Why Smokey Was A 'Bad Friend' In 'Friday' Ft. Slink Johnson

19-Fev, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - We take a look at the 1995 classic comedy, 'Friday', to examine the true friend that Chris Tucker's Smokey was or wasn't. Slink Johnson joins us to tell the story. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • "Deebo, deeboed the bread!" I'm in tears craccin up from that line.🤣🤣

    rudy moodyrudy moodyKun oldin
  • If im Craig im selling Smokey Chain🤷🏾‍♂️

    718 Films718 Films2 kun oldin
  • Kendrick Lamar - Art of peer pressure !!!!

    Tishara DobyTishara Doby5 kun oldin
  • Everybody know why he was a bad friend he got Craig caught up in his bs

    Tishara DobyTishara Doby5 kun oldin
  • Great job!!

    LA WilliamsLA Williams6 kun oldin
  • Everyone can get on camera but that monotone nigga j will

    bossmaneshitbossmaneshit6 kun oldin
  • Smokey what's the type of person that can fck up a pack

    Pooh Bear ReidPooh Bear Reid7 kun oldin
  • Smokey, Bishop & ODog are the worst friends ever

    JK number5JK number57 kun oldin
  • Lol. FR

    Jay CJay C7 kun oldin

    C BROWNC BROWN7 kun oldin
  • Oml!!!!! That’s why I never cared if he came back like nigga all this drama is because of you and on top of that you didn’t jump in the fight! Smokey definitely was funny but definitely fake 😂😂😂😂😂😂 nice review slink

    Aoki LeeAoki Lee7 kun oldin
  • In the music video keep your hands ringing by Dr Dre I see Smokey and big worm bored on a plane with Dr Dre and everyone else and I'm wondering where did they go?

    Iniddo SenpaiIniddo Senpai8 kun oldin
  • To all good friends who want to make your friend laugh, if the jokes don't work, do physical comedy. Just don't hurt yourself🙂

    Iniddo SenpaiIniddo Senpai8 kun oldin
  • Craig= Franklin Smokey= Lamar

    Black DynamiteBlack Dynamite9 kun oldin
  • Lamar Davis should be the last person talking about being a bad friend he almost got Franklin killed a lot of times on grove street with the drywall, at the weed factory 🤣🤣

    Black DynamiteBlack Dynamite9 kun oldin
  • I thought Craig said smokey was in rehab on the second movie. How is that a bad person when they are trying to turn their life around. You can't reprise a character in future films if something cathartic happened to that person

    Eddy JacksonEddy Jackson9 kun oldin
  • Wrong crew this is south central in the 90s

    Eddy JacksonEddy Jackson9 kun oldin
  • Anybody else think Meghan Good grew up too fine

    Eddy JacksonEddy Jackson9 kun oldin
  • 1:36 every white person looking to destroy black lives. That relates to bill o'neal being influenced by white america to oppress Fred Hampton and any of us trying to better our people

    Eddy JacksonEddy Jackson9 kun oldin
  • I'm not gonna watch this bcuz I see title and already know what's finna be said but a mufcka wit weed is a friend INDEED- LEPRECHAUN 🤣😅🤣

    Calvino DablackalpacinoCalvino Dablackalpacino9 kun oldin
  • *Eastside Low Bottoms sh*t !* _Tappin' in from South Central Los Angeles_ *STORY TIME* Around '88 or '89, I was about 16 and my closest friend almost LITERALLY got us into the same situation with a "Big Worm-type". My boy wants to sell weed to make a lil money. So he's given a paper bag full of weed and is told to bring back a certain amount. Unknowingly, I went with him to go pick it up...which now automatically makes me a "partner" in the dude's eyes. Turns out it was a bag of "shake" ! The dude came on the block trippin' and saying how he was gonna shoot both of us...in front of my Mother ! It eventually got resolved but Momz was pissed !

    Low Bo47oms Ascot AveLow Bo47oms Ascot Ave9 kun oldin
  • No one ever brings up the fact that Smokey already had 100 Dollas he counted in front of Worm tryin to pass it off as 200. So technically they only needed to come up 100 dollas, so Smoke Dogg poC’d that 100 and kept the rest of the weed after passin on Debo and puttin Craig thru all that trauma!!!!

