Why Spike Lee Has Beef With 'Modern Day Minstrel Shows'

21-Apr, 2021
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comedyhype.com/ - Spike Lee has been one of Hollywood's most outspoken figures. Through his art, Lee has able to inspire and provoke thought. In this special report we take a look at Lee's issues with several sitcoms he considered 'Modern Minstrel Shows' and his film Bamboozled. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_

  • This reminds me of Jamie telling Kevin Hart mockingly during an interview several years ago that he couldn’t get any work because he was so Black. That stuck with me. These are the people who get incentivized in Hollywood - those who will perpetuate anti-Blackness in myriad ways. You can look at other aspects of a persons life and see the manifestation of anti-Blackness. I’m sure he has done some great things for some Black people and will continue to do so, but the problems are very deep and simply undercut the good things.

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  • ( The Most High ) GOD ✝️🔥🔥🔥

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  • Ain’t all madea movies minstrel

    Joseph JoestarJoseph JoestarKun oldin
  • This channel keeps getting better. I loved this piece. It covered a great deal in a 10 mins. Well done.

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  • I Prefer Malcolm D. Lee Productions. EPIC! Film-Maker

  • Was Mr. Lee Upset when he signed on with his NEW BOSS🐍oprah; she Greenlights $Backs thee Minstrel shows he's annoyed with. who does he think pulls the strings at TPS. #TylerPerryStudios/ so thank Mr. BET.. Tyler Perry, for the minstrel shows you see. Spike take your grievances to the Execs, OH! wait, oprah is the Exec. #Hollywood is Oprah. so enjoy the Slave Movies Cult Movies and.. FAKE documentaries, Enjoy The NEW Hollywood, Spike.

  • I think black people are overly concerned with image. White people are free to make whatever kind of content they please without being accused of making their race look bad. You never hear white folks calling white men who wore dresses in movies sellouts. I haven't seen anyone protesting against the show Shameless because it makes white people look bad. Stop putting limitations on the things black people should be allowed to do and the storylines we should be allowed to explore. It's not white people doing that. It's black people who are worried about how others will see us. I think we put ourselves in a box with that mindset. I hear people say they are tired of slave movies. I don't think we've even scratched the surface of the stories that can be told from that time period. Everything doesn't have to be woke. Everything doesn't have to paint us in a positive light. Everything doesn't have to be so serious. We're too sensitive and too easily offended.

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  • It's selective though. I've never heard him call out Martin for Shenaenae or big momma. I've never heard him say anything about In Living Color. If he don't have that same smoke for then then he's a hypocrite.

    Context MattersContext Matters4 kun oldin
  • His wife on the PJs is the balance.

    TL garrettTL garrett5 kun oldin
  • I know that madea crap needs to be eradicated.

    Rasheed 12thRasheed 12th5 kun oldin
  • I like Spike's style.

    Kevin BenardKevin Benard5 kun oldin
  • Nah. These new world recruits are alphabet black women and are embarrassing.

    Bob Lee, Jr.Bob Lee, Jr.6 kun oldin
  • As a black woman I really appreciated upn growing up. The representation and relatability wasn’t perfect but I saw me EVERYWHERE!!!

    Victoria JonesVictoria Jones6 kun oldin
  • Where are the shows that depicts whites that are homeless drug addicts living in poverty 🤔I understand that it's a bridge that shows people experiences growing up but the bridge has to traffic other races the same a show our people frequent needs to display integrity proudness we have but hides behind a recycle comedy of our Horrors for money is a daily reminder black biologically yet white psychologically

    Brian ABrian A6 kun oldin
  • Chiraq was supposed to be a satirical comedy but, us Chicagoans didn’t find anything funny. 😒 It’s ironic but I still like Spike.

    Fee PoseyFee Posey7 kun oldin
  • Spikes new Uber commercial is a minstrel show at it’s finest! Cmon Spike.. Do the Right Thing!

    Robert HarrisRobert Harris7 kun oldin
  • I lived in the hood. I was watching The PJs while in the hood eating cereal laughing all the way ha ha ha

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  • Spike Lee is right to criticize the stereotypical depictions that black people allow to happen just for money/ratings. Those representations are part of what is holding back black people long-term.

