Why People Are Mad At B. Simone, Receives Backlash - CH News Show

16-Fev, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - For a new episode of 'The CH News Show'; our cast Pierre, Capone, Rita Brent, and Symphony Thompson speak on B. Simone's latest viral moment telling women how to manifest the man of their dreams. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_.

  • Makes sense to me!

    Dr PhotDr Phot2 kun oldin
  • The message is true but most of us arent interested in hearing it from her. Yes everyone makes mistakes and unfortunately her voicing her opinion(that quite honestly isn't new and sounds recycled)on a topic that seems as if she got the memo late on. If ya'll can recall not too long ago she was infatuated with DaBaby(the rapper) and apparently she wasn't his preference but she had to learn that the hard way realizing she couldnt manifest him into being her boyfriend with all the manifesting powers in the world... This may have humbled her a bit?? Or at least allowed her to see from a different perspective and now she's back on her soapbox parroting a recycled message. And since she got caught out for plagerising it's not a good look. And...Even with the whole you have to be what you want to attract it, has some flaws in it....people fall in love for different reasons and these days it sometimes feels like we chop it all up to a formula taking the humanity out of love and relationship..... anywho that's my 2cents ...peace and real love yall.

    Es L.Es L.3 kun oldin
  • Aye Capone, is that Dior? Super Drippy OG

    Donny EffDonny Eff3 kun oldin
  • I like this panel. Good-looking people that's intelligent 🤓 and captivating.

    Sun FlowerSun Flower4 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣 her wife. Fuck outta here

    JUDAH soldierJUDAH soldier6 kun oldin
  • 0:28 😭😭 I'm confused to bruh🤦🏾‍♀️

    Vee EdgeVee Edge7 kun oldin
  • B Simone is hilarious. Especially the way she delivered the message, the message is right but the delivery was the complete opposite & I appreciate it because it made me laugh. The irony was so sweet.

    Marlon DavisMarlon Davis8 kun oldin
  • Because WE know she's bitter because she didn't pull the man she wanted sometimes a person deserves a CHANCE to come UP😶

    Tina W.Tina W.8 kun oldin
  • Facts

    Q BQ B9 kun oldin
  • I don't think they understood what the host was saying at all. It doesn't matter if it's the internet and people aren't always going to be on your side. They don't matter if she's telling people to brush their teeth they don't want to hear it because she did some fraud phony shit a lot of people don't have time or want to give attention to people that failed them before. Like people don't care what Trump has to say because we know Trump be with the bs the phony fraud will always put a bad taste and people's mouths. She's a big grown girl. Shouldn't be pampered about why people don't like or want to hear from her

    Reilus JohnsonReilus Johnson9 kun oldin
  • I agree with B. Simone...

    Rodney RamseyRodney Ramsey9 kun oldin
  • I totally agree with the fact that YOU need to be the person you want to attract. The problem is that it calls the very people (who are looking for this perfect person) to the carpet to get theirselves together. The moment in my life when I decided that I wanted to get married I started working on myself and started watching the men I knew who had reasonably healthy and stable marriages and well adjusted kids. Then I asked them what I needed to do to prepare myself for marriage. Then I invited those men to pick apart my character to help me become the man that I needed to be for the woman I wanted. And within 3 or 4 months I met the very woman I was preparing myself for. That was 20 years ago and we are still happily married and raising our four children. Be the person you want to be with. It's cool that you have high standards but if you can't be held to the standards that you expect others to be held to then you are, by the very definition, being a hypocrite.

    marc777daniellemarc777danielle9 kun oldin
  • She does have a point about having standards and doing your best to meet your own standards. Don't be full of sh*t about a potential partner having qualities that you refuse to manifest. The overwhelming majority of men (about 15%) are six-feet tall or taller. The man having to be tall leaves out most men and most older women are single and an even greater percentage are unmarried or never married. i would imagine some of the backlash is really in response to her statement about needing to improve yourselves, which is considered bad to say out loud, even if true.

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna9 kun oldin
  • I agree with B Simone

    Rena MadryRena Madry10 kun oldin
  • What's wrong with what she's saying?.

    Ian MillerIan Miller10 kun oldin
  • Nah, we just don't take BULLSHIT from people who don't have their own life together, Sis. Why are we taking relationship advice from people who aren't in successful relationships. Look to Russell Wilson and Ciara.

    Miss NdabaMiss Ndaba10 kun oldin
  • She spoke nothing but the truth.

    Ron Da BarberRon Da Barber11 kun oldin
  • She looks terrible without make up lawd!🤦🏽‍♂️

    Krazy CurrKrazy Curr11 kun oldin
  • Pierre is not funny

    vamia washingtonvamia washington11 kun oldin
  • Every time B Simone wants some clout she pokes at the insecurities of black women and you guys give her the attention.

