlockCorey Wedlock5 kun oldin
  • Bill Cosby did not want to buy NBC. NBC was not for sale and is part of a conglomerate that includes Sony, and other media joints. Cosby is only worth abput $500,00 NBC etal is worth billions. I don;t know how this rumor started

    Vann SmithVann Smith6 kun oldin
  • Mr Cosby wanted to buy NBC,because he wanted to create family quality shows.The elites did not like that.All people keep praying for forgiveness.

    DebbieDebbie6 kun oldin

    Alfred KayAlfred Kay6 kun oldin
  • If hollywood so racist how come Cosby had a fortune of $500....the hypocrisy is overwhelming.... Theirs more racism in black communities than all others combined.... Numerous black sources

    Bmk BmkBmk Bmk6 kun oldin
  • And That's Exactly Why God Says Do Not Judge Others!!! Cosby Had No Business Talking Down To So Called Black People No Business At All....

    MichaelErnest666MichaelErnest6666 kun oldin
  • NBC is why he in prison now. They know it

    Duane MercerDuane Mercer7 kun oldin
  • Comes what may, Cosby is one of our heroes a perfect examples for our people.

    LeoFarm QueenLeoFarm Queen7 kun oldin
  • Black people should stand up for Bill Cosby now. because when He is dead we all will miss him

    LeoFarm QueenLeoFarm Queen7 kun oldin
  • We have enuf people in America that we dont have to settle for those other people we can support our own I love my black brothas and sistas I really hope we get thing 2gether soon all this ratchet hella ghetto bs is played out Bill ain’t raped no 1 30 years later they come out do should of never said that so he believes those people y did they wait so long lol bill mite have a been a azz hole but he was a great man if you say he wasn’t ur lying to ur self

    Antonio SmithAntonio Smith7 kun oldin
  • The black celebrity bougousie should have financially invested in the Network and bought into Cosbys idea. Even now they should be looking to own a network, once they own it and control the content all the target market of the ads would tune in and raise ad revenue.

  • so what ended up happening/ GIANT CORPORATION, and ex MA BELL company, Comcast purchased 51% of NBC from GE. On December 3, 2009, Comcast announced they would purchase a 51% controlling stake in NBC Universal from General Electric (which would retain the remaining 49%) for $6.5 billion in cash and $9.1 billion in raised debt. GE used $5.8 billion from the deal to buy out Vivendi's 20% interest in NBC Universal.

    todos mirostodos miros8 kun oldin
  • So whites claimed working with cosby was hard because he was Unpredictable, so they refused.... one word.. TRUMP!

    todos mirostodos miros8 kun oldin
  • They couldn’t let a black man have that much power. They had to take him down and destroy him

    Racquel WilliamsRacquel Williams8 kun oldin
  • Ay i gotta applaud my man DL for that comeback. Don't care who you are, attack me and I'll attack back. 😎

    YoungAbel15YoungAbel158 kun oldin
  • SMH. The assassination of one's character is the other murder.

    Gee MalletGee Mallet8 kun oldin
  • 10 minutes of slow-talking just to say "Cosby wanted to produce positive black images". The End.

    Bill BarretBill Barret8 kun oldin
  • This why he locked up no capp them old ass story man everbody was on coke in that era mf dont remember what df they was doing back then..... Yea they dont want us to be up like that have sell all the way out for

    Cooley DreadCooley Dread8 kun oldin
  • Yea tuff world win it comes tew morals vs money

    ev3goddess y.o. Chandlerev3goddess y.o. Chandler9 kun oldin
  • That beat in the background was in you tube I cant find it anymore what is that type beat?

    project streetproject street9 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately, we often kill the message with the messenger. We judge the message by its messenger. And so we ignore the message because of the messenger; only to realize the message was the truth we needed to hear.

    Winston ThompsonWinston Thompson9 kun oldin
  • If a woman drugged me, then f...ed me.....would i be mad? Hmmmm

    The GeneralThe General9 kun oldin

    McKinley BrownMcKinley Brown10 kun oldin
  • Shalom alayakim my israelite family, I totally agree when Bill Cosby announced that he wanted to buy NBC it was the beginning of the end of his career because what you saying may be true but he had all the money on his own and what they said was an nigga will never own a national television station

    sheila fieldssheila fields10 kun oldin
  • You are suppose to save yourself..Jesus taught you that when u save ur own they'll betray you and return to their old habits..people will follow your moral if you focus on living righteously on your own.. Don't waste your tine helping black people..they will take you down..fix your own problems

    Ceaza29Ceaza2910 kun oldin
  • He lost his only son over that ....

