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29-Apr, 2021
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comedyhype.com/​ - Eddie Murphy would dominate the comedy world as soon as he came into the spotlight. His natural talent in entertainment wouldn't just stop at comedy, as he would later find himself at the top of the music charts but why did it end? Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • he released an album like aroun 2019..

    meemsoopmeemsoopKun oldin
  • The first time I heard, " Party all the time" I honestly thought it was A prank or A trailer for A new up coming movie starring Eddie Murphy.... Now I find out this fool had made several album's....... The follówing question is A very serious one ? What type of drug was handed out and who had the rights for distribution.....I want to add A comment......Charlie Murphy A very talented man was extremely under rated and still deeply missed........I tip my hat to you sir...

    Tim KaneTim Kane3 kun oldin
  • He's song "Whatzupwitu" with Michael Jackson is a n Underrated Classic.

    Mecha JayMecha Jay3 kun oldin
  • Ppl just dicc ride and follow what other people say. Eddie Murphys has some fire songs.

    Zay BreezeZay Breeze5 kun oldin
  • Uncle Eddie got ten of them thangs? Dats a whole of McNuggets bruh

    DeVante' LewisDeVante' Lewis7 kun oldin
  • Comedy hype background music always have me bouncing my shoulders

    Tremayne WeaverTremayne Weaver8 kun oldin
  • Party All the Time is a classic. Now that song he made with Michael Jackson is extra trash

    leather faceleather face10 kun oldin
  • He was wack...every song he released was butt

    John DavisJohn Davis10 kun oldin
  • Sweetness!

    Alonza ShanksAlonza Shanks11 kun oldin
  • Eddie can actually sing tho

    Ty WeezyTy Weezy11 kun oldin
  • "Wuz up with you" video made me cringe. The song is horrible.

    jay westjay west11 kun oldin
  • No mention of his great vocals in the movie Dream Girls. How come?

    Clifton RichardsonClifton Richardson12 kun oldin
  • I lost the best in me. What's holding ME?

    Ebony DeanEbony Dean13 kun oldin
  • I always heard he was a true versatile... 😏

    Jonathan CineusJonathan Cineus13 kun oldin
  • There is a song he did called "How Could It Be."

    S LewisS Lewis13 kun oldin
  • Eddie Murphy is a great comedian, good actor but lousy singer. I thought Party All the time was party of his comic act. Eddie Murphy know where his bread and butter come from and that’s being a comedy legend a decent actor, music is just a hobby.

    Marland KennedyMarland Kennedy13 kun oldin
  • Him and Charlie look even more like the same person when they have glasses on

    FullTimeFoolFullTimeFool13 kun oldin
  • Just as significant as Micheal Jordan ending his golf career, no one cared

    Made For EarMade For Ear13 kun oldin
  • I just listened to his first album the one with Party All the Time on it. It was actually a pretty good album

    Ezra GardinerEzra Gardiner13 kun oldin
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    Beverly WaitsBeverly Waits13 kun oldin
  • Eddie Murphy's video with MJ is the WEIRDEST!🤦🏿‍♂️

    king esseenking esseen13 kun oldin
  • He still makes music lol

    PLANE JAINPLANE JAIN13 kun oldin
  • I couldn't even take his photos on the album covers serious🤣🤣🤣 Stick to comedy brotha🤣😎👌

    Latricia CalliganLatricia Calligan13 kun oldin
  • Its kind of weird how Charlie Murphy was a hip hop head but Eddie was more rnb. You would think it be the other way around since Charlie was older

    GanjaFarmerGanjaFarmer13 kun oldin
  • I’m Open For A Ed Murphy Album. I Mean The Jamie Foxx Album Went Double Platinum And It Was 🔥

    Bonafide BonezBonafide Bonez14 kun oldin
  • Every once in a while I'll just be like "WAZZZZUP WAZZZZUP, WAzzup with YOUUU" out of nowhere , I love that song

    sosososo14 kun oldin
  • I love Red light, his Reggae tunes are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Nero DiamanteNero Diamante14 kun oldin
  • Eddie has songs, but they SUCK! HAHAHA his an actor not singer. That's why he stopped

    Philly ElitePhilly Elite14 kun oldin
  • Put your mouth on me is a jam & red lite.

    WestWard Pomona GyrlWestWard Pomona Gyrl14 kun oldin
  • 😂uzworld.info/player/video/nKS3jpRqgJWxq2s

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu14 kun oldin
  • Have you forgotten about Jamie Foxx???