    Nino PacinoNino Pacino9 kun oldin
  • That's gta v lamar

    Kratos MclovinKratos Mclovin9 kun oldin
    • I thought I was the only one that noticed that nobody was saying anything in the comments 😂😂

      The patten Slice9900The patten Slice99009 kun oldin
  • Lmao 😂😂😂😂

    Jeffrey LissadeJeffrey Lissade9 kun oldin
  • The show was all about Smokey and he only made $5,000 off that show

    LEEJLEEJ9 kun oldin
  • I read the title and laughed my ass off

    Lexi JonezLexi Jonez9 kun oldin
  • Freshly Unemployed 😭😭😭 Black jesus funny as hell

    Shawty K TooFreezyShawty K TooFreezy9 kun oldin
  • Old dawg was worse than Smokey.

    #dangitdeezy#dangitdeezy9 kun oldin
  • That eye always makes me cover up my eye 😂😂😂

    Felicia JenkinsFelicia Jenkins10 kun oldin
  • First Friday Film Is A Classic

    Jai NormanJai Norman10 kun oldin
  • One more Friday with Chris Tucker!!

    Valerie FosterValerie Foster10 kun oldin
  • Can u guys start covering more stuff like in relation to African culture and films . There's a ton of people in Africa who look up to the African American culture for inspiration . I reccomned reviews on more diverse films and shows

    Senzu BeenSenzu Been10 kun oldin
  • You was a bad friend to Franklin

    James WestJames West11 kun oldin
  • craig got paid on thursday and got fired! and was broke friday!!

    christopher joneschristopher jones11 kun oldin
  • From the hood, we all had a homie like Smokey.

    Cali BonezCali Bonez11 kun oldin
  • comedy hype is this something new?????? I FUCK WITH THISSSS

    Mystery MosesMystery Moses11 kun oldin
  • 3:53 Is that a young Meghan Good?

    Miss NdabaMiss Ndaba11 kun oldin
  • He forgot about Frank and Lamar

    Devon CalhounDevon Calhoun11 kun oldin
  • *”AY! COME. BACK!”*

    FaerieSensaiFaerieSensai11 kun oldin
  • Smokey is so fine tho😍😍

    TyTyTyTy11 kun oldin
  • Great info 🐐

    Comedienne Ms LippsComedienne Ms Lipps11 kun oldin
  • Isn't Friday simply the best black movie from the 90's and maybe ever made?! It has it all, great actors, comedy, great soundtrack, action, suspense, beautiful girls, real life lessons and above all, the late great John Whiterspoon🙏

    1Surinamer1Surinamer11 kun oldin
  • I was a 15 year old kid when that movie came out im 40 now ima single dad...That movie had a lot of life lessons in it..i use this movie to teach my girls that not everyone you call a friend really a friend

    G-O-D_Guns_Oil_DrugsG-O-D_Guns_Oil_Drugs12 kun oldin
  • That shit made no sense. Smokey had 100$, counted it infront of big worm.

    The SpearThe Spear12 kun oldin
  • For those not knowin .. We on the block all know everyone and all the drama. I’m mot gettin shot at for 200$ homie owes. That a personal problem and “it’s the principle! Principality ) I it’s not rare to be chill with brothers next door even if they get on your nerves we still be cool. Like Craig said “ain’t nobody playin but you!” I man with love in his heart for fellow brothers in arms behind enemy lines, you can see through a guy like Smokey fronting like a fool so he don’t get ... messed up worse than he already is. And keep in mind ITS A MOVIE 🍿! Entertaining as a mutha ..

    Stephen BennStephen Benn12 kun oldin
  • Aside from the topic at hand, which, agreeable on all the reasons Smokey is a bad friend, two things I realized: Craig’s ex Joy was cheating on him with a dude passed out on her bed while calling to ask him who did go with to a concert and Craig could’ve used his last paycheck to give to Big Worm.

    D JonesD Jones12 kun oldin
  • Smokey got Craig high so they could both take the blame for the weed

    TekBoiJ FloresTekBoiJ Flores12 kun oldin
    • Unfortunately Craig did not even have the intention to smoke the marijuana in the first place

      Patrick BarnesPatrick Barnes10 kun oldin
  • The only good thing smokey did was take responsibility for his actions after craig told him off. Smokey knows he plays around too much and this time there was gonna be deadly consequences behind it. Craig couldn't let smokey face this battle alone even though he had very little involvement in his fuckery.