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  • Love Spike. However, I wonder how he feels about these ratchet ass reality shows thats not even scripted

    Lawrence HarrisLawrence Harris9 kun oldin
  • Spike is Right 100%! All the time, regarding this matter.

    hope faithhope faith10 kun oldin
  • Jamie Foxx using the “angry Black man” comment as an insult and act of dismissal is extremely telling.

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  • Jamie Foxx seemed a little defensive. And the argument he made about black people creating the shows I think is a popular deflection that many black entertainers in Hollywood like to use when criticized. I think it's disingenuous because yeah sure they are creating shows, but the important part that they leave out of that is at the end of the day, the white people who control the corporate side of Hollywood have the final say on what shows get aired and which ones don't. That doesn't leave a lot of room for creative freedom, which is why we continue to see a lot of the stuff that Spike Lee talks about. Ultimately, that's the kind of stuff that they want on TV. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong

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  • Tyler Perry's crap shows fit right into the middle of this type nonsense. BET has become pure repetitive nonsense with nothing that uplifts the culture. It's the ONLY network that never shows programming content on all it's stations. It shows the exact same recycled shows week in and week out.

    Hal WarnerHal Warner10 kun oldin
  • who wrote Chiraq🤔

    ces shinces shin10 kun oldin
  • You have to respect Tyler Perry. Mr.Perry has his own thing, he ain't asked the Jews and Hollywood for nothing. Perry will not say it but he basically gave Hollywood the middle finger.

    Darnell MagruderDarnell Magruder11 kun oldin
  • I’m still waiting on Spike to make a decent film. Spike had a great opportunity to do a film about the black Vietnam experience. I’m still waiting on a movie that shows what the black GIs went through. Instead he did some type of heist movie...bruh, make the movies, (they) won’t make about us. I don’t even wanna start on “Chiraq”.

    hrwatchinpuffhrwatchinpuff11 kun oldin

  • I’m with Spike, we have no need for shows perpetuating negative black stereotypes. There is too much work to do and those types of shows are only a set back. They have no use.

    Amazon FlowerAmazon Flower11 kun oldin
  • As a child I loved the PJ's specially the soundtrack...criminally underrated. As an adult I can see Spikes point.

    Cam Seanoa-Tolls26Cam Seanoa-Tolls2611 kun oldin
  • As long as we make the cash to tell the entire Black experience in bigger budget fashion.

    Dakota JacksonDakota Jackson11 kun oldin
  • Uh...yeah-after seeing him promoting an experimental death 💉 for his people-maybe Spike needs to start looking in the mirror! B1!

    BK Truth!BK Truth!11 kun oldin
  • Spike was right. If I remember correctly Jamie, Martin and Eddie's show featured charictures of blk women that still effect the image of blk women today as masculine and ghetto. And both Martin's and Jamie's show aired on Fox (at one point), and we all know how racist Fox is.

    T JT J11 kun oldin
  • Spike Lee is a fn hypocrite! His characters are just as Stereotypical.

    Mustafa AbdalAzizBeyMustafa AbdalAzizBey11 kun oldin
  • Spike lee is trying to push that vaccine . Forget spike lee

    james white jr.james white jr.11 kun oldin
  • Who's the bigger pervert... spike Lee or woody allen!!! Don't debate it!!! THEY'RE BOTH VILE LUCIFERIANS!!!

    Timothy FoxTimothy Fox12 kun oldin
  • That background music is so beautiful. What is that?

    Derek TalleyDerek Talley12 kun oldin
  • It’s INTRIGUING how one single director attacking many artists & categories not bc he’s not a fan , but bc he’s concerned about us 😂🖕🏽from it’s negative effects ! I have no idea if he secretly decoded the still unexplainable human brain 🧠 or he doesn’t know better than the rest of us ? he just forgot we’re equally sharing him this modern world ! We gonna watch whatever we want #Respect the audience & keep your #MEDIEVALISM in your films. 🎬

    RayoomTa KWTRayoomTa KWT12 kun oldin
  • Such a shame that when black people are passionate about our rights we're looked at as the angry black man or angry black woman. Other black people just wanna keep their heads down, make their money, and not cause a ruckus. But if that's the case, keep that same energy and shut up and let the rest of us fight for a better tomorrow.