    Daryl LumpkinDaryl Lumpkin14 kun oldin
  • 1:19 aint flying straight...🙄

    Miss Jackson JacksonMiss Jackson Jackson14 kun oldin
  • Boogie in Your Butt...🤔😎

    ThomaoThomao14 kun oldin
  • I've always liked Eddie Murphy's music it was just before its time a comedian singing but without him doing it nobody would have took Jamie Foxx you can tell because Jamie Foxx's first album people slept on it it took him to come back with Kanye West and Twista years later

    Rhoyan BradsfieldRhoyan Bradsfield14 kun oldin
  • That song he had with Michael Jackson was horrible

    Very HonestVery Honest14 kun oldin
  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    MrHeart1MrHeart114 kun oldin
  • I didn't know he was this huge in music.

    Nova LoveNova Love14 kun oldin
  • Bs. The Zionist control that stuff. They let him do what he wanted, because he draws in so much money for the studios. He is a bad music artist. But a master thespian🎭

    Carson DouglasCarson Douglas14 kun oldin
  • Eddie was a terrible singer!! Lol

    Legltrapn 196Legltrapn 19614 kun oldin
  • Remorse lol.

    KravesinKravesin14 kun oldin
  • His best singing was as Donkey in Shrek

    R2B2R2B214 kun oldin
    • 😂

      MrHeart1MrHeart114 kun oldin
  • Eddie Murphy is a good actor though. Amen.

    Abel LewisAbel Lewis14 kun oldin
  • Eddie as far as singing........ Bless his heart 😁💖

    Charlotte AlbrittenCharlotte Albritten14 kun oldin
  • Y’all really gone act like his music was good tho? Lol 🤔

    Christopher CooperChristopher Cooper14 kun oldin
  • The REAL reason Eddie ended music career is because his MUSIC IS WHACK!!!!LOL!!!

    powerbad696powerbad69614 kun oldin
  • I grew up listening to Eddie Murphy Raw, Trading Places and his music.

    Jupiter ShantyJupiter Shanty14 kun oldin
  • You mean why Eddie Murphy started his music career? I love Eddie I do.... but watching this video in the 80's when I was kid was the funniest 💩 ever... all my siblings and I did was roast the hell outta Rick James and his hair and outfit ...in that video

    Melissa Le'onMelissa Le'on14 kun oldin
  • Eddie has to be a borderline narcissist to convince himself he has musical talent, no disrespect to the King.

    Freddy FlakFreddy Flak14 kun oldin
  • I just watched The song Eddie did Michael Jackson. That wasn't it, super weird. He has no vocal range, and he sounds like Randy Watson on every song 😂

    Freddy FlakFreddy Flak14 kun oldin
  • I remember madtv did a skit about this

    Nerdprodigy.Nerdprodigy.14 kun oldin
  • Makes you realize just how rare Jamie Foxx is

    OrganicSoulJazzOrganicSoulJazz14 kun oldin
    • @Christopher Tracy Not as funny as Eddie, true, but an entire generat ion of people grew up on his Sitcom and In Living Color. His acting is unparralel and He had solid hits

      OrganicSoulJazzOrganicSoulJazz14 kun oldin
    • Foxx isn't as funny as Eddie and I think Eddie is the better actor - like music, he has not had the better vehicles for his dramatic acting. And Eddie is a better person, of that means anything

      Christopher TracyChristopher Tracy14 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/pHCYb7J_ntTGd4Q

    Realign The DJRealign The DJ14 kun oldin
  • This video brings so much more respect !!! Great videos

    tg recordstg records14 kun oldin
  • Why did he start it?!😅

    koolcaz 777koolcaz 77714 kun oldin
  • You can't compare Eddie Murphy. What year were you guys born in

    Andre WallaceAndre Wallace14 kun oldin
  • Ended * his * music career

    Rayne OzierRayne Ozier14 kun oldin
  • Yo! My aunt is a TRUE Eddie Murphy fan! She has ALL of his albums and movies!

    Eddie ColemanEddie Coleman14 kun oldin
  • "What's Sup What's Sup What's Sup wit Chu" came out on my birth year in '93

    JAT TrillJAT Trill14 kun oldin
  • 💎🐐

    coby hizkiyacoby hizkiya14 kun oldin
  • "Why Eddie Murphy Ended Music Career?" Simple, no one knows any of Eddie's singles after Party All The Time. I mean I remember "Put Your Mouth On Me" for all the wrong reasons.