    Nadera FergusonNadera Ferguson11 kun oldin
  • B.simmone delivery was wack and aggressive like where her Man @ and I think you shouldn't make list, be open to whomever

    SEVEN DSEVEN D11 kun oldin
  • Taking relationship advice from a woman who steals shit from others .

    Mystery MosesMystery Moses11 kun oldin
  • Only hairhats are mad. 👱🏿 as usual. I wonder why LOL!!!

    Sub-Negro Da CryomancerSub-Negro Da Cryomancer11 kun oldin
  • Truth hurts, oh well. Moving right a long.

    QueenTei ReignsQueenTei Reigns11 kun oldin
  • I'm just sick of B. Simone PERIOD. Everytime that she opens her mouth, it sounds like some self hate. She DOES NOT speak for ALL black women, at all. She's a "pick me" type of bitch, that conforms to a lot of misogynist things, in my opinion. I wish that she would shut her big ass, annoying mouth tf up, and figure out what she wants for her damn self.

    Letitia WhiteLetitia White11 kun oldin
  • B Simone didn't say shit wrong I believe the exact same thing.

    Bernard Canto IIBernard Canto II11 kun oldin
  • Okay CH, it's time to switch up the panel. Peirre too focus on how this isn't nothing new. Well, maybe B. SIMONE is resurfacing the topic because after awhile you get tired of these young ladies, girls, women talking about my MAN need these bucket list. But these same females don't understand it take two to manifest wealth and health. But it's sad she had a good message she was just the wrong messenger.

    Ms. Dani WilliamsMs. Dani Williams11 kun oldin
  • B. Simone is right for once. Women want more than they offer then they get shocked when niggas Don't value them and trade up on them. Women say they get used while they using us.

    Jamie ChungJamie Chung11 kun oldin
  • She was talking about herself also this was true i know she got this from someone else this is too funny im tired of these females thinking they are men this female is gay im done listening to her thinking she can think and talk like a man lawd have mercy smh

    youngblak Wall Streetyoungblak Wall Street11 kun oldin
  • I Agree with B.!

    Capo G. SpadeCapo G. Spade12 kun oldin
  • Why is symphony so FINE 😩😩

    byrdjrbyrdjr12 kun oldin
  • Dr. Shareaza Ali said it best " only the black woman has went unchecked"

    Michael DysonMichael Dyson12 kun oldin
  • Maybe the fake feminist movement might be mad

    greenjurrellgreenjurrell12 kun oldin
  • The word of the day is Discernment my people have a great life !

    The COACHThe COACH12 kun oldin
  • Because a hit dog will holla

    Kelzey WarnerKelzey Warner12 kun oldin
  • Imagine advocating for accountability and recieving backlash .... America

    David ChaneyDavid Chaney12 kun oldin
  • That's very true us women just have a hard time admitting we're right

    Sabrina HudsonSabrina Hudson12 kun oldin
  • If u didn’t agree with B in that post u simpin period

    gilmore31386gilmore3138612 kun oldin
  • But wait didnt she beg for a date while on wilding out? Forgot the guy she kept asking ..now she a strong women ...I guess. I hate when women make a PSA an in daily life go against it all for clout..

    mahogany reddmahogany redd12 kun oldin
  • They only mad b/c they makes them step up and no one wants to. I don't expect my woman to be rich but have aspirations

    Rikers ElRikers El12 kun oldin
  • All B Simone is saying is be the change you want to see in the world.

    verydrarry85verydrarry8512 kun oldin
  • Naw she was right about that damn list that shit was funny

    King Leo2588King Leo258812 kun oldin
  • That host tho 😍😍🔥🔥

    Mindright Daily TVMindright Daily TV12 kun oldin
  • What she said wasn’t wrong, they just don’t wanna hear it from her. I don’t think ppl are mad with her, they just want her to hush 🤐 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Natasha JacksonNatasha Jackson12 kun oldin
  • B Simone feeds into the negative stereotypes Blackman place on women particularly in the black community. She is materialistic I want to keep up appearances therefore she sacrificed her mental and emotional well-being so that she can portray an image of a desirable stereotype in some demographics. Meanwhile she has been in the public eye with Messy relationships. Your confidence looked very low regardless of how well you dressed yourself up to appeal to the da baby then later on praise another woman for having even more shallow like qualities that you know that ignorant man appeal to. Not to say that was in the da baby's case. B Simone reminds me of the female with the most attention at school parties or the family that the other females wants to mimic but if they're not careful they realize that she's really turned out

    psmithpsmith12 kun oldin
    • You will eventually Lose Yourself trying to appeal to every man that comes into your life. There is no guarantee that who you desire you will continue to be with throughout your lifetime. We all develop maturity new interest personality change so our self-identity is important to us so why do drastic (if not mental and health related) changes for others who can't live for us.

      psmithpsmith12 kun oldin
  • "Watchu gon do 2 help me take u 2 Dubai 🤔 , if u ain't gon help me take u 2 Dubai then imma say GOODBYE" 😂😂!! Y'all listen up man , they droppin' sum REAL GOOD JEWELS outchea...