    Marcus WithersMarcus Withers12 kun oldin
  • Next friday craig is the bad cuzin lmao

    Juan MezaJuan Meza12 kun oldin
  • What about Lamar davis to CJ ? I mean come on now lmao

    Juan MezaJuan Meza12 kun oldin
  • SLINK!!! YES SIR!!

    Oldhead Deuce *FBT*Oldhead Deuce *FBT*12 kun oldin
  • Still to this day I want to know why Craig didn’t have $200. He should have had a last check for his job. 🤔

    Michael HawkinsMichael Hawkins12 kun oldin
    • I know right! There was even a scene where Craig said that he went to pick up his check and that’s when he found out that he was fired.

      R LightningR Lightning9 kun oldin
    • @Michael Hawkins I think they mailed his last check hence why he went up there and left without a check

      King Swift 7King Swift 79 kun oldin
    • Nah. By law they have to pay him for time worked. At least where I’m at.

      Michael HawkinsMichael Hawkins10 kun oldin
    • Bc the job fired him and were talking about pressing charges probably to justify not paying him

      Juan ZJuan Z11 kun oldin
  • Smokey forgot he lived in south central LA, you don't play with a dude, with rollers in his hair. Seriously Chris Tucker was hilarious, and "Debo" should be in the dictionary.

    G_Slim_G_Slim_12 kun oldin
  • I see Slink rockin the 85 South hoodie. 👍

    G_Slim_G_Slim_12 kun oldin
  • Somebody already did this breakdown of Smokey being a bad friend on tiktok!

    lordcannabissativalordcannabissativa13 kun oldin
  • Cube is muslim, smokey was him shittn on weed smokers...

    Dozha DevilleDozha Deville13 kun oldin
  • Hey Red didnt help Craig when he got choked out n Smoke back yard

    Dominique JonesDominique Jones13 kun oldin
  • He was a bad friend. Glad that someone saw it like I saw it..

    Akbarrel YeshuaAkbarrel Yeshua13 kun oldin

    Rowan TelbinRowan Telbin13 kun oldin
  • Slink!

    antoniastfuantoniastfu13 kun oldin
  • They really only needed $100 for Worm.. because Smokey literally counts out $100 at the ice cream truck..

    Kwame KhnumKwame Khnum13 kun oldin
    • Exactly, not sure why Craig kept asking everyone for $200 when smokey had $100.

      Henny LopezHenny Lopez8 kun oldin
  • Black Jesus...I put that on yo pops.

    G33qZ GamingG33qZ Gaming13 kun oldin
  • Smokey a bad influence.

    UrbanLegend2k11UrbanLegend2k1113 kun oldin
  • ... Or how about Lamont & Rallo... taking u all the way back.. lol

    Clay KingClay King13 kun oldin
  • The best friendship on screen is Will & Jazz.. Eddie & Waldo.. or Martin & Tommy... Kadijah & Maxine.. or Gina & Pam...

    Clay KingClay King13 kun oldin
  • I love fazion love hes funny

    Anthony ChobotAnthony Chobot13 kun oldin
  • 😄🤣

    Karz Perisho-WKarz Perisho-W13 kun oldin
  • They made Smokey extremely toxic in the animated series.

    ConkerTheWorldConkerTheWorld13 kun oldin
  • and u know thisssss1!!!!..maaaaan...great commentary

    mahadtwy Em REmahadtwy Em RE13 kun oldin
  • Big slink! Fucking love this guy ,true og, real one,genuine good dude💜

    Al BoogAl Boog13 kun oldin
  • Black Jesus!!!!!!

    kendratreekendratree13 kun oldin
  • Naw,naw,naw.......Smokey came clean towards the end and said "If I get dealt with I get dealt with"....remember?

    FyreLeo MHFyreLeo MH13 kun oldin
  • Lamar is a worster friend always getting Big Bank Frank in some shiz with his ol ye ye ass hair cut 😂 how many times did Lamar almost get Frank killed in GTA 5 100+ times

  • "See how that rhyme" Slink a damn fool. He had me dying as Lamar on GTA5.

    FyreLeo MHFyreLeo MH13 kun oldin
  • Actually they only needed 100 bucks. Smokey already had a 100 bucks.