    KenTerminatedbyDQKenTerminatedbyDQ14 kun oldin
    • What wrong reasons? I'm curious to know 🤭

      Serena KengneSerena Kengne12 kun oldin
  • Because he can’t sing!

    bubba0701bubba070114 kun oldin
  • He was a trash 🗑️ singer 😂😆😂 Rick james alley ooped him a hit 🤔 The flower 🌸 in the fro got me dying #Axel "Jimmy Thunder# was his best comeback album 💯 no 🧢 But he is the goat of comedy #forever

    BeenFrank #beenfrankBeenFrank #beenfrank14 kun oldin
  • Whats up with you

    S DS D14 kun oldin

    Archie LeeArchie Lee14 kun oldin
  • Ended "his" music career

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda14 kun oldin
  • We used to change the lyric to Rick James loves to party all the time...

    Ed ReidEd Reid14 kun oldin
  • I mean “Party all the time” gets me still in 2021🎶🕺🏽🎶

    I’m apart of Black History!!I’m apart of Black History!!14 kun oldin
  • I remember when Party All The Time came out. People hated on Eddie and made jokes about it. The song is actually hot. 💯 U got Rick James singing back up...dope beat. Seriously one of my favorite joints from the 80's.

    Jarobi RobinsonJarobi Robinson14 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised and disappointed the Comedy Hype didn’t mention his stellar vocal performance in Dream Girls. .

    Dancing WheelsDancing Wheels14 kun oldin
  • The greatest diversity versatile comedian/actor ever.. The Goat 🐐 The King 👑

    Stevie Critique NewbyStevie Critique Newby14 kun oldin
  • The greatest Comedian/Actor Stand Up ever in ShowBusiness/Hollywood

    Stevie Critique NewbyStevie Critique Newby14 kun oldin
  • Eddie ended his music because it was a load of kangaroo crapp

    Kendric DeBoseKendric DeBose14 kun oldin
  • Let me guess🤔cuz he's a clone😂

  • He often poked fun at gay people because he didn’t want people to find out he is one of them. One of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood.

    akvaluesakvalues14 kun oldin
    • akvalues If first you don't succeed, try something else 🤷

      shamon davisshamon davis14 kun oldin
  • Definitely an artist...

    Jojos MomJojos Mom14 kun oldin
  • "Why Eddie Murphy Ended Music Career" Because he realized he should have never started one.

    THE VOICETHE VOICE14 kun oldin
    • 2 top ten hits that are still remembered is kinda better that millions of musicians in history? #2 and # 7 on Billboard top 100? Ijs

      Samuel J DonaldSamuel J Donald11 kun oldin


    • Great idea!

      Samuel J DonaldSamuel J Donald11 kun oldin
    • That would be dope!!!!

      James GibsonJames Gibson14 kun oldin

  • I was late to the "party all the time" song. I grew up hearing "how could it be" and the song "if i was a king" with shabba ranks.

    ruddiatoruddiato14 kun oldin
  • Whatzupwithu!

    Kaylene JantjesKaylene Jantjes14 kun oldin
  • i'm so glad she's narrating, the former guys tone of voice was really annoying

    Crystal BlueCrystal Blue14 kun oldin
  • My question for Eddie is, if he was so serious bout music, why he NEVER performed any of it on Arsenio, the Tonight show, Soul Train, American Bandstand, American music Awards, Grammys etc???

    soulman2000soulman200014 kun oldin
  • Cuz aint nobody buyin his records. Not complicated tf lmao

    bboykiddblackbboykiddblack14 kun oldin
  • Eddie and Jamie are better comedians than musicians. However, they both use their vocals in humorous ways. Other than "Party All the Time", I like "Thank You", from the Shrek soundtrack. Eddie is the best!!! 🥰🤩

    Qui QuiQui Qui14 kun oldin
    • @David Richardson 💯

      Qui QuiQui Qui14 kun oldin
    • Jamie's legit tho. He has a GRAMMY for _Blame It_ and his albums sold well especially _Unpredictable_ when it dropped after he won the Oscar for Ray.

      David RichardsonDavid Richardson14 kun oldin
  • Truth or 100% agree?...At least he created an actual hit. Which probably inspired Jamie Foxx to also pursue his music career as well. But that saying jack of all trades, master of none is very outdated because the reality is many people are talented in so many other areas in life. And you don't just have one skill you have many. Even when you have a career so many often change careers also making a success in them before moving on. Humans aren't one dimensional. But glad Eddie Murphy just kept being himself regardless because with his legacy he can literally party all the time if he wants to. But if anyone who thinks people should stick to one career. In the words of Eddie Murphy "what's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong with you?"