    Annie KayeAnnie Kaye12 kun oldin
  • All Black people don't all see things the same way, just look at Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. They fought the same struggle in different ways and both benefited US ALL. Some of us got out of the ghetto and some didn't but the struggle's the same. Don't dismiss your Brothers and Sisters, work with them. Peace.🤎

    John AdgerJohn Adger12 kun oldin
  • Chiraq is a great movie, wth I'm saying that movie was sooo dead, who would sing Broadway song in a gang movie

    Eric WalkerEric Walker12 kun oldin
  • King Bauch is a modern day minstrel show.

    Doctor DLDoctor DL12 kun oldin
    • Yeah, I get that. I had an immediate dislike of his sketches as soon as I saw them. 😒

      T JT J11 kun oldin
  • Well I know he hates amos and Andy

    Mark WestbrooksMark Westbrooks13 kun oldin
  • What's Will Smith stance, I'll roll with that.

    D Sr. DavisD Sr. Davis14 kun oldin
  • Spike Lee need to dumb down his movies for this era of people who still want to watch less thought provoking movies

    Perry IsraelPerry Israel14 kun oldin
  • I like Tyler Perry. I believe he has good intentions. He has supported many Black people

    louiselouise14 kun oldin
  • Why doesn’t he create his own tv shows

    Rozzie C.Rozzie C.14 kun oldin
  • Nothing but FACTS.

    Daryl JOHNDaryl JOHN14 kun oldin
  • How many shows or movies do you see with negative images of Jews and/or Chinese people? How many times do you see negative black images in the same spectrums? We don't own the medium so we get played for suckers.

    My2 CentsMy2 Cents14 kun oldin
  • There's no shortage of conversations about black skin, but where are the conversations about character? At the end of the day, you can make all the minstrel shows you want, and people of strong character are going to excel. Inversely, you can make all the Cosby type shows you want, and people of poor character are still going to find their way to the bottom. Spike is giving himself too much credit by thinking that film is anymore than entertainment. What determines character is not influenced by entertainment. But unfortunately, the black big mouths avoid the character conversation at all costs. (Also, don't discount the fact that a lot of Spikes views stem from the fact that he's an unattractive midget. He's not going to see things the same as an attractive top 20% male. He has the beta perspective on black issues).

    Bill BixbyBill Bixby14 kun oldin
  • Interesting. His movies are stereotypical portrayals of black people As well as stereotypical depictions of whites,latinos and asians. He who lives in glass houses..

    Donielle StensonDonielle Stenson14 kun oldin
  • But "Chiraq" tho

    RAMith CertifiedDamagerRAMith CertifiedDamager14 kun oldin
  • Don't always agree with Brother Lee but I do agree with him on this point.

    missmiko1missmiko115 kun oldin
  • I did an informal and unscientific survey of some of my white friends and the results were exactly what i thought they would be. WHITE PEOPLE DON'T WATCH BLACK SHOWS!!!! These so called stereotyped shows are produced for and only watched by black people. The "modern minstrel shows" are dead in the water if black people refuse to watch them. Then the studios will stop greenlighting them for production. Comics and serious film makers have different opinions on how to present views of the black community. Black satire comics has always had more success in crossing over to white audiences than black film makers. Maybe this fact is behind Spike's beef with the comics. My white friends have never seen a Spike Lee movie or any other black directors movie and don't plan to. Spike Lee has his idea of what is appropriate entertainment for the black masses. But this idea of worrying about sending unflattering stereotypical images to white America is suspect. Because they're not even watching.

    Nathan HollisNathan Hollis15 kun oldin
  • I like some of Lee movies n he's entitled to his opinions but the PJs was funny as f#ck to me, I don't care what anybody says that's how I feel

    Mr Leroy SkilletMr Leroy Skillet16 kun oldin
  • I enjoy the monotone in the narration , it contrasts strongly with the comedic subject matter aka it got my laughing for no reason.

    Kwadwo AmponsahKwadwo Amponsah16 kun oldin
  • Totally agree with Spike. These entertainment prostitutes will do anything for money male/female. Hahaha.

    Jah SenorJah Senor16 kun oldin
  • The PROBLEM is Spike Lee and Bill Cosby have been drinking the NAACP's "insecure stupid juice!" They're worried about what white folk think! That lone will drive you crazy! Nobody on earth is perfect! Who are they to judge us or anybody?! The NAACP has an elitist history and wishes they were white or like white! They do not like real secure black folk that don't have a problem with who and what they are. alright! DO NOT use fictitious movie and TV characters as roll models and representatives! They were created for entertainment purposes! DO NOT use entertainers and athletes as roll models and representatives without THEIR permission! You do not know these people! If I want to watch a movie about pimps and hustlers or professors and doctors that my prerogative! I don't need the NAACP, Spike Lee or Bill Cosby telling me what to watch and what not to watch or telling me what's offensive to me! How could you know that without me telling you?!! That's why they've failed! People still watch and love their TV shows and those "blaxploitation" movies!