    DeVonne Hawkins-FippsDeVonne Hawkins-Fipps13 kun oldin
  • Lol Smokey literally smoked him up to make him responsible for the weed😭.

    Jiggy BahJiggy Bah13 kun oldin

    Jeffery CalhounJeffery Calhoun13 kun oldin
    • @Jeffery Calhoun yeah he was...lol...but the drama ain't jump off until the afternoon...

      Jason KamaraJason Kamara12 kun oldin
    • @Jason Kamara bro they went to the liquor store Ctfu Craig was just irresponsible

      Jeffery CalhounJeffery Calhoun12 kun oldin
    • Probably was closed by the time worm was on their head...who knows

      Jason KamaraJason Kamara12 kun oldin
  • No coincidence that Lamar Davis, the Smokey to Franklin's Craig, is telling this story.

    LuEXXIII Dj SecurityLuEXXIII Dj Security13 kun oldin
  • Yooo bro you should do a voice over for a video game or something 🤔

    J RJ R13 kun oldin
  • 😁👍🏿

    Lexbo El'bezzyLexbo El'bezzy13 kun oldin
  • Yee yee ass haircut

    Alex AllenAlex Allen13 kun oldin
    • Nobody realized that this is that guy?

      Alex AllenAlex Allen13 kun oldin
  • So we ain’t gonna talk about how Craig was always a hater, Captain save a B lol He hated on DeeBo checkin his broad, then he hated on joker and them and had the cops get them, and set Money Mike up to get Raped to still his girl lol SMH fucc Craig

    NiGhtStar ProductionNiGhtStar Production13 kun oldin
  • I see the 85 South hoodie

    SmexciiJellySmexciiJelly13 kun oldin
  • Bruh, this would have been better unscripted

    BigLorde BunnyRabbitBigLorde BunnyRabbit13 kun oldin
  • Bro is the dude from Grand theft auto ?

    Branden EllisonBranden Ellison13 kun oldin
  • Was Smokey supposed to give Big Worn that bread AFTER almost getting smoked by his goons??? That's messed up...

    James GibsonJames Gibson13 kun oldin
  • Smokey almost got Craig killed. That's what friends are for I guess 😂. RIP John Witherspoon & Tiny Lister.

    B.J.2KOOL4LYFEB.J.2KOOL4LYFE13 kun oldin
    • Smokey is a bad influence on Craig

      Patrick BarnesPatrick Barnes10 kun oldin
  • Big Worm was a stand up business man yet the wish craft of Hollywood made him the bad guy.

    Sivenson FrantzSivenson Frantz13 kun oldin
  • Smokey really is a low-key villain in Friday

    ShawnMcCrayShawnMcCray13 kun oldin
  • Wonder how many times slink recorded his voice to make money today.

    ¿Wonder Man?¿Wonder Man?13 kun oldin
  • Slink Johnson 😂😂😂 Funny guy

    Simply KeeSimply Kee13 kun oldin
  • They were really gonna smoke two guys for 200 Dollars 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 That Sh** Crazy 🤪 (No pun intended) - Still a Classic Though. I'm conflicted about Chris Tucker doing other Friday... I wouldn't mind it, but it will never live up to the first one, not unless they went in a totally different direction... but still bringing the hilarious vibe to it, it would need to have Chris Tucker, Mike Epps and Katt Williams in it... that's the only way, as well as the Comedian that plays Craig's Uncle. ☮️

    BlackpixelsBlackpixels13 kun oldin
  • Go information Black Jesus

    K LloK Llo13 kun oldin
  • No shit he was a bad friend 😆

    G G A EntertainmentG G A Entertainment13 kun oldin
  • Yeah but fr smokey was jokes. Plus he had great lines. "AND YOU KNOW THIS MAN!!"

    Eddie BrockEddie Brock13 kun oldin
  • This guy played one of the craziest friends on gta 5😂😂😂

    darrielwltersdarrielwlters13 kun oldin
  • "word up Big Perm!!.....i mean Big Worm."

    Eddie BrockEddie Brock13 kun oldin
  • Chris Tucker after Friday became a Comedy Made Man 👍👍👍

    Brett ThomasBrett Thomas13 kun oldin
  • Spoiler Alerts .......🏮

    Allan BaconAllan Bacon13 kun oldin
  • man all i can hear is lamar or black jesus

    Comrade20Comrade2013 kun oldin