    The Alkebulan TrustThe Alkebulan Trust14 kun oldin

    Hassan BurtonHassan Burton14 kun oldin
  • Eddie stopped doing music because he couldn't sing

    Jus wavvyJus wavvy14 kun oldin
  • What does Rexx Garvin have to say about this video?

    Allan BaconAllan Bacon14 kun oldin
  • Hey

    Michael OwinoMichael Owino14 kun oldin
  • He should make music like his character in dream girls

    Derrick ZornsDerrick Zorns14 kun oldin
    • That actually might work lol

      Flying-ArtzFlying-Artz14 kun oldin
  • Maybe he just wanted to... 🤣✌

    Simon SozziSimon Sozzi14 kun oldin
  • He was terrible man.

    Tee DIDDYTee DIDDY14 kun oldin
  • Eddie Murphy is dope period!

    I'm just me ReseyI'm just me Resey14 kun oldin
    • @James Gibson I agree

      I'm just me ReseyI'm just me Resey14 kun oldin
    • Anybody who's REALLY in the entertainment game would definitely agree. Kevin Hart can't touch Eddie's pedigree...

      James GibsonJames Gibson14 kun oldin
  • Eddie Murphy is My All-time Great

    Mamba Mentality 4 EverMamba Mentality 4 Ever14 kun oldin
  • He actually doesn't sound that bad on Dreamgirls lol

    Will ThomasWill Thomas14 kun oldin
    • Jimmy got sooooooooul

      BeenFrank #beenfrankBeenFrank #beenfrank14 kun oldin
    • He sang incredibly!

      Dancing WheelsDancing Wheels14 kun oldin
    • @Sharonda Lewis facts!

      Will ThomasWill Thomas14 kun oldin
    • @Lani Reneè right! 😂

      Will ThomasWill Thomas14 kun oldin
    • @Mzz Moe 😂😂 What's wrong? Lol

      Will ThomasWill Thomas14 kun oldin
  • How he gon talk about the alphabet communities, when he was caught with a......... Nevermind 😒✌🏾

    Mzz MoeMzz Moe14 kun oldin
    • @Mzz Moe you right though lol 😂🤣

      Will ThomasWill Thomas14 kun oldin
    • @Will Thomas the audacity 😒😂

      Mzz MoeMzz Moe14 kun oldin
    • Lmao I remember that shit 🤣😂

      Will ThomasWill Thomas14 kun oldin
  • He was awful at making music!

    DaNicaDaNica14 kun oldin
  • Because he found out everyone was laughing at him. That song he did with Michael Jackson my God!! You can tell Party all the time was a Rick James song. Rick was a pure genius.

    akvaluesakvalues14 kun oldin
    • @Dante Carroll A grown ass man in his feelings LIKE A TRUE BITCH!!!!

      akvaluesakvalues14 kun oldin
    • Shut your stupid ass up you don’t know what you talking about Eddie could sing

      Dante CarrollDante Carroll14 kun oldin
    • 😂😂

      Neh SangbongNeh Sangbong14 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤭😳🤦‍♂️

      Simon SozziSimon Sozzi14 kun oldin
  • Eddie had BALLS to even record music, but lets be real. NO ONE was really going to take Eddie serious about his music. But, shout out to him for at least doing what he wanted to do without worrying about the "haters". You gotta live your life regardless!!!!!

    James GibsonJames Gibson14 kun oldin
    • @Flying-Artz No lol

      KenTerminatedbyDQKenTerminatedbyDQ10 kun oldin
    • @KenTerminatedbyDQ dawg you knowxdam well who i was talking about lol

      Flying-ArtzFlying-Artz10 kun oldin
    • @Flying-Artz Erv Gotta? Oh, right, Irv Gotti had a crush on Ashanti.

      KenTerminatedbyDQKenTerminatedbyDQ10 kun oldin
    • @KenTerminatedbyDQ I believe Erv Gotta had something to do with that.

      Flying-ArtzFlying-Artz12 kun oldin
    • @Flying-Artz J. Lo's vocals aren't as beautiful as Ashanti's. I wonder why she didn't sing herself?

      KenTerminatedbyDQKenTerminatedbyDQ12 kun oldin
  • 😂 😂 😂 love The movies Music Wise 🤷🏾‍♂️

    IDrama KingIDrama King14 kun oldin