    Marvelous MartianMarvelous Martian16 kun oldin
  • What about modern day bafoonery? What about these “musicians?”

    She’s Fabulously MadeShe’s Fabulously Made16 kun oldin
  • Ok .. so Spike Lee is a Hotep, whocares

    Ricco RichRicco Rich16 kun oldin
  • The PJ's was so amazing

    jaron312jaron31216 kun oldin
  • FUCK SPIKE! Tell him to PAY UP when he hires other BLACK people.

    Roots RockRoots Rock17 kun oldin
  • Jamie Fox is a 🤡 buddy wore a 👗 I’m 🛌

    BLT OnarollBLT Onaroll17 kun oldin
  • What song is that in the background

    BLT OnarollBLT Onaroll17 kun oldin
  • wonder what he thought of Coming 2 America?

    2008topshelf2008topshelf17 kun oldin
  • Spike Lee is a hack. The only reason he works in Hollywood is because of white guilt. Imagine being a black millionaire with all the entitled benefits that come with the job and you still see yourself as a victim. Pathetic. If whites stopped supporting this hack he would change his tune. Even his own friends know how ridiculous he is, basically he's a joke.

  • Jamie Foxx was on point 💯

    Marlon DavisMarlon Davis17 kun oldin
    • Nahh hes nothing but a complete sellout 👎

      xxx Majin Vegetaxxx Majin Vegeta13 kun oldin
  • I agree 100000000000% with him.

    Hebrew HoneyHebrew Honey17 kun oldin
  • I am a big fan of Madea movies. And, I humbly support this message❣️👊🎤🚶‍♀️

    King-Galaxius StravinskyKing-Galaxius Stravinsky17 kun oldin
    • The money that Tyler made from Madea movies and plays was used to build the studio that he has now. Tyler put his differences with Spike aside and honored him by naming a soundstage after him. Most people only focus on the negative and not appreciate the positive contributions that Tyler has made to the Black community.

      Caryn D PrescottCaryn D Prescott10 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry, but I loved the PJ's❣️🤯And, I always wondered what happened to that show.And, being someone who used to live in a neighborhood where there were gangs, not once did I ever find the show offensive!😑☹️

    King-Galaxius StravinskyKing-Galaxius Stravinsky17 kun oldin
  • I can understand where spike is coming from. But nobody said nothing about that bullshit Malcom X movie he did. Making Malcom look like a fool. Trying to make it look like Malcom put his head a toilet. Duck Gregory even said Malcom wouldn't do no dumb shit like and never have. So don't nobody cares about what spike have to say. Spike is just like Bill, frowning upon criticizing his own people that doesn't do things the way he does it.

    OMCOMC17 kun oldin
  • If Lee looked at the Vine, he'd lose his mind watching King Bach...

    The Tillman Sneaker ReviewThe Tillman Sneaker Review17 kun oldin
    • Ikr. Smh.

      T JT J11 kun oldin
  • Spike has legendary films... Jungle Fever Do the Right Thing Malcolm X Etc.... Some more iconic films: Crooklyn 4 Little Girls Mo' Better Blues Clockers She's Gotta Have It He Got Game Etc....

    JinJin17 kun oldin
  • When Bamboozled came out I was a kid but I do remember it not getting a lot of promotion. I still haven't seen it.

    Jdwest6Jdwest617 kun oldin
  • Jamie Don't know when to Joke.. that LL ass whipping should have taught em👀🙄🔥🙃😳🤣😂🤣😂💀💀

    Dontae CrawleyDontae Crawley17 kun oldin
  • No, Jamie Foxx you are the one that doesn't understand. That's why you'll never be recognized in comedy like how Dave Chappelle and Kat Williams are. Stick to movies, Jamie because you're the one that is dancing for the white folks. Fool. Spike is fighting the good fight in the best way he can. And the most important thing, he feels shame which is something a lot of "celebrities" like Foxx don't feel very much of.

