Why Paul Mooney Struggled With Hollywood - CH News

29-Mar, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - Paul Mooney is one of the most loved comedians of his era, but have you ever wondered why the comedy great never starred in Hollywood films and shows. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • 🐸 Thank You!

    Cornell WatersCornell Waters25 kun oldin
  • An unsung legend. One of the best comedians ever!

    NDNstrengthNDNstrengthOy oldin
  • A true artist. Don't F. with his art.

    Lambsquad_90Lambsquad_90Oy oldin
  • Man, I would have watched the shit out of "Judge Mooney"

    TheGr8stManEvrTheGr8stManEvrOy oldin
  • We Love You Paul Mooney !!! A REAL BLACK MAN not afraid of shit and won't kiss ass for shit !!!!

    TSR Joy Peace and LoveTSR Joy Peace and LoveOy oldin
  • So he did blow up he a black writer in Hollywood.

    Dani BDani BOy oldin
  • This is wack

    Chris HComedyChris HComedyOy oldin
  • Plus, the people that really knew him knew that he was a rappist.

    Vern WingfieldVern WingfieldOy oldin
  • I never liked him. It's just something about him that I felt bothered me.

    Vern WingfieldVern WingfieldOy oldin
  • simple. because he's always putting down Hollywood Jews.

    Gomer HangerGomer HangerOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney is a good writer but he's not a good comedian. He's just not that funny as a comic.

    DJ Wally WestDJ Wally WestOy oldin
  • That Judge Mooney would have been dope

    This is Laflare TvThis is Laflare TvOy oldin
  • Soon as I saw the clip of Judge Mooney I started crackin the F up. 😄

    Rodney jonesRodney jonesOy oldin
  • Never blew up?? By what standards??

    Rice CostRice CostOy oldin
  • Bruh Mooney keeps it 💯, don't take no shit 😤,and funny as hell 😂 🤣

    James PigfordJames PigfordOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney is the Godfather of comedy. #1

    Kelly W.Kelly W.Oy oldin
  • Paul’s resistance is what made him a superstar. He wasn’t a regular comedian. He was in that top level. A tv show is kind of down stepping for him

  • Never Knew about Judge Mooney Show Wow

    Dramahawk PromotionsDramahawk PromotionsOy oldin
  • Wowww

    Dramahawk PromotionsDramahawk PromotionsOy oldin
  • Race. Need I say more? The sketch about white people being the only one who dealt with monsters such as ghosts and bigfoot was too damn good.

    Robey HairstonRobey HairstonOy oldin
  • 🤦🏾‍♂️ “bet”....no surprise. What a complete fuQn joke.

    S WS WOy oldin
  • Everybody wanna be a nigga but dont NOBODY wanna be a nigga! Facts everyday, every year, everywhere

    TheWard1neTheWard1neOy oldin
  • Not a good look on quoting a white man saying something disparaging about a black man for work opportunities.

    Rey S.Rey S.Oy oldin
  • I hate when black peoples celebrate someone being difficult to work with as being too real and too black. I get sometimes it’s Hollywood code words but maybe if even most of the black people who look up to you say it then maybe there’s some truth to it. Anyway Hollywood doesn’t have any regrets and neither does he so both sides win.

    Tom stormTom stormOy oldin
  • Comedian Paul Mooney is true artist 👑🐐👑🐐

    Comedienne Ms LippsComedienne Ms LippsOy oldin
  • My favorite comic I met Paul Mooney in ATL with legend Dick Gregory one of my favorite meetings ever 👄🐐👄🐐 thank u Mr Mooney 👑

    Comedienne Ms LippsComedienne Ms LippsOy oldin
  • "Hollywood is crazy! They got the The Mexican with Brad Pitt...The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise...Hollywood is crazy! Ok, how bout this: I got a script for them...The Last Nigga On Earth starring Tom Hanks, how bout that?"😂

    King RamesezKing RamesezOy oldin
  • So you're equating him being an asshole with being real? Come on, even the people who respect and admire him say he is" difficult" to work with.

    KayVeeEyeKayVeeEyeOy oldin
  • Didn’t he F Pryor’s son?