    Damain JenkinsDamain Jenkins12 kun oldin
  • Y'all talk about her more than what she said. Smh

    Shad AsadullaahShad Asadullaah12 kun oldin
  • FUN FACT: I agree with B. Simone...It goes vice-versa too

    MikeHurt _914MikeHurt _91412 kun oldin
  • No dis but...I don't even know who B. Simone is. But then again, I don't know a lot of things... "FREE YOUR MIND AND YOUR AZZ WILL FOLLOW".

    Willie PurdomWillie Purdom12 kun oldin
  • Why did the lesbian only say that some men want a woman who is financially less than? I would say a lot of you studs are the same.

    Shia LeboofShia Leboof12 kun oldin
  • We put more value on the messenger than the message. That's a problem.

    Clinton PullenClinton Pullen12 kun oldin
  • Some Women like to feel that they have more than their Men, so that they can be in more control of the relationship… Where as some men like to have more than their Women in the relationship so that they can feel needed… motivations are different yet the end results are the same.

    Dr D ScottDr D Scott13 kun oldin
  • B simone right!

    Indian Land336Indian Land33613 kun oldin
  • B SIMONE 💯

    LOVE ONELOVE ONE13 kun oldin
  • Yet B Simone is still single 🤦🏻🤣🤣🤣

    iAmDieseliAmDiesel13 kun oldin
  • She said was 100 percent correct just cause you don’t like her don’t mean she is wrong

    Mike SoloMike Solo13 kun oldin
  • Whats the problem? She got facts

    Pilucci LuccinassiPilucci Luccinassi13 kun oldin
  • Wtf is the stud talking about?

    Mr. Bobby WrightMr. Bobby Wright13 kun oldin
  • Is she being genuine tho

    Mr. Bobby WrightMr. Bobby Wright13 kun oldin
  • Smh

    Mr. Bobby WrightMr. Bobby Wright13 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/o2m2pKxqXca8pKo

    Kahpone Bone Ruthless Records MO ThugsKahpone Bone Ruthless Records MO Thugs13 kun oldin
  • The truth is hard to hear. I bet the people who are upset, are the same ones sitting around somewhere with no ambition, waiting on someone to take care of them.

    Olympia BattleOlympia Battle13 kun oldin
  • I love her we need more like her tho

    Marcus WalkerMarcus Walker13 kun oldin
  • The oldest saying in the book but the realest.. THE TRUTH HURTS

    Dee’s WorldDee’s World13 kun oldin
  • Whoever the women in red is clearly not in touch with why People don’t fw b Simone she said some extra regular sht ain’t touch on none of the stigma surrounding her smh y’all could tell !!

    NewJeffCityNewJeffCity13 kun oldin
  • who is she? im lost..

    leelee and daddys worldleelee and daddys world13 kun oldin
  • She is copying Love Dorsey WHOLE swag. Masculine women telling other women what they need to do 💅

    Lei FeiLei Fei13 kun oldin
  • Women dont wanna hear that truth shit.

    Huhgang MenaceHuhgang Menace13 kun oldin
  • Why is correct! I love that she said it!

    Real McCoyReal McCoy13 kun oldin
  • Why is it some women can talk about what men need to do all day. But when they are told what they need to do, they get mad?

    James SmithJames Smith13 kun oldin
  • How can you be bad at her when she's talking facts. She ain't even being messy it's true and she explained it easily

    mstcherie13mstcherie1313 kun oldin
  • I was always taught to be the person the person you are looking for is looking for.

    Rodney WimleyRodney Wimley13 kun oldin
  • People lazy they never want to put in the work that's why another of People lives are all over the place with inconsistencies fallow ground etc.

    Eyereign81Eyereign8113 kun oldin
  • People aren’t mad at the message. Everybody needs to stop being obtuse. WE DONT LIKE B SIMONE. what don’t y’all understand? She can come on Beyoncé’s internet saying I love puppies and we’re gonna drag it because we’re tired of her.. get her outtta hereeeeee who gives a shit about the message.

    Jaïm MeïdeaxJaïm Meïdeax13 kun oldin
  • Oh yeah the truth do hurt.and women should be reasonable about who they are. First stop with the hair hats. Grow your own hair and nails. Stop twerking on the gram.