    UserFTUserFT17 kun oldin
  • I need to criticize his self for taking that shot..🤷

    Darnell WhiteheadDarnell Whitehead17 kun oldin
  • News Flash spike lee doesn’t run or control the world. He just makes movies for black people to watch.

    M WM W17 kun oldin
  • Spike Lee is not innocent when it comes to stereotypes. He has made movies with black people as drug dealers, drug addicts, prostitutes, thugs, and career criminals. He has no right to criticize Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Keenan Ivory Wayans, or Aaron McGruder. Spike Lee's movies are more controversial than they are conscious. Eddie Murphy has made more movies that showed black empowerment and consciousness than Spike Lee. I've been saying this for years! I truly believe he's a bonafide hater!

    Julian ColvilJulian Colvil18 kun oldin
  • I am sick and tired of so-called celebrities trying to determine what is and isn't "funny". And newsflash: black folks can be just as silly and self-deprecating as any other people. And guess what? Stereotypes are made to be made fun of, regardless of race, and I don't need some sour-puss like Spike Lee tell me that I shouldn't find black stereotypes FUNNY, damn it!

    DSWynneDSWynne18 kun oldin
  • Thak you. I say black people like any black commentator who speaks on Fox, tears down any black people who speak up for wrongs against us, ect., I call their actions Mantanning after the phrase made by Spike Lee. To use in a sentence " Look at Candace Owens with her. Ol' mantannin ass".

    Cory ColesCory Coles18 kun oldin
  • Very good one, thank you

    Lotusflowerbomb MädchenVomMainLotusflowerbomb MädchenVomMain18 kun oldin
  • In defense for a show like the PJs all the jokes that was made in the show were the same theme of jokes that were made on DEF comedy jam which Spike Lee was a big fan of which is why I sense a hint of hypocrisy in his critique of the show

    Corey StephensCorey Stephens18 kun oldin

    BJ YoungBJ Young18 kun oldin

    BJ YoungBJ Young18 kun oldin

    BJ YoungBJ Young18 kun oldin

    BJ YoungBJ Young18 kun oldin
  • Spike is on a different level, we know he’s intense at times; just give him his flowers

    Aquiles MartinezAquiles Martinez18 kun oldin
  • So many in AAC have been bamboozled and brainwashed. Sadly they're in denial

    doug fredericksdoug fredericks18 kun oldin
  • He's the type to get angry that blacks aren't getting jobs in Hollywood while being angry that once they get the jobs they're not representing his cause. Can't wait till this buffoon passes.

    NaughtysauceNaughtysauce18 kun oldin
  • We get it, you're black.

    NaughtysauceNaughtysauce18 kun oldin
  • Where are the black super heroes movies,the black horror,sci fi,monsters,fantasy,detective,dragons,mythos, black deitys, african shape shifters were boars,were lions,were leopards,snakes,african vampires,demons etc...??????????????

    Michael ThomasMichael Thomas18 kun oldin
  • Spike Lee and Robert Townsend made epic films Bamboozle and Hollywood Shuffle did anyone understand what they were saying about how Hollywood stereotyping Black Actors why can't we have a honest discussion about this what are we scared of ❓

    Calvin DickersonCalvin Dickerson18 kun oldin
  • Who TF made Spike Lee the national spokesman for all things black?!! IJS

    Toma ChopaneToma Chopane18 kun oldin
  • Come on Spike...all of yall got the same master

    John DavisJohn Davis18 kun oldin
  • He has beef with them because he's one. Can't wait til they sacrifice his ssa too.

    fvckyutubefvckyutube18 kun oldin
  • But these shows are based on people's experiences.... Black people can relate to those shows because they know people similar to the characters. Of course it's exaggerated but are the only things we supposed to see of black people is them as doctors and lawyers? Could we use more of course but black people need cinema that represents all experiences

    Flex 4 EmFlex 4 Em18 kun oldin
  • Spike Lee = Facts 💯✊🏽

    Beach WavesBeach Waves18 kun oldin
  • Spike Lee put Quentin Tarantino in his place for using the N-word too much. Thanks Spike Lee! Keep up the good fight.

    steven saulsburysteven saulsbury18 kun oldin
  • Man, whoever this guy is that reads these is tough to listen to. He butchers some word in every one of these. Like every single time. lol

    Jason H.Jason H.18 kun oldin