Why John Amos Was Fired From 'Good Times' - Here's Why

13-Apr, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - In 1974 Good Times would premiere showcasing black family life like never before. The series would star Esther Rolle, Jimmie Walker, Bern Nadette Stanis, Ralph Carter, and John Amos. Amos would surprisingly be removed from the show due to a number of issues. In a new 'Here's Why' we explain, Narrated by Symphony Thompson. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • I wondered about that thank you

    Sharon BrownSharon BrownSoat oldin
  • With out james the show wasn't that good it was ok with janet bt james was better an not to mention with out Florida it definitely would have not been as good

    Jimmy jamesJimmy james6 soat oldin
  • and now years later and we do not see a complete black family living together

    Chris PitelChris Pitel7 soat oldin
  • .plpllllp

    Rosa RoachRosa Roach11 soat oldin
  • Amos was right. Ask a black man if you want to write a story about a black family

    Rickey ZinnRickey Zinn15 soat oldin
  • If James is not on the show, I won't watch it

    Trouble MakerTrouble MakerKun oldin
  • He wasn't fired, he quit ha,ha,ha... 🖤👽

    Leon BridgesLeon BridgesKun oldin
  • 3:45 "...Hollywood writers weren't used to this type of confrontation." News Flash: Outside of combat sports, the vast majority of people are not 'used to' fist-fighting at work and the ones that keep trying to pick fights are the most likely to be fired - this shouldn't be news to anyone.

    Goondock SaintsGoondock SaintsKun oldin
  • The video basically repeats the same things over and over

    MrShanester117MrShanester117Kun oldin
  • YUP They fired him because them REV 2:9 Writers HATE a strong black (TRU -JEW) man and US in general.

    Chaanak Yahawadah YasharahlaChaanak Yahawadah YasharahlaKun oldin
  • And the show sucked without him !

    AntsnRoachesAntsnRoaches2 kun oldin
  • well, @027 at least Thelma has retained her beauty, including those beautiful white teeth

    ivor worrellivor worrell2 kun oldin
  • I am a 77 year old white guy and always thought He was a strong person and thought a lot of his role.. Very sorry the writers fired him.. Hes' a strong person I admire and don't see color..A good man is a good man period

    nathaniel senderoffnathaniel senderoff2 kun oldin
  • ...and the show NEVER recovered!! #theend 🤨✌

    Will HarperWill Harper2 kun oldin
  • John was great when he left the show so did it’s quality

    Richard CrosbyRichard Crosby2 kun oldin
  • I think that's true...It's like the system wants to cast black men as funny and never taken seriously. But Good Times will always be one of the best next to Sanford and Son.

    Jay BJay B2 kun oldin

  • George Jefferson wasn't married?

    mrtonodmrtonod2 kun oldin
  • He complained himself out of a job. How are you going to work for someone and tell them how the job should be ran? JJ wasn’t meant to be the star but he took over. Just go with the flow. That’s how it’s done.

    adrian wiltshireadrian wiltshire3 kun oldin
  • Norman Lear was a racist Devil!!

    Linda MeLinda Me3 kun oldin
  • John was an employee of the show, not the head man. Right or wrong, he led to his getting fired. I did enjoy his acting, character. You have to remember, comedy sells. Tv shows are about making money.

    fish doctorfish doctor3 kun oldin
    • @fish doctor: I share your same sentiments exactly.

      DJ JDBDJ JDBKun oldin
  • I used to watch this show as a kid. Sad that they chose to take away a good strong positive image of a responsible father...hard to aspire for good things if you’re continually channeled to a subpar image in order to profit off quick laughs, or worse (maybe they don’t want strong families). The writers/producers were Democrats, like they are to this day, Sad.

    Lookin for WaterLookin for Water3 kun oldin
  • Good actor !

    John TaylorJohn Taylor3 kun oldin
  • Ya I hear ya .Kinda like being a white person on the Jeffersons

    bl cbl c3 kun oldin
  • Amos 💪

    Mister ClutchMister Clutch4 kun oldin
  • Sounds like they hated him from the jump. Only those that dont know us, seem to think they do.

    Pièrre CalderonePièrre Calderone4 kun oldin
  • Such a great tv show.I loved watching good times after school.all great acters.

    Thomas KoshinskyThomas Koshinsky5 kun oldin
  • We they killed him off I was done with the show. I loved his fatherful character and it was lost without him.