    Murray AlexanderMurray AlexanderOy oldin
    • That's the allegation. His son denies it, however.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • I used run into Paul in harlem all the time and I would say wassup Paul and he was always friendly and would speak back, he was always alone just chilling wherever I saw him lol I used to see him a lot in this off track betting place on 125th street and I don't even think he was placing any bets he was just hanging out there because in Harlem Paul can move around comfortably

    JohnnyJohnnyOy oldin
  • I met Mooney in Time Square NYC, just traipsing idly on a nice summer day. I met many celebrities in NYC and always admired them for their talents but I was only star struck by Paul Mooney. I will never forget, he was talking to some young beautiful black chick and I gingerly excused my interruption to ask if he was Paul Mooney. He looked at me with such confidence and said he was and asked me who the hell else would he be? Me and the chick laughed, I then asked him for his autograph where he proceeded to sign my College planner whilst insulting me freely about my unappealing style. He really roasted me in about 2-3 minutes. I felt so proud to be roasted by one of my favorite comedians ever! Will never forget!

    Alf JonesAlf JonesOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney was to real for tv and never comprised his material always gonna be a legend 🙌🏽

    Justteezy91Justteezy91Oy oldin
  • 😁.. Judge Mooney? Paul Mooney trying real court cases? I would've watch that show!!!!

    Justa Lil BittJusta Lil BittOy oldin
  • Big fkn nasty over here🤮

    N BeN BeOy oldin
  • Just like Patrice. Or actually, Patrice was like Paul Mooney.

    Space OSpace OOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney is one of my favorite comedians including George Wallace, Michael Colyar just to name some.

    semaj caperssemaj capersOy oldin
  • It’s not that Mooney is difficult to work with, he’s not going to compromise his material for WHITE writers in Hollywood. Plus you have to understand that you have those white writers, that think they can write for black audiences and they can’t. This why Dave Chappell step back for awhile.

    Connie AvantConnie AvantOy oldin
  • He wrote for Roseanne.dom smith say ew😂.that was funny and unexpected.haha.word up son

    gregory netusgregory netusOy oldin
  • Now can y’all salute dick Gregory?

    Big TexBig TexOy oldin
  • Was the yuck necessary? Lol

    Sikwitit Ball PythonsSikwitit Ball PythonsOy oldin
    • What's the problem with yuck???

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • Omg donnnnnnn yessss now this is what I missssssss come on donnnnnnn

    fair is fairfair is fairOy oldin
  • Too black but gay enough 💯

    Big TeddyBig TeddyOy oldin
    • And just tell me what is the criteria for blackness? And the criteria for gay? And when did these criteria get created, and enacted for the masses to recognize? Please enlighten me.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • Love his guys voice and the way he reads.. good job bro

    kamala82kamala82Oy oldin
  • Salute to Mooney✊🏾👑🥂🏆🔥

    Sista ChristianSista ChristianOy oldin
  • Mr. Mooney is the Undisputed GOAT🖤🖤🖤

    Tek-LiTek-LiOy oldin
  • Comedy hype has an overly critical slant when it comes to dissecting African American entertainers. How can you say Paul Mooney is a legend that never made it big? He’s iconic. He stands his ground. He’s authentically black and refuses to change. Aha! I see, black entertainer ma have to be “benign” to be successful, or they get labeled difficult.

    Resilient OneResilient OneOy oldin
  • Mooney for life!!!!

    Brandon FernandezBrandon FernandezOy oldin
  • Had a awesome career.

    insomthegreatinsomthegreatOy oldin
  • Kind of hypocritical to praise Paul Mooney for being “too real” with his jokes considering 90% of them involve race then say “yuck” to Roseanne which I assume is only because she made a joke involving race.

    LamtitudeLamtitudeOy oldin
    • @Damien Carter how exactly is that seeking validation and who would I be seeking validation from? I shared my thoughts on a cheap hypocritical statement that Comedy Hype made. You didn’t have to say anything to me or like my comment, but you still felt compelled to label me as white as if to lessen the point I made. You probably do this to everyone that you “assume” is white on this channel. That’s why you have so many comments. You checked all the same boxes as other black people that didn’t like my “white” opinions. First, you call me white. Second, you mention something about Comedy Hype being a black channel as if I am not welcome. Finally you resort to telling me to shut up. It’s not the first time a black Comedy Hype viewer has tried minimize a point a made because I’m white and it won’t be the last.

      LamtitudeLamtitudeOy oldin
    • @Lamtitude Now you're arguing the semantics. You're still seeking validation! Give it a fucking rest.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Damien Carter you didn’t actually ask me that in your initial comment, you assumed. Yes I am white, but that doesn’t make what I said invalid though. I enjoy Comedy Hype overall. I didn’t even know it was a predominately black channel when I first subscribed a couple years ago. They just had a bunch of videos about comedy.

      LamtitudeLamtitudeOy oldin
    • @Lamtitude So my question goes back to my initial comment: Are you white, or nah???