    Harlem Swing Dance HOTJazzHarlem Swing Dance HOTJazz10 kun oldin
  • Some of the information on here is inaccurate and misleading. This shows a biased view of Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby is and always will be a great American hero . His contributions to the higher education system alone spoke volumes. NBC would have doubled their revenue and it was a win win situation for everyone but it was have catapulted and launched the careers of many people of color and would have shifted the power over to people of color . The deal did not fall through because of the lack of investment capital but due to the lack of integrity of the powers surrounding the deal . It is no coincidence that allegations involving Cosby resurfaced as soon as Cosby announced his plans on television. The problem with most reporters and journalists is they lack the courage to give you the honest unbiased truth .

    eskillz7 Rap Hiphop n RnBeskillz7 Rap Hiphop n RnB10 kun oldin
  • Cosby had the right idea. Look at black tv now....

    Khalid DontPlayKhalid DontPlay10 kun oldin
  • Agreed

    Leia SkywakerLeia Skywaker10 kun oldin
  • Pop-culture television is a narrative setting propaganda. Always has been. Whites are mostly portrayed as heroes while blacks are portrayed as thugs and criminals. Bill Cosby could see this and did everything he could to reverse it. He didn't care who you were if you were doing work that degraded blacks he would tell you to your face that it was destructive behavior. All of these rappers using the "N" word over the years have successfully brainwashed blacks into thinking it is okay to call each other n**ga. It irritates me every time I hear or see that word being used no matter what color the person's skin is. Richard Pryor became enlightened and banned the "N" word from his comedy routines which I thought was brilliant considering he was the pioneer of the foul mouth self-deprecating style of comedy. As for Cosby's personal life, I don't think he is completely innocent in regard to some of the rape stuff. However, I believe a significant number of women that came forward were paid to do so. They turned their consensual encounters with Cosby into rapes simply to destroy him and see to it he ended up where he is today. Cosby was on a mission to change the image of African American pop-culture in positive ways. It is a tragedy his efforts were not supported on a large scale.

    1977TA1977TA10 kun oldin
  • Poussaint is pronounced (pooh-SAHNT),

    R DR D10 kun oldin
  • He didn’t swear but he was droppin them rufees in ladies drinks tho he shoulda just cursed

    Fuego BandsFuego Bands11 kun oldin
  • I’m still mad Bill is in prison. People can change

    Terrel BerryTerrel Berry11 kun oldin
    • @dinura asnaka nothing was ever proven...accept him cheating on his wife.

      Cue TruthCue Truth19 soat oldin
    • After the kinds shit he did! he needs to serve the time for the crimes he did!

      dinura asnakadinura asnaka11 kun oldin
  • The funny thing is that he is right in some form of way....... We as people, not black or white..... Just people have to take responsibility of are own action. Mainly in-house family situation. black men that are not home to make sure that they're kids are raise in the right way will more likely take someone life rub or kill someone because no structural guidance. Then the main 1 of all, Black Grabs in the barrel mentality, When one is doing well the other fine some way to talk crazy about them or say he's not shit instead of given them a great job or ask for help, All that energy is pass down through birth in the wound. when your pregnant with a child and you have all that bad or good energy that child is born with it all, He or She is a cycle of the parents. Cosby knows all of this, one or more the reason why he was trying to change this cycle within the black cultural. With more educational Tv for blacks, I remember the first time I saw DIFRENT WORLD it was the first time I ever thought about college. Because of him. Crazy how we do our own people. Look at us now, UZworld Instagram Facebook all craziness directly in your face where they can say told you so. Stupid

    Mike SmootMike Smoot11 kun oldin
  • By the way, there are far, far, FAR worse men than Mr. Cosby will EVER be running every single part of this nation--not just the entertainment industries. Facts!

    Greg DanielGreg Daniel11 kun oldin
  • Listen: It hasn't even been that long, if you think about it. From the 80s until now, there has been unbeLIEvable decomposition of black culture and community---the likes of which shouldn't even be POSSIBLE for at least a century. Things got worse faster. And, it IS primarily our fault (no matter WHAT the white man has been doing). Furthermore, we did better when we had our own communities. The minute we integrated into greater American society, we lost our collective identity that was based heavily upon the things we traditionally passed down to each other--things our grandfathers and "greats" tried out, practiced, and knew were best for us. To be sure, segregation was immoral and sickening. But what if we had chosen to stick closer to each other than we did?...Cosby, CLEARLY was right. We were just too busy being "free" at the time to hear it.