    Tammany FieldsTammany Fields5 kun oldin
  • Amos had a strong point.

    Royce ParkerRoyce Parker5 kun oldin
  • Respect

    chkrbrdvanschkrbrdvans6 kun oldin
  • It was racist that's why he left

    DenversDabs CDenversDabs C6 kun oldin
  • One question. Wasn't The Jeffersons also on TV at that time? They were not only a solid family, but also a financially successful one.

    atlantic1119atlantic11197 kun oldin
  • A couple of ironies, one being that JJ later became a responsible character who kept the family together. The second is that Esther Rolle, who temporarily left the show for almost the same reason, ultimately returned, while John Amos reconciled with Norman Lear for the sitcom 704 Hauser, which was unfortunately a disaster that did not even last one season.

    atlantic1119atlantic11197 kun oldin
  • So.....youhave an all black cast, all black storyline, all black running theme, but was made possible by white producers who could do anything they wanted considering they could hire any actor to do their project- where does an actor who can be replaced any time get the gall to dictate what these producers can and cant do? You either fully fund, run and produce with black people and do what you like then see if people actually want to watch or do what you are instructed or leave. Same goes for everyone in any job. Seems the same story- black people want everyone to fix thier own self made problems and then act the victim and blame the people who they needed to get even this far. Nothing changes.

    PitttdogPitttdog7 kun oldin
  • John Amos was the anchor of strength on Good Times..A fabulous Example of a Good Man yet held his ground when pushed.

  • First 15 seconds of this video I fell in love

    Timothy ApolloTimothy Apollo8 kun oldin
  • Always thought amos left because of role on roots

    Glenn HendricksonGlenn Hendrickson8 kun oldin
  • I remembering reading in the newspaper back in 1976 that John Amos was leaving "Good Times". So, when the episode aired that he was killed in a car accident, everyone thought he had really died. But I already knew that he was only leaving the series and he was still alive and kicking!

    Nelson CruzNelson Cruz8 kun oldin
  • Real show!

    Sandra LynchSandra Lynch8 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the knowledge

    d robertsd roberts8 kun oldin
  • Sadly John Evans had a huge point. Unfortunately it fell on deaf ears. If this happened today they would probably have at least some black writers on the show.

    michael tiptonmichael tipton9 kun oldin
  • Best part of Good Times was when Michael was explaining to his mom Yeshua wasn't white but his mom refuse to blame him. Now in 2021 alot of people know he wasn't while some still believe he is Caucasian.

    roo mooreroo moore9 kun oldin
  • Mr. Amos helped made the show. They should of had Black writers. He was way ahead of his time. He saw the typical stereotype of the character of J.J. . John was a serious , yet funny at times with his toughness as a father as well as a hard working husband. The show just wasn't the same after he got killed off the show. The show was just going in all kinds of different direction. I agree with Mr. Amos, the show should of focus on the father and the whole family, not just J.J.

    Elizabeth DixonElizabeth Dixon9 kun oldin
  • John Amos had some very impactful roles. Mainly James Evans, and Kunta Kinte, but an impact none the less. Cool thing is my kids are related to Kunta Kinte through my wife's family. She is related to Tom (Lea) Moore.

    Vann ComicsVann Comics9 kun oldin
  • Damn David Ortiz looks just like Florida.

    Sophia PetrilloSophia Petrillo9 kun oldin
  • When I watch Good Times reruns if John Amos ain't in the show I won't watch it. I only watch the ones with John Amos.

  • I knew the reason he was fired had to do with being a black man, without the black man there's no black woman or child the black man is the head of the household, and I'm tired of the racist white man he ain't writing his self out.

    Frank TarveeFrank Tarvee10 kun oldin
  • Because they wanted to take the father out the picture

    Oscar williamsOscar williams10 kun oldin
  • John Amos strictly to black and strong for YT.

    Marcus BolingMarcus Boling10 kun oldin
  • Go ahead and say it blacks there racist. Makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!

    wildman1978wildman197810 kun oldin
  • It's terrible how Hollywood has killed off and continue to kill off strong black actors and actresses. Its unfortunate there isn't a lot that can be done about it, unless you are a mega star. Hopefully John's contracts were written up where he will continue to get royalties on all of his work throughout the rest of his life. I think he was vital to a lot of kids who grew up without a father or parents in general.