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Damien Carter do you even know what a whataboutism even is? Clearly you don’t. I didn’t bring up anyone that wasn’t mentioned in the video. You’re trying so hard to sound smart. You seem to think that calling Comedy Hype hypocritical is equal to defending Roseanne. If anything I would say that I defend free speech for everyone instead of trying to silence people I don’t like. You know, all I had to do was click your name to see how many comments you made on this channel. It wasn’t like I counted every single comment one by one. 506 comments on one channel isn’t just “an active viewer.” You feel the need to have every single one of your thoughts heard. Even now. You’re not opening a dialogue. You attacked me because you didn’t like what I said then tried to minimize me because you assumed that I’m white. Maybe your the one that should spend your time doing something more productive even if all you do is comment on UZworld videos all day.

      LamtitudeLamtitudeOy oldin
  • Mooney is the truth. Analyzing White America is probably his best stand up. Had me in tears laughing

    Righteous SunRighteous SunOy oldin
  • I know I'm tripping. This man did not just say "yuck". 😂😂😂

    A DanielA DanielOy oldin
    • @A Daniel Because you should do it from a sincere place.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Damien Carter Nothing's wrong with it, but I'm trying to get a top comment. Why are you ruining this for me? 😂😂😂😂😂

      A DanielA DanielOy oldin
    • What's the problem with that? It's just a word.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • I caught that too😂

      Mucci GaneMucci GaneOy oldin
  • Mr. Mooney and Lavell Crawford are my two favorite stand up comedians. I got to see Lavell Crawford live and would love to have seen Mr. Mooney live.

  • mans said yuck @ Rosanne 😂 must be gay son

    dtwelve2086dtwelve2086Oy oldin
  • Paul Gay

    Sir LeRoyaleSir LeRoyaleOy oldin
  • Paul created Homey D. Clown?? Didn't know that ✊🏿👏🏿

    U N V MeU N V MeOy oldin
  • The "yuck" when mentioning Roseanne was gold! 🤣 I love Dom Smith!

    Shin-BladeShin-BladeOy oldin
    • I thought thats what I heard . lol

      Dramahawk PromotionsDramahawk PromotionsOy oldin
    • I thought I was the only one that realized that lol

      Perfect DancingPerfect DancingOy oldin
  • Paul 2 real 4 📺 that’s y they banned him 🤦🏾

    Lexbo El'bezzyLexbo El'bezzyOy oldin
  • 🐐

    Louie MorganLouie MorganOy oldin
  • White people :he doesn’t bow down Dave: my nigga Paul

    S 93S 93Oy oldin
  • Dom said Mooney also wrote for Rosanne "YUK " my thoughts exactly 😆😆😆

    Rico LRico LOy oldin

    Jonathan CueJonathan CueOy oldin
  • What’s wrong with the Rosanne show? Yall still mad at her over nothing wtf?

    TheSnoozeFoxTheSnoozeFoxOy oldin
    • One-stop generalizing. Two-many black people didn't watch her show.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney is definitely a legend that should be studied

    RegRegOy oldin
  • I never knew he wrote for Roseanne

    RegRegOy oldin
  • Seen him at his comedy show here in San Francisco like 4x! Sadly, the last time I saw him (and dick gregory), he was all over the place, talking very very weak and I could tell he was at the point where it was time to hang up his shoes for standup. Still my favorite of all time.

    • That is especially true for Dick Gregory.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
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    Royal KRoyal KOy oldin
  • Love Paul! He's a goat! That mad tv interview was hilarious 😆

  • *Eastside Low Bottoms sh*t !* _Tappin' in from South Central Los Angeles_ All Hollywood was going to do, if he allowed it, was water him down...and then blame HIM whn whatever projects they put him in didn't work. He did the right thing by not allowing "them" to determine his path and ruin his legacy. Salute. ✊🏾✊🏾

    Low Bo47oms Ascot AveLow Bo47oms Ascot AveOy oldin
  • He was the first Tyler Perry. As you can see how that played out. " READ BETWEEN THE LINES"😎🤫

    Leonard EppersonLeonard EppersonOy oldin
    • @Leonard Epperson Learn how to write well so that clarity isn't necessary.

      Damien CarterDamien Carter28 kun oldin
    • @Damien Carter did I say that Tyler was gay? Nope. That's what you get for assuming before asking me to clarify. He's super blunt and don't take no shit from anybody. They are considered difficult to work with.

      Leonard EppersonLeonard EppersonOy oldin
    • He didn't do drag in church plays, so what other than you suggesting he's gay is "between the lines?"