    Greg DanielGreg Daniel11 kun oldin
  • He tried to buy NBC and they destroyed him.

    AC McGowanAC McGowan11 kun oldin
  • He was on top of the world but it's about Power. They had to find something on you So he couldn't purchase the NBC BUILDING

    Allen ReedAllen Reed11 kun oldin
  • Cancers are good intend, community and family oriented YET DOESNT KNOW LINES AND RESTRAIN. Self killing with good intentions. Cannot refrain to them their lives.

    Kying Milla31Kying Milla3111 kun oldin
  • He played the black community to win trust in places he couldn’t have without shamming blacks publicly. Once he gained the trust of the untrustworthy he tried to pull a fast one and the pulled the strings. Unless blacks do it together, we will never see racial justice; still nigga!!! Smh

  • This world will tell us plenty Lies... on of them is “playing by the rules.” That’s a half truth I can go deeper if true. -Skyler Gigabytes

    "DD""DD"11 kun oldin
  • Actually psychic value can correlate to Value be it $¥£€ or Balance and drive

    "DD""DD"11 kun oldin
  • Bleshmihjla bill... for your contributions -Skyler Gigabytes

    "DD""DD"11 kun oldin
  • Bro....Ur Channel....Is so Great...& yet soo simple...no yelling, no being extra, just good information....Please, continue.........Much Love

    Indian BlacIndian Blac12 kun oldin
  • Jewish Execs: He wants to CHANGE the NEGATIVE images that we created of black people? Now we cant have that now can we? Let’s make sure he never buys anything ever again.

    Adyel Ben IsraelAdyel Ben Israel12 kun oldin
  • I understand what he is trying to say, however he failed to realized there a many different types of blacks, and some are going to tell their experiences. Instead of preventing black comedians from doing their things, he probably should have invested in different genres of movies and clean acting comedians. So what he called stereo types might not be bad, example eating water melon its nothing wrong with that. While I don't use certain language I find it funny sometimes like Raw or Coming to America.

    D MD M12 kun oldin
  • D*mn. That's deep.

    Renaissance Music LLCRenaissance Music LLC12 kun oldin
  • So...they killed his son 5 YEARS AFTER HE TRIED TO BUY NBC...and hot him locked up 30 YEARS LATER for trying to buy NBC? Make it make sense....

    bryfunkensteinbryfunkenstein12 kun oldin
  • Those white folks will stop at nothing to keep the black race from being shown for how intelligent we really are.

    29kalel29kalel12 kun oldin
  • @1:03 That Sweater!

    RobotManMachineRobotManMachine12 kun oldin
    • Yea i need one of those

      2FaceBigDreads2FaceBigDreads11 kun oldin
  • No, create a network! Don't buy one. #Work

    Wayman HarrisWayman Harris12 kun oldin
  • Some say Cosby is in prison BECAUSE he tried to buy NBC...

  • He’ll still do it. He’ll still create his own network

    Thoughtu WasslickThoughtu Wasslick12 kun oldin
  • Salute to Dr. William “Bill” Cosby. Thank you for all the good that you did and tried to do for our people.

    Thoughtu WasslickThoughtu Wasslick12 kun oldin
  • This still needs to happen family

    Thoughtu WasslickThoughtu Wasslick12 kun oldin
  • Much respect to Bill Cosby

    Anthony WhiteAnthony White12 kun oldin
  • Cosby was right. And they use people's his thoughts on us doing better as a people to turn our own people against him. Beware how these people can change and manipulate public opinion. Especially with sometime as sensitive as rape allegations. Trickology 101.

    Sanz RichSanz Rich12 kun oldin
  • Then they murked him

    uknowmysteezuknowmysteez12 kun oldin
  • The media is full of so much BS I refuse to believe anything if I don't see it with my own eyes. Everyone's judgment day is coming from the most high.

    iAmDieseliAmDiesel12 kun oldin
  • If ''television networks are for profit and not psychic value.'' The how is it that the white owned media has been inflicting psychic media on the populous and still make a profit. There are no hard and fast rules to run a network., apart from the ones made up to keep a portion of society barred from being mind controllers; such as Cosby

    Raef BlackRaef Black13 kun oldin
  • Free bill 💯

    Ace BoogieAce Boogie13 kun oldin
  • FYI: Dr. Poussaint's name is pronounced Poo-sant... Cosby is in jail because he DID play by the rules and they changed them on him...