    TheDistrict644TheDistrict64410 kun oldin
  • When James died, it bothered me that they didn't write much mourning and had too much comedy in those episodes.

    D*D*11 kun oldin
  • JJ was basically the 70s version of Steve Urkel

    Nick TaylorNick Taylor11 kun oldin
  • Typical Hollywood, bust up the family.

    albert gardneralbert gardner11 kun oldin
  • The rest of the cast should've stood up for him.............they should've known that the show was making money and the producers couldn't afford to lose them all .

    Sal HardySal Hardy11 kun oldin
  • Good news, Amos got a part in Roots.

    JimSweetJimSweet11 kun oldin
  • I used to watch it for Thelma.

    JimSweetJimSweet11 kun oldin
  • John Amos was awesome. they did the whole black culture a disservice removing him

    need freeneed free11 kun oldin
  • Some people feel the same way about Family matters with Urkel...

    Paula GoodingPaula Gooding11 kun oldin
  • He was urkel... before urkel

    bossmane shitbossmane shit11 kun oldin
  • His firing caused the show to plummet in the ratings leading Esther Rolle to leave as well but she returned for the last season. The show simply never recovered from the firing of John Amos. I, for one, couldn’t stand the JJ character.

    justess martinjustess martin12 kun oldin
  • JJ was my favorite he was the star of the show

    Delilah KellerDelilah Keller12 kun oldin
  • Basically, he rubbed off the production executives the wrong way, thinking his character was not replaceable to the point the show couldn't go on without him. Unfortunately, his ego assessment was incorrect and he had later reveals the regret where he would've been more cool headed if it happened again.

    oldtwins naoldtwins na12 kun oldin
  • Too Black...Too Strong. They don't like that

    Derek SessionsDerek Sessions12 kun oldin
  • "Good Times" was a dirty trick played on us. I honestly hate that show now. May Ester rest in peace but I'll never forget how her character prayed to that picture of white jesus they had in the living room.

    Son of a MANSon of a MAN12 kun oldin
    • @Son of a MAN That's so true. And most of the athletes are very non-militant. Brandon T. Jackson is woke, but he probably is non-existent in the Hollywood world, which is good in many ways.

      BelburgBelburg9 kun oldin
    • @Belburg It's not just eddie murphy. Notice how EVERY black show has a homosexual in the mix? And how damn near every black male actor at some point in their career has worn a dress? Right now they're equating being black with being gay everywhere you look. All this crap is on purpose.

      Son of a MANSon of a MAN10 kun oldin
    • @Son of a MAN Come to think about it, you have a great point, especially some of Eddie Murphy's stuff as well.

      BelburgBelburg10 kun oldin
    • @Belburg I thought it was too. But as I became aware of how hollywood uses tv shows and movies to portray us in a negative light I saw that show for what it was. The only actor I have any respect for is James. When he saw what they were doing he spoke out about. And ultimately they got rid of him. And made jj the main character. And he was a buffoon. That show is propaganda.

      Son of a MANSon of a MAN10 kun oldin
    • Maybe it was, but I thought it was a good show. There were things about Esther's character than annoyed me, but Florida Evans' had character.

      BelburgBelburg10 kun oldin
  • Take a shot everytime she says John Amos

    Mr RocMr Roc13 kun oldin
  • I c allis 6ein tru

    drizzyfan3drizzyfan313 kun oldin
  • So they fired him for being a real BLACK MAN😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️ I swear I love my people 💯 now that’s real shit

    Lavante JohnsonLavante Johnson13 kun oldin
  • He was a positive role model that’s why he was fired. They are after positive black folks. They gotta destroy. Damn Shame!

    Mrs. LovelyMrs. Lovely13 kun oldin
  • They screwed over a great actor and a good man smh

    Donald UpDonald Up13 kun oldin
  • That's what happens when you think your running the show.

    Joseph T.Joseph T.13 kun oldin
  • Norman Lear was always celebrated but I thought Lear allowed the ignorant stereotypes of black people to continue on his shows.

    Darnell MagruderDarnell Magruder14 kun oldin
  • Real niggas have no room in the industry

    C RoeC Roe14 kun oldin
  • I don't want my son acting like Jj he just a dumb ass class clown

    Alphonso ThomasAlphonso Thomas14 kun oldin
    • I don't either, but I don't exactly want him acting like Michael either, who was smart, but emascualted through the years.