    Eric JohnsonEric Johnson13 kun oldin
  • She said nothing wrong

    Marcus McgrawMarcus Mcgraw13 kun oldin
  • She told the truth, and all of these entitled unrealistic women got mad. This is the very thing that Kevin Samuels talk about.

    Rick J.Rick J.13 kun oldin
  • The Comedy Hype host is cute

    Reach 4 The Sky MediaReach 4 The Sky Media13 kun oldin
  • B. Simone is absolutely right on that.

    Reach 4 The Sky MediaReach 4 The Sky Media13 kun oldin
  • I think people should get their own stuff figured out.

    Latricha TurnerLatricha Turner13 kun oldin
  • "Be the Person you wanna Attract.." - B-Simone✨

    Renee FranchonRenee Franchon13 kun oldin
  • I'm not familiar with her, but she's right, but since we live in the "Upside Down" where heauxs and simps are winning, and logic is shunned in favor of stupidity, clout, and recklessness I can see why people would hate it.

    Mr MajesticMr Majestic13 kun oldin
  • B. Simone made a comment about men and women why is a lesbian on the show

    i2 Co-defendanti2 Co-defendant13 kun oldin
  • Truth hurts 😆 im glad she woke them up 😆

    JohannaJohanna13 kun oldin
  • It's mostly BW that are giving B Simone heat.

    K SullyK Sully13 kun oldin
  • But where is the lie?

    GhostGhost13 kun oldin
  • Bet if she was white they straight and gay black people would've barely said a thing smh

    Travis DeTravis De13 kun oldin
  • She's getting backlash because folk dont like to be checked on their ishcabibble. None truer than women as it relates to relationships

    The Ray La' Mar ExperienceThe Ray La' Mar Experience13 kun oldin
  • She was rite and she smart because everyone has her name in there mouth

    William Bigwill86William Bigwill8613 kun oldin
  • Only women are mad to be honest

    William Bigwill86William Bigwill8613 kun oldin
  • This goes to show you how confused gay people are. If a woman marries another woman and she say that's my wife are both of those individuals wives,? Because a husband the definition is a man so if two females get together and get married one can't possibly be a husband and one can't possibly be a wife. Just like a man if two men get married both of them can say each other is the husband because her husband is a man, but do they say this my husband or and this is my wife. Last but not least please do not put God in this something about I was born like this or God wanted me to be this way when it's specifically goes man and woman be fruitful and multiply you can't possibly be fruitful and multiply when you're gay I'm out

    Craig DabbsCraig Dabbs13 kun oldin
  • i know yall saw that lil bit of dookie on her nail hit her lip. she right tho

    My name Is JeffMy name Is Jeff13 kun oldin
  • I agree with her go ahead B Simone that’s so true don’t ask for what you can’t give emotionally,mentally and spritually more than physically and sexually(those last two won’t last forever)

    L HL H13 kun oldin
  • Ok now what did she say wrong lol??? If you took issue with it, she is clearly talking about you sis....that's all.

    TTSantiago821TTSantiago82113 kun oldin
  • I don't see nothing wrong with what she said

    Fullbody MoneygangFullbody Moneygang13 kun oldin
  • I agree bring something to the table as well it’s nothing wrong with that

    Tiffany CTiffany C14 kun oldin
  • Men don't wanna control women.... and we don't want a women who is less! Stop putting that energy out there. Men are not controlling, that goes against thier nature. Men wanna go thier own way and if you like where a man is heading in life then hop on board but don't think because I allow you to be apart of my life that you can decide where I'm going. If your on board then take a seat or you can get off at the next stop, but no one is gonna derail my life because they wanna change directions all the sudden. Its simple take a seat and enjoy the ride that's if your with a man who already has direction. If your on board do as you like but don't interfere with the drive and destination. That's all and if those rules are too restrictive or "controlling" then get off at the next stop and get to your own destination by other means. - A message for those who think they understand a man... Just my opinion

    Marvelous OpinionMarvelous Opinion14 kun oldin
  • How is that she has to have equal and he gonna the man in the house. Then how does he enhance her life ? Oh I forgot D....K hahaaaaa

    G mama LeeG mama Lee14 kun oldin
  • Its dumb and only Black people say mess like this so many Black women have more then their men Even hood chick have their own apartment while he will have a fly car and a roommate. Whether it be his mama, sister or EX. .

    G mama LeeG mama Lee14 kun oldin
  • Preach Rita!!!!!!!! Beware of these toxic ass people that want you to be subservient to them in a relationship.

    L AiyanaL Aiyana14 kun oldin