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • hes too real homie in paul's voice

    steven Simmonssteven SimmonsOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney is not a required taste it's just funny as hell and it's the fucking truth that's all it is I don't want to hear that Shit, Paul Mooney is one of the greatest comedians ever and truthful with it!!! The truth hurts🤔😂😭📽🕰🎨🃏🥊🥇🏆

    Reeffer HempReeffer HempOy oldin
  • Judge Mooney? Where is this tv gold? 👀👀👀

    Brian WilliamsBrian WilliamsOy oldin
  • Shit Paul should of made his own shows on UZworld but now I think he’s too old and his mind may be slipping... Paul looks like he might be a Diva and there for hard to work with. But let him do his own thing on social media I think he would make a killing but he would have to do some editing because of monetization. I wonder what he dose for money tho? Cause the residuals cant be that good?

    kbplus1kbplus1Oy oldin
  • Roseanne was a better show than any show mentioned on this channel 😝

    BenFlyTBenFlyTOy oldin
    • Except Chappell show. Sounds good bro. This channel says ‘comedy hype’ yet never makes anyone laugh. Just covered serious bullshit about comedians. I feel it’s quite bias The best comedy or comedians are of all races.. perhaps I got triggered by dude saying ‘Roseanne’ yuck. I’ll go deal with my white boy shit 😂

      BenFlyTBenFlyTOy oldin
    • And that doesn't mean that it's appeal should attract everyone on this channel. You like what you like, now keep it pushing.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • Mooney is the fucking king. my Lord

    BlingchachinkBlingchachinkOy oldin
  • Mooney succeeds regardless. He's an elder and an educator. If he'd gotten super famous, they would find a way to take him down or force him to sanitize his act.

    Maximus PrimeMaximus PrimeOy oldin
    • 🎯

      The Best Outta 2-1-5The Best Outta 2-1-5Oy oldin
  • Paul is true to himself

    Tha TaurusTha TaurusOy oldin
  • He owned a home on both cost and made a good living without SELLING OUT . Something you new clowns can learn from . You don't have to twerk on satan and make blood nikes to be happy . He might just be the last real one in the game

    • Facts

      This is Laflare TvThis is Laflare TvOy oldin
    • Underrated comment 💯👊🏾

      S WS WOy oldin
  • wait, weren't you guys cancelling him and putting on people claiming he RAPED Richard Pryor's son, now turn around & do a examination on his career piece...man please?!!

    workaholickworkaholickOy oldin
  • Mr. Mooney is an icon. I listen and watch his old standups from time to time and I still laugh as hard as I did when I watched and listened the first time. He's more of a truth teller. And most of the things he said in the past are just as relevant today as they were back then.

    David RichardsonDavid RichardsonOy oldin
  • Y'all remixed this video that yall done already.. or should I say Updated

    Darrell Da'Emperor CeasarDarrell Da'Emperor CeasarOy oldin
  • I respect Paul Mooney .... I said my say

    Darrell Da'Emperor CeasarDarrell Da'Emperor CeasarOy oldin
  • Them "folks" wanted to put him on, but they wanted him to "tone it down"....Well, we see that didnt' happen.

    James GibsonJames GibsonOy oldin
  • Stay true, God is watching in the mirror.👀

    Thaxton WatersThaxton WatersOy oldin
  • Hollyweird is ran by White Supremacy, and we KNOW who butters the bread of Hollyweird. That is why a legend like Mooney didn't get far. He's had his foot up White Supremacy's A-- for years, and they hate his guts...

    James GibsonJames GibsonOy oldin
  • My favorite comedy. Look at him like a dope uncle

    Movie BaeMovie BaeOy oldin
  • Literally Just Too Real For TV

    Mac MckenzieMac MckenzieOy oldin
  • Mooney is the GOAT

    Chinchilla villeChinchilla villeOy oldin
  • Him not really getting the big big break is part of the reason im not too sure hes gay..lets be real them homosexuals will blow in Hollywood ( no pun intended) ....i mean look at lil nas X

    agthaog1986agthaog1986Oy oldin
    • @Damien Carter lol, reading the sentence again I can see how u took it that way...but I swear I ain't even think of it until u mentioned it.

      agthaog1986agthaog1986Oy oldin
    • @agthaog1986 I find it hard to believe that you weren't inferring that.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Damien Carter lol I didn't mean that type of " blow" but now u mention it lol yeah u probably right

      agthaog1986agthaog1986Oy oldin
    • Are you suggesting that Lil Nas X only succeeded for his "blowing talent?" Certainly you disregard his talent.......

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
  • I'm sorry but he looks like a white black guy...no wait!!?. He looks like a black white guy..ya that's what I meant to say.....

    Gayle WatkinsGayle WatkinsOy oldin
    • @Lamtitude Wtf????

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Lamtitude Oh no you didn't!

      ValkonnenValkonnenOy oldin
    • @Valkonnen I can tell if someone is African or African American immediately after I say hello to them. If they “hi” back then they’re African American. If they say “click clack” then they’re African.

      LamtitudeLamtitudeOy oldin
    • Most American Blacks have up to 20% white blood, which is why Black people immediately can tell an "African" from American Blacks. Paul looks as if he has a significant amount of Native American admixture which a lot of Americans have from the settler days.

      ValkonnenValkonnenOy oldin
  • Godfrey does a stellar Mooney impression, but it would be better if we saw more Paul Mooney himself.

    mandyinseattlemandyinseattleOy oldin
    • Mooney has Dementia now

      Allan FuentesAllan FuentesOy oldin
    • @Righteous Sun thank you

      Big TexBig TexOy oldin
    • Aries Spears is slightly better at Paul Mooney imo. Godfrey is the truth though.

      Righteous SunRighteous SunOy oldin
  • If we're too honest about pink people, we get shunned in Hollywood

    Cren CottrellCren CottrellOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney "Masterpiece" CD and TAPE 1994 is top 5 of all time.

    Coco RainCoco RainOy oldin
    • Race was my favorite of his.

      LamtitudeLamtitudeOy oldin
    • Fact

      kingwheat1kingwheat1Oy oldin
  • Mr. Smith your videos are the ONLY reason I’m still substituted to this channel. Thanks 🙏🏽

    AV WellsAV WellsOy oldin
  • As we say in the hood, "That's a REAL nigga"

    Casper ThefriendlyghostCasper ThefriendlyghostOy oldin
  • He's a truth dealer

    Theresa RodriguezTheresa RodriguezOy oldin
  • Paul Mooney is a great , yet raw talent!Very talented, but he is not for everybody, he is uncompromising with what he does, and some people can't ride along with that! A great talent!

    Martin SmithMartin SmithOy oldin
  • "Self sabotage" is the wrong phrase

    Marcos SantanaMarcos SantanaOy oldin
  • uzworld.infohObs_eJu_8E

    Shabooya babyShabooya babyOy oldin
  • Too Gay for Hollywood

    Allan FuentesAllan FuentesOy oldin
    • @Valkonnen Failure? Terrible culture? You're finally showing your bigotry. Ansd no I don't know that Mr. Mooney is gay, because he has not shared that as his truth, so it's not your place to suggest that he or any other black man is on the downlow. Talk about ignorance. Stop letting the media educate you on black people, you'll get chin-checked by the wrong black man spouting that bullshit. And one more point: what porbleme did I sweep under the rug? And why would you assume that I am covering for men that struggle with their sexual orientation? See these are matters where you lack the education to even speak on them. We could have easily resolved that before you decided that you thought you knew everything. I hope you one day realize how stupid you were for making that last comment. Do better.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Damien Carter I never said that it was "An Acquired taste" for me personally, I said, "For audiences". There is no outspoken passion in blaming an entire race for YOUR race's failure when compared to other races. You cover and make excuses for a terrible culture that can only go wrong because it is base and immoral. And you know that Mooney is gay and like the many black men on the "DL" in the black community you sweep that under the rug too. It's so obvious what the problems are, but you're so busy blaming that it will never change. How can it?

      ValkonnenValkonnenOy oldin
    • @Valkonnen So because you lack the acquired taste to accept his outspoken passion as a black man, you find him problematic. There, I corrected your input. And don't call that black man a queen, that's disrepectful, especially if he has not confirmed a gay orientation. Stay in your lane you uninformed twat.

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Valkonnen Sir, I get it, I had a typo, but that has nothing to do with this discussion, so you could have said that offline. If you truly want to tell things like they are, you should at least learn why. So you think Paul Mooney is angry, fine. Most white people think black people are angry when we articulate our plight. Y'all cam tell it like it is. But when we do, clearly it's a problem. And uyou sure know how to reveal your disdain for those of us that do speak up. Second, until Paul humor confirms his orientation, refrain from that queen shit. No matter your perception, he's a man, show some respect. Lastly, he wouldn't be such a taste for you to acquire if you would would actually listen to his content. It's a challenge for you to understand, I get it. But imagine your best existence as a black man. Stop being offended by the truth!

      Damien CarterDamien CarterOy oldin
    • @Damien Carter .

      ValkonnenValkonnenOy oldin