      BelburgBelburg10 kun oldin
  • 2:01 got that phatty lol

    Juan SantiagoJuan Santiago14 kun oldin
  • I always thought he got fired for playing in Roots.

    Tash WillTash Will14 kun oldin
    • @NDN Mixed Blood me too and than I heard he wanted more money and they didn’t wanna pay him

      Don CooperDon Cooper4 kun oldin
    • Lol...me too

      NDN Mixed BloodNDN Mixed Blood14 kun oldin
  • Good Times had a great run of six seasons but after John Amos' departure it wasn't the same.

    Kevin PaytonKevin Payton14 kun oldin
  • She wanted to see that...unfortunately, it wasn't true...

    GosokuRyuGodanGosokuRyuGodan14 kun oldin
  • Good Times wasn't shit after James left. Wouldn't anybody agree. Just my personal opinion.

    Reginald WardReginald Ward14 kun oldin
  • Yes many years this was reported but Hollywood now acts like they are so accepting. NOt!

    Brad88fordBrad88ford14 kun oldin
  • Fyi you stated James as the only one married i didn't George was married as well

    koolnhandsome99koolnhandsome9915 kun oldin
  • Couldn't hold a situational comedy show acting job.good grief...people did watch jj...who is a great role model!

    John RoganJohn Rogan16 kun oldin
  • The real first black father on TV! He was the one I grow up with. What a strong role model to learn from. Thank you Mr. Amos, you did touch the hearts of many! You will forever be part of black culture.

    Model 3 DudeModel 3 Dude16 kun oldin
  • Can u read wtf is John AIM MOS

    Sweet LowSweet Low16 kun oldin
  • I loved family matters because Carl was always there. Even after urkel took it over he was still there being a strong black father. That was my first tv show I watched. I personally picked family matters over fresh prince. I never got into good times.

    Joshua NfJoshua Nf16 kun oldin
  • My Uncle wrote for the good times John Amos got fired cuz he had a bad temper.

    john Hightowerjohn Hightower16 kun oldin
    • Could you blame him?

      BelburgBelburg10 kun oldin
  • White liberals are still doing the same thing now a days. Pandering to the black folks and then turning on them, after they're used up for their benefit. Seems nothing changes. Malcolm X warned about the white liberal. Seems nobody read his book or heard him speak.

    lakermdlakermd16 kun oldin
  • when james left the show was over

    Gregory LewisGregory Lewis16 kun oldin
  • James Evans wasn't the only one married. George Jefferson was also married to Louis (Weezy) and was a strong African American father strong figure as well....in my opinion.

    Lokos PromosLokos Promos16 kun oldin
  • Amos is to be admired

    Miss UnderstoodMiss Understood17 kun oldin
  • George Jefferson was married he had one kid but still they killed him off but Lionel was the one who made the show all in the family work I don't think that the industry know how to write not just black people but everybody knows the people that make movies and TV shows don't know anything because they don't have a clue what people want to see but since we have the internet now they should ask people how to make movies with their dumbass

    Rhoyan BradsfieldRhoyan Bradsfield17 kun oldin
  • Good times, the Cosby show and Andy Griffith were what I grew up on in a small Midwestern white family when I was a little kid.

    Thomas ChaplinThomas Chaplin17 kun oldin
  • Tobi/Kunta Kinte 💪🏿👦🏿

    d fernandezd fernandez17 kun oldin
  • The show got better after he left.

    Angela BarryAngela Barry17 kun oldin
  • Just Imagine what Eric Monte went through when dealing with Norman Lear..

    hb120877hb12087717 kun oldin
  • I believe him to be write You see what happened with Dave Chapell. White people want us to just entertain by what they think is funny to them. Uplifting writing is not what amuses them only writing that shows us failing at this cause is what's expected. And use black people to express their "Comedic Take" as long as they approve it and the sponsors love it.

    Cory ColesCory Coles18 kun oldin
  • What a shame. Well done to him for sticking up for his principles.

    Antonio AranioAntonio Aranio18 kun oldin
  • Didnt sell his soul 💯. Respect king

    Bob NobBob Nob18 kun oldin
  • The only thing about black people doing what they have to do for thier people,they expect thier white producers and fans to credit them fairly.even today.thats a shame.

    Stewart TaylorStewart Taylor18 kun oldin
  • I was wondering wat happened bc i liked it better when he was on show

    Tina WilliamsTina Williams18 kun oldin