    Dave GeeDave Gee13 kun oldin
  • When he tried to buy it....women that worked for NBC at one time...claimed he rapped them smh. If you don't believe me...do some research. Rape and taxes are hard to fight!!!

    erik hamptonerik hampton13 kun oldin
  • Remember the scene in malcom x when he raised his hand and everyone moved. Cop said no one man should have the much power. They simply did not want a black man to have that kind of power over the network.

    Jon KlineJon Kline13 kun oldin
  • I love you Bill. But I KNOW where nigga came from and I will never stop saying it

    ItsjustgachaalexItsjustgachaalex13 kun oldin
  • The "Freaks " come out @ Nite!!! Remember that song?

    No NameNo Name13 kun oldin
  • This man also had the nerve to have an episode on a different world about date rape are you kidding me. If you never saw the show look it up.

    Donald HaskinsDonald Haskins13 kun oldin
  • It is important that such wisdom not be lost, but rather encouraged, to assert the power of ownership, so vital when navigating sovereignty. In managing the transmission of all the images, and impressions of people; we must have control of our story and also, a source of viable, comprehensive media over which channel, our narrative is owned and by virtue of consistency, asserted.

    Diata DIata International Folkloric TheatreDiata DIata International Folkloric Theatre13 kun oldin
  • HE TRIED!!!

    slowjamz4lifeslowjamz4life13 kun oldin
  • Rumours has it that Bill Cosby helped forced Different Strokes out of NBC back in 1985 because it potrayed a negative image of black children adopted by a wealthy white father even though its one of NBC popular sitcom at that time it moved to ABC netowrk then it cancelled

    king lordking lord13 kun oldin
  • That's why Bill in jail now, he wanted better for us, so let's throw him in jail 20 years later for some/**** that may or not have happened in a time period every body was screwing every body some for the come up, some for drugs.

    Amilia BrownAmilia Brown13 kun oldin
  • Actual Real News 💪🏾 Black Dads

    3T Avto3T Avto13 kun oldin
  • He's only in prison cause we stop being ONE! We always allow our enemies destroy or kill our fathers/prophets if we don't do it first such as Dr. Sebi, Nipsey Russell, R. Kelly, Left eye, so on n so forth until we begin 2 love one another again we'll always be slaves I don't care how much money we make. We love 2 worship idols instead of caring 4 ourselves n our children. We have no excuses no more yokes on our necks no more shackles on our feet no more stripes on our bodies??? 4 tha love of 💰! Ye are gods? I miss Cosby I wonder how he's doing? How do we find out his prison address?

    Mama VetteMama Vette13 kun oldin
  • He refused to not do drug with women

    jump4 manjump4 man13 kun oldin
  • Woah maybe this is why random rape allegations appeared

    Marlon HayesMarlon Hayes13 kun oldin
  • See he should of remained silent and played along until he got to purchase it. Be like Kevin and play along to get along. Then strike

    BigdadiSixty9GTCBigdadiSixty9GTC13 kun oldin
  • Why not buy your own network

    T jjT jj14 kun oldin
  • Remember when coby first when to jail meek mill just came home a couple days before they didn want to have two celebrities in jail at once so they let meek go they didn't want the feds investigating this jail already corrupt far as rules plus meek had alot of important people with him even trump.cosby brought property years ago its said that its UN tapped oil under his property he would not let them dig it up not only they wanted to bankrupt him but they wanted him out the picture he new too much and they did not like he was trying to buy important thing like mike Jackson own half of Sony and Kobe won the lawsuit from the black mamba whatever that is stay woke people.

    Mike ButlerMike Butler14 kun oldin
  • I understand what Bill Cosby was doing but, he wouldn't be able to stop raunchy and profane humor from reaching the mainstream of audiences.

    Chad MDZChad MDZ14 kun oldin
  • Bill wanted to buy his way out and got set up and lock up M.J try to buy his was out and got killed #staywoke

    Akeem NelsonAkeem Nelson14 kun oldin
  • 👁👁💬the show is spectacular bill

    dA LeesterdA Leester14 kun oldin
  • 🗣💬bill

    dA LeesterdA Leester14 kun oldin
  • The thing with Cosby was that he was one of those few people who turned his back on the rap community. He denied the acknowledgement of the reality of black males and what they had to say through rap because it didn't fit into his model of decency. Now look at him. Hmph.

    Angel DustAngel Dust14 